Coding of excess weight


  • How it works?
  • Advantages coding
  • Disadvantages coding

The problems associated with being overweight, familiar to almost everyone today: according to statistics from ten to thirty percent of the people would not hurt to throw a certain number of kilograms. However, some prefer to live the way he lives, someone to pace yourself diets and workouts, and some prefer coding of excess weight. What are the characteristics of this method and what are its advantages and disadvantages - looking for answers to these questions in this article.

How it works?

The essence of the encoding procedure is to ensure that a patient suffering from overeating, is a psychotherapeutic suggestion. Typically, it amounts to develop human fear overeating. This fear has to be really strong, and to refer to that which is most afraid of losing weight: health problems, poor cosmetic or eternal loneliness. It can also be a psychological ban on the consumption of any product to which a person eats a special weakness.

Any coding - is the impact on the human psyche and consciousness, which results in an uncritical perception and acceptance of broadcast therapist attitudes and beliefs. In the course of the procedure are produced in the brain centers of excitation and inhibition, by which a person has destroyed the old eating habits and form new ones. Sometimes as an alternative to fear from overweight produce an aversion to certain kinds of food, so when he feels her smell inside immediately negative emotions arise.

The main tool by which the coding of weight loss works is psycholinguistic programming: the therapist selects a certain rhythm of speech, choose the right words, if a patient comes into the mind and tuning in to his "surge". Typically, this is achieved by immersing the customer in a trance state and subsequent suggestions, which includes one or more elements: a sequence of statements with which people clearly agree, and that is almost impossible to refute, shock, surprise.

The suggestion may be mobilizing (for example, "use of the resources of the unconscious will allow you to lose weight"), partially open ("There is a wide variety of dining options and comfortable") and covers all possible, ie when, after listing all the choices we add "or something else" ("your subconscious can use anything to eliminate excess weight: the words that I speak, the images that you are having, or something else").

As a result of these procedures the person relaxes, imbued with the confidence of a doctor and starts like a sponge to absorb the information broadcast therapist - only way to achieve the desired effect. The most efficient coding is considered excess weight, including the positive elements of the installation, and combined with psychotherapy.

 Encoding of excess weight

Advantages coding

Coding of excess weight has a number of indisputable advantages, which makes many people choose this method. The most important advantage of this system is its effectiveness in the case of the suggestion of competent and parallel study of personal problems, which are known, in most cases, the cause of eating disorders. Encoding - is symptomatic treatment, but, in order to avoid relapses, it is necessary to eliminate a source of disorder, which is possible only with the help of psychotherapy.

Another advantage of coding is its relative brevity. For example, in certain types of therapy, such as analysis may take years, while the coding is intended for a limited number of sessions. Of course, do not count on getting rid of overeating in one session, but is usually carried out no more than ten procedures within the main course. That is why, despite the fact that the cost of one session of coding can be higher than the cost of psychological counseling, they need less, and therefore, you spend less on the fight against obesity.

Encryption does not require a radical change in your lifestyle: you can continue to go to work, chat with friends, do household chores - desire for change after the course will have to come from you, which means relatively painless changes in your life. You may have to change eating habits, but it will not be a consequence of the severe restrictions, but rather, the result of some transformations in your mind.

Coding is an additional help to the resources of self-control and self-control, which is already a man. Through this procedure, the patient becomes easier to change unhealthy behavior and develop good habits. That is why encoding is actively used in the treatment of all forms of addictive behavior.

Disadvantages coding

However, coding - is not a panacea, otherwise humanity would have long been eradicated all the problems associated with alcohol, drugs, smoking, obesity, gambling, etc. ... It has a number of shortcomings, which in many cases outweigh its advantages.

The main drawback of the coding is that it does not eliminate the cause of addiction - it puts restrictions on the manifestation of harmful eating habits, but does not affect its source. In many cases, a person becomes much more difficult to live, because he was deprived of the favorite ways to deal with stress and escape from the difficulties of life. He hungrily looking at all harmful products but can not eat them, and this is a source of additional negative experiences.

