how to become a successful woman


  • Tune in for success and identify wishes
  • Prepare for the unexpected
  • Get ready to work hard
  • Learn basic self-hypnosis
  • Learn to plan for life
  • Begin to respect yourself
  • Cultivator

Success is always success in all, the success of all - that is the slogan of our time. Just a couple of decades ago, women, limited role of homemakers, were quite happy with their lives and nothing else more and dreamed. Now - pipes! Now, almost every girl tensely thinking about how to become a successful woman. Moreover, the term "success" means success in the personal and the public sphere of life. In short, today's women think about how to be successful in everything.

It would seem that the question of how to be successful in everything, almost insoluble. Well, there is no way that everything in life is going well so evolved! Anyway, somewhere something went wrong ... It happens does not happen, and try all the possible and necessary. After all, once the become successful millionaires who previously did not have the soul of a penny?

And today they are "the owners of factories, newspapers, steamships" are big and good family, and judging by the blooming appearance, and are very satisfied, and destiny. Well, we are still far to millionaires, but a little closer to them does not hurt to move. But how? How to be happy and successful? Are there any secrets female success? In general, yes. And now we will talk about them.

Tune in for success and identify wishes

The secret of success of the female - internal intention. With it all begins, and rely on it any further action. The inner intention - is the desire of the soul, is transformed into a willingness to act decisively in order to get what you want. The woman has a soul, which is managing that kind of emotion is stronger than reason. And if we think that something we want - money, career, luxury car, an apartment and stuff - and the soul is completely rejected, we did not come out. No, the mind will find a way of achieving the goal, but the soul oppose and drown out the emotion of reason. And the answer to the question: "How to become a happy and successful? "We did not find.

Why so? For that reason, guided by logic, usually want the success that it traditionally offers the outside world. He focuses on the success of others, that we perhaps did not need. For example, a girl in essence - an artist. The mind dictates that success can be achieved only by becoming a business-woman. After all, there is the splendid lady that owns a network of shops - is not she successful? And this glamorous lady with eight luxury beauty salons and drives a silver "Lexus" - and do it bypasses success?

They, of course, successful. And certainly know how to become a successful person in his field. We also need to find your own. Perhaps this is also trade or some services, and perhaps it is a sphere of creativity, which is something special, and income will not bring! However, thinking about how to become a successful woman; we associate success with happiness, not with depression and neurosis, right? Right.

We want a happy life, and what it should be that for us, we should ask its internal "I" and not from the outside world. So what is the inner "I" or soul, will require on and base their life priorities. In this case, the energy of a true desire to turn to the intention, the intention would cause directed actions, and actions will begin to implement the desired reality. Conclusion: in order to know exactly how to become a successful woman, you need to accurately determine their own internal desire.

 how to become a successful

Prepare for the unexpected

Usually, thinking about how to become a successful person, we all think over a plan to promote its success. And then, if the events do not suddenly begin to match what we had planned, clutching his head and declare that we pursue failure. Right? Right. For those who do not really know how to become a successful person, usually what happens.

In fact, all the notorious failure is nothing but as a figment of our imagination. Yes Yes exactly! Because we make a plan of action with the help of reason, which is building a logical chain and programs in accordance with the work of her consciousness. But our mind can not foresee everything! Even very high intelligence is limited in its capabilities. And if a sudden case of deviation from the program he created, in the mechanism of the mind there is a failure, which we perceive as a failure. In fact, it's just contingencies that are always and at all.

As a rule, in the event of such circumstances many of us panic, become depressed, discouraged, and enter itself into the ranks of the losers. Since perceive themselves negatively, we go the road to success and deviate from it farther and farther. But, strictly speaking, nothing much happened! And our only mistake was that we relied entirely on reason, should develop a plan of action.

Conclusion: in order to know exactly how to become a successful woman, you should remember that the path to success can not rely solely on the mind and give him everything under control. He was not able to provide everything, and believes that emergency scenario - it's a failure. It's not because nature is generous and life always offers a variety of options. Therefore, the most reasonable grasp of mind control over the surrounding reality, and above us. And may he especially does not interfere in the process of achieving goals and assists when nastaёt need something immediately to solve.

Get ready to work hard

A woman who thinks seriously about how to become a successful person, you need to be prepared for what will have a lot of hard work. That hard work has made many famous people prosperous. Only this work tedious, annoying, leading to the goal. We must work, despite the obstacles encountered, despite the fact that something is not obtained or is obtained, but it is not very good. Lying on the couch, we will achieve no success. Yes, it is somewhat overworked.

And yes - we will be very tired. But it does not matter - be sure to let myself think of a rare, but a quality vacation! Unambiguous advice in this situation is very difficult to give - it all depends on you, your preferences and desires. Think - what do you like most? For a woman - a trip into nature, for others - a trip to the pool or on the tennis court, well, the third lady generally prefer to spend the evening with cross stitch or a love story and a warm blanket. The main thing is that you get pleasure from your holiday.

And then - when you work in order to achieve the desired goal, especially not feel tired. Doubt? Did you check! We felt that creeping fatigue? Immediately visualize their goal. And you will be surprised by the tide forces that feel. Of course, if you are not lazy chronic. But this is not about you, right?

Terms of successful life require efforts, and often it is a very great effort. One should know the girl who wants to achieve success in life. Even if it is financially secure, it will still have to work. Because success means conquering new heights, but not freezing in in the old.

