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  • Why do we need "inner core"?
  • Several ways "to acquire" complexes
  • Using psychology!

Have you noticed that the radiating a confidence man pulled around like a plant to the sun? It is possible that this is the secret of happiness and success. Confidence - it's quality that you feel the inner shaft and the force for the realization of their desires. In this article, we reveal all the secrets, knowledge of which will help any man to become self-confident.

Why do we need "inner core"?

In the light of the full of people who feel insecure and quite easy with this live. At least, that's how it seems from the outside. However, after talking with these people, it turns out that their life is present a lot of problems that turn into anxiety and sadness. Is there anything you can give the development of self-confidence?

If we talk about students and teaching at the institute, the confidence is undoubtedly the number one quality - to an even greater extent than the tenacious mind and a brilliant memory. Take what is associated with the study in the first place - the examinations. Most likely, you know the situation when a student who knows everything, has been "swamped" because of uncertainty in their knowledge, and impudently and quietly behaving student received a perfect score without opening a single textbook. The inner core helps you to better present themselves, because other people will not be able to think about you is nothing wrong.

Study takes in our life as much space as compared with the work. But confidence for her is also useful. It makes no sense to talk about how important it is to be credible and decisive in passing the interview - this is written thousands of articles in women's magazines. Implementation of projects, coordination of areas of the negotiations with important business partners, sales and marketing - that's a very small fragment of a list of all those professional areas in which you need to feel confident. The ability to stand firm and convince others of the correctness in the modern world is becoming increasingly important as a successful business person.

Although we are all the work so learning? There is something that is much more concerned about women in all ages - love and relationships with men. Confused and notorious girl almost no hope because it looks faded among its more striking girlfriends. First of all, it affects the sex: a girl just does not feel sexy, and men feel it and feel no attraction to her. Accordingly, it is pointless to dream of a happy marriage - is also likely as a prince on a white horse (and we've already all know that it happens only in fairy tales).

But even if you have already started a family and had a child, confidence will never be superfluous. Firstly, in family conflicts remaining households will have to reckon with your opinion. None of us wants to be a "gray shadow", which alone makes that serves the needs of other family members. Secondly, you'll be a great model confident behavior for their children, and this is known to be very useful to them in the future.

If we talk about people in general, uncertain and timid person has all the chances to remain friendless. This is a very sad fact, but it's just hard anything of interest to others. It seems as if at the insecure person does not have an established opinion on matters of principle, it did not work out the values ​​of life, and may confuse every detail. This selfish and envious people would be comfortable, because they will get from this kind of communication all that they need.

 confidence how to develop

Several ways "to acquire" complexes

Unfortunately, we often do themselves uncertain. It so happened that some of the usual way for us to conduct "stuck" in the thinking, and we use them almost unconsciously, without analyzing what benefit or harm they bring to us. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to answer the question of how to gain self-confidence, it is far more interesting, due to which you reach the opposite result?

The first step to becoming hesitant and notorious - is self-centeredness. No, of course, you can think that you - the navel of the Earth, and the surrounding should revolve around you, but the probability of disappointment when you learn that it is not. Another extreme - suspicious of other people that they just do what they think about you all sorts of nastiness. Fortunately, in reality, they have a much more important concerns than the estimation of your personality. Most often, such behavior by people expect those who themselves constantly hang on the other negative labels, and they think that the others are occupied by the same. Therefore, it is worth considering: maybe the problem is something really in you?

Another way to help quickly turn into a complete nevrotichku - always and everywhere to compare yourself with others. It is advisable to compare the select objects "pozaboristee" to constantly deal with the fact that you turned out to be something worse. Yes, and on all counts! Agree, a great reason to suffer, and to savor their own inferiority. By the way, some people this behavior brings significant dividends: they just do what they complain about their lives, thus attracting the attention and sympathy.

The body - the mirror of the soul (and not the eye, as the saying commonplace). So if you want to become the most insecure in the world girl, necessarily Reinforce emotional throwing bodily experiences. Get plenty of slouching, shuffling use approach "rewound" shortness of breath - all this will make others see you as a century-old woman. And this is the right way to "squeeze" the person.

Another behavior, reinforcing doubts about its own strength - a desire to please absolutely everyone. And if suddenly someone unflattering will speak about your abilities or simply look askance, your task - to remember all their failures and make sure that you - zero without a stick. If we speak without irony, that this method is doomed to failure, because someone is bound to be unhappy with you - so why suffer for what you can not change?

The desire to be a "superman" and causes damage to your self-esteem. Everyone has the right to make mistakes, but for some reason, some people forget about it. Perhaps this is due to the fact that to be perfect in their picture of the world - this is the only decent way of existence. However, this is not possible, and if you aspire to infallibility, it will end only in disappointment.

 how to develop confidence

Using psychology!

Surely you already tormented by the question of how to develop self-confidence. Fortunately, psychologists have long been engaged in the creation of psychological techniques to help you do it. Using one or more of the following techniques, you will surely be able to achieve great results.

  1. Best moments

    Remember and restore his memory those moments in your life when you felt like a real winner, catching admiring glances. Feel the taste of victory again, taking a dip in the moment, living it again and again. Now you have to fix this image in your mind and move it to real life today. Do not forget to repeat to yourself: "It turned out then - then turn and now."

  2. "I am hero"

    In his imagination to create an image of the hero, which for you is the essence of self-confidence. After watching him for a while, live in this way, appears to yourself that you - this is it. Before going to bed, thinking of his hero, repeat to yourself that tomorrow you wake up in the form of a man self-confident one hundred percent. The next day behave as you think, would have behaved your hero. During the week, each day follow this technique. You will see that the results are not long in coming.

  3. "Winding" gesture

    This technique allows for a few seconds to change your inner state, so it is often use actors, when you need to quickly get to the desired role. Stand up straight, lift your head and straighten shoulders, take a deep breath and focus your attention in front of him. Wait a few seconds this position. Smooth and firm voice with the team for something (let the installation). Lock yourself in this way. From now on you - the winner! You are confident and have a sense of self-esteem.

  4. Symbol of confidence

    Think about who or what for you is the epitome of confidence. This may be as plants and animals, and any object. In short, anything: an impregnable fortress, or a rock, centuries-old oak tree or a lion - the king of beasts. Now, having formed in his mind this way, relax and feel how your body is filled with energy and power. Fixing the resulting feeling enjoy it to the fullest.

  5. Cloud confidence

    Take a comfortable position, close your eyes and try to relax. Each time, making one of the five slow breaths, repeat: "With every breath I breathe confidence, energy and power, with each exhalation exhale anxiety, shyness and anxiety." Without opening his eyes then, imagine the color that you associate with confidence. Imagine a cloud of color that confidence. Surrounding himself to them, slowly immerse yourself in it, enjoying the feeling of security and tranquility. Now add the right music that inspires and recharges you. Imagine how this music, you go to the scene where you great hall applauded. You hear how you are greeted with applause? Feel the sense of achievement, fixing it in his imagination. Then take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Thus, self-confidence can be useful to absolutely anyone no matter what he does in life and that he was interested. The most interesting thing is that each of us can find "your inner core." It is possible that he has in mind when talking about the mysterious flavor within each of us. That is why you should be more confident you will feel inflow of positive energy in their lives.

 How to develop self-confidence with the help of simple and quick ways

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