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  • "Soul resuscitation"
  • Long-term outlook

Terrible when you see a loved one depression. It is sad and depressed, and you can do nothing to help him. It breaks the heart! Day by day, you suffer with him and try to understand how a man out of depression. What does it do?

The first thing you need - is the desire of the man himself. Unfortunately, without it it does not work: there is a special kind of people who live the suffering and negative feelings. It may seem that they have eternal depression: they constantly complain about their misfortunes, sadness and longing. However, a careful eye very quickly notice that these people are somehow inexplicably manage to "catch a buzz" from depression. It sounds incredible, but there it is. Each "sufferer" gets a benefit from the doldrums: someone like that it all pity and help him, someone so attracts attention, while others do not feel anything other than negative emotions - so better let them be than nothing.

I am glad that such people are not so much. Recurrent bouts of depression occurred, probably, everyone, and at such times it is important for someone to be near and offered his shoulder. And at the same time "by the hair pulled out of the swamp of melancholy." Well, maybe not, "hair", but at least somehow helped ease the experience. If you have such a desire, but lack of understanding of what needs to be done, be sure to read this article to the end.

"Soul resuscitation"

The desire to bring people out of depression usually visits us in those moments when our loved ones feel very bad. This raises the question of what do you mean by this: someone thinks depression constant tears, someone - a wistful expression on his face and lying on the couch. Accordingly, the methods of O depression in each case will differ from each other.

Not the fact that if a person is crying heavily, then you need to stop his tears. They are a signal of internal experiences and contribute to psychological discharge. For example, when the loved one has died, the constant tears and talking about it are the norm for grieving. The same is true in cases of divorce and separation: in fact, it's the same loss, but less pronounced and intense. So, if you want to help a loved one, be in this situation, keep it in the expression of feelings: let them cry or even pokrichit. Tell him that this is normal and pat on the head, because some people manage to expend energy on nobody wanted deterrence emotional outbursts.

However, in some cases, the normal natural tears turn into pathological hysteria. They are impossible to distinguish from each other in terms, because grief can manifest itself in tears and in a year, and five years after the sad event. But it will be a single event, an act of longing for left this world. In some cases, people are beginning to use his grief as a tool to manipulate, and it is quite easy to see: the tears and sorrow such a person appear whenever he has to do something, or fulfill the promise to take care of one another. And he realizes that he is just a cry from him immediately restrained. So things should not indulge, but it is not depression in its original version.

The simplest thing you can do to make a man out of depression - is to give him the opportunity to speak out. Many people suffer not because of problems in their lives, and because of the impossibility to talk about them to anyone. Communication with the other - it is a way to get support, to react emotionally negative emotions, as well as re-examine the difficulties of life in the process of voicing them aloud. You've probably noticed that you become better after you talk to a friend or reptile-chief contradiction "former"? This happens in all people. But this applies only to domestic turmoil. When it comes to more serious problems - Chronic illness or death of relatives - can irritate the human return to the topic.

If your loved one is going through because of a negative event, then take it out of depression will help the search for meaning in this very event. We often think that everything bad that happens to us, terribly unfair that we do not deserve this, and it destroys our lives. However, if you try to make sense of any, even the most horrible events, it gives you the opportunity to feel the ground under their feet. Suffering alone man can not do, so your help depression and untroubled mind will be very useful.

Here are a few tricks operative psychological care.

  • Refocus

    This method works because of the fact that during the depression of your loved concentrated on any one of its issue, and you are offering it to shift its focus. Make it simple: invite a person to walk through the park, the woods or near the river - without any purpose, ie just walk. In the process, pay attention to its various parts: color of leaves, small critters, near and far objects. The main thing - it is possible to overcome the resistance due to the reluctance to be distracted from their problems.

  • Amusement

    Yes, banal positive emotions - the perfect cure for depression! Of course, for your loved one will not be easy to pack up and go somewhere, but often it needs to be done. It is best to choose an option that does not have to deal with a bunch of people, that is the party certainly will not do. But watching a movie, going to the theater or a balloon flight can be a source of positive energy. Maybe you do not even want to go anywhere: gather with my friends at home, take your favorite girly melodrama and comedy, bought popcorn and delicious food - and good evening to you is provided.