And remember that additional work, it is necessary to rely on their own strength and not on luck or other people. Other people may fail, and good luck - an unpredictable thing. Even if you catch it by the tail, sooner or later it will break and fly smile to someone else. Therefore, we must act alone whenever possible reasonable driving around.

Conclusion: The secret of success in life - resistant and hard work. Only this work is the key to success. From the sky you do not fall, and no one on a silver platter will bring.

 how to become successful in everything

Learn basic self-hypnosis

One of the rules of successful life - a prerequisite of constant self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis in general plays a very important role in our lives. All thoughts and words that we address ourselves, and there's nothing else like it is the most self-hypnosis, in which we sculpt themselves and their own view of the world. We begin to blame themselves and to wash themselves for bone defects - lepim insecure man who in life nothing. We begin to love yourself and to praise the virtue - and in the mirror looking at us glowing self-sufficient woman, which transcend any mountain.

We are thinking about how to become happy and successful? Learning self-hypnosis, learning every day, stubbornly, with enthusiasm. It's really very exciting - to feel like you in growing a strong, independent person, and feel this joy. This is difficult to nothing. We need at least five minutes twice a day to think only of their own merits and completely forget this period of the shortcomings. At first, perhaps, it will turn out not very good. However, if such trainings are conducted daily at the same time, very soon everything will go like clockwork.

In principle, self-hypnosis in this case, we need not only to gain confidence in themselves as to subconsciously find the shortest path to the goal of promotion. To do this on a regular basis to imagine that we have achieved this goal, and in any case not to allow thoughts that it is yet to come. This method of self-hypnosis organize the work of the subconscious in the right direction, as it will take our success, as we have held the event, and it will start to make out, in reality, turning our attention to the right things.

But do not confuse self-hypnosis self-deception. It is foolish to convince yourself that you are on top of success, if the purse to pay only 500 rubles, beautician Chinese copy of your favorite perfume, and the pope flaunt jeans stitched in the basement by the same Chinese craftsmen. Of course, no one calls to replace all spiritual values ​​squat material, but not for nothing that psychologists say that the higher you set the bar yourself, the more you will achieve.

Conclusion: The secrets of successful living include the indispensable ability to auto-suggestion and use this ability on a daily basis. Self-hypnosis not only helps to gain confidence in themselves, but also by influencing the subconscious mind, promotes the materialization of the goal.

Learn to plan for life

In order to clearly imagine how to become a successful person, you need to know exactly how to plan their own lives. Plan your life has nothing to do with a rational plan of action, which we have already mentioned above. Secrets of a successful life is to constantly put some purpose, not thinking of a way to implement them. That is, we are intending to achieve some ambitious goals, choose appropriate to her small goals and go forward to the success of using these goals as reference points.

When we plan our lives with the help of small targets and do not think through the methods of their implementation, we set your subconscious to a specific scenario. This process is similar to tuning the radio, when we first select a radio station, and then find it among others. The main thing - to know exactly what we want to hear. Otherwise, we will sort out the radio as long as the tire. And in life - before you put the small target, it is necessary to pinpoint the main goal. And Zaman rush in search of success.

In addition, small goals will serve as a good motivation and promotion themselves, beloved, for work. Global goals - this is certainly great. But it is unlikely you will be able to achieve it in a very short time. And if you are a long time will not see the results of their work, enthusiasm can go out. And achieving small targets to prevent this nuisance.

Conclusion: One of the most important secrets of success in life - its plan with the help of small, corresponding to the main, purposes. When choosing how to achieve these goals, the subconscious will lead us precisely the path that leads to success.

 be successful

Begin to respect yourself

One of the main rules of successful life - a good opinion of himself. That it defines the relationship to the world and its own activities. It does not matter, we are mistaken in something or not - love and respect we owe ourselves. Bad attitude to oneself produces conviction: "I do not deserve." Needless to say that with such conviction about any success in life is not out of the question? In order to get something, we should be prepared to have it. Otherwise, we will not get, and try to keep what we already have.

How to treat yourself well and respect yourself, we said. If we value ourselves enough, then we use self-hypnosis, trying to devote themselves and their actions only to the good and ignore the bad. As long as we do not create a positive image of anything, any great extent to the success we do not get out of life. Even if it is a significant very close, we just do not notice, because the subconscious mind will not focus on what we supposedly did not deserve.

Conclusion: In order to succeed, you need to love yourself and self-esteem. Every man by nature has considerable potential, but underestimating their own importance and ability, he will never be able to realize this potential.


And finally, the seventh secret of a successful life - continuous self-improvement and self-development. No need to believe that if we have two decent higher education, that is the limit of knowledge. Progress does not stand still, life today is rapidly changing, and what seemed like yesterday the latest developments in any field, it is now hopelessly outdated and rooted in the past.

Learn, read the relevant profession or time literature, listening to audio learning materials, attending courses by browsing the worldwide network to find the right specialty for new information, and so on. Our mind in respect to knowledge and its subsequent implementation, - the most expensive asset. Everything that we invest in it, will bring a hundred percent profit.

This is perhaps the last of the most important secrets of success. Perhaps all that is described above, someone may seem inconsequential to achieve the goal. It is likely that this someone has developed their own methods of arrangement of a successful life, and they work. We're talking about proven ways to help significantly move forward in the right direction.

And if we want to be successful and happy, it would be better to use these methods. And then Lady Luck will find our door, and it would be hard to knock. The main thing - to hear the sound of time and let her into the house. Well, this is another secret to success ...

 How to become a successful woman? Primer

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