how to succeed in life


  • Key to the success of the promotion conditions
  • Use fear to succeed
  • Tips for those who want to achieve goals in life
  • How to develop willpower

Everyone somehow throughout his life always set itself any targets. We all really want to be happy, successful and prosperous. However, not everyone can achieve their goals, even if they do not involve any large-scale achievements. And it's not that we are dreaming of something unattainable. Primarily, the fact that we just do not always know how to succeed in life and reach your goals, and wait for the opportune moment of their actions, that some miracle, that someone's help.

And time goes by, the moments are not are folded, the miracle does not occur, and help no hurry. And hope is melting, moving away goal becomes blurred, and eventually disappears somewhere over the horizon, becoming a pipe dream. We sadly say that here, they say, so wanted, but did not work or is not given, but life has passed by. And in order to justify to themselves and others, insisted that the path to happiness and success is laid only for the elite. The rest can only be content with little, and not to complain when this fate. What is not given, it is not given ...

The reality is not so, and the fate has nothing to do with it. Blame their inability to succeed again and again and put the stigma of a fatal failure, of course, it is convenient: a demand to the one who "is not given?" That's just it turns out that surrounding some agree with this stigma, and reassure yourself is difficult. There, Serge classmate or former girlfriend she asks, for example, they have achieved a great deal, and in fact learned and worse and the prospects they had less. And now, drat, one - managing a large company, and another - known PR manager of the company. And they live fully and fairly comfortable life. We eked out a dull mediocrity strap, jumping from one job to another, and count every penny. Why is it all but we do ?! It is unfair that!

It is true. Because, and Sergei, and she asks, in all probability, in life guided by the motto "succeeds, go to the end! "And we -" Bring It On, if you got a chance. " There is a difference? Even some! They act, and we wait for the moment. They go forward, and we, or marking time, or when faced with some obstacle, turn back. Hence the unfortunate, and domestic problems and quarrels in the family, and a host of troubles. How to be? How to succeed in life and not only to catch up but also surpass all Earrings and Svetok, leaving them far behind? Let's try to sort out this issue.

 how to succeed in their personal lives

Key to the success of the promotion conditions

In order to escape from the trap of constant failures and make the first steps on the path to happiness and success, it is necessary to acquire some clear conditions for the advancement along this path. The first and perhaps most important of these conditions - action. After all, to be honest, we often, sometimes even knowing how to get things done, but we continue to dream of it, polezhivaya quietly on the couch. We make plans and discuss ways to achieve success, but it does not make a single step in the right direction. That is what creates a result of a significant difference between the life which we want to live, and that which it actually is.

Why so? What prevents us from acting? The usual laziness, fear or something else? Of course, there are also laziness and fear, but the main reason for our inaction are thinking stereotypes and misconceptions. All we say to ourselves: "I want to succeed"; but few believe that he has for good. People tend to assume that the way to the goal requires money, connections, luck, finally! And sure if all this is not, then there is nothing to think about some significant achievements.

In fact, everything is different. People who know how to get things done, argue that it needs to achieve:

  • Perseverance;
  • Diligence;
  • Optimism;
  • Self confidence;
  • Resistance;
  • Positive thinking.

All these qualities are, of course, is not at all of us. All they help not only in building a career, but also in his personal life, which is important. However, enough to have at least two of them, so that later, realizing that goal is realistic, develop the rest. We just need to just realize that nothing is impossible, and if we set ourselves some purpose, then we also have the possibility to reach it. And remember that this will not happen quickly - than a worthy goal, the more work and time will have to spend in the way of it. The road to success is usually not easy, but if we really intend to go to the end, achieving success, we can overcome the difficulties. The main thing - the relentless pursuit forward. The purpose of seeing obstacles do not notice!

However, before you set goals, you need to decide what we want to do at the moment, and not at all in life - personal and social. The interests and abilities of the person change and develop over time, and what we dream today, a year or two may lose its relevance. The need to act immediately. If we begin to talk about how to succeed in business, the prerequisites for which are not yet in sight, we are unlikely to tear off the couch. But if you understand what you want today, and remains a passion to satisfy this desire, then we are sure to stand up.