  • The acquisition of the animal

    Animaloterapiya psychologists have long been used to overcome different types of problems, including depression. Naturally, this should be discussed with himself "martyr": perhaps he does not love animals, he's allergic, or it just is not ready for the responsibility for another creature. Although numerous studies have shown that love and care about your neighbor can work wonders, and improve mood in a matter of days or even hours.

  • Catharsis

    Cruel, but sometimes in order to get out of depression, a person needs to dive into the depths of melancholy and sadness. Have you noticed when anything after watching some movie or reading duscherazdirayuschego tragic book your soul is illuminated by the warm light and harmony? Paradoxically, but it works. Therefore, if you believe in the moral person's readiness for such a "shock therapy", you can remind him of all the horrors and injustices of this world together to cry over it and move on.

 how to get out of depression

Long-term outlook

Unfortunately, depression is not always - it is quickly passing phenomenon. And in this case it could not be appropriate and useful to consult a specialist. Not all situations you can do to help your loved one, and if you have any doubt, the call for help - this is a normal and natural process. This is especially true lingering worries about the loss of someone native, as well as regular depressions that arise out of nowhere.

In some cases, the person suffers from repeated with enviable frequency of attacks of melancholy and bad mood. They may be associated with problems that hang over a man like a sword of Damocles. And the first thing you need to figure out what kind of problems. There will frank talk from the heart in a confidential setting. And maybe you have your own suspicions on the fact that frustrates man? Then they need to sound, but only at the right moment. If you have found the root of all evils, we must try to find a way out of this situation. Here you will brainstorm: any throws, the most diverse and strange ideas, which are then able to discuss with you. A person who is depressed often do not see even the most trivial decisions, and you can help him find them.

It is believed that a person suffering from depression can not be left alone - you need it in every way to distract and entertain. This is partly right and partly not, and here's why. Some experiences, including negative, are important for the growth and development of the individual. This is called "identity crisis": a person is at an impasse and learning to rely on themselves and their resources. He understands that the help and support of nowhere to wait, and he finds a way out. That is exactly what is done personal growth, so sometimes you should leave the person alone and give him a chance to think.

If your loved one has long been depressed, then perhaps he could find a way out of her charity. Yes, do not be surprised, in fact help his neighbor has long been considered an excellent remedy for depression and melancholy. Its mechanism of action is not clear, but the fact is that when you do good, your soul is cleansed of all negativity and filled with something lighter. Sounds, of course, is not very scientific, but it really works! Therefore, you can offer to your friend who is in depression, you company in "good works": make out things in the closet and give away the unnecessary need to become a pen pal child from an orphanage or even become a member of a volunteer community.

Almost every person knows that the best cure for depression - this is love. In a state of love the human brain produces "happiness hormones" - endorphins - are able to nullify any sadness. You think you can fly, the whole world is open to you and nothing is impossible - such experiences are not forgotten! But how to "make" another person to fall in love?

First you need to make it clear whether your friend is ready for a new love. Often it happens that depression is associated with failed relationships, divorce, or a quarrel, in which case a person may be completely closed on the problem and did not see anyone around. To overcome this, it is necessary to bring him to the realization of completion of the previous novel - these developments contribute to resentment and pronunciation of writing a letter to the former "second half". Once a person realizes that the old love is over, it becomes able to admit to his new life.

The best way to find it - openness to new experiences and acquaintances. Unfortunately, the person who is depressed, it can be difficult, so you have to be the initiator of communication: invite their "martyr" to the party or disco, buy a couple of cocktails and meet it with those who would please him. If your friend is sad, then everything will be pretty easy: go to a couple of nice guys, fun to joke - this will be a great start to a new acquaintance. And if suffering from depression your friend? Then it will be interesting and unusual: you have to find a girl that he likes, and distract him from the sad thoughts. And maybe this girl will you personally? Who knows…

All of the most important things in life are not easy for us. Remember the story about the ring of King Solomon, on which one side was written "this too shall pass," and on the other - "and this too shall pass"? The idea that any depression is transient, is capable of giving us a much-needed force. The most severe test fate always send the most capable and powerful people - do not forget to remind you about this splenetic friend or girlfriend. And to support and help him - this is the best way to withdraw from the depressed loved one.

 As a man out of depression: help your neighbor!

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