Such a person becomes like a tiger in a cage, which alone makes it forward to break free and let the winds of their food fantasies. That is why the construction of the right strategy with eating disorders coding is one of the initial stages and is always combined with psychotherapy.

Another important negative coding of excess weight lies in its influence on the subconscious, which is known to be a delicate thing and byway. That is why the slightest flaws in the procedure of hypnosis may further climb very unpleasant consequences: lack of effect in the easy option and headaches, amnesia and depression in a grave. For example, when coding is based on the formation of fear or disgust, acute attacks of negative feelings can arise only when a patient approach to all sorts of harmful products - burgers and chips. But some of your loved ones can really love them, that will create a significant disturbance in your communication with them!

Coding of excess weight is one more unpleasant feature. In situations where the suggestion concerning the prohibition of the abuse of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, it is clear - they simply crossed out of life, and the man calmly exist without them. But what about the food? The ban will apply any specific product or a certain type of food? After all, a person can not be banned there at all! All these issues need to be clarified with a psychotherapist before the procedure coding.

On the shortcomings of the encoding procedure also says extensive list of contraindications: traumatic brain injury, neurological and psychiatric diseases, cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney failure, previous diseases, pregnancy, and many others. However, some doctors who have put on stream encoding, carelessly refer to the individual patient, which may be a consequence of the above is already negative effects: headaches, neuroses, insomnia, depression.

We should not forget that the coding usually has a limited duration - a month, six months, a year, two or three years. After his graduation procedure must be repeated again, otherwise there is a risk of failure, which resulted in kilograms, to throw during abstinence from fatty and sugary foods, back, and even in the double size.

So, we hope you became clear that the coding - is a double edged sword. It has its indications and contraindications, advantages and disadvantages, because it is not a magic cure for all ills, but it is a particular medical procedure. It can be a great escape for those who have a weak will power, but you need to carefully consider all the "pros" and "cons" before to put in your mind quite a stranger.

 Coding of excess weight: panacea or a temporary measure?

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 Sources of inspiration


  • Inspiration: what is it?
  • Possible sources of inspiration
  • How to find your inspiration?

Search sources of inspiration can take a person a lot of time and effort. And if you think this is a prerogative of the representatives of creative professions, then we dare to assure you that this is not so. Inspiration may need anyone at any time, it may require making difficult decisions, exam, a difficult task - but you never know in the world of things! But what if at the crucial moment it does not come? Wait, sitting on a chair, or embark on his quest? The simple answer is - of course, look! Where and how - we'll show you.

Inspiration: what it is and "what it eats?"

When talking about the sources of inspiration every reasonable person the question arises, what is it all about? Inspiration - a special state in which a person is able to enter, and which is characterized by the highest emotional rise, tidal power and energy and high artistic performance. Many people describe the sensations that occur at this point, saying that the inspiration like carrying you somewhere stream: you do not always know what's going on, you can not clearly predict the future and do not realize about elapsed time.

Being in a state of creative inspiration man becomes very strong and charismatic, he is able to influence other people and carries them away. The emergence of all sorts of insights and enlightenment is also often associated with being in this particular state.
For most people, the inspiration is manifested in the ease of movement of thought and images that become bright, full and clear, and spiritual experiences are striking in their depth and severity.

A special feature of this condition is that all cognitive processes such as thinking, memory, perception, occur especially quickly. Do creative people - artists, writers, musicians - the inspiration is similar to the attack of glamor: a person can not eat or sleep for several days, doing only one skill, and does not calm down until until it completes its work.

Very often a rush of inspiration like a revelation, especially when it is associated with the solution of a complex problem. You spend hours (maybe even days) think over it, and then at one point the individual puzzle pieces add up to a coherent whole, and you instantly comes understanding of the right questions.

