Pregnancy Week 33 signs

At this stage, the fingers of hands and feet covered baby grooves - skin pattern. Pregnancy - 33 week ultrasound can show how he pushed and tumbles, it is still enough room for movement. However, it gradually narrows and by the end of this week will stop tumbling. Now the baby sleeps a lot, and waking up, listening as the sounds around him, and his own feelings. Cognitive activity continues. Now millions of neurons in his brain brings ever trillions of new connections.

By the end of 33 weeks the baby weighs around 2000 length of about 30 centimeters.

Pregnancy Week 33: symptoms. From the moment of conception to that period was 7, 5 months or 32 weeks. During this period, the uterus has increased significantly in size. Increasingly, there is a need to urinate. Now physiological anemia gradually loses its edge, as the number of blood cells bounces back and starts correspond to the volume of plasma.

Pregnancy Week 33: signs. In this period, women may ache and numb hands, wrists and fingers. Every day a pregnant woman becomes irresistible. Graceful plyuhanya on the sofas and chairs, duck walk vperevalochku. At this stage, many women at night more often withdraw surprisingly vivid dreams.

 Pregnancy Week 33: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 Pregnancy Week 32: Signs

At this stage of pregnancy the baby is already well distinguish sounds, I hear everything that happens around: the sound of your heart knows and is familiar with the sound and the noise of running peristalsis of the umbilical cord blood. But amid all these sounds the child is already well recognize his mother's voice. The nervous system of the child continue to develop. Now he is gaining weight rapidly.

Pregnancy Week 32 - US: By this time the head of the fetus to the body becomes proportional to the child's little face had disappeared, most wrinkles. At the head there was a decent amount of hair. The surface of the brain penetrate gyrus. This week he has narrowed the pupils when the face gets light.

Now your baby weighs about 1800 grams, his length from crown to rump is approximately 29 centimeters.

 32 week pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy Week 32: symptoms. Grown by the time the stomach gives a lot of hassle. By this time the baby is turned head down and legs abuts the ribs mother. Often a failed push of the legs there is a pain in the chest. So try to sit as straight as possible and to monitor posture. Now the internal organs a little biased, but it is usually not cause any concern. This term is not excluded fluid retention. This results in the swelling of fingers and ankles swell vein. Therefore, do not wear rings and too tight clothes. Also at this stage it may become more frequent uterine contractions Braxton Hicks. Continue to take the rich minerals and vitamins supplements.

Pregnancy Week 32: signs. While your baby continues to grow rapidly, weight gain to 32 weeks of gestation should not exceed 11 kg.

In this period a woman may experience pain, spreading to the buttocks and lower extremities. Do not be scared. This pain is caused by the increasing pressure of the uterus on the sciatic nerve, which is typical for this period of pregnancy, as well as frequent urination. The number of extensions.

 Pregnancy Week 32: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 Pregnancy Week 31 signs

Pregnancy Week 31: US suggests that at this stage of pregnancy the fetus continues to grow, he already mastered sucking. At this stage the baby is already well kidneys work, but the urine is still displayed in the amniotic fluid. Through the circulatory system of the uterus, which is in close contact with the circulatory system of the placenta, It takes about 500 ml of blood. Thus the blood of the future mom never mixed with the blood of the baby. This is due to a thin partition - separating the placenta.

The skin of the fetus at this stage of pregnancy takes a pink color, it begins to be deposited under the white adipose tissue. Therefore, blood vessels no longer visible therethrough. Marigolds in the arms and legs reach the fingertips. Pupils child is almost like an adult begin to respond not only to light, but the darkness.

Your baby weighs about 1600 grams, his length from crown to rump is approximately 28 centimeters.

Pregnancy 31 weeks - Mom symptoms: At this stage of pregnancy back pain is almost inevitable. The thing is that the muscles and ligaments of the back are now relaxed, resting, preparing for the birth process. At this stage, in pregnant women a high probability varicose veins on the legs.

Pregnancy 31 weeks - signs: For the whole preceding period of pregnant women tend to gain about 8, 5 kg of excess weight, which is composed of the weight of the fetus, enlarged uterus, placenta and amniotic fluid, including the total amount of blood in the vessels. At this stage, the abdomen continues to increase in volume. Can bother discomfort in the pelvic region and chest. This is due to the fact that your baby is growing up requires more space. The uterus, increasing in size, displaces other internal organs from their usual places, thus creating some difficulties for the normal operation of the stomach. That is why some women begins to disturb heartburn. Therefore, we recommend split meals.

In this period the woman's body begins to produce relaxin - a special hormone that causes the weakening of the connective tissue of the pelvic bones. Why the pelvic ring the mother becomes more pliable and extensible. Because of this birth a child is experiencing fewer difficulties.

 Pregnancy Week 31: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 30 week pregnancy symptoms

At this time, the child begins to respond well to bright light that shines through the mother's belly, because his eyes wide open .  Pregnancy Week 30 - evidence of active hair growth continues, they may still be covered the entire head, not just the face .  But the skin is wrinkled .  But premature birth is not dangerous, because the child has accumulated sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat .  Pregnancy week 30 ultrasound studies show that the baby's chest rhythmically rises and falls - it helps to strengthen the respiratory muscles and promotes the proper development of the lungs .  Due to the fact that the baby breathes amniotic fluid - the amount of light increases to basic necessities of life outside the womb .  The child knows you well .  And when you pet the belly or talking to him, he calms down, as if listening .  Braxton Hicks contractions on can not harm the baby, but he drew attention to the cuts .  His sleep-wake formed and correct to adjust to them, than to try to sleep when violent activity .  The weight of the baby is now about 1,400 grams when grown in 27 cm .

 30 week pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal development of the baby at 30 weeks' gestation

Pregnancy week 30 symptoms. In this period moms are becoming increasingly slow and sluggishness. But the posture is necessary to monitor more closely, since the center of gravity continues to change. Be aware of posture should always: during physical activity, and during recreation. But before you get up, you need to roll on its side, as the abdominal muscles overstretched and can not properly perform its functions due to an increase in size of the uterus.

 Pregnancy week 30 ultrasound

Tummy expectant mother 30 weeks pregnant

During this period of excitement and discomfort rarely occur in women who do not neglect healthy lifestyle that enables them to better prepare yourself for the upcoming stress during childbirth. The load must be an individual and will depend on how active lifestyle you were before pregnancy. Optimally go walking, swimming or gymnastics. After consulting with the doctor, you can pick up a set of exercises that will benefit you and your child.

 Pregnancy Week 30: signs, symptoms, ultrasound