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Psychology maternal instinct, or the psychology of motherhood - a relatively new trend in psychology, has had time to absorb a variety of knowledge and to become interesting for the majority of women. As a woman born mother? At some point there comes the realization ready for motherhood? These and other questions will get answered in our article on the maternal instinct.

What is the instinct of motherhood

Women we are born, and become mothers. Maternal instinct - the instinct is not present in its biological significance. This is the behavior of women, including the satisfaction of the following parent needs: the need for interaction with the child, the need for care and protection and the need for maternal feelings.

The need for interaction with the child - the first, and that the others are based on it. In meeting the needs of the woman experiences pleasure and other pleasant experiences. They can get in direct contact with the child, and in the care, feeding, education, etc. ...

The need for care and protection - the desire to feed, care for and protect your child from external threat and the dangerous consequences of his own activity. Typically, a woman learns such things from her mother or watching other moms care about the children. However, some things, such as breastfeeding, you can not learn in advance, so these actions are usually congenital in nature.

The need for motherhood - the most difficult. The woman thinks and analyzes the status and experience. This is particularly so-called "maternal instincts". It is due to thoughts about the future of female child, his image, family and cultural patterns of motherhood and personal experience. All of these needs, as well as all the maternal instinct, a woman can satisfy only by the appearance of the child's birth. As you have probably realized, the child for every mom - it's not just a kid, and a very special phenomenon. He is able only by his presence in the field of women to cause the most tender feelings. Due to what is going on?

  • The appearance and physical characteristics of the baby. It's no secret that babies have a special smell - some women are very sensitive to a flash of maternal instinct. And of course, few people can resist the plump legs and arms, big wide open eyes and delicate skin!
  • Features of behavior. Children behave in a very special way - they are slowed down, clumsy, neprisposoblen for independent living, and their movements are poorly coordinated. But it was all of these oddities largely excite the maternal instinct in women, especially the need for care.
  • The results of the behavior and activities of children. These include grunting sounds fun, wheezing, drooling, special touches, sounds, facial expressions, strong and immediate reaction, playfulness, crooked pyramid collected, smeared on a sheet of paint, etc., etc. Results of children's life. If so behaved adult, we would be angry; However, the children's behavior makes us delight and affection.

 maternal instinct

The appearance of the maternal instinct

Maternal Instinct and its manifestations are unique and constant for each woman, but change for different children. By the time the baby is born the mother is a complex consisting of the knowledge and skills to care for children, experiences and attitudes associated with them, their needs, their values ​​and the values ​​for women. All of this is denoted by the term "parent sphere." It was her life often called maternal instinct. In its sphere of becoming a parent goes through a series of stages:

  1. Interaction with the private materyuOno begins when the expectant mother is in the womb of his mother, and lasts almost forever. Through interaction with their own mother, she understands the meaning of the emotional mother-child communication, child care, childhood lays the value, there is an emotional basis for the future style of interaction with the child.
  2. Development in the sphere of maternal instinct igrahMaterinsky actively developing in those moments when the expectant mother plays in the family and daughters and mothers with baby-doll. The doll is a model of a baby; so the girl fulfills her the basics of child care.
  3. NyanchaneBuduschaya mother coddling babies, whereby, in addition to mastering certain skills dealing with the child, she poyavletsya him a keen interest and a positive emotional attitude. It is at this stage for the first time lays the value of motherhood and the value of the child as such. It is important to enough of a nanny before puberty, because then there is some scope of the parent compound and the scope of sexual experiences.
  4. Interaction with the private rebenkomImenno in this period manifested all the experience that the woman managed to save for their life. This stage begins with the awareness of her pregnancy, which can be accompanied by anxiety or how negative emotions and calm, joy, and often ambivalent. Further, the formation of the maternal instinct contribute wiggling baby, that a woman should feel no anxiety or irritation.

Then follow the birth, which many women are afraid. The most optimal ratio for childbirth is described by "generations - is a difficult and creative work." After the baby is born, the woman formed their own emotional child care. It is highly dependent on the tactile contact with the child and includes the first reactions of anxiety and fear for the child to get used to it and its features, the appearance of pleasure from touching it and moving it to the "gentle care".

Next there is a confidence in the movements. The child appears attachment to her mother, who also activates her maternal instinct. For example, he usually enjoys it comes more than others. Mom shared with the child the joy of his discovery of the world and active in it.

Gradually, the woman develops a style mother-to-child ratio. As a rule, it can be disturbing, adequate (the ratio of the child as a full-fledged personality, likes and mood to it), distant, unstable or emotionally cold. If adequate attitude of his mother more and more growing interest to the child, she spends a lot of time with him, especially in games.

Ready for Motherhood

Unfortunately, not every woman is ready to become a mother. The reason may be lost maternal instinct - a lack of desire to become a mother. However, it is not the only one. The desire to have a baby, of course, it is important to feel ready for motherhood, but it is not enough. Having a child - this is a very serious event, and to treat it should be much more responsible than for college or buying a car. But do not forget that some things appear after birth, and is compensated by the lack of love for the baby. So, what other qualities deemed necessary for the mother?

  • Personal maturity. It includes the feeling a woman's ability to take important decisions, the ability to make choices, to take responsibility for their actions, the ability to establish a close and cordial relations, independence, the ability to empathize, joint ventures, the ability to live in the present, creativity, interest in developing themselves and other people's ability to enjoy life.
  • Adequate understanding of the roles of mother and father in the family, that they should do the right attitudes towards education and contact with the child. It is important to have the right motivation for parenthood. For example, the desire to have a baby to keep her husband - is not constructive, but the appearance of the baby as an extension of your love with my husband - it is closer to the truth.
  • The correct attitude towards the child. Psychologists describe three types of values ​​of the child: emotional (positive experience of the mother at the time of communication with the child), value-emotional (euphoria or excessive concentration on the child throughout the attachment in the absence of the mother's life of others), the replacement of independent value of the child to the other (the child gives mother's status, eliminating the fear of loneliness in the future, and so on ...).
  • Maternal competence. This sensitivity to the child's ability to understand the condition of children, flexibility and ability to adjust to the rhythm of the individual child, the availability of knowledge about the peculiarities of childhood, the presence of some parenting skills.
  • Maturity of the parent scope. In order to be ready to become a mother, a woman must go through all the stages of formation of the parent scope, resulting in her having an understanding of the value of the child's special warm attitude, the need for it and bought baby care skills
 Where does the maternal instinct?

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