Obviously, you need inspiration to all people, and often even in the most ordinary and routine matters, for example, you have decided to tidy up the apartment, but can not bring myself to start. Or do you need to prepare an important presentation at work. Or come up with an idea for a new business. In all these cases, you do not prevent a surge of inspiration and new strength.

 a source of inspiration

Possible sources of inspiration

To start dive into the history of the issue. The ancient Greeks believed that any beautiful work of art is not the result of mental activity, and bestowed more than gods or muses - beings of divine origin, the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. They spodvigaet artistic figures in the creation of new works: paintings, poems and songs. Of those who have done something really talented and beautiful, they said that they "have received Kiss Muse."

But not only artists, poets and musicians have been awarded such a kiss. For example, Calliope, the muse of epic poetry, inspired by soldiers in combat exploits, raised their morale and instills confidence in the victory. Clio, the muse of historical, helped to find their purpose in life and recalls what heights a person can achieve. Love Muse - Erato - personified universal love, inspirational man the most reckless behavior.

Subsequently, the Muses became known some individuals. Often, the role of the muse is a woman, is surrounded by the creators: a wife, a lover, a friend. With special features of appearance or personality, charisma, attitude, an aura in the end, they have inspired men to great deeds, including creative.

However, not only women can inspire the creator to create something new - this might be some other people: friends, family or just the occasional counter. For example, the writer of the novel on the creation of the desperate journalist can inspire personal observation of how the profession is his conversation with the hero of the story. Or you might want to break off the relationship for a long time get bored after a friend who has just decided to take a similar step. In general, other people - and very different - can be a bottomless source of inspiration. Their possibilities are endless, the characters are diverse, and sometimes thinking affects their depth. Therefore, in case of lack of inspiration it is sometimes helpful to someone to talk to.

The other, more well-known source of inspiration - this is love. How many songs sung about it, how many paintings written many books published - and it continues to haunt the people's hearts, then elevating them to the heights of bliss, then fell into a abyss of suffering. Apparently, this is an especially its hidden her strength - love awakens in the person experiencing it, turbulent emotions, which in turn cause a burst of energy. Each person has a need for self-actualization and creativity, and love is the impetus, motivation to implement this requirement.

However, not all people it can be a source of inspiration: someone, being in love, on the contrary, can not think of anything else but the object of his passion. His interests are narrowed, and he can not do anything else other than kissing a loved and talking about it. Therefore, the power of love as a source of inspiration should be evaluated in relation to a specific person - a love of tones, and the other, on the contrary, excluded from the life.

Almost as often, like love, in the literature as a source of inspiration is called nature. His beauty and the depth of it inspires well-known figures of culture on creativity, and many of them even make it the central theme of his works. You probably also noticed on its own: you sit in a stuffy city, miss, floundering in their apathy and depression. But it's worth a couple of days to go out of town on the nature of - and if you are born again!

Almost all the colors and the colors of nature are bright, clear and combined with each other in all sorts of variants (and combinations of these are still pleasant to our eyes). Contemplation of nature soothes and tones at the same time - depending on your needs; and fresh air, rich in oxygen, in general practically is the "fuel" for our brains. In addition, many inventions ever created by man, based on the ideas suggested by nature - even created a whole new trend in science is called bionics. In general, nature - it is an inexhaustible source of both energy and creative ideas and activities.

The undeniable source of inspiration is also the work of other people. You do know a burst of energy after reading your favorite book? Well, that cleaning is best done by a positive and energetic music, heard every modern woman. My favorite movie is able to return to us in good mood moments of apathy and despair. All of these things - is the product of creative work of others. That is why, if you urgently need to find his muse, the easiest option will find inspiration hike in an art gallery or a concert. First, you recharge with positive energy, and secondly, you will see how to solve creative problems other people will plunge into the atmosphere of art - it is quite possible that this will be the impetus for your self.

However, if some people need contact with something positive for inspiration, others, on the contrary, inspired by pain and suffering. In particular, the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote his most profound and vivid novels while not in the best state of mind. And he is not alone - many artists, poets and musicians worked under the influence of place in their lives of hardship, loss and grief. Especially productive in this regard, unrequited love - it's probably a billion poems dedicated!

