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The tests give us strength, sadness gives understanding and wisdom. (Solomon)

Depression was the constant companion of modern humanity. It implies sadness, pessimism, obsession with personal problems and acute sense of self-pity, pain and hopelessness. Falling into a depression, a person loses interest in any type of activity, and to contacts with other people. He becomes apathetic and socially isolated. Chronic fatigue, excessive sleep or insomnia plagued with depression.

Other possible symptoms include loss of appetite, loss, or rapid weight gain; a man possessed a sense of inferiority, the meaninglessness of his life, thoughts of death or suicide. And it is very important to know how to overcome depression and return to normal life, because the effects of such conditions can be severe.

Four of the five cases of severe depression are due to the efforts of a man who consciously strives for a return to normal life, and only one case in five requires serious treatment. So you can quite cope with their condition on their own, is wanted. The main thing - to know what to do, and understand what's going on with you.

What causes depression

People often become depressed because of problems in relationships with loved ones. So, one of the research showed that an unhappy marriage increases the risk of depression in the twenty-five times in comparison with strong family ties. Severe depression can cause and personal loss - divorce, loss of job, loss of health due to an accident or as a result of aging, the death of a loved one, and more.

Many dramatic changes in life can also lead to stress and depression. This may be a change of residence, admission to educational institutions or to marry and move to her husband from home. Even the birth of a child, no matter how much you may want to have it, can cause so-called postpartum depression because of an acute awareness of the loss of his freedom. When the children grow up and leave the parents, the latter is also causing great suffering.

Often lead to depression personal problems. Chronic use of alcohol or drugs causes mood swings, which eventually end up with depression. The use of alcohol and other means to "improve" the mood is particularly risky because addictive substances often reinforce existing depression. Even some medications prescribed by the doctor at the reception uncontrolled can lead to severe depression. This can be tranquillizers or hypnotics, many drugs that regulate blood pressure, hormonal preparations, such as oral contraceptives, some anti-inflammatory or antibacterial drugs and so on. Sometimes it is enough to replace the medicine to get rid of depression. In other cases, we have to work on yourself.


Ways to Overcome Depression

There are many effective ways to overcome depression. Fortunately, we can control our thoughts and feelings are much more efficient than it may seem to most of you. If you make enough effort, you may well be able to change habitual thoughts and feelings. And if you are thinking about how to overcome depression, once we felt the first symptoms of this unpleasant condition, then deal with it will be much easier.

And most importantly, you will need to do - is to accustom themselves to outdoor activities, and review their vital interests.

Development of interest

Perhaps one of the most common causes of depression is the lack of sufficient interest in humans. Too many people live a boring, routine life. Availability of interests and active life position is very important for psychological health as self-esteem and contribute to the emergence of the feeling of joy and happiness.

Hobbies and interests give us a sense of satisfaction, allow to feel good and keep our minds closed to negative thoughts and emotions. Cultivating interests able to cure depression, relieve grief, greatly reduce anxiety, excessive anxiety or guilt. They also give you a new social skills, because you are new topics of conversation and expanded social circle.

There are three main types of mineral interests and activities: pleasant, constructive and altruistic. Enjoyable activities, of course, help us to enjoy what we do, we act just for fun and recreation. This can be reading books, collecting, crafts, hiking - but who knows what else!

Constructive activities allows you to create or do something that is beneficial. This may be a detail of the interior made with their own hands, learning a foreign language, tailoring carnival costumes for their children, and similar hobbies. But altruistic interests lie in helping other people. You can teach someone to knit, or in your free time to perform volunteer work, helping the elderly or sick people. This activity provides communication, appreciation from others, gives a sense of pride and self-confidence. Help others - one of the best ways to recover from his own heartache. Your personal problems may seem trivial to you after only a day's work, for example, with children dying of cancer.

Of course, depressed people find it difficult to motivate yourself to find new interests, and very often they refuse to even attempt to take a step in this direction. But do not reject any new activities, before you give yourself a chance. You may have to learn to relax in the new situation and develop some new skills and knowledge before you begin to enjoy new hobbies. But patience and some effort will help you to significantly reduce this way. Otherwise - how to overcome depression, no effort? Without the efforts - in any way, you do understand that?

Keep a positive attitude

Negative thinking habits play a very important role in the onset and course of depression. Studies show that people who are subject to depression, tend to minimize their qualities, talents and achievements. They tend to see themselves as inferior and incompetent. Their habit of mind to focus only on the problems of their own mistakes and minimizes all the good things going on around them. They tend to perceive more clearly the negative things than positive. Such people are always concerned about the personal problems and are experiencing an acute self-pity.

Happy people are just as pessimistic "sufferers", able to experience negative emotions, frustration, pain or sorrow. But optimists maintain a positive attitude and try to solve their problems, and not suffer from the fact that they are. This feature makes them more pleasant to talk to, and they are much easier to find friends. Pessimists foresee only dissatisfaction and frustration, and is therefore very easy to give up in case of failure. Optimists know that every failure - a new grain of experience, which can eventually lead to success.

