Pregnancy Week 38: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

This week, vernix was much smaller. The child lost lanugo. Before birth every day he puts on weight about 30 grams, his intestines completely filled waste of life.

Pregnancy Week 38: uzi. Kid continues intensively to prepare for the birth and life outside the womb. It remains quite a bit of time before his birth.

Now the baby weighs about 3100, at length - about 35 centimeters.

Pregnancy Week 38: symptoms. If you have this second birth, they are likely to begin any day. For longer than that perehazhivaet only 5% of multiparous mothers. Many women over these contractions may feel false. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish between them, they can be as strong as the real contractions. How to distinguish them? Very simple. False contractions usually stop when moving, whereas these are continuing in any position.

Pregnancy Week 38: signs. Many women at this stage of experiencing a feeling as if from the lower abdomen to the feet of an electrical current runs. This is caused by grazing nerve trunks is lowered deeper into the pelvis of the fetus.

 Pregnancy Week 38: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 Pregnancy Week 37: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Although this week the baby is already fully prepared for the birth, his nervous system changes continue to occur - creates a protective sheath around the nerves. However, this process will be completed soon, it will continue for the first year of a child's life. Pregnancy Week 37: uzi. At the thirty-seventh week your baby is already easy underway produce surfactant. Kid fully developed and ready for the birth and breathing air. But this does not mean that it ceases to grow and develop.

Now your baby weighs about 2950g, its length - around 35 centimeters. With each passing day, he gathers 30 grams of fat.

Pregnancy Week 37: symptoms. This week in nulliparous women may cause birth precursors, but you can reach the end of his term. But if a woman has given birth, or are carrying twins, the delivery may begin as early as this period. The baby's head drops into the pelvis. The pressure on the internal organs is somewhat weakened, whereby the woman feels some relief. Since that time, breathe and even has become much easier. However, this term uterus starts with even greater force to put pressure on the bladder.

Pregnancy Week 37: signs. In women this week, there is still a frequent need to urinate. From that moment on your pregnancy is considered "full term." And if now you begin labor, doctors will not stop them.

 Pregnancy Week 37: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

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 Pregnancy Week 39: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Now your baby is almost no room for too much action. He is ready to be born right now: he had a strong grip, knees pressed to his chin.

Pregnancy Week 39: uzi. In the body of the baby almost no vellus hair. Fingernails and toenails are already fully industry. By this time your baby has already become a completely independent little man, he was able to independently perform all their vital functions. In this period there is a small likelihood that the cord may be wrapped around the baby's neck or tied in knots. The baby continues to gain weight.

He now weighs about 3,250 of its length - around 36 centimeters.

Pregnancy Week 39: symptoms. In this period the woman is shortened and opens the cervix. Now more than ever for the whole period of pregnancy bladder feels very strong pressure. A sign of the coming birth are more frequent and intensifying the fight, coming at regular intervals.

Pregnancy Week 39: signs. In this period it becomes easier to breathe, it is even possible for a woman losing weight. The fruit falls deeper into the pelvis, and with it the bottom of the uterus. On the eve of related genera woman may experience a little nervousness. What other signs of the upcoming birth? Bleeding from the genital tract says that will soon depart mucus plug. It is also characterized by increased appetite and stool softener. You're quite a bit before delivery!

 Pregnancy Week 39: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 Pregnancy Week 36: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Now your baby begins to actively prepare for their birth. At this stage in his chubby little body and thick cheeks. When pregnancy occurs 36 week ultrasound may show that completely smoothed wrinkles. Face was Gorny and plump. They have evolved because your baby sucks toes all the time, so he is ready to feed. The skull on the thirty-sixth week, is still quite soft. Therefore, during childbirth, passing through the birth canal, it may be a little flattened.

At the thirty-sixth week, your baby weighs about 2, 750, the length - about 33 centimeters.

Pregnancy Week 36: symptoms. By this time the bottom of the uterus is already below the breastbone. A child in the truest sense of the word batters his legs right at your heart. It becomes difficult to breathe.

From this week you are coming weekly visits to the doctor. By this time most fruits are arranged head down in the uterus, but 4% of babies take breech position. In medicine, this situation is called a breech or breech.

Pregnancy Week 36: signs. Pregnancy on this term is accompanied by an annoying phenomenon of simultaneous hairiness of the skin. The reason for this - the hormones. Do not worry, very soon, immediately after birth, you will no longer bothered by this problem.

 Pregnancy Week 36: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 Pregnancy Week 35: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

In this period the walls of a water room begin to embarrass the kid, very soon it will start to fall. In the meantime, continued development and improvement of all its internal organs. Still continue leaving fatty tissue, notably in the area of ​​okoloplechevoy.

Pregnancy Week 35: uzi. This week the baby's fingernails have grown to the tips. His shoulders are more round and soft. Starting this week, your baby will gain about 220 grams each week. Lanugo winding down with him.

For the thirty-fifth week the baby weighs about 2550g. Length - about 33 centimeters.

Pregnancy Week 35: symptoms. In this period it is time to think about leaving on maternity leave. Woman becomes difficult to breathe and eat. The reason for this - crushing chest stomach. Therefore, we recommend split meals: slowly and with few interruptions.

As often as possible rest, to avoid edema, do not stand or sit for long periods in one position. Now is the time to attend courses for women in childbirth.

Pregnancy Week 35: signs. This week may be some difficulty with sleep. Many women in this period starts to bother as the frequent urge to urinate, and pain in the back. It is the nature thus prepares you for the future of sleepless nights. To cope with insomnia, try to drink less fluid before bed and during the day - do not bother hard work.

 Pregnancy Week 35: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

 Pregnancy Week 34: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

At this stage of pregnancy layer vernix is ​​even more abundant. Placental hormones continue to strengthen maternal breast milk production. To build their bones baby continues to have calcium.

If deliveries came in this period, the child would not have considered premature and born prematurely. The difference lies in the lung tissue and the overall maturity of the fruit. Unlike premature infants prematurely born babies are breathing on their own and do not require any intensive care.

Pregnancy Week 34: uzi. Fat layer becomes thicker, it is now energy-intensive white fat is about 8% of the weight of the fetus, making the skin become more baby pink and smooth. For the thirty-fourth week, he had dropped almost the entire embryo guns, and the hair on the head have become more dense.

Your child is a little older, and by this time weighs about 2, 250 g Its length from crown to rump is approximately 32 centimeters.

Pregnancy Week 34: symptoms. Braxton Hicks contractions for the thirty-fourth week becomes more regular. A woman's body continues to prepare for childbirth. Women are increasingly experiencing cramping sensations that first appear in the upper part of the uterus is then distributed down and calm down. Do not confuse these cuts to these prenatal contractions. Afraid is only in the case if at this period water broke. Then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Pregnancy Week 34: signs. At this stage of pregnancy, many women experience an irresistible urge to sleep. Now the main thing for you - safeguard yourself from excessive irritability and stress, maintain a positive emotional background and positive mood.

 Pregnancy Week 34: signs, symptoms, ultrasound