However, to say that pain and suffering can inspire in everyday terms is likely impossible. Still, most of us, when faced with something horrible and unpleasant, fall into depression and melancholy, which did not differ tide mental and physical strength. Being in grief, we tend to seek to hide from everyone, not think about nothing and do nothing. Although there are people for whom any failure and unhappiness - a push to something bigger. They can only envy.

Internet, media, and other sources of information can also be inspiring - especially in the domestic context. For example, if you want to decorate an apartment, it is very useful to you will be the appropriate community on social networks: it is possible that you will want to do something bright and new, looking at a selection of interesting your photos, chat with other people and learn about their experiences. Internet can also inspire you to something entirely unexpected, such as a trip to China or start their own business. All of this becomes real thanks to the abundance of different information and knowledge provided by the network, as well as a completely unimaginable confusion of others' opinions, experiences and expertise.

If you are peculiar to the business and a rational approach to solving any problems that you might be interested in special training and classes for creating and finding inspiration. Why worry about something somewhere to look for when you can allocate time, money and get what you need? Such training can greatly help expand their views, to open new horizons, but for someone, they will generally be a revolution in consciousness.

But, unfortunately, there is no universal pills from mental problems and may not be the universal success of the training. If you talk about this and offer to pay him big money, we can assure you that 60% of its efficiency - it is your desire and mood of a positive result (still, because so much money is given!). Training can be very useful, but they can not solve your problems for you - we must not forget. Therefore, a sober assessment of their objectives and resources.

A good and effective option to search for inspiration will find new experiences. Everything is new and does not occur in our experience anyway cause us excitement - this is a normal physiological response. Against this background, reviving activated cognitive and metabolic processes - we will start to think, to feel sharper and deeper understanding of what is happening to us. The source of new experiences can be anything: traveling, meeting new people and a new route on the way to work. The main thing - is to be attentive and open to new experience, paying attention to everything that happens to you.


How to find a source of inspiration

The list of such sources can be continued indefinitely, because practically any existing thing in this world, a phenomenon or a person can tone up and cause a burst of energy. But how to find something that will inspire and generate power for you and not someone else?

  1. Try everything. At the very least, to find out that any of the above suits you the most, you have to try it all. Fall in love, communicate with people walking in the woods, travel - all of these options can be your own personal muse. In addition, for different types of activities may be appropriate to different sources, for example, for cleaning - music and drawing - nature.
  2. Feel and experience everything that you are doing. Dealing with his own life - is a necessary condition for the occurrence of attacks inspiration. If you do what is described in an article for "excuses", no tidal forces you feel. Therefore, open your eyes, clean ears, throw off the "armor" - and welcome to the world!
  3. Look for the positive. Still more encouraging positive emotions than negative, so try to look at life optimistically: find pluses in trouble, learn to enjoy and expect from a small life all the best.
  4. Be open to new experiences. You never know what will inspire you to new achievements. So try not to abandon the change, despite the fact that sometimes they are very uncomfortable. Go to new places, meet new people choose unusual colors to new things - all this brings energy into your life.
  5. Get rid of all the pressures on you. This is one of the basic principles of feng shui, which can be extended to all areas of your life. Throw out the old and rubbish from the apartment, do the data once the obligations cease to communicate with people, contact with which it does not bring pleasure - in general, do all the things that have long planned and wanted. You will not notice how you will add strength and energy, and a desire to create something new and different.

In conclusion, I would like to mention the most important source of inspiration - about life. Everything else - just nothing compared to this source, because no book, no picture, no song and no poem will not be able to embody all that variety of colors and situations, which is possible in life. And that is why the most important answer to the question of how to find the source of inspiration - is to live. To live here and now, to experience all encountered on your way in life situations open to new people and feel, to respond to her call and experience all that life offers you. And then inspiration will not leave you ever!

 Sources of inspiration: how to find your muse?

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