Pessimists can passively put up with problem situations and problems will grow. And where is the problem, there is depression and its tentacles dissolve ...

Work on your problems

Do not make attempts to solve all the problems at once and in a single day. Makes small but consistent steps on eliminating problems. Break up large and complex tasks into smaller ones, which will be easy to overcome. Create yourself a support group of friends and loved ones. They are always able to cheer you up, give advice and praise for their achievements.

What negative or stressful situations exist in your life? What can you do with them? Do not give up and resolve problems without storing them. Brainstorm, ask others to help you ideas. Do not let negative thoughts interfere with problem solving. Keep your mind open, to find all possible solutions.

 how to overcome depression

Defeat Depression - possibly!

Do not think about how much you are happy or unhappy. Find new interests and build friendships with people, be good, to help others, improve their habits of thought - all this will take you to the fact that you are free from depression and become happy. Fight with depression may take you months or even years; and the less you allow yourself to be negative, the more make the effort to overcome the depression, the shorter will be your way to happiness!

 How to overcome depression and find happiness

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 how to cope with depression alone


  • On what grounds can learn depression
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It so happens that we begin to feel completely exhausted, and life loses paint in our eyes. This happens most often when someone brings us, things go wrong, we lose people who loved or crumbling dreams that were so important to us. Probably not on the ground of any one person, who at least once in their lives have not experienced such a state.

Sometimes our grief becomes a problem to deal with is pretty easy. If sadness holds you in a few weeks if it greatly affects your ability to communicate with people and enjoy life, then it is likely that you are experiencing depression. When you feel that depression takes a serious form, then you should not delay, consult your doctor. But if you are confident that you can handle the problem on their own, then start doing it right today. And we will give you a number of strategies that tell us how to cope with depression alone.

On what grounds can learn depression

It is important to determine if you have depression. Of course, it would be good to do it with the help of a doctor, because the symptoms of many diseases may be similar to symptoms of depression, and it is important in this case not to lose time and time to identify the disease. But if you believe that health is all right, then determine what it is you can be depressed by the following features:

  • Loss of ability to function normally in everyday life;
  • Drowsiness, fatigue, feeling that even the simplest things take up too much of your energy;
  • Constant sadness, bouts of tearfulness, anxiety or emptiness;
  • A sense of inferiority, to deal with that is becoming harder and lack of self-flagellation;
  • You start sleeping a lot more or less than usual, up to insomnia;
  • Unusual weight gain or loss, and with the constant overeating or complete loss of appetite;
  • Difficulty concentrating, "nebula" of thinking, forgetfulness or inability to make a clear decision;
  • Pessimism, the feeling of being hopelessly lost the meaning of life, all attempts to do something - just useless;
  • Increased irritability, wanton prolonged anxiety;
  • At the physiological level - muscle pain, cramps, digestive problems, headaches and other pains that do not go without the help of drugs;
  • Suicidal thoughts - thoughts of death or suicide attempt.

I must say, when it came to gloomy thoughts about death, it is better not to rely on their own strength, and to seek help from a specialist.

 how to cope with depression

How to recover from depression?

Start your journey to health, not putting off. Depression does not seem endless lethargy as if immersed in complete numbness, and any action seems too complicated. For this reason, it is important to understand what steps need to be taken to heal slowly, and do not expect instant cures. You will have a minute, "enlightenment", and moments of despair; but that's when you should not retreat, and to make every effort to avoid a return to the depths of depression. Here's what you need to do to start:

  • Find a role model

    It so happens that we begin to feel completely exhausted, and life loses paint in our eyes. This happens most often when someone brings us, things go wrong, we lose people who loved or crumbling dreams that were so important to us. Probably not on the ground of any one person, who at least once in their lives have not experienced such sostoyanie.Vy think that only you come upon such a state? Try to go to the library and randomly pull five books with biographies of various well-known people.

    We can guarantee that at least one of them probably suffered from depression. Do some research to find the history of the famous people who have managed to overcome the decadent state. Read how they talk about their "battles" with this disease, take note of their methods of dealing with depression. Let you embolden the fact that there are people who were able to overcome this condition; but also the fact that you have an advantage: they were looking for their own path to healing, and you can benefit from their experience.

  • Learn to love yourself

    Life - this is not a race and not a reason for constant competition. The reality is that everyone has a great value as a person, and self-flagellation significantly reduces this value in your own eyes, which leads to despair. Stop the execution of myself for what whatever mistakes and errors, and try to create for themselves their personal space, where you would feel comfortable and safe.

  • Make a list of things that cause you the most concern that can lead to depression

    It may be unpaid bills, no vacation or too hard work. In another column next to each item write down what practical steps you can take to solve the problem: for example, to find ways to pay the bills, plan a vacation or find out how to get another job. And start acting! When you're not just thinking about the fact that you have a problem, and begin to solve them, you'll feel like you will have the enthusiasm to help cope with depression.

