struggle with depression


  • How to start the road to recovery?
  • 10 simple ways to overcome the depression and sadness

If you feel that you overcome depression, you could not help but notice that it gradually begins to change your life. You have become quite different, and all are now perceived not as much as before. Worried about everything. Do you do not want to. And the fact that until recently has brought joy and even makes you happy, now it does not matter to you.

You must understand that depression - a rather serious condition, and if you give up and will not take any action, the consequences can be very negative. Fight with depression should be your daily goal. Learning to cope with the consequences of depression in daily life may only need to realize the importance of these measures. Yes, it's pretty hard. Yes, it would be much easier to go with the flow with a single desire - to forget about everything.

But if you want to be happy, you should try to find your way out of the "black hole." To combat the depression, you may have to force yourself to do things that do not really want. You may need to change a few environment: Now you need as much as possible to communicate with people who give you positive emotions. And maybe you even have to find a specialist with whom you could talk about his depression.

Nobody says that the struggle with depression is easy. But if it happened to you, then you must find a way to get rid of this condition, even if the depression has penetrated so deeply into your being. Just think about all the good things in your life and that is worth fighting. It may be your family, your favorite job, your friends. We set out to help you find a way to get rid of depression.

How to start the road to recovery?

Try to understand that in life it is impossible to completely dispense with negative emotions. We have all ever been something very upset and disappointed. Sadness - completely natural emotional response to certain environmental stimuli. Most of us have an internal support system, or to respond to the negative incentives to overcome sadness and reach the internal peace of the balance as soon as possible to return to normal and the possibility to feel happy.

Among the people who are prone to prolonged sadness and depression, there are two groups. One group consists of those who have a serious chemical imbalance that requires a mandatory visit to a doctor and perhaps the appointment of treatment drugs. Our article is not designed for this group of people. The second group of people - those who are simply "stuck" in their emotions and do not know how to get your life back to normal. Their internal "support system" has malfunctioned, and to restore it does not need medication. And it is this group of people we want to suggest a few ways to deal with depression.


10 simple ways to overcome the depression and sadness

If you really want to change your life for the better, try any of the items listed below do not ignore!

  1. Do not forget that often the cause of our oppressed state are purely physiological factors

    For example, dehydration. If you drink enough water, you will feel terrible, not knowing that you simply need to increase fluid intake. One has only to start drinking more, and you will feel a noticeable surge of strength and melancholy as the arm lift.

  2. Lack of sunlight can also cause frustration

    No wonder so many people who are experiencing the so-called "seasonal sadness." Especially hard they have to winter, when the days are much shorter. That's why you should go every day for a walk, to stay at least half an hour in the sun.

  3. Do not neglect and proper rest

    You should receive the necessary health of your body and mind the amount of sleep. This is very important! Lack of sleep adversely affects the whole body, and especially the suffering brain and nervous system.

  4. Set a goal

    Not so important, as they will be grand. You can put in front of the usual daily goal. The main thing is that you consciously pondering what you want to do today. And be sure to write them down! Something special happens to us when we record your goals. In our mind at that moment formed certain chemical changes, neurons are activated and include the necessary hormones, and we begin to think about how we can achieve these goals. In thinking about something sad will remain much less energy.

  5. Pay more attention to participation in sports

    If the physical capabilities allow, so try to download itself to go all out. When you after school just to stand in a pool of his own sweat, you feel like a powerful endorphins your body pumped. And when you go into the shower, the pleasure will be complete. If you regularly deal with so, then we dare to assure you that you have to try hard not to feel happy!

  6. Learn to forgive

    Too often we are sad because of the grievances that arise at times of a trifle. People have been known to love to cherish their grievances. When you forgive, you're shooting with a large load of negative emotions and open their way to the possibility to be happy.

  7. Be thankful

    Very often, when we complain about something or someone, we can cause a sadness. Complaints about life and people exclude the possibility to feel the joy and gratitude. Now sit down and make a list of things that can cheer you up and that you are grateful to life. Try to keep this list as small as possible a detailed and long. And if you make a list of a hundred points, it can safely be assumed that you will feel much better!

