way out of depression


  • The first step in the fight against depression
  • Find the enemy's face
  • Maintain a healthy relationship
  • Change your behavior
  • Change negative thinking patterns
  • Other features
  • Go forward

Depression - a real "emotional plague" of modern man. Sometimes it is even more interesting - it is really a modern phenomenon, or is it simply has not been documented in more ancient times, that's why it seems that the earlier people did not suffer from depression? Rather, it oppressed people before, just an intense pace of modern life and unfavorable environmental conditions contributed to a more severe and protracted depression leak.

What determines depression? It is a state of oppression and suppression. Depression is characterized by a lack of motivation for any activity, a significant reduction in self-esteem, a profound sadness, sad feelings and immersion in darkness and hopelessness. When people are depressed, it is life itself seems to them painted in black paint. Depressive people passivity, indecision, they lose their appetite, they are characterized by sleep disorders. Quite often come to mind thoughts of death and suicide.

Of course, it is very unpleasant, sometimes really serious condition, and we sincerely sympathize with, if you are experiencing depression in their lives; and yet, out of the depression - not such a thing impossible. The main thing you have to decide for yourself what you really want to do it. And what are the methods and ways to fight depression - we'll show you.

The first step in the fight against depression

Of course, you should talk to your doctor to explore possible medical reasons behind your depression. You should be aware that some types of depression can be caused by certain diseases or be a side effect of some medications. Furthermore, in some cases can produce symptoms similar to the symptoms of depression.

To understand the causes of your condition can be a doctor, a visit to which you need to plan, not postponing it indefinitely. Dr. identify any physical causes of your depression (unless it is caused by some kind of mental shock), and determine the special treatment. Common diseases which can cause depression, include:

  • Vitamin or mineral deficiency, especially for people with restrictive diets.
  • Thyroid disease, hormonal imbalances.
  • Taking certain medicines (as we have already mentioned). Carefully read the instructions for taking medications, and counseling for depression do not forget to tell your doctor about all the medicines you are taking.
  • Alcohol or any other addiction.
  • There's also a genetic predisposition to depression.
  • Anxiety disorders, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and Parkinson's disease. These diseases are preceded by, or cause to be the result of depression.
  • In women, depression is often a companion of hormonal changes in the body (postpartum depression, premenstrual syndrome, menopause)

If the doctor deems it necessary, he will appoint antidepressants. But you must understand that for most people, the drug may not be the only solution. It is necessary to seek other way out of depression, using all possible and available instruments (eg, reading self-help books or spiritual support of friends and people close to you).

If you set categorically against antidepressant, tell your doctor. He explained that there is in your case, alternative treatment options - for example, using soothing herbal. In most cases, the course of the treatment with drugs is not required; but it is important to realize also that the fight some forms of depression without the help of drugs is very difficult, and eventually it would require a much longer time.

 ways out of depression

Find the enemy's face

Learn everything you can about depression, you can better help themselves. Your knowledge should show you that depression - is a real phenomenon that must be considered very seriously, and that there are many ways to help defeat him. A broader understanding of depression will help allay some of your fears and anxieties. It will also give you the tools by which you can help yourself. What can you do to study depression?

Visit your local library and pick up a book about depression, about the experience of grief, anxiety and happiness. Look for relevant literature in the psychology section. If you are still very young, ask the librarian to pick you a book on the subject, written specifically for teenagers and young people. Recovery from depression by reading called "biblioterapii" has long been recognized and the efficiency of the method.

If you are motivated enough to get on a path to recovery, it may be very useful for you. This method is particularly suited to those people who always turn to research and literature as an opportunity to find answers to all of life's trials.

Maintain a healthy relationship

Support from the people who love and care about you, is an important part of the recovery process. Share with the people you trust their feelings and tell them that you would be grateful for your understanding and sympathy from them. Eliakim will be quite difficult to help you if you are secretive, and much of what you do, it will seem strange and inexplicable. If they are aware of your problems, it will help them to treat you leniently, and they will support you purposefully.

Honestly Tell someone you know about those attacks irritability, which recently so often haunt you. Ask them not to be offended if you send their anger against them, saying that it's nothing personal, just you need some time to take control of their emotions. Perhaps you should agree that experiencing irritation, you'll go to another room, but your caller will not disturb you spend some time alone?

Find a good psychologist, you can trust him all my thoughts and feelings, and it will teach you how to survive this period of your life. If you do not have access to a psychologist, I think with someone from friends or relatives, you could talk quite openly about their feelings. It sometimes happens that a person who is depressed, wants to find a way out of the impasse, but just do not see it. A confidential conversation he can get information that will change the course of his thoughts, and the output will be obvious.

You have to understand that during the depression you have to limit the interaction with people whose views on life are mostly pessimistic. Even if someone has a bad mood, do not now enter into dialogue with this person. Stay away from negative people, until your mood becomes more stable.

Conversely, try as much as possible to spend more time in the community of optimistic people, next to which you feel particularly comfortable. Talk with people who see the world in a positive way, ask them to share their vision of any problems, ideas, outlook and approach to life. Most of them will be more than happy to share with you because it helps them to maintain an optimistic attitude. And you listen and learn from them!

Change your behavior

To go back to my old life, you need to stop doing what you're doing now. You have to change your behavior, and only then change your mood.

Find something to do

Try to avoid idleness. Employment is the best way to prevent the negative thoughts, which during the day may come into your head. For a person who is depressed can be very difficult first step in to find yourself something to do, because for depression characterized by a loss of interest in everything. But it must be done if you decide to help themselves out of depression.

