how to find the meaning of life

The man - a unique creature. The rest of the mammals in the course of their lives tend to meet only basic needs for food, water, sleep and reproduction. And only a man rose to his feet, built a civilization and bothered by how to find the meaning of life and happiness. That is how to answer this question in a society having a religion, philosophy and psychology, because people do not want to live in ignorance. But, unfortunately, to a final conclusion because no one came - scientists have found the meaning of life, despite the genius minds who beat on solving this mystery. And we will try to penetrate into the ground of being.

The meaning of life in human culture

The question of how to find the meaning of life, there is within the religion. Indeed, when a person begins to believe in the creation of the world a mysterious entity, there is interest in the objectives of this "experiment". Why are we here? Despite the fact that all religions are somehow different from each other, in the major currents of the meaning of human life is reduced to virtuous living and getting into heaven after death. Each denomination could be their way sinless and good man, but as a rule, it includes the goodness, mercy, generosity, help your neighbor, spiritual development, love for people.

But religion - is not the only source of reflection on how to find their own meaning of life. It has long been the greatest representatives of the human species, called themselves philosophers have tried to unravel the mystery. As always, it all began in ancient Greece. The Greeks saw the meaning of human life in the concept of "happiness", but the various schools of thought put into it a different meaning. For example, Epicurus thought that happiness - is to get pleasure from life (later it was named for "hedonic"). There was in mind not only the satisfaction of bodily desires, but also the lack of physical and mental discomfort.

Another Greek philosopher Diogenes, believed that true happiness is only possible when a person is satisfied with small and does not become attached to things. His ascetic lifestyle (like a dog - that such a comparison is used Diogenes), and only in this case, it feels really free and independent, and so happy.

As time went on, and other famous philosophers, as well as Greeks, were interested in the theme of the search for meaning in life. In particular, Arthur Schopenhauer, known for his pessimism, believed that a person's life is like a hell in which the foolish man seeking pleasure, and smart - finds happiness in avoiding trouble through self-restraint, because aware of the inevitability.

Overall, the picture is quite bleak, so we turn to the more pragmatic philosophers. For example, William James, who believed that the meaning of human life - in the service of society and the bringing of any practical use. But the most impressive view of the existentialists: Sartre, Kierkegaard and Heidegger believed that each person creates his own meaning of life, because it is unique.

About the meaning of life and the great writers reasoned. For example, the Erich Maria Remarque believed that a person's life should be filled with love, otherwise it will be a sad and aimless. Another well-known author Richard Bach believed that the meaning of human life consists in the freedom, knowledge, and opening a new one. An interesting point of view on this issue expressed Anton Chekhov: in his view, the meaning of life is to find meaning in life. In general, the opinions on this matter a lot - almost everyone more or less talented writer had his own answer to this question, and you can look at it, plunged deeper into the creation of someone you respect.

 how to find the meaning of life

The meaning of life in psychology

Infected by existentialist philosopher interest in the question of the meaning of life, humanists, psychologists have begun to actively speak out on this matter. For example, the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow believed that the most important human destiny - is self-realization: Creative arts, and things you love, success and achievements. However, this view is highly debatable: agree, after the death will not be so important that a person has reached and how fully he is self-actualization.
Another psychologist Viktor Frankl, believed that the need for the sense of life - one of the main human needs, and its deficiency can cause a person neurosis. He spoke of three ways to find meaning:

  • creativity, the creation of something new
  • experiences of different content: the beauty of the world, significant moments of life
  • Attitudes and attitude to life

Especially important is becoming the last group in situations when a person can not change anything. Frankl cites his imprisonment in a concentration camp: the people who were trying to find some meaning in their suffering, are more likely to survive among all this hell. There is no life in any situation that somehow does not touch to one of these roads, so they are - a very real possibility to find happiness and meaning in life.

There are so many points of view that the question arises: how general should be life meaning? After analyzing all of the above, we can say that it must be eternal, beautiful, life, and at the same time, all available, as well as to bring happiness to man. And what else he may have characteristics?

  1. It should facilitate the implementation of the tasks assigned to a person.
  2. He must be found by the man himself, and not imposed by someone from outside.
  3. The point ensures that our vital fragments of reality are united by something common.
  4. It is likely that the meaning changes over time, as well as our life - it is impossible to understand the meaning of one at all times.
  5. The point can not be solely the product of an intellectual - he always associated with human emotions, heart and soul.

Because humanity has long been engaged in the search for the meaning of life, it has had time to come up with many variants, which would seem to please anyone.

