The hard work and victory of Sophia Arjakovsky

Among the huge number of famous people can safely allocate a dancer, singer and actress Sophia Arjakovsky. This young and beautiful women are very interesting fate, in his twenty-four years, Sophia Skye (it was under this pseudonym she is known in Hollywood) has a wealth of experience in the Russian Ballet Theatre and on the set.

Ever since early childhood, Sophia became very busy first modern dance, ballet and then .  In nine years, the young ballerina has already entered the elite Academy of Russian Ballet .  A . I . Vaganova .  Sophia's parents have always supported, though not in a big delighted that her daughter has chosen a difficult path ballerina .  After graduating from Choreography College .  Rudolf Nureyev in Ufa, in the age of sixteen dancer participated in such productions as "Swan Lake", "Snow White", "Raymonda", "La Bayadere" and "Esmeralda" .  And almost all the productions she sang solos .  In addition, for the sake of mere curiosity Sophia decided to participate in beauty contest .  Without even waiting for the dancer becomes the winner of the international beauty contest "Mrs. World 2006" .  But victory in the competition did not become the final stage in its development, but rather the opposite - she decides to become an actress, and in 2008 he entered the acting school in Los Angeles, where masters the art of improvisation in the studio Larry Moss .  Not all were able to get a Hollywood actress is acting training .

Huge impact on Sophia has always had mom, she was and still is for her the ideal woman. Perhaps that is why Russian ballerina characteristic generosity, diligence and kindness. From any situation she will find a way and make the right conclusions. In 2006, Sophia died tragically in a plane crash mom, but it did not break the young talent. She has great tenacity moves ahead, reaching new heights in acting and dedicating the victory to his mother memory. So in 2008, she received a landmark for her role in the film directed by John Kent Harrison "Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler." Play the role of a mother, Sophia is not difficult, because anyone no matter how she knows what can a mother's love.

In 2009, the actress participated in the filming of the comedy "The Club of happiness." It is because of this comedy actress became famous in the world of Russian cinema.

Sofia Arzhakovskaya not stop there. After high school, singing and singing, she began to try himself as a singer. It seems that all she manages to make it easy, but this is not true for all the victories is a heavy daily work.

 The hard work and victory of Sophia Arjakovsky

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 how to attract good luck


  • The secret of good luck
  • How to attract luck and happiness
  • How to become a successful person

How often we are trying to solve any problem, hope for good luck, which, in turn, passes us by. We upset and wondered - what we it all the time to scare away? Or luck in life shines only your favorites? Then, it turns out that we have nothing to expect ... right? Well, how to attract good luck, if luck with enviable persistence bypasses? It is necessary to come to terms ...

Nothing of the sort! Each of us in this world has the right to succeed, and if not, then we just do not know how to attract good luck. Lady she capricious and not very committed to ensuring that those who can not indulge her whims. Luck is necessary to please, and she will be supportive and friendly. Let's see how to do it better, to bring good luck.

The secret of good luck

Who are the losers? Losers - those who usually concentrates his attention on the fact that a particular issue can not be solved. What kind of luck then can we talk about if the ways to address this issue, they simply do not notice? Those who know the secret of success, try to think positively and optimistically, and focusing primarily on their ability, in most cases, achieve superior results.

So, it turns out that success in life is nothing more than the ability of positive thinking? And no mystery secret no luck? And luck here at all to do with it? It appears so. To understand why, let's try to understand the peculiarities of our subconscious. Imagine the human brain like a large walnut, which is divided horizontally into two halves. The upper part of it - it is an active mind, consciousness, thought processing. The bottom part - the so-called subconscious mind that stores all kinds of program management activities of man.

These programs are congenital and acquired throughout life. So, it was purchased by program and depends on what we are lucky or not. Every day, in the human mind there is some fifty thousand thoughts. If a majority of them - negative, in the subconscious created a program running on negative events. After all, our subconscious mind is still, to focus on what it does not know what the emotions and can not distinguish good from bad. The program is, and all. The subconscious mind is not thinking about how to attract good luck, it simply involves establishing a program in it.

The program turns every thought we think, if it is repeated regularly for quite a long time. Here, for example, we learn to drive a car. Initially, we are thinking about every action the upper part of his brain, which when we sit behind the wheel, there are thoughts like: "Raise your leg, move it, gently press on the pedal," and so on. If such thoughts occur regularly and for a long time, they form in the subconscious automatic program that has been running regardless of whether we are thinking about their actions or not. As a result, we push the gas pedal and the brake reflex, did not hesitate on that. Experienced drivers usually do not remember how the vehicles were, even if they have spent a few hours behind the wheel. Because the subconscious is responsible for this program.

The same thing happens in bringing good luck. When we're on for many months, if not years, we believe that the poverty we do not get in the subconscious program creates poverty. It starts to work only on poverty and ways to combat it will be available to us. If we start to think about his poor health - will create a program of disease, think about what does not work - the image of the program failed, to think that we will never be money - will be a program of lack of money, and so on. And all of these programs will operate independently, without succumbing to the mind control. Poor's that? Of course, since become a successful person in the presence of such programs is almost impossible. And we are just doomed to continuous misery and trouble.

 how to attract good luck

How to attract luck and happiness?

