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  • Secrets of the choice of solutions
  • Selecting solutions personality types

We all take life for a huge number of solutions. Man has always had a choice, how to act in a situation tion that buy in the store, what to wear, where to study, how to spend money, and so on. Addressing the "what, where, how, when," is always a stress for the individual. Stress state may initially be slight, imperceptible. But it is able to grow if we lingered for a long time, not knowing how to make the right decision. This negatively affects our psyche, and even longer delays the selection process.

In general, think and analyze the situation, of course, useful. But if we reflect on a week in the same issue, there is nothing good. In my head, one after another emerge new versions of its solutions. And each of them seems to be quite good. As a result, all of our thoughts revolve around these options, we get lost, doubt and ultimately cease to perceive the problem itself. Such a suspended state does not allow to think soberly. What kind of choosing the right solution can already talk about?

 make the right decision

Secrets of the choice of solutions

In order not to fall into these traps, it is advisable to follow some rules on how to decide the most true. Oddly enough, they exist, but not quite universal. Look around - certainly among your friends have a man who can easily take any, even the most difficult decision. How does he do it? There are a few secrets that allow to choose the optimal solution to the problem as soon as possible. It is their we will call the rules. So ...

  1. Not worth taking some difficult decision to rely only on themselves

    It is useful to discuss it with relatives or friends. Firstly, voiced several times the problem becomes more distinct shape, it can be viewed more quickly and find the best deal on your decision. Secondly, it is likely to receive from loved ones sensible advice. The main thing - not to cross the border and do not talk about the problem of all others. They will also advise and too much advice easily mislead confused;

  2. You should not take a decision if overwhelmed with feelings and emotions

    They are - a bad assistant in this case. Variant settlement of the question, you can choose on impulse, which often leads to undesirable consequences. And well, if then will be able to fix it. But not always, unfortunately, it turns out. Therefore it is better to wait until all the inside not perekipit, and then soberly and rationally try to find the right solution;

  3. No matter how much gave like smart tips to make decisions still need to own

    This is your life, and subcontract management of her friend, albeit a very close person, it is unwise. People tend to look at the situation, based on their own considerations. Even the same thing we all see differently, to say nothing about the problem! Optimal for someone version of its settlement, we absolutely can not approach. Blind faith in someone else's opinion is fraught with dangerous situations: if the council is helping you, you will continue to continue to apply to a person for help. Well, if it does not work, you simply blame the person to voice their opinions. In any case, there is shirk responsibility for their lives.

  4. When choosing solutions take note that intuitively

    This refers not to the inner voice, and tips from the outside world. It may be dropped by someone when we phrase some signs, posters, and other items. Surrounding reality often leads to concentration of thought on the proper method of solution. Suppose that it is very difficult to believe, but it is a fact;

  5. If you do not know what to do, put the search for solutions at the beginning of the next day, as they rightly say that tomorrow is another day

    All the answers to the questions, in fact, knows our subconscious. Day of information overload the human brain can not decipher them. And at night, in a dream, it is achievable. Therefore, going to bed, ask yourself the question again, the answer that you just can not find. It is likely that in the morning you will already know what to do. It is advisable to put the bed sheet of paper and a pen or tape recorder. The solution may appear in the mind in a state of slumber, and it needs to be fixed;

  6. In deciding not to repeat itself, based on the fact that this had already worked

    Life is constantly changing and what was effective yesterday, today may be useless. No experience - is, of course, good. However, the world - not a stagnant swamp. It is like a river, which can not be entered twice. Therefore, always try to find a new way to solve the problem, even if it is similar to what occurred before;

  7. Approach to the selection decisions, be sure to consider your future

    In fact, many of our solutions are not particularly affect the subsequent events. But among them there are some that can radically change lives. Here, for example, you want to change jobs or place of residence. It is worth a hundred times to think before making a decision. Perhaps leaving work will deprive you of the prospects in the future, and change of residence dooms loneliness. Or maybe vice versa, then begins taking off or break. It should be all right to weigh before making the first step;

  8. Trying to find a version of the solution of the problem, consider your personality type

    From it depends on how you act and what you do with the error will dopuskat.Est two leading personality type - introverts and extroverts. Each of these types has its own characteristics in their actions, their advantages and disadvantages. This talk a little bit more.

 how to make the right decision quickly

Selecting solutions personality types

The obvious fact that people are different. Classifications personality types there are so many, and the most famous - extrovert and introvert. Extrovert - a man of action, an introvert - reflection. Extroverts, before the right to decide, crammed on every door, without hesitation, it is necessary or not some of them knock. They gather information, and then, based on it, make conclusions. But introverts first ponder and calculate every move.

