how to attract luck and money


  • The correct attitude to money
  • Technology to attract luck and money in their own lives
  • Rituals to attract money and luck

Money - is the fact that today rules the world. There are some things does not think of the existence of modern man. And each of us (well, almost everyone) is constantly reflecting on how to attract luck and money. Have you noticed? That together, not separately. As if one luck has nothing ... It's not so - just humanity has long since become accustomed to combine it with the presence of Finance. Because money allow a decent existence, freedom and power, finally ...

It would seem that what is money? Plain paper, water marked by signs and to obtain certain functions. And to have it in abundance could theoretically each of us. But in practice, things look is not so optimistic. After all, for someone just stick this paper, like a magnet, and by someone departs, unable to get up. And no matter how you save, no matter how many worked hard, money is not retained, being spent on patching holes nowhere who undertake in the family budget. Why is that? Why some do not even think about how to attract good luck and finance, and other nights do not sleep, thinking about how to get money? Let's try to sort out this issue.

The correct attitude to money

So what is the money, if not plain paper with water marks? Esoterica believe that they are - it is the energy that attracts some people, while others - push for unknown reasons. So take this postulate on arms, trying to figure out how to learn how to attract luck and money. After all, what happens? If finances - it is energy, so they can be controlled. To do this successfully, you must first develop the right attitude to money.

This process starts with finding out what and how we think about their own finances, a place in our lives and that they hold represent. At the same time we take into account that the money represents the energy that is around us and which can be exchanged for any wealth. And any kind of it is subject to some laws. It is so? Conclusion: if you know these laws, then, in accordance with the functions of money, you can make them energy to work in the right direction, attracting the necessary funds and luck.

How to do it? First of all, we try to reconstruct their consciousness and learn to respect the finances. Yes, we all want money, and sometimes even treat them with awe, as if it is a loved one. And We protect and cherish every penny, saving literally everything. The energy of the money does not tolerate static. It needs action. Otherwise, it just freezes and then explode. This explains the fact that some over-zealous people never become prosperous. Stagnant energy of money at one point suddenly pulled out of the cell in which you imprisoned her, and disappears in an unknown direction. In reality, it may look like an unexpected situation that requires high costs: illness, accident, job loss, and other very unpleasant circumstances.

What to do? Is to develop the right attitude to money, they need to mindlessly spending left and right? Yes, in any case! Then they will stop the energy you submit all. And cash flow will go very quickly, even if it seems inexhaustible. Therefore, we choose a middle ground and remember that finance should be respected. Do not hate, do not be afraid of them and do not extol to the skies. Just respect.

To develop the right attitude to the money you need to work hard on himself and put himself in a state of "here and now". That is not to dream that someday there will be more money, and does not grieve over what they used to be spent foolishly. Future uncertain, and the past is no longer correct. We live here and now, and at this moment we have to tune in on the money. In order to attract, you need to determine how much money you need. No, of course we want millions. But it's too common desire. You also need to specifically determine exactly what amount you want, that is, how much do you think it will be enough to be able to live comfortably. It can cope with the millions not everyone.

To find out how much money you need and mark all the basic desires and think about their own prospects. After the success of any man - is not something that society imposes on it, and that, from what he experiences joy. It happens so that large sums of money, causing envy in others, their owner does not bring any satisfaction. And by the funds with the owner somehow uncomfortable, so they occasionally tend to leave.

Incidentally, it was money well show human interaction with the environment. The way they come to him, as well as what he spends them as accept and let go, how to treat them, is an indication of the existence of comfort. Higher its level - a permanent cash flow that goes through you. Volume it is not so important, because it depends on the willingness and ability of each person. The value is different - namely, the permanence, the presence or absence in the current cash flow to you. If the funds come at your disposal without interruptions and delays, it shows the right attitude towards money on your part.

One of the main factors of faithful cooperation with the finance - the joy that we are spending them. It is joy, not sorrow and doubt. Only in this sense it is determined by the amount that we need. And if we respect the money, in this volume, and they will always receive. Why is that? Everything is very simple. If we are happy, spending the funds earned on the fulfillment of their desires, energize, attracting money. No, of course, they can accumulate and surly, spiteful man. But in this case wealth only alienate him from the world, deprived of the possibility of ever getting pleasure from life.

