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Each person is a period of life when he feels that he is useless, his life is terrible, and everything is not the way I dreamed in my youth. Someone such thoughts come briefly, and go, and some may even fall into depression. Most people do not realize that they should be happy just because they are given life. All of our search for the perfect life is built on the belief that happiness should be a top priority. And the ability to appreciate life is a part of the state of happiness. You can be happy, but you will never experience full of happiness, if not in a hurry to take the value of your life.

And you, that you specifically - value life? It can be very easy - quickly and without hesitation answer "yes" to this question; but how deep and informed is your sense? Whether enough you are positive you have enough know how to be grateful? If you can not confidently answer our questions, we'll give a few tips that will help you to "reset" the perception of life.

How can we appreciate life?

How many times have we heard from people who have experienced some kind of a life-threatening event, "Appreciate life, enjoy it every day living fully as if it were your last day"! These people are the face of great danger which threatened their lives and in those fateful moments they realized how precious their lives to them. But do we have to wait until our lives or the lives of those who are dear to us, will be under threat before we turn our attention to the joy of life ?! What we can do right now to call "life value" was heard not only by us, but also has become our motto?

  • We must remember that we will not live forever

Time of our lives is limited and we have to decide how to use it. When a person is experiencing clinical death, then they will always become obsessed with determination to live life to the fullest. But we decided: we begin to live life to the fullest right now! We do not need to do any extreme occasions. If you decide to do this, then you will be easier to figure out exactly how to do it. You can, of course, instead of fighting for the life of usefulness just sit and complain about it (full) lack of it - but that's everyone decides for itself! It all depends on you. We hope you appreciate life and try to make her happier.

  • It should be stored in a special notebook all that pleased us all, for which we are grateful to our lives

Just do not think that there should be some kind of record global events - such as having a baby or getting a new apartment. It will be very useful if you set a very low bar to celebrate. Learn to enjoy Sunbeam, illuminate your room early in the morning, or a coin, even a little, found you on the sidewalk. This will give you a good workout, and very soon you will learn to see and appreciate things that previously did not notice. It must be able to appreciate life, not only for paying job or the presence of prestigious foreign cars!

  • Always and everywhere look for good things

If you are dissatisfied with something, try to imagine a situation where people did not have, and what you now do not like. Complain that you can not find anything interesting on TV, despite the huge number of channels? And how people lived 60 years ago, when television did not exist, not to mention the computers and other realities of our time? Irritates you that the machine is "eating" too much gasoline? Think because you live a hundred years ago, it would have been happy just from the fact that you do have a car. The apartment seems to be close to you? A few thousand years ago, you and all would be living in a cave hung with skins ... It's just great that you were born and are living right now - and most life in the modern world!

  • Think about how you would be worse than life was when you were ... successful, rich or famous

If you compare his life with the life of prosperous and apparently happy people, you must understand that not all of their lives smoothly. Someone earns millions, but it is never free to play with your little child ... Someone famous, but completely devoid of personal life ... Some people do well, it seems to us, but how can they be happy? And you? If you're reading this - then you have a computer and Internet access, and you have a desire for self-improvement. Most likely, you will never stand in front of the fact that you have nothing to eat, and in fact many people have not only the food, but even clean drinking water. You have the opportunity to spend free time with family and friends, and some do not come out of his office for days, earning his millions. You is not so bad compared to other people, so rejoice on every occasion and appreciate life even more!

 You must be able to appreciate life

A few ways to fill with joy every day

  1. Every night, list at least five things that will give you at least a little joy on this day. If at first you have difficulty to find as many as five things pleasing you, you start to mention the existence of a roof over their head, food, friends, health - all because of what you value life.
  2. Smile. Yes, this is all that is needed - just a smile, and as much as possible! Smiling, you'll feel like your spirits lifted. Smile even when no one is near, and no one will see your smile.
  3. Hugs! It gives a powerful positive charge. Hug baby, lover, friend, or bear, and hugs as often as possible.
  4. Use every day things that you like - perfumes, lotions, jewelry, good clothes. Enjoy them, rather than to lay aside "for special occasions."
  5. Enjoy nature. Sunrises and sunsets, the smell of flowers, the sound of rain, rustling leaves underfoot better than we will tell you how to appreciate life. The beauty of nature - this is a great way to forget the worries and bring a smile to your face.
  6. Try your hand at some hobby. Even if you can not give him a lot of time, this activity will have a positive charge.

Nobody says that to be happy is easy. But sometimes we are so focused on how to make our lives better, that we forget to appreciate what we already have. If you set yourself too many long-term goals, you risk to spend my whole life to get there. And realized in the distant future, his goal will realize that too much you missed out on your life path. Do not do it, be grateful and rejoice in his life right now!