  8. Appreciate friendship

    True friendship supports your vitality and can help to cope with any negative events in everyday life. Even if you do not have real friends, to correct this omission is not difficult. Everyone wants to be heard, he wants to be appreciated and loved. Start by training listening skills, learn to appreciate and love, and all that will come back to you in the form of augmentation. There is nothing more valuable in life than a true friendship.

  9. Read more, especially when you feel sad

    Take a temporary "holiday" from reality and walk away with his head in the world of one of your favorite books. I must say that many wise people have passed through a state of depression, through which you are now going through, and they told in their stories about how it was. You can learn a lot of useful of these books.

  10. Keep a journal entry

    This can be a good way, if your depression dragged on. You can dream up, "transport" themselves to another world, to take a break from your oppressive reality. Or you can describe in detail what is happening in reality, spreading his thoughts on the shelves. This can lead you to the right decision. Sometimes it happens that such records awaken in people creativity. Many great books were written by people who at the time of writing went through a period of pain and suffering.

As you can see, nothing is impossible you do not need. The main thing - really want to get out of depression. Well, you are ready to have successfully completed this difficult area of ​​your life? We wish you success!

 Your struggle with depression - a pledge of future happiness

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 tune in to the creative work


  • A bit of creative work
  • How to tune in to work

How to tune in to the creative work? This question worries the minds of the representatives of different professions, because the element of creativity is present in almost every one of them. A graduate must first come up with the idea for his diploma, advertiser - the concept of PR-companies, and about artists, musicians and writers, we do not say anything! In any case, the techniques help to tune in to the creative work will be interesting and useful to everyone.

A bit of creative work

As we have mentioned above, the creative work can be anything. A person can use creativity in various areas of life: in the technical production, scientific inventions, the organization of events, the creation of works of art and even in everyday life and everyday life. The essence of the art - in the creation of something qualitatively new, it may be the result of material or spiritual products. They are always unique, and, most importantly, they can not repeat no one, except the author (though, perhaps, he can not!). This is due to the fact that in the process of creation author puts into operation a piece of themselves, their capabilities and resources, and that it gives additional value to the results of his labor.

Adjusting for the creative work goes through a series of stages in their deployment:

  1. Basic. At this stage, preparation for work: you must be formulated task, and for a time made some attempts to solve it. Because of this you enter the semantic field of creativity, immersed in its context.
  2. The incubation. During this period, you will need a while to escape from creative problem solving. It may have a different duration, which depends on several factors: the nature of the problem type, age, and many others. Some psychologists believe that in this period there is an unconscious work on the solution of the problem.
  3. Insight. This is the moment for which many creative people live: suddenly, in a situation which has no relation to the problem, without any reflection on this subject, a man comes to important for him to answer. This can be a deep understanding of the phenomenon, the key to solving the problem, the scheme or concept of anything. It is believed that enlightenment is due to restructuring of the elements of the situation, its total grasp. For example, the middle two ideas collide and mix to form one great.
  4. Finishing. At this stage, the completion of creative work. The solution is found, and it remains only to check its "strength", i.e. applied to reality, to modify in the desired direction and, finally, to realize. Typically, this step is not so exciting for a creative person, but without creating finished works or values ​​possible.

To a man of creative work requires special abilities that are called in the modern world creativity. The concept of creativity includes well-developed verbal and imaginative abilities, fluency, flexibility, speed, switching from one to another, originality, diversity of ideas and strategies, the ability to see the root of the problem and to resist the influence of stereotypes. All these features have a direct impact on the speed and quality of creative work.

 How to set up for creative work

How to tune in to work

Often it is much more difficult than usual to tune in to the case. How, for example, is the case in order to tune in to prepare for the exam? This, of course, unpleasant, but is simple enough: you eliminate interference and just sit down to teach. However, with the work of all the more confusing because the muse, brings inspiration, whimsical, and the phenomenon of creativity is still not completely solved. From what is happening in our mind during the creative work, setting options depend on it.