Many of us are often wondering why they were not accompanied by good luck and success in life without even knowing that they themselves deterred by this success, constantly scrolling up with the idea of ​​his defeat in some endeavors. Ourselves program ourselves to lack of success, and, at the same time, looking for the reasons for this lack of fate or in the outside world. But no man is written in the genus to be a loser. And the secret of luck is to instill a belief that everything will turn out.

To make sure there was a program, it is necessary to begin to control their thoughts, forming patterns of success. Of course, this will take time and effort on yourself - not so easy to change the way of understanding reality and himself in it - but it's worth it. At the same time an idea of ​​positive thinking, even if it is extremely fascinated, will not bring success. Here, for example, we get up in the morning in order to change their lives for the better and even, following the advice of psychologists, the vision of a better record on paper ... And then, going to work all day thinking about the negative, only occasionally spohvatyvayas and trying to think positively. How can we can talk about how to bring happiness and good luck, and if they are half a step closer to us can not?

In order to success in life there requires a discipline of the mind. There are, of course, people do not think about how to become a successful person - success comes to them almost everything, even in small things. As a rule, those who from early childhood instilled positive thinking and the belief that nothing in life is impossible. However, this parenting occurs, unfortunately, quite rare. Usually we are told from childhood that the world is full of dangers, that there plenty of negative and to achieve something in life, you must have the initial prerequisites for success: an appropriate education, money, communications and so on. And if, say, education, money, and there is no connection, then about luck and nothing to think.

That wander through life sadly people with this setting, do not even try something in this life change. His luck is traditionally they explain: "... Such a fate is not given, is not given so ... I do not shine ..." and even "I am someone the evil eye." Meanwhile, around a lot of opportunities for success, but the subconscious is configured to fail a person simply does not notice. Yes, events are different and not always happy, but those who have been active program of luck, even the most serious trouble experiencing easier and failures of domestic automatically extract some benefit. People of the opposite program is fully immersed in trouble, thus denying the possibility of out of the situation or the likelihood that the situation offers new options for good luck.

So how to become a successful person, if in the head and then it climbs the idea that anything good to us or that circumstances did not promise? Of course, to attract good luck.

 bring good luck

How to become a successful person?

In order to know how to bring happiness and luck, it should first of all. understand that to adjust to the positive consciousness must be constantly. One or two days is not enough. Even the muscles we train long and hard, what to speak of a subtle substance our consciousness! Trying to stick to positive thoughts just some week, specific changes in their lives, we will not achieve. But this month thinking already promises significant changes for the better that can happen, though slowly, but relentlessly.

In general, to ensure that the secret of good luck was an enigma to the end and the world is spoiled us, almost, at every step, cleaning should be carried out of his own consciousness life. The task is difficult, but solvable. You just need to frequently check your own thinking, which for most of us, especially now, at such a turbulent time, and then seamlessly switch to the negative. If such frequent switching, our life starts to deteriorate significantly.

Features of the existence of man, his relationships with others, health, welfare, the real possibilities of happiness - all this is an indication of the amount of his negative thoughts. If we consider the surrounding enemies - they will attack us. If we are afraid to get sick - we will pursue all sorts of ailments. If we believe that will never become wealthy people - money will bypass us by. If we think that we can not fall in love - we love us not shine. And so on.

Conclusion: all live our troubles, because we allow it to them, feeding their energy negative thoughts. Channel must override this negative since become a successful person in its active work impossible. Well, here's how to withstand the effects of negative externalities, if consciousness is for him not only open, but also enhances this effect through its corresponding channels? If they block the information, which carries some negative, just skolznёt on the surface of consciousness, without causing him any harm. This means that the problems that can create such information simply does not arise.

For example, contact someone wants to row, but we categorically do not accept the consciousness of the causes of this scandal. What happens in this case? Let there be no scandal, he stuhnet the very beginning! And the conflict will be resolved by itself, because the people will not make trouble with yourself! Or take the case even though a lot of friends when you set foot on the ice, not knowing that it is ice. After all, we are a bold move on it if you do not know that we can slip, right? It should also be conscious only that under the feet of slippery and dangerous to go, we immediately fall! Familiar?

In short, to problems do not occur, you should try not to think about them. Any event neutral as long as we do not begin to treat it with some kind of hand. Then it takes a negative or positive color. If we do not think about this event, it will not touch us.

And with luck in life .  The fact that luck does not exist by itself as long as we do not start to think about it, how about success .  It's just not, and will not be, if we do not refer to reality and events occurring on optimistic .  The result of such optimism - change the perception of the problems on an emotional level .  After they become problems when we think of them as problems .  Well, here, let's say we lose a job or a loved one rasstaёmsya .  Unhappiness? Oh, yes, some more! If we perceive this fact as a grand challenge and it will be the subject of all our attention, and become, as a result, in the impossible task .  And we will torment for months, and even years .  And when our mind is set to positive, then we pretty quickly reorient to the trouble to look for new options, which are always countless lives .  And it happens unconsciously, imperceptibly to ourselves .

In other words, the secret of good luck is not something mystical. It lies in the peculiarities of our thinking, which is to be controlled as far as possible. We start to think about the bad, - stop! We direct thoughts on the positive and forget about the negative. This exercises the mind will first be given with the stress, but over time it will become a familiar, created in the subconscious mind working on program success. Let's try to think only about the good, so how to become a successful person, not believing in its success, it is impossible! After all, now that you know the main secret - how to attract good luck. And you certainly will. Otherwise it can not be.

 How to attract good luck? Set traps

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