 You must be able to appreciate life, to be happy

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 personal space

Each of us has our own personal space. This is not just a myth by psychologists, but it is a real phenomenon. You agree that you will be uncomfortable at the thought that now some stranger is in your home, from your eating utensils, sleeping in your bed. Any of these events is regarded by us as an invasion and triggers defensive reactions in order to restore comfort and safety. In all this manifests our psychological space.

What it is?

Its territory is not only in humans but also in animals. Most of them have it "marks", and feels calm and safe walking within its space. In many ways, our behavior is similar to the behavior of an animal that we "we note" the territory of our house and design things, we put a strong door at the entrance to the apartment and put on the ring finger of her husband.

In fact, the personal space of the person - it's all those things and events that we select from the whole richness of life is important for us. It includes your body, things of "territory", relationships with others and time. All of this is filled with a special and only your personal sense. For example, presented to you on the handle can be a handle, and can be your pen - a subject on which you put a certain meaning and which are attached. We'll talk more in detail about the components of psychological space.

  • Our body is the basis for all the other pieces of personal space. It begins with his understanding of his "I" - my arm, leg, etc. ... Through it we establish contact with the world, become attached to the people, define their territory and begin to carry out any activity. With the body linked our attitude to their appearance: we either accept it or reject it.
  • "Its territory" first appears in the picture of the world the baby at the moment when he starts to crawl and move from one room to another - he begins to delimit the personal space of the non-personal. The child understands that there are other people. "Its territory" plays an important role in our lives: we control the intensity of the communication, the intensity of the incoming information to us, protects from all the excess, we can restore power and create something. Very often, "our territory" is embodied in our house.
  • Personal items appear in person at the moment when he learns to interact with them. They are allegorical message about who we really are - what our character traits, aptitudes and interests. Due to some subjects we can learn, work and create. Other things to talk about our roles and status in society, help us to define their borders.
  • Private space in a relationship - it is the way we develop and maintain relationships. Each of us defines the circle of close friends, as well as those whose opinion is important to her. We can establish relationships of varying degrees of closeness, until intimate. Personal time is also manifested in the relationship - sometimes we want to be alone, and sometimes - with someone, and we decide when these moments occur.

 the boundaries of personal space

The boundaries of psychological space

At the psychological space of the person has its own border. They protected us from the intrusion attempts, help us to separate from all that is our natural life background. So we support their own security, freedom and independence. The boundaries of personal space is defined by our relationship to society and other people.

They may be rigid and flexible. Hard borders virtually impervious to other people - a man almost does not let anyone into your life, respectively, to establish with him a close and trusting relationship can be very difficult. At the same time he, too, no one especially not "climb". Blurred borders - it is quite the opposite phenomenon. Such a person is open to everyone, able to tell all the intimate details of his life a new friend, without feeling discomfort. Often he behaves persistently with others, asking them the same level of intimacy and openness, so communicate with him is very difficult.

Of course, there are also "golden mean". Such a person changes their borders closed, depending on the situation. With friends and family it is opened. He loves visitors, but in moderation. Able to withstand the distance in formal communication. Overall, friendly to other people feel part of the community. This flexibility is very good for life, since the situations are different, and they all need to adapt.

But your psychological space - it's not just your belongings, home and friends, it's also a certain distance to which you yourself admit to different people without experiencing much discomfort. Personal space - an area where others do not have to enter without your permission, and everyone has their level of tolerance. In psychology, decided to allocate 4 areas of psychological space:

  1. Intimate - arm zone - 40-60 cm away from the body. In this area without discomfort may include only the closest people to us - friends, relatives and friends.
  2. Personal - from 45 to 150 centimeters from the body. Within this zone are usually fastened and formal business relationship. It is within this space prefer to be a teacher and a pupil at training.
  3. Social - from 150 to 400 centimeters. Within this zone, we're playing for other people to certain roles: seller, buyer, the driver, etc. ...
  4. Public - 400 centimeters. It has no upper limit, therefore, it is the most free. Healthy people almost do not feel any discomfort during the invasion into it (otherwise we would all have long killed, using public transport!).

In conclusion, I would say that the need for personal space is as important as the need for food, sleep, security and comfort. Without them, we become sick and twitching creatures unable to any productive action. Therefore, keep your space unharmed and did not hesitate to mark its boundaries when dealing with other people. But do not forget to take seriously and respect the personal space of others, and they will also respect you.

 Personal space: Myth or Reality?