When to go to a psychologist?

Often clients psychologists are normal people. In which there is a need to understand themselves in the growth of his personality, to embellish his gray days. Most of the problems are of social origin - divorce, separation, relationships with loved ones, gluttony, dismissal, etc.

Many lay the first reception of a psychologist for weeks or even months. We are afraid that we are forced to say that from what we are now bad, from what hurt us. However, if you want to get a positive result from your sessions, you do not need to plan the course of the conversation with the psychologist. The spontaneous questions are for you, the more a psychologist can help you.

At the first interview with a psychologist, you have to establish contacts, because the better you contact, the better the understanding. The method of establishing contact each individual expert. Normally consultation held tête-à-tête (one on one). An acquaintance, accommodation problems, discussion of methods. After the end of the psychologist he gives his opinion about its problems and ask questions.

If you are a strong man, and you are confident that Al tm will solve their problem on their own with the support of psychological books, consultation may be disposable.

After several receptions, ask yourself the question - I sincere with psychologist, all I agree I do not repel any doctor? If you have any doubt at least one of these questions, we recommend to replace a psychologist.

The psychologist is able to experience in relationships. Who is afraid to confess his love, someone is hiding his fear, the third soundly hide his anger. Professional psychologist ready to accept all your negative emotions directed towards him. Experimenting with therapeutic rapport, you get a chance to experience what you have not had before.

 When to go to a psychologist?

 Technicians to work on a

Today more and more people come to understand that all of our problems, all our troubles and mishaps, failures in his personal life or career, health problems, this whole bunch we create ourselves. And if you understand that the source of all your problems is you, then you have taken the first step to freedom from these challenges to freedom in general.

What is freedom? Freedom - the category of interior and no material benefits will not give you freedom. Inner freedom - is the independence of their complexes, beliefs, values, fears, limitations, and other nonsense, which we took over his life. Freedom from ourselves.

And now the good news)) Now there are many effective techniques that solve all their problems on their own. You do not need either a psychiatrist or a teacher or guru. All you can do yourself. Just something simply must find the book (just type in any search engine in the search box the name of the technology), to read it and work on themselves.

To begin well suited techniques such as:

ETF - Emotional Freedom Techniques. Based on the principles of influence on meridional points on the body. It solves the problem of psychological and physiological nature.

BSFF - Be Set Free Fast (fast become free) - machinery deprogramming. Author of this technique psychiatrist Larry Nims. Well it used in the initial stages of work on oneself. Just solve the problem of psychological and physiological nature.

Turbo Hamster - a new technique, which entails a total transformation of the individual. Author - Dmitry Leushkin.

Taking the work either of these techniques, you take responsibility for everything that happens to you, so before you apply to any equipment, beware))

 Technicians to work on a

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 time management


  • The essence of time management
  • Effective time management. rules
  • The basic principles of time - management

Most of us know that a lot between the desire to plan and the result of "a lot of time to" usually is a big gap. And the chasm created wasted time that could well be used quite effectively. For example, spend it on some sort of a hobby, socializing with family, attending cultural events ... There are interesting cases for which the notorious time sorely lacking? How to organize it so that we could live a life of complete and unrestricted eternal concerns and problems? Manage own time helping taym- basic knowledge of management - technology that allows to organize the time and significantly improve the efficiency of its use.

The essence of time management

So what is time management? No matter how we tried to justify the lack of time for certain actions, in fact, there are only four real reason that something we do not have time. The first, and perhaps the leading cause - the reluctance to carry out certain duties. Second, quite weighty, reason - lack of interest in any case. The third reason - personal disorganization. Finally, the fourth reason for the lack of time - the long preparation for the implementation of a class. Familiar? Probably yes. But all of these reasons create a fairly serious problem of constant delays and everywhere. Because of these delays, we lose the opportunity to deliver the joy of dedicating a few hours of leisure a pleasure.

Is this good? Poor, no doubt. Time Management and is to eliminate this "bad." Its technology is designed on the principle that a person is not able to organize their time, simply no motivation for this organization. If it is not, we are beginning to delay the start of a case, avoid urgent solutions, bypassing the issue, which have long should be addressed, and so on and so forth. And thus increasing the psychological burden of guilt to the outside world for his unrealized dreams. And justifies itself with the lack of time.