For example, the purpose of life may be an attempt to live it so as to make his mark, to be remembered. Sometimes it happens no matter what kind of memory it will be - good or not. That is why many people are so attracted to fame and try to achieve it in all possible ways. Of course, such a sense of the right to exist, but, unfortunately, no one stays in the memory forever, accordingly, it can not be true life purpose.

Someone finds its meaning in a healthy way of life - they see a view to maintaining the beauty and strength of the body. Overall, however, the attempt to live your life in such a way looks pretty depressing, because people are doomed to defeat in this battle - death. All his efforts turn to ashes with his body, for which he worked so hard.

Many people live in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of life. They find their meaning to consume and acquire the largest possible number of things. Unfortunately, this way of thinking prevails in modern society: it is promoted by the media, advertising, Star TV screen, which we strongly campaigning to "rip" and receive from life. But in fact, we send down himself before the half-animal level where the main task - to eat, drink, mate and bright look. Agree, it looks very sad, especially since in most cases, a person living with a purpose, very quickly gets tired and starts to look for a new sense that proves the impossibility of pleasure be the only meaning of life.

An alternative answer to the question about the meaning of life is to achieve power. Such people prove themselves and others its superiority, the ability to rise above others, to achieve more than others. Often authorities tend to those who are often bullied as a child. But it is clear that the power for power can not be the meaning: looking back, that person's life is likely to seem empty and worthless, because he did not do anything useful and important - only commanded and supervised. Power goes out, and the man left with nothing.

For some, the meaning of life is the multiplication of wealth and treasures. Remember Scrooge McDuck or domestic Elijah? And many people actually live like that! They seek to save money by not spending it on anything and anyone. This is even more pointless because the recall and will feel nothing at all, because the green paper with the image of American presidents themselves are worthless.

Some people try to live my life so that was something to remember in old age, of death. However, if the memory is capable of past pleasures bring happiness on his deathbed? Probably not. A positive evaluation of life is very important, but unfortunately, not be the only important. The real joy can be obtained only in the case where a lot has been lived, experienced and done for the ones you love.

This brings me to the answer to a complex and important question of the meaning of life. We will not open you the secret of the one and only meaning of life for all people in the world - it simply does not exist, and each has his own. But we can say with confidence that each person finds his own meaning, which, ideally, is a multi-faceted and includes pieces of all those things, which we have described above. This usually adds a number of important tasks, such as life for the one you love, and life as work and creativity. Help those whom you love, care, and even sacrifice something for them - it is natural and right. However, they can not be the only meaning, as well as an interesting case. Life will seem incomplete without something one.

 how to find meaning in life

The path to finding meaning

Agree, the question of how to find the meaning of life, it has become much more clear. Based on the above we can conclude that the meaning of life is to live a full life. What does this mean? As their capabilities and forces get involved and experience every situation, every second of his life. The meaning does not take out of nowhere - you have every piece of your life feel meaningful. And then the fear of death will no longer scare you. What do I need to do?

  1. Feel the finiteness of his existence. Our life is limited, and we're all going to die someday. Awareness of this simple truth is able to turn your perception of the world on its head and make you a new look on life. You can use the following exercise: Take a blank sheet of paper, draw a line denoting her beginning and the end. Done? Now, to mark on the line the point at which are at the moment, given the fact that this line - your life. Look at it and think about it for a while - it will be unimaginable sensations.
  2. Faced with difficult situations, consider them in detail. This will help you to see hidden opportunities circumstances. Think about what the current situation is and what exactly you can do. Try to feel something beautiful and unique, that is, in every moment, and to create something valuable and unique (action, work, work). Be aware of how you feel about the circumstances that can not be changed.
  3. When you become aware of the opportunities available to you, try to feel the emotional attitude to each of them, to evaluate the emotional significance. This will help you to feel their importance in your life. What do you feel when you think about this feature? Consider also your feelings if you make or do not realize it in life as well as your condition over time.
  4. Now is the time to choose the best for you in these circumstances possible, use your freedom. You have to stay on what you want to do, and do it very willingly, without anyone forcing. In making this decision, you can rely on the arguments of his conscience, and how you relate to yourself, if you embark on any action or not.
  5. And the last thing you need to do - is to assess your own risk. To do this, you can consider how best to implement your decision and evaluate the changes that will occur in the world in general and your life in particular after its implementation. Think about how you can prevent it to do. Decide when you begin to act, and by what means you wish to use, as they correspond to your nature. Do not forget about the purpose of their actions, why and for what or who you're doing it. And finally, try to predict how things will change after your act.
 How to find the meaning of life and the purpose of existence