One of the conditions for achieving these goals is the deletion of your head the memories of the past and regret about something not done before. Go back in time and change something impossible. And the memories, causing experiences rob us of strength, which is very necessary if we are achieving success, determined to stay until the end.

The next condition of a successful route to their goals - to stop upset over nothing, whining and complaining about the lack of success in career or personal life, believing that comes out neither one nor the other. If we do something wrong, then it is time to comprehend new knowledge and skills. And begin to comprehend the similar need without groans and sighs, because it is none other than the self-improvement. This same self-cultivation is harmful? From him only good, but still is! Develop new science and knowledge, we are not only more advanced. We receive the benefits of importance, self-confidence and the ability to be everywhere and always in demand. And it means so much when we think about how to succeed in your career or in your personal life!

I do not think that those who are successful and advising others how to achieve their goals, was originally a start-up capital and communications. Even with a lot of money, we can do in this life can not be achieved unless we are persistent, hardworking and passion for their goals. There are lots of examples where people have reached significant heights in business or the arts, since its way to these vertices virtually penniless. They simply accepted as a guide to the motto "Bring hold on to the end! "And went ahead, despite the obstacles.

However, the main and most difficult obstacle to solving the problem of achieving the goal are usually ourselves. Or rather, our laziness, apathy, lack of confidence in their own abilities and, of course, fear. Striving for success, with laziness, apathy and self-doubt should be combated; As for the fear that a separate conversation about it.

 how to succeed in life right

Use fear to succeed

Oddly enough, but the fear is a very effective means for the commission at times amounting to feats of action. He has great power, and opens to us the ability and sources of the forces whose existence we do not even suspect. Let us recall the famous story of a mother who was able to move and hold juggernaut, saving their child from destruction. What made it possible to raise a woman frail incredible severity? Fear for his son. And allowing slender lad beat off an attack on his drunken company? Fear for their lives. Finally, it directs otherwise been successful man, forcing him to repeat a "Bring back" and move on? The same fear of losing credibility and comfortable existence!

Conclusion: if we do not have enough perseverance and self-confidence, and we do not know how to get things done in life, we need a "kick" in the form of fear. It really is magical, though not particularly pleasant way to achieve effective results. Almost every one of us in a critical situation can activate the strength with which towards the goal can simply sweep away all obstacles, not even noticing them. Therefore, if we are looking for ways how to achieve success in life, and are ready to get out of the boring zone inertia, but it does not reshimsya need to consciously look for motivation to fear.

The purpose of such motivations - cause fear and inactivity cause a person to commit acts unusual for him. Motivation based on the principle: "I'm scared, and I have to do something, because except for me and better than me it will not make one! "So we have created a very powerful incentive to action, and by taking the finally influenced by the fear of some steps, and winning, eventually gain confidence in themselves and stop being afraid of some difficulties often contrived. Therefore gathers the courage and motivation to look for fear! It will help us to understand and feel the power of their own potential.

Fear may be used as a fairly effective method to achieve the objectives. One problem: the motivation to consciously seek it dare not every one of us. Well, then we do without the kicks from fear and try to move forward, after analyzing some advice of experts on this issue.

Tips for those who want to achieve goals in life

In order to achieve significant life change, it does not require any action on a global scale. A good result can give, and small steps. The meaning of these steps - to change the attitude to life and the way of their thinking. They consist in the following actions:

  • Follow your speech, we try to remove the phrase from the lexicon, capable of destroying our enthusiasm and strength, and replace them with new ones bearing positive phrases. In particular, should be excluded from use such expressions as "all, as always," "nothing new", "I can not do it", "it is no use to anyone," "I do not want anything", "I have to." They are able to paralyze the part of the consciousness and give us a sense of hopelessness and personal insolvency.
  • We are looking at every passing day is something for which you can thank your destiny, and daily express her recognition for what has already been experienced, for what we have today and even for what we have. This will not get used to the well-being achieved and seeks to advance. In addition, constantly cultivating a sense of gratitude to fate, we learn to think positively and not to dwell on the failures of the past years.
  • Every morning, waking up, telling myself that begins the best day of all days already lived, and try to remember it until the evening.
  • We try to learn at least a little the sphere of activity, which we were convinced before we completely unavailable. Opening a new ability, each person experiences spiritual growth, a surge of inner strength and an uncontrollable urge to action. Thanks to all this, he unconsciously finds the shortest path to happiness and success and steps along this path without much effort.
  • Identifying with their main objectives by finding out for it in advance, which makes us cry with joy, than we can cause others smile, what the surrounding see our abilities, from what we sincerely laugh that changed us for the better, and the things we can to work through the night. This will help you choose a goal that will make us truly happy.
  • We take for granted the fact that the difficulties are, and life changes occur gradually, and make a list of what should be done every day.

By following these tips, eventually we will be able to understand what is important to us and how to achieve your goals .  Without a clear idea of ​​what we want, about any success in life and think it is not necessary .  If we press forward on the path of others, sooner or later will realize that all the efforts, even if they have given any positive results, in vain .  Because no inner satisfaction it does not, the joy of the initial success was short-lived, and the desire to act with each passing day it becomes less and less .  Then, when we go on its way, and the joy of accomplishment and the desire to reach new heights are growing by leaps and bounds .  However, it should be remembered that even knowing how to achieve goals in life, you should always take into account that a lack of will power and hardness can lead away from the intended path or push back .  How to raise a force of will and firmness, if not enough?

 how to succeed in your personal life right

How to develop willpower

In general, there are many ways to strengthen willpower, each of which is designed for the specific circumstances and inclinations of man. We now consider five versatile and quite effective methods of will, which allows the use of really learn how to achieve success in life.

  1. Remember that the power of the will of man is not unlimited, and try to use it, choosing the path of least resistance. For example, when we present the bad, how to succeed at work and using your willpower to its fullest, begin work days, we will eventually lose. The energy of willpower - it is an impulse that breaks out, will push us away, and then a little Pohorje and goes out.

    Permanent fuel will power can not be. How to succeed at work, so as not to use up all the power? We need to create a plan of a chain of events that contribute to the organization and promotion forces in the right direction when dosed using them. Daily performing scheduled, we gradually accustom yourself and your willpower to a certain rhythm of action, and as a result, even complex work is familiar and gives us quite easily.

  2. If there was a temptation to go off track to the target and want to give up and fell on the sofa until better times, are starting to think about their prospects. The best way to strengthen the self - to introduce long-term goals and distraction, so from the temptations of the moment. For example, we dream about how to achieve success in their careers and takes a good, perfectly-paid post.

    At the same time we have the opportunity to relax in Hawaii, and really want to quit work and lie on the beach near plenty of warm sea. However, this act means the collapse of his career, resulting in future become blurred and uncertain. Is it worth doing? Hardly. Therefore, to eliminate the temptation, begin to think about their prospects, and interest in the object of temptation fall immediately.

  3. We make itself the goal of approving a proposal and mentally repeat it as often as possible. Such repetition, declaring a purpose, as a fait accompli, is one of the most effective ways of strengthening the willpower. How to do it? For example, if we understand how to succeed in business, but start-up capital is tempting now to spend on a car, it is possible to constantly repeat to yourself: "My business is booming."

    In the end, consciousness will switch from the car to the problems already existing business, buying a car and overshadow.

  4. Every day, at least for a few minutes thinking about our goals, directing the force vector will on the way of achieving them. This leaves the daily thinking responsible for our emotional memory the trace level, contributing to the proper selection of the direction of the use of force of will.
  5. As strange as it sounds, but to strengthen the willpower necessary to good breakfast. The reason is that willpower - it is energy, completion of which requires a large amount of glucose. The researchers claim that a person for a long time in a state of self-control, significantly reduced blood glucose levels.

    As a result, an insufficient amount of it can cause that in the event of the need to pull yourself together man just can not do it. How did he succeed and then go to the end? Willpower is necessary to feed, otherwise it will run out at the wrong time. And for this to be in the morning to eat foods that maintain the desired level of glucose in the blood.