In order to remedy the situation, we need personal time management. It begins with finding the motivation to perform those or other cases. Let's say you do not want us to engage in some kind of work. Well, try to find the advantages that we bring this occupation! This may be an increase in pay, expected promotions, finding satisfaction in accomplishment, finally, a great vacation after all will be accomplished.

On these motivations can build a home and time management. Is the secret, my dear woman, that home chore is often not just a rejection, but disgust? However, it needs to deal with, or dirty dishes, dirty floors and indelible lingerie ruthlessly destroyed and the external and internal comfort existence of the whole family. Like it or not, and however shout about the division of household duties, but cleaning the house - it is more female than the total. Only a woman can make the home truly comfortable and attractive. Therefore, in the home time management it needs more than any other members of his family.

Organization of space as a whole is very important in the development of the discipline of every human being. Our psychological state essentially depends on the environment, and if this situation is not landscaped, it vzbudorazhivaet human psyche. Time management in the organization of the space around us is truly plays the role of a magic wand. Lack of chaos in this space helps to overcome internal nesobrannost. Thus, the order of appearance in the home, in the office, on the desk, in the kitchen, in the bathroom - yes anywhere! - Makes it possible to cope with psychological disorders, and to direct energy in the right direction. It helps in this regard the relevant time business clothes. Ironically, even housewives will perform domestic duties in the shoes, not sneakers.

 time management is

Effective time management. rules

Effective time management involves elaborate planning each day, which must be preceded by the evening of that day. That plan, if, of course, stick with it, would save a lot of time. Plan better to write on a piece of paper, and then, as the fulfillment of an item, delete it, and, if necessary, add a new one.

Time Management stipulates that all things in terms you should be divided into three groups. The first one includes the primary, does not tolerate deposits of the case and the alleged problems that may arise in the day to be planning. Problems need to define a maximum of two. All these questions, no matter what feelings they cause, should be solved by all means on the day on which they are scheduled.

The second group consists of the plan - it is important, but does not require immediate execution of the case. They can be performed if the planned date suddenly release part designed for something else time. If we do something important, but not urgent, this day will not be possible, over time, it will move from the second group in the first plan.

Personal time management plan for the third group consists of small routine cases. These little things you need to consider not only the planning, but also to eliminate as quickly as possible - they have the feature of discord in any, even a very well organized operation.

Drawing up such groups is especially important if you are using a time-management company in the middle and a scale. It helps to identify the most significant moments of all employees of the organization, including their management team. However, to improve the productivity of the team drafting groups will not be enough. According to the rules, every big thing in planning must be divided into several sub-items. In these paragraphs should be painted in detail with the fulfillment of a job, how to achieve the goals and main objectives of this work. Then, for each group of cases it is necessary to determine the optimum time when they will be executed, and the approximate duration of the execution.

In addition, the basics of time management include the need for a personal account of human involvement in the implementation of some tasks. For example, in organizing the execution of some of affairs can be charged by specially trained personnel, which in this case is assigned the responsibility for the quality of work.

By the general plan of allocation of time, to improve the efficiency of time management, it is advisable to add another plan, an alternative to the first employee in the event of any force majeure. Such a plan is a kind of emergency exit from critical situations. It not only allows you to quickly make the right decisions, but also significantly keep strong nerves and time, if it happens something unexpected.

You need to get to work, guided by the drawing up of plans and fulfilling all his points sequentially. This sequence - a guarantee of success of any undertaking. Moreover, it contributes to the productivity of the process and increases the speed of performing any work. Needless to say that the plan according to the rules of time management significantly raises the chances of a rapid move up the career ladder? Raises, of course. However, in order to best organize their time, it should not only understand what is time management, but also try to be guided by the basic principles of its maximum.

 What is Time Management

The basic principles of time - management

As we have said, the greatest productivity of our work is available, making comprehensive and coherent plan of action. As for the successful promotion of the career ladder, then it is desirable to adhere to a specific plan. Make is not difficult. The main thing - to define the essence of the theory. Time Management encompasses several basic postulates:

  • ability to correctly set goals;
  • the ability to correctly identify priorities in life;
  • the ability to vary the planning tools;
  • Hours necessary habits.