These embodiments of action, in principle, equal. In each of them there are advantages and disadvantages. Extroverts may spend a lot of fruitless efforts, running from door to door. Introverts are at risk of not budge too long thinking. And then, and another contributes little to ensure that the right decision.

The situation of uncertainty is difficult to think carefully to find an unambiguous conclusion. It is also difficult to solve it, if we act, almost without thinking. Typically, such situations have the same number of pros and cons. For example, "I buy a computer - well, I will sit to play. I do not buy - too bad. I will walk more. "

How to be? First, knowing your personality type, take into account its characteristics and try not to sit still and think through his actions. Second, pinpoint their wishes and follow them in finding solutions. What matters is that those desires were feasible. And finally, the third - to listen to your intuition and pay attention to the clues. It is not necessary to copy the style of decision-making, extroverted friend, if you are introverted - so you end up being currently only unnecessary headache and did not reach any progress.

The hardest part in all of this - the fear of a wrong decision. It is, of course, is justified if the decision involves serious changes. We all dread of the unknown. It is impossible to overcome fear? Well, then throw a coin ... She always tells the correct course of action! But seriously, it is not mistaken only one who does nothing. And the best once again regret their deeds rather than later life regret passivity. Successful solutions to you!

 How to make the right decision quickly and accurately

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 How to be happy and rich


  • The difference is potentially a poor man from a potentially rich
  • How to combine the wealth and happiness?

The rich want to be everything. Many of us are convinced that, whether they are people better off, the lion's share of the problems would disappear without a trace. Probably, so really it can be. However, wise people say, "Happiness can not buy." And this is also true. It is enough to look at the wealthy people to understand - not all of them happy: someone is afraid of losing his capital, somebody does not trust anyone, not even family, someone concerned about profits and forgotten what a smile. In short, how to become rich and happy man at the same time - that's the question.

Yes, happiness money can not buy. But without money, too, especially not clear! If you are constantly thinking about how to live on tomorrow, about what happiness is all about? At the same time, a good captain, too, creates a lot of problems. So it try to take away, that because of him we do not allow yourself to relax, then you need to invest somewhere. But you never know! Money's not just paper or large numbers on the bills. They can dramatically change a person, making him moody, distrustful, closed. And, of course, unfortunate.

How to be? You can become rich and happy at the same time it is impossible? And here and there! These concepts are compatible, still as compatible! You just do not know how else to do it. But so eager to learn! Well, well, then we will strive to be rich and happy with my life people! First, let's see who can become quite wealthy individuals, and anyone - yet. So ...

 How to become rich and happy

The difference is potentially a poor man from a potentially rich

Money - is not only a bundle of banknotes great dignity. It is also an indicator of our inner state, our ability to revive and experience of life crises. Potentially I have not even received a large fortune, a couple of years without losing its prospects put together again someday solid capital. Potentially rich, falling, rising again and again and, as a result, stands firmly on its feet. It's all about our attitude towards money and all related factors.

So what is wrong in us? Why do some people have an inner reserve of well-being, and at others it is absent? Because those who have such a reserve available relate to themselves and others differently. The point of reference, they find themselves and their own opinions. It is not self-centered. This is the position of a man who, with interest listened to the arguments of others, extracts the most value for themselves. People without a reserve relating to wealth or completely ignore someone else's opinion or excessive fall under its influence.

One who potentially poor alien life more interested than usual. People warehouse opposite someone actions and the status of little concern. They are concerned mainly own plans and victories, and they have no time to follow closely the neighbor. Successful people are not inclined to discuss any long party or personal problems. His problem it seeks to solve with the maximum benefit for themselves and for others. People with the psychology of the poor, instead of seeking solutions to the problems constantly complain about life, someone's injustice, that they have no luck. However, they do not do anything to change anything, and even if they do somehow muddled - if only to a failure to justify their laziness and passivity in the future.