Conclusion: the ratio of the money was right, they need to learn to respect and spend happily. Every ruble need to let myself be happy as long as there is a feeling experience. Then - stop! Now you can save. However, be aware that the longer we will experience the pleasure, the more money will come to us. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate and develop, because it turns out happily spend earned profit!

 how to attract money and luck

Technology to attract luck and money in their own lives

Learn to respect their own finances in the amount that you have? You know how to part with them without regret? Well, now you can begin to develop our own technology, which, if properly applied, attracts more and more success and increase cash flow. Remember that this method will work personally on your behalf only if unconditional faith in him, so Leave Your quickly with indecision, chase away the doubts and choose of the following technologies that which you feel most comfortable, that is, will consent to your personal psychological units.

  1. Visualization money

    This method is simple, but it does not work, if you can not concentrate and show some restraint. So, first stop to wonder how you can suddenly fall off the money. It is clear that from the air they did not materialize. Just convince yourself that soon the desired additional funds you will be. Daily at bedtime or in the morning to mentally imagine how you keep the right amount of hands. Details her, try to see some of the bills it is, count them.

    In the same way to attract good luck, if it takes you on a personal or professional front. In detail, imagine a person who would like to have as a spouse. Mentally try to see what kind of position would hold that over the responsibilities it assumes. If you dream of owning your own business, it is clear about its direction detailing everything - from a personal account to what plan to deal with it. Depending on your perseverance, the expected results within four months.

  2. Visualization of the property

    This method is aimed at the purchase of housing, car and other necessary things for a comfortable life. In this case, instead of money you need to represent what you want to buy for them. For example, a beautiful car. But it is necessary not only to mentally draw a picture of a car - you have to imagine yourself as the owner.

    Therefore srezhissiruyte in his own mind "film": Here you come to the desired car, open the door and get behind the wheel and so on. Any items only play to benefit the cause. Do not be amiss, and the creation of a very simple "map desires". To do this, take a sheet of cardboard and stick to it a few photos, which depict the object of your dreams. Hang the collage so that it is as often as possible gets you in the eye, and with the help of the imagination "relive" it in your mind.

  3. Magic Box

    This method is perfectly reinforces the previous one. Take an ordinary box and turn it into a kind of piggy bank making a small incision on top. Now write on a piece of all their material desires and dreams. In turn lower them into the slot of the box, accompanying every mental visualization. Try to remember all written wishes and daily at bedtime represent each of them, without getting out of a piggy bank.

  4. Characters that attracts money

    In this case, you should call for help Taoist practice of working with space. Do not worry, it will certainly know you at least by hearsay, as it is called feng shui. And to master all its components is not necessary. You need only to know that the area of ​​wealth in your house is located in the south-west. It should be well lit and free of trash and debris.

Put it in an aquarium with six fish, one of which must be black, and the others - gold. This, according to Chinese beliefs, attracts money. If the idea is not to your taste, then place in a zone of wealth living plant with round leaves or indoor fountain. You can, after all, hang on the wall a picture of a waterfall, and next to put money frog figurine.

 attract money and luck

Rituals to attract money and luck

For those of you who believe in magic, you can go a different way and to perform a number of simple rituals, which, according to the esoteric, have the power, attracting wealth and success. Some of them are connected with candles, which you will need two - green and plain white. Place them on a table at twenty centimeters from each other. Now close your eyes and imagine that in place of white candles - you, and the place of green - money. Now light them with a single match and dream about how much money you need and how would you spend them. Not in general, but specifically and in detail, like a movie, where you - the main character. A few minutes later a candle need to pay off and hide.

This ritual should be repeated for ten days in a row, each time you need to put candles for a few centimeters closer than it was before, as long as do not connect them together. Persevere, not to retreat. At the end of the full cycle of ritual candles tie ribbon gold color and take care, because now you have built a personal talisman of good luck in financial affairs. To save a lot of money wasted, and that they always come back before you go shopping, take out another green candle, light it, put it on the table, and spread out around a bill that you intend to pay. Wait until the flame reaches the middle and put it out. Now you can go for shopping with confidence that the acquisition will not be hasty, and spent certainly come back to you.

To carry your own talisman of wealth to the next method. Find usual seashell and put a coin in it, which had previously lubricate bergamot and basil oil. Light a green candle wax and let it drain into the shell, filling it completely. When it hardens, put the talisman in secluded pocket of the bag. They say that with it you will be able to attract large sums of money.

But all of the above techniques and rituals will work only if your faith in our own strength. You do not have to wait for miracles only, not putting their desires for no effort. Energy wealth and luck does not like people of inert, passive and indecisive. So remember that only you can change your life and bring into it the missing items. After all the rituals and methods of attracting money work as a promise to the universe, but the expected response will receive only those of us who confidently control their own destiny, rather than drifting, bathing in illusions and futile dreams.

 How to attract luck and money: how to change life

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