What is the right skill set itself the goal? Effective time management means that the goal must be specific, real, measurable and finite. For example, if we just set out to learn some foreign language - is not the goal. But if we want to learn it to a certain level to any deadline - this is the goal.

The ability to define priorities in life lies in our ability to choose from a variety of purposes, the most weighty and important at the moment. And critical of his own person. After all, sometimes we give preference to social or family purposes to the detriment of their own desires, and this, in turn, can lead to the accumulation of fatigue. And then on the effectiveness of the work will have to forget. Therefore, if we need a break, will be a priority objective of rest.

With the operating time required habits it's simple. The stability of the repetition of the rules every day contributes to the operating time of the skills that, in turn, increases the fruitfulness of labor. What, in general, and is a significant step forward.

With regard to the ability to vary the planning tools, then a little bit more about this:

  1. For success in all our activities will be advisable to have a daily, corresponding in quality to our requirements and habits. Scheduler can be an electronic, paper - how anything to him easily amended in the daily routine. The diary will need to monitor the implementation of the tasks that were put on a given day.
  2. For proper planning should describe their life concept on paper. Effective time management depends largely on the establishment of a list of long-term goals are to keep in mind is meaningless. Just write down these goals, if materialized, beginning to really exist. The same applies to short-term goals. All of them, as we have said, must necessarily have the exact terms of achievement. Otherwise, the goal is to get blurred, and the plan of its implementation will run poorly. Writing down your goals, be sure to take into account while those that relate to our health, leisure and entertainment.
  3. Personal time management is not effective without a daily plan, drawn up by the previous evening. That's when most clearly presents a picture of the future of the day and all of its main objectives. Thanks to these facts, we can properly distribute The order of the decision of the arisen problems by setting their priority and urgency, and develop the route of its movement. During the night our mind learns plan drawn up by the evening, and the next day all the action will take place almost automatically, without much effort.
  4. When planning their actions, mindful of the global order - it will help to rank the daily goals and will thus move toward global.
  5. The plan, take into account the biological cycles that cause the rise and fall of our activity. Everyone closely tracked own state during the day, can determine what time of day it is able to work as much as possible. It is at this time and should account for the largest workloads. Otherwise, the return on our activity will fall sharply and the reason for it is the biological cycle downturn.
  6. Modern time management has laid the basis for the principle of delegation of duties, which must also be taken into account when planning. Our forces, opportunities and time is not unlimited, and that means that we should not shoulder the burdens, trying to make as much as possible. Therefore, we find those who can delegate part of the cases by verifying their performance then. This transfer of a share of the work to another person is a very powerful tool for increasing the productivity of their own.
  7. Composed on the day of the plan as it is necessary to analyze the performance, vychёrkivaya pretvorёnnye in life points. This should be done without bias, soberly assessing the results of the implementation. Such actions will help further define the objectives and form a correct picture of the current situation.

Well, that's about all the basic rules of planning that involves time management. Following them, we get a real chance to move quickly through the ranks, and the ability to fully relax after a high quality, with full dedication of the work performed. For good measure, the fruitfulness of our actions need to follow some tips already experienced in this area of ​​people. They consist of the following.

Firstly, doing some business, it is desirable to fully concentrate on it and not be distracted by any other things: long conversations on the phone, chat with colleagues, prolonged tea party and more. The result of this dissipation of attention will be prolonged for a day of elementary matter. Therefore, learn to speak categorical: "I have no time! "In response to someone requests help or desire to talk about nothing.

Secondly, carrying out serious work, stay calm. Haste and impatience leads to nervousness and hectic, but it takes a lot of time, which just goes to waste. To such a situation did not arise, control yourself by blocking a variety of stimuli and pushing them for later consideration.
And finally, third: ending some complicated business, we encourage yourself - celebrate this event, buy some welcome and nice little things, we go to an expensive restaurant, and more. In short, the liberty to do what will bring the most positive emotions. Such a promotion - a great incentive to increase its efficiency and responsiveness.

Time management - excellent help on the way to success in virtually all areas of our lives. And if we wish with all my heart that success - start planning. Right now take a pen, a piece of paper, sit down and write down your goals. Let them become tangible and real ... Good luck!

 Time Management: Learning to manage time

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