  • Keep a journal in which he will describe his "journey" on the road to healing from depression

    Write down the thoughts that will come to your mind. Blog is the place that will keep the prying eyes of your most secret thoughts, and you do not have to worry that someone will judge you for them. Blog can be your assistant in the fight against depression, because in the long run will be an indication that you may rejoice, improve mood or, conversely, can upset. In other words, going back to his notes and reading them, you can better understand myself.

Body care

Take care not only about his state of mind, but also your body. The body can remain healthy only if you take care of yourself: eat well, good rest, maintain muscle tone. If you neglect to treat the needs of your body, it is very quickly lead to exhaustion and openness to depressive thoughts. So now we will focus on what is of great importance in the fight against depression.

Calm sleep

Sleep is very important for good health. Lack of sleep can exacerbate the negative thinking and easily will involve you in a vicious circle where your mind will not let you sleep, and exclude the possibility of sleep, and this in turn will cause an even greater immersion in the negative. Intermittent, shallow sleep and constant fatigue - this is the most typical complaints of people suffering from depression.

To get rid of sleep disorders, must be strict adherence to rest and wakefulness, and this rule is mandatory for every day. Avoid caffeine and alcohol is not less than three hours before bedtime. The bedroom should be aired, and very helpful walk before bedtime.

Physical exercise

Recent scientific studies have shown that exercise is no less effective than the drugs used to treat depression. Sport relieves the load in the brain substance, which is a natural anti-depressant, so an active lifestyle will help you regain health and peace of mind.

Start small, with a simple walk to the nearest shop or even walk around your own home. Gradually increase the load, it commensurate with their abilities and needs. Agree on walks together with friends, or sign up for group classes, because the presence of partners will further motivate you. By the way, you can enjoy sports such help relieve pent-up emotions. For example, sign up for self-defense courses.

Healthy eating

Reduce your intake of sugar, starch, fast food and processed food. Eat as many fruits, vegetables and whole foods. Drink plenty of clean water. A good, balanced diet can beat depression better than any medication. And indeed, many of the symptoms of depression may be connected with malnutrition and lack of vitamins and minerals. Equally important to the body tissue, omega fats, and amino acids are essential for the nervous system.

Also worth mentioning is that these foods like cocoa and Brazil nuts (characterized by a high content of selenium) are excellent for improving brain function and eliminating depression.

Flawless appearance

You may be difficult to force myself to pay attention to their appearance and clothing. But any woman, even on a subconscious level, the concern is how it looks! If you run yourself, it will only add to your new batch of sadness and dissatisfaction with himself, even if you are not aware of this. But the efforts that you will make to maintain a well-groomed appearance, can help improve your mood and give a sense of well-being. Make a new haircut or buy a beautiful new clothes, and this will be the sign of your love for herself. Concentrate your attention on what you like in yourself instead of eating there myself for something that displeases.

 How to cope with depression


And finally, we want to give you some tips so you know how to cope with depression:

  • Remove the eye things that can upset you or plunge into depression

    Try to surround yourself with beauty. It can be very simple (for example, just to eliminate confusion), but can - and more difficult (to do cosmetic repairs, for example). But, anyway, it's worth it. Good mood will only get stronger if you are pleased with the form of the environment. And, you can get into the habit of frequent trips to the admiration of the beautiful scenery and the magnificent sunset. By the way, part of the stay in the fresh air and the sunlight also contributes to the speedy deliverance from depression;

  • Create in his bedroom ideal conditions for sleep

    Let it be as dark as possible and quieter - as much as possible. Even a slight noise or dim light is often enough to wake up or fall asleep to prevent a person suffering from depression;

  • Reduce your stress level

    Stress nourish depression, exacerbating the tendency to depression, and provide a permanent "fuel" for the maintenance of depressive thoughts. The ability to constructively deal with stress increases your chances of confrontation depression and makes you more resistant to any pressure;

  • In everyday life, avoid any comparison with other people

    It is better to compare yourself with itself in the worst moments of your life, and think that you have become better now. Only you, your ideas about life, your accomplishments, future goals and aspirations may be a priority for you. Whatever did or did other people do, it may be important only for themselves and not necessarily be important to you;

  • Change your life

    Often depression is the result of dissatisfaction and deep desire to be a different life situation than you are now. If you are twenty years and you no longer want to live with their parents - Renting an apartment and live independently. If you do not like your city - get the opportunity to move to another. If you do not love your job - a new look. Mental discomfort and unpleasant situation for you can turn your life into a tightening in the quagmire of discontent and despair swamp.

    Take the initiative to change what is not working. It will be difficult, but living with depression will be even more difficult. So you should make every effort to prevent the occurrence of this condition or to cope with depression!

 How to cope with depression alone

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