There are qualities that impede creativity - a conformist, internal and external constraints, templates, stiffness, as well as a desire to find the answer. Conformism or uncritical acceptance of attitudes and opinions of others prevents the emergence of your own ideas and confidence in quality. The same thing happens with censorship - it's like a filter in the human psyche, not passing the right information into consciousness. Rigidity - is the inability to change their way of thinking or action in accordance with the new requirements of the situation. It prevents a person to switch and makes it unprepared for the creation of new products or ideas. Well, the desire to find an answer simply confuses thinker confused into thinking exclusively about him, not about the nature of the problem being solved.

These are the obstacles. What to do with them, we hope, is clear - in every possible way to overcome (if you are, of course, want to engage in creative work). First, relax, and let go of haste. If you can not ignore the urgency of the job, just try to meditate - great cleans the consciousness (which is what you need to happen enlightenment).

Second, educate yourself in traction and resistance to anything new, as opposed to rigidity. Implement it is quite easy - simple exercises regularly puncture-type to come up with five synonyms for the word "beauty" or returning from work every evening to change the route. Once a week to do a little rearrangement in the same room. Every day change the order of items on the desktop. In general, full of options as possible to get used to the constant newness, and, besides, it will fill you with new experiences and tune in a creative way.

Third, increases self-esteem and get rid of conformity. The desire to agree with someone else's opinion - an echo of self-doubt, because you know that your idea or opinion - the best, you do not need other draws. There also is censorship, both external and internal. The latter, incidentally, often stems from all irrational and suggestion on us from outside facilities, "it went," "this is stupid", "no one needs", etc. ... They need to find and challenge - if it is difficult to do yourself, enlist the support of important and influential person.

However, all these things are good for the long term. But what to do in order to tune in to the creative work right here and now? Psychologists describe a number of techniques and methods that can help you in this difficult matter. They are consistent with the general principles of creative work:

  • Proceed according to the stages of formation. First a little work out your tasks and then put it away and go do something else, for example, sports (activates blood flow, hormones are thrown into it, speeding up the work of all systems of the body).
  • Look at as many materials related to the solution to your creative problem - no one knows where you can pick up some much-needed inspiration to you. Better if it will be bright and visible things to the same chosen for different modalities (sight, hearing, touch, taste): photos, clippings from magazines, rhythmic songs, spices or something else.
  • Think of the resource situation for you. This memory will excite you in positive emotions: joy, confidence, peace, harmony, happiness - choose the situation, depending on what state you are in need right now. For example, the form of Niagara Falls is suitable for immersion in tranquility and recollection of daring prom - for joyful experiences.
  • If you find it hard to ignore the unpleasant feelings that gnaw at you right now, you try to find a pleasant, but monotonous task. For example, write down on a sheet of paper beautiful calligraphy all the thoughts, ideas and words that can relate to your problem solved. You focus on the process of writing, distracted from the unpleasant condition, and maybe even jot down a couple of interesting ideas.
  • Try to look at the problem from different perspectives. It can be very funny and even fun! First, look at the drafting of the eyes of a child - as it should be to get his attention? Then the eyes of the old woman - and it would be interesting? Then the eyes of a business woman, gay, hard workers from the factory, a graduate of the Faculty of Philology - the more you try on different roles, the more energy and positive ideas have absorbed.
  • Find the right time and place. You probably have a place to inspire creative feats, as well as the time of day at which you most productive? So, do not break yourself - make better use of available resources and put yourself in the situation in which the arrival of the Muses is most likely.

We have considered various aspects of creative work. Yes, constantly "be creative" - ​​it is hard, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of the masterpiece created by you, whether it's the text of the new article, the idea of ​​an advertising strategy or business plan ready. Few people know that creative work - is not just a wool-gathering, and hard work, to successfully perform that will help you our advice. Creative you success!

 Tune in creative work using their own resources

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