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  • Money spoils people
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Again shake stale pockets for notes and criticize life because it is so unfair to you? You barely make ends meet, and your neighbor bathes in luxury? Yes there neighbor! Even a close friend married a tycoon, and Vanya (classmates troechnik) could become rich. How did they do it?

Well, everything is clear with a neighbor. His wealthy parents sponsor the full program. And friend just got lucky. But Vanya something started from scratch, trying to earn on an apartment and a car for the family, and today he has luxury apartments across Europe and a garage for ten cars. Now the man is an example of how to become rich and successful. How did he do it?

Not even wrong. Involuntarily there is another question: where was the mistake? Why, working up a sweat, you can not not like to become rich, but just to be able to get out of endless debt and credit. We can not in fact working around the clock? In fact, from the time spent in the workplace, nothing depends. Millions of people every day go to work regularly and conscientiously perform their duties, but only two percent of the world's population has managed to become really rich.

Money spoils people?

Owning a lot of money is not so easy. Think about what you're doing, if you suddenly get a large sum of money? That's right, lost in doubt what to do with that money. But these sums are incommensurable with those who "turn their" powers that be. Are you ready to have billions and you will be able to properly dispose of them? After all, not everyone can pass the test of money. And it is not a boutique in which we love to look payroll. Staying person having a tidy sum in the bank, can not every girl.

Therefore, once again wondering how to become rich, think, why do you need it. Many people associate money with the state of eternal holiday and carefree life (long live the warm countries, and fancy things). In fact, those who managed to become rich, have to count the money with even greater care than the average woman, who lives from paycheck to paycheck.

Jean Paul Getty, the richest man in the first half of the 20th century, could lifelong keep this status only because it was not just stingy and really mean. He argued that to become rich without having a millionaire mindset and your own business, you can not. No, we do not encourage you to go on crackers or continue wearing the old stuff. Just buying a fifth bag, think about whether you need it or better still put off an extra hundred to a bank account.

The first thing is to start your path to wealth, according to the well-known Robert Kiyosaki - believe that to become really rich. The next step for persevering women will need to revise their spending. You will have to cut spending to a minimum, to get rid of all debts and start living within our means. You can then organize and business, and to build long-term plans, but most importantly - to find their own unique recipe for success.

Way to success

Yes, to seek his own path. But if there was a ready solution to the problem "how to become rich," do you have today, not a millionaire? But all is not lost. Everything can be learned.

Lectures, books, training

Numerous video tutorials and books of famous personalities (Louise Hay, Robert Kiyosaki and others), telling about the power of money and the management of them, can only help you to find your solution. They became rich and succeed. They can be a good example, a role model, but its track you have to still look the most. Their advice publicly available, they can be easily found in bookstores or buy on DVD. Do not throw halfway idea to become rich, even if all the words of the book purchased it seems nonsense. Look for the author, whose example seems contagious, and who you want to be like.

Esoteric enrichment

In money matters often offer their services esoteric. According to them, the black magic will become rich only by a special ritual. It is not strange, but a lot of things really start to go uphill. It is not known that there is more help - the magic words or secret NLP that masterfully owned almost all esoteric, but the important thing is that people are starting to believe in its success, and this belief helps achieve the goal. Just be careful. If a man with burning eyes asking you for money, then this is not the spirituality and banal extortion.

Start-up capital

For one's own business needed seed money. It's hard not to agree that given the example of millionaires Getty Kiyosaki have initial capital to grow your business. Not bad, when your dad Oil small factory, but you can become a millionaire and penniless. With only the courage, creativity and innovative ideas Dishwasher Randy Gage was able to become a millionaire, having been engaged in network marketing.

 how to become rich and successful

Learn from others' victories

Name Roman Abramovich, a native of Russia, is known throughout the world. He also, like Randy Gage, knows exactly how to get rich. He was able to achieve what for most will remain forever unattainable, was able to realize the dream of every man - to get a cool football club. And in its way to millions of parents also could not help his talented child. Of course the girl football club to anything, but it is quite possible to replace a small restaurant or a beauty salon.

So what is common to all the millionaires? As we can see, they live and earn in different countries, the income they bring different activities, they all had their start conditions. It turns out, they have become rich by accident? Of course not. It's people with a particular mindset that can calculate several moves ahead, are not afraid to break stereotypes and were not afraid of the big money. They set goals, and without regard to her follow. While future millionaires did not know in advance what to do in order to become a successful and wealthy businessman. But they were confident that will be established. In life, these people were falling, and strong blows of fate, but they always had the courage to stand up. And all because they knew - even a little bit, and everything will turn out.

By the way, all who wish to get rich you need to understand that to have a lot of money - so always be on your toes. Financial state depends not only on the applied forces, but also by many external factors. The famous American millionaire Donald Trump knows that to become rich - only half the battle. It is much harder to maintain their incomes. Media personality, a successful businessman-developer, the candidate for the presidency in the White House, he often received severe blows of fate.

In the late eighties and early nineties of the last century, Trump was on the brink. His business was on the verge of bankruptcy, came under attack and personal accounts, and the culprit was the difficult situation in the US economy. But a brilliant entrepreneur did not give up and was able to overcome all obstacles to success. These difficulties have made it even stronger, the man has become more cautious to invest, and the recent global crisis, he met with a firm confidence in the successful exit.

 How to become rich and successful

Learn to preserve capital

Thus, few become rich. You must be able to maintain and increase their wealth, otherwise very soon the money will be over (so we know, women craftswomen to spend her husband's salary, it does not know!) The real income must exceed the costs, and gathered to spend some worth a thousand times consider whether the waste of attention. And this is true no matter what the amount calculated by your wealth. Any modest budget allows with minimal risk to test the system multiply money, and if you succeed, you will surely become a rich woman in a very short period of time.

And no matter what you do: you play on the stock market or earn first million just selling air; the main thing - to believe in the success of their company and look for unexpected non-trivial moves to multiply their money. There are no standard rules, tells you how to become rich; but I have faith in yourself, persistence and desire to achieve his goal. Well, a little miracle ...

 How to become successful and rich, while remaining a man?

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