  • Find yourself some hobbies, and try to learn as much as possible about what you are interested in. Immerse yourself in a favorite thing entirely, devoting to it all his spare time.
  • Shall describe all of its day, a timetable for completion of necessary cases. Do this every day, performing a scheduled mandatory. Expand the range of problems as soon as will feel a little better. And it does not matter, you have time tomorrow, or the day off - every day should be painted so that there was not a moment when you could feel devastated and useless.

Do nice things for yourself

There are moments when you convince yourself that do not deserve anything, what would enjoy. As an antidote to this feeling empties should serve your immediate action: it is necessary to do what would please you. It is a pleasure on the day - it's your minimum program!

  • Like everything else, start small. One nice thing about the day, such as watching your favorite comedy or read a funny book can give you a boost of fun at least for a while.
  • Plan the positive developments in his life. Write down your schedule inviting friends for a celebratory dinner, going to the cinema or for a walk with friends.
  • Gradually increase the number of pleasant events and for you business. You will not notice, and you start to feel joy more and more often.

Help others

This is one of the best ways to get out of depression. Helping others who are in trouble and need the support of someone, you better survive their difficulties. The need to think about people experiencing serious problems can help you focus less on their feelings, which is especially useful if you are too prone to self-analysis and self-flagellation.

Just do not overdo it. If you feel that participation in charitable activity makes you feel exhausted, it may serve as a sign that you are not yet willing to help others. This does not mean that you will not be able to help others; This means that while you have to take care first of all about yourself.

 methods to overcome depression

Change negative thinking patterns

Understanding the importance of overcoming negative thinking - a very important aspect of depression. For the depressed state is characterized by biased information processing. It is a tendency to self-selection of a distorted and sharply negative views on any stimulus that only further strengthens depression.

Change your thinking

You need to change your habit of thinking negatively and create a pattern of thinking that will support your self-esteem and increase confidence. Of course, it would be best to read about this in the literature or talk to knowledgeable people. But there are some things that will help you to look at many things with different eyes, if you keep them in mind:

  • Recognize that depression will pass. It can be very difficult step, but it is very important because this recognition will help you start thinking about the expulsion of the hopelessness of your situation.
  • List all the advantages. When you are depressed, it is easy to underestimate its positive qualities. Take a sheet of paper and write on it all that think well of yourself. Include a list of achievements of the past and hopes for the future. If you can not remember anything, ask the person who is particularly close to you, write to you the beginning of the list. Adoption itself is an important part of recovery from depression, so you must admit that you have a lot of good, as well as to recognize the fact that nothing and no one can be perfect. This will help you stop judging yourself more harshly than anyone else was different.
  • Make decisions - very small, it is also necessary to begin to act. Again, though it can be very hard during the depression, but it is vital to overcome the feeling of helplessness. Start small: Make the decision to get out of bed - and stand; Call to visit friends, place the order in the kitchen - all this will bring you closer to healing. Once you begin to act and carry out his plan, your every action will be your achievement.
  • Try to organize your thoughts. Record different thoughts - all of which come to mind. Can I assume that the worst happens? Can I blame myself for what happened something bad? Can I only pay attention to their weaknesses, forgetting about the strengths? Very useful in this case to allocate their thoughts on two columns - one column only record negative thoughts entering another rational thought. So you can control the amount of your negative thoughts.
  • Analyze the cases where you were able to respond to the problem constructively, without feeling anger, fear, or a sense of powerlessness. Recreate and record the sequence of his thoughts, thus creating for themselves the pattern by which you learn to think positively, do not follow in the future depressive behaviors.

Look for the good in your life

Use the following exercise to learn to take life more positively. Sit back, turn on your favorite music and start thinking about the good things in your life. You can take a paper and write down every event, every meaningful thing for you - everything that brought you happy memories. Go back to the list again and again, each time trying to fill it with new items.

At first it can be quite a bit - for example, "my home" or "my husband." But over time, the list will grow as you begin to notice all over the joyful side of life. You will learn how to cut off bad memories and thoughts of misery, preferring the good thoughts.

Other features

Do not be limited to some specific methods to fight depression. Try to use every opportunity for healing.

  • Music is a form of self-help, as it is known, can greatly affect our mood. Choose music that lifts your spirits. Resist the temptation to cry at a sad melody; go to the more upbeat, bouncy music and even try to sing along or dance. Bad mood like a hand lift!
  • Art therapy is another common practice of alternative treatments for depression. Paint, dance, sing, write poetry - carry their feelings on canvas or paper, spilling their secret parts of his soul. This expression helps get rid of heartache.
  • Caring for pets can also help. Society pets helps prevent feelings of isolation; they do not judge us for our mistakes and always ready to share his boundless love. Even if you do not own a pet, you can try to make friends with the neighbor's cat or dog with his girlfriend, regularly spend time with them of his free time.

 the correct way out of depression

Go forward

Find your own way to the emotional integrity. There are many ways to find the way out of depression, and there is a lot of information on this subject, which can help you. However, the most important thing that you have to do - is to look deep inside yourself and find something that will actually work for you. It is therefore useful to keep a diary of your recovery, which will help determine the best approach to solving your problem.

Accept the fact that depression might come back. Exemption from her - a complex and sometimes lengthy process, and you need to understand it. Be prepared not to miss warning signals and take meaningful steps to combat depression before her return. It is important not to give up; Your goal should be to minimize the effects of depression and its duration.

Talk to other people who also experience depression. Now that you have learned to keep their depression under control, you can help others with their work status. Try to convince them that what they are experiencing, you can learn to change for the better, and that there is light at the end of even the darkest tunnel.