The subject with the potential poverty afraid to radically change their lives and consoles himself with the fact that someone even worse than him. Rich inherently individual changes are not afraid. He always made sure that it would be better, even if at the moment it has a lot of difficulties. Such a man is not ashamed to talk about money and do not hesitate to ask the boss can advance a raise or some bonuses. Inside the poor will suffer from lack of funds, but this will not do.

Prone to wealth people have the habit of paying someone money or services without the embarrassment of gifts and require payment of its services. People prone to poverty, are embarrassed at the slightest reminder of monetary compensation and the parties, for which, perhaps, will have to pay.

Potentially poor man may secretly wish for good money, while demonstrating to others that he is indifferent to them. Potentially rich people do not hide that they want to put together a decent capital and openly express respect for money. They do not take on extra responsibility, but do not shift on someone his own. People who are not predisposed to wealth, try to make sure that their duties are performed by someone else, or take on too much. However, they believe that they have to the whole world: the authorities, neighbors, relatives, vendors and so on.

Anyone who has the potential to become a rich man, talking mainly with people it helpful. These are good professionals, recognized authorities and talented representatives of the human race, those who have great wealth of knowledge, excellent organizers, business professionals ... the future oligarchs independently form your environment so that you can constantly get new information.

Most poor people are potentially pals and acquaintances always concerned about the financial turmoil and because of this miserable. All of these people are not able to make profitable financial solutions and, of course, can not give sensible advice in this matter. Surrounded of a person is unable to become rich also because he becomes accustomed to eternal poverty and the fact that he does not need to create a source of capital information.

Successful people pay their bills on time, try not to miss a profitable financial transaction and not pigeonhole resolve their financial problems. Those from whom success is constantly slipping away, careless about the timing of payments, are not able to make transactions and draw with the return of debts. Ignoring related to "filthy lucre" questions, they always feel anxious and always concerned about tomorrow afternoon.

This - the main differences between actions potentially rich people from potentially poor. They demonstrate that the cause of poverty is not the lack of money, but in the psychological mood of the person, in his attitude to money. If you want to become wealthy, should examine their own thoughts and bring them to the appropriate wealth distribution. Otherwise you will not see wealth as their ears. Even though quite a lot of money, and will appear, they will not stay. Therefore, change the direction of thinking, habits and approach to the material side of life. After all, it is quite important!

Oh well. We have changed the habits, attitudes about money and even had amassed capital. How to be happy with him if all the time worrying about how not to lose your hard earned money? And it needs to move on and to protect themselves from the "madness" on the financial side of life.

 how to become happy and rich

How to combine the wealth and happiness?

As we have already realized that in order to make good money, you need to revise your attitude to money. And, if necessary, to modify it. But you simply because you never get rich! You want to be happy at the same time. The well-known adage states of happiness, they say, are not born rich and beautiful and be born happy. But where to dig it, is the state? The true meaning of it is that happiness - is a feature of the soul. Conclusion: if we want to, and the wealth and happiness of the state of consciousness, again, have to work.

You will need to soberly assess yourself and, if necessary, to develop qualities such as:

  1. Ability to share

    Rich and happy people do not suffer from a pathological greed. Of course, they are not handing out money left and right. The rich can give them to the development of a long-term project or donate to charity. Because they realize that they need to maintain a balance between the "take - given ', or capital may be another grave. Sharing the joy you need, with enthusiasm and optimism, and charity in this case is an excellent option.

  2. The ability to appreciate the simplicity

    If you think the purpose of life enrichment, then you will not be happy, having a lot of money. Because you always fear losing them along with you to the luxury environment. When one knows that in the unpretentious life too has its advantages and is not frightened of her, destroying his fear of bankruptcy arises. It promotes the free development of the ability to enjoy the world recklessly that, in fact, is the foundation for happiness.

  3. Relaxed attitude to money

    The man often identifies itself with money and feels almost physical pain, even when they spend on something useful. But capital in order exists to use it for their own benefit! Do not pray to the same wealth, in actual fact ... Finance must circulate to work, go - go. Lying money - dead money. Yes, they do not spend, but then do not bring anything! If we do not touch it, the energy of money is exhausted, and their meaning is lost. The result is savings equivalent scratch. No sense from them, nor much good.

  4. The absence of envy

    If we see a number of people richer than themselves and they envy, happiness becomes almost unreachable. There will always be those who have more money. But that's no reason to spoil all the time its existence envy! May they prosper, we should not feel because of this discontent. It would be better to set a goal to achieