How to learn English as quickly as possible

Do you want to learn English as quickly as possible? Well, you have the desire, but it is important. Here, you are stocked with books and the second day strongly bison and irregular verbs present perfect continuous. But that's not all - be prepared for the fact that for a really fast learning English will need to work hard on yourself. So what should you do to achieve this goal?


When we start to learn a foreign language, it immediately raises the question of applying it in practice. At first, knowledge of English is not enough for full communion. Well, then start to read the book! Today you can find any store rack with English literature. Choose a book that will be of interest to you, and begin to apply the knowledge in practice first. And let you read a few pages with the help of a dictionary - you will soon notice that the English words and phrases you understand.

Watch the movie!

Movies in English - is a great opportunity to pull knowledge. What is not clear, complement the "picture", and you get used to the foreign language and manner of speaking. Moreover, there is always the possibility to stop the film and scroll frame again delving into the meaning of what was said. After that deal with "real" people will be easier.


Do not hesitate to speak in English, because it is the key to successful language learning! Where to find a buddy? Today, in every city, there are English clubs, where people socialize, watch movies, go on hikes and generally have fun while improving their language skills.

If you take the time to apply all the advice into practice, learning English really takes the least time. Good luck!

 How to learn English as quickly as possible?

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 How to be happy


  • How to be happy forever?
  • Simple truths
  • Love yourself
  • We control time
  • We supply the proper habits

Happiness is ... Well, who among us does not aspire to it? Who would not speculate on how to become happier? About happiness and dream of men and women, and the elderly, and children, and even dogs and cats. And everyone has the notion of happiness. Someone saw him in love and good family, someone - in the material prosperity, someone - in professional self-realization, and someone - just in a warm cozy home.

It would seem that everything is real and achievable, and need only to say: "I want to be happy! "As happiness will begin urgently knock on the door. However, it is - an elusive substance. That's kind of in the hands of the already, but it has not. Flapped its wings and flew out of the window - look for the wind in the field! What to do? How to become a happy man for a long time, and it is desirable that forever?

In reality, being happy is not so difficult - you just need to allow yourself to become so. But for some reason we do not allow. Moreover, we do not allow these to be not only themselves but others. Anyone who knows how to become a happy man, and full use of his knowledge, many annoying, causing them to dislike.

Rather, we will become sympathetic to treat poor people, thoroughly soaking their misfortune than we will enjoy life away from the happy people. Poor's that? Of course! And if the strong half of humanity somehow tolerate this state of affairs, for the weak half of it is like a spiritual death. True woman should certainly be happy! Otherwise it ceases to be a woman ... How to be happy and successful, to maintain a feminine? We'll talk more about that.

How to be happy forever?

One of the main challenges on the path to happiness lies in the fact that we tend to think if it is difficult to achieve. And most importantly - what you need to pay for happiness. Convinced that women are beginning to produce happiness, often artificially creating yourself some obstacles and inventing suffering. And how! After all, happiness is necessary to suffer!

Because happiness is easy - it seems to be like no no happiness at all, and so small fortune, and especially glad that something is not worth it. And now the same happiness - this is what is gained, conquered, I have, at last! How to become a happy girl when the girl from early childhood instilled these postulates? And is it possible at all?

Maybe. But be prepared for the fact that you do not succeed immediately. It is necessary first of all to get rid of stereotypes of thinking concerning personal happiness. And, of course, remember the axiom that all of us are born to be happy. The happiness of every person is born with it. More our ancient ancestors knew this parable that God is a blind man from clay, asked him: "What are you still blind? ". "Blind me luck! "- I asked the man. God quietly put in his hand a piece of clay.

All women, without exception, have a piece of clay. The main thing - remember this at the right time. And if one day you say to yourself, "I want to be happy! "You just need to take that same piece of clay and sculpt what you want. How? Well, then, let's look into the matter, so that there are no complications.

 How to be happy

Simple truths

If we seriously intend to solve the problem, how to be happy and contented life of a person, we will approach this decision consciously and diligently. First of all, define the parameters of our happiness, accepting the assertion that happiness - is our goal. And in order to achieve the goal, it must be clearly imagined.

  • Visualization

Imagine our happiness in all its details. If it's good family - so, we present a cozy warm house, a caring husband, voices of children if the quarry - imagine that we are working on different positions in a large company, if love - that we love the most wonderful in the world a man, and so hereinafter. In order to know exactly how to become happy and successful, you have to mentally play your own happiness, imaginatively recreating as much of its detail and trying to give happiness smells, tastes and colors.

Simply put, you need to visualize the happiness. Well, but how you do it - take your pick. If you have artistic talents, you can draw a picture, if the Russian language is not your enemy - to describe in detail his vision of happiness, but in the end, cut out pictures from magazines and create a kind of collage! The main thing that this visualization was constantly on the mind - constantly refer to it.

  • Detailing

To represented happiness was complete, it will need to add elements to bring joy to our lives. It could be a meeting with friends, shopping, some crafts, visiting beauty salons, cooking new dishes, good books and movies - anything, as long as it enjoyed and was a part of life, and without which life would be gray.

We make a list of enjoyable activities, and we will read it daily, adding something, but something striking. We check that this list we often realize, and that - rarely or almost never sell. If implemented enjoyable activities often enough, think about why. What prevents us to increase their number?

All tips on how to become a happy and peaceful person, based on what you need to try as much as possible to do what brings inner satisfaction. We often load yourself a bunch of boring and uninteresting cases, and those activities that liking, leave for later. To be happy is to think - perhaps from some uninteresting cases, you can opt out and allow time for that pleasure?

  • Life today

Another indispensable condition of how to become a happy girl lies in the ability to live in the present. Happiness - it does not happen yesterday or tomorrow. It is only here and now. At our disposal there is only the present, and that it should be sent and the energy and attention. So try to learn to live now and today. Stop waiting for the ghost tomorrow - tomorrow will be less work, the day after tomorrow - the salary and one month vacation at all. So you can wait all your life for something, but in the end one is not beautiful day you will realize that life is something passed. A treasured happiness you have not waited.

It is not necessary to hope that learning to live for today is simple - as soon as it turns out in only a few units. Most of the women have to learn this simple thing. We tend to think or current that was before, or that happen in the future.

And this is almost are not present. So, enjoy and something in him we can not, because I just did not notice. Consequently, when it's the future, we did not notice the joy. As a result, it is thing of the past. And well even if it is then we will understand. But even if they will understand, passed unnoticed and joy will cause only regret. Therefore, we follow the advice about how to be happy and will try to live in the present.

  • I can and I want to?

The following rule of building his own happiness, - the harmony between "can" and "I want." We all want very much: money, position, comfort, well-being in all, complete freedom of action, mutual love, of absolute rest and so on. However, only to want something enough, you need to more clearly represent yourself and what we can do and to be ready to do something. Otherwise, all our ideas about happiness will remain a fantasy, and, sooner or later lead to disappointment in life.

How to be the happiest in the world? We should really think of that take to be happy. After all, if we wish to love with all my heart and dreams of a career, and almost do not go out of the house and do not try to get a promising job, happiness and chase us to break our doors will not. I want to love? Ischёm her, trying to happen more often in crowded places. I would like a career? We find the job that our ability to be able to appreciate. Remember that everyone - himself a blacksmith of his own happiness.

 how to become a happy man

Love yourself

Another prerequisite to becoming a happy woman - is to accept yourself for what it is, with all its shortcomings and the internal condition that exists now. The woman, alas, there are unique - it is always looking for a solid shortcomings. As you know who is looking for - that will always find. And if it finds, make sure you come up with.

To be happy, you need to realize himself as a person today and accept this person in everything. You can not build happiness for the woman, which we intend to someday become. It is likely that the woman will have different ideas of happiness. And whether we such a big issue. Therefore, creating happiness for that which we already are.

And for this we write on a piece of paper all the advantages and disadvantages. Our dignity - this is our support in life. Disadvantages also try to alter the principle of dignity: "I'm not lazy, I'm just saving up strength for great achievements," or "I'm not hysterical, but just a very emotional" and so on. The main thing - remember the statement that I know how to be a happy person, even with all of my not very good quality. Yes, I am, and it's my features and my way of action in life.

We control time

The following rule of construction of happiness - the formation of their employment. Then, when we are engaged as much as possible in various activities, life becomes much more interesting. Yes, many of us dream of, not to work. And sure, being free, they will find, finally, happiness. However, it is not.

Numerous studies show that only a rare housewife completely happy with your life. Most of them are experiencing the euphoria of freedom from work a little longer, and then they start to get nervous over nothing, rush and look for some additional features to load itself works. People, especially women, - multi-faceted nature, and in order to realize its quite powerful potential, they need to take up a lot.

Therefore, one of the answers to the question how to become the happiest girl in the world, will search for those areas of activity in which we can realize ourselves as fully and as long as possible.

To summarize all the above. To say, "Let yourself be a happy man," you need to focus internally on that goal all his desire. Make people happy is not the circumstances, but a sincere and powerful in its power to become such intention and ability to be satisfied with what is already available. We have all experienced situations where people seem to have everything to be happy, but at the same time, they are unhappy.

Conclusion: The lack of problems is not a guarantee of happiness. We are happy people and failures and troubles, but they belong to these troubles philosophically, perceiving them as a springboard for jumping higher. Generally, in order to determine exactly how to become a happy man, it is desirable to learn the basic habits of really happy people. Let's see what is this habit.

 be happy

We supply the proper habits

How to define a happy man? Happy people rarely sad, almost never surrender to discouragement and do not evil and are pessimistic. Most often the one who is happy, is able to give joy to others who unconsciously drawn to him. Looking for a man unwittingly ask a question of how he allows himself to be happy.

After all, he does not have, like, nothing that we have not. Where there is so much joy? In fact, it does. He has certain habits, allowing unhindered release positive emotions in such a volume that it lacks not only for the lucky, but for those who are close. This mainly habits such as:

  1. Do not depend on the views of others

    No worries because what people think about you around - the main component of happiness. Happy people a little worried about what others are saying about them. But for such people is always someone watching closely, trying to understand not only why they are happy, but prigasit the flame of happiness to the extent possible.

    Happily, however, do not pay attention to negative comments in his address and prevent spiteful critics to spoil your mood. And really, if you think, so what difference to us who and what about us think or say? The dog barks, the wind carries. If you spend the precious time and, most importantly, the nerves - you're unlikely to become happy.

  2. Look for the positive in everything

    Lucky always and everywhere trying to see only the positive side. They believe that even something bad enough there is always something good. Even if what the situation is viewed slightly positive, if not looked very happy man creates his own, making lemonade out of lemons. This approach to life familiar to the lucky ones, and it allows them to easily overcome all, even a fairly complicated obstacles.

    Of course, at first you will not be easy - no joke, look for the positive in places where you see only the negative. But believe me - there is nothing impossible. And it - it is just practice. One time will not work, two, three - but in the end you're sure to smile at the very sad situation. And if you smile, then the situation will not so sad. Incidentally, it is this happy people and different.

  3. Be friendly

    Happy people always are friendly and try to make new friends. Moreover, for them it does not matter what a person socially. The main thing is to accept their joy as their own and could share it at any time.

    For one - it is not the man who will sympathize with the trouble. This is easy to express sympathy, and often it is feigned. A true friend - the one who is able to truly share the joy of others, without being absolutely no jealousy.

    Incidentally, this applies not only friendship, but a simple human communication. You are trying to get nasty in the supermarket? Does not start and does not attempt to be rude in return. Just ... smile! Generally, smile and courtesy disarm even the most notorious boors.

    Perhaps the first time you will be very hard not to get nasty habit back. But there is one simple way - just a pity the offender. Who knows, maybe you have got nasty person that something was wrong? He quarreled with the household received a scolding from the boss or simply banal tired. As you begin to realize that next to you just people with their weaknesses, life will be much easier.

  4. To smile

    Happy smiling and laughing so much that it starts to get in the habit. This habit should learn many of us, because we are usually longer frown than to smile. This is especially true of the fairer sex, hard to reflect on how all the same to be a happy woman.

    After all, in our heads all the time revolves swarm of thoughts about some small household or work problems, and we do not even notice that the mine is gloomy virtually coming from our faces. Meanwhile, the smile of any woman paints and makes it very attractive. So let's smile more often, ladies! Smile for any reason, even for no reason - it goes only benefit us.

    Incidentally, psychologists say that a smile uplifting. Even if you do not want to smile, smile through force. Smile beloved cat, her reflection in the mirror, sun or rain - but you never know the reasons can be found for a smile! You will not notice how bad mood gone, leaving no trace. And your smile will be the most beautiful and sincere.

  5. Live here and now!

    We have already mentioned that it is very important to live here and now. But it is so important that it is not superfluous to repeat one more time. Happy people always live in the present moment. They know how to take the good things of every minute of every day, and not wait for the happy days will come, and create joy now.

  6. Throw away troubles

    The lucky ones are able to push the trouble, treating them as something temporary and passing. Ordinary people tend to focus their attention to an unfortunate situation and painfully deliberate about how you can get out of it unscathed.

    In fact, this approach is often irrational: we spend a force that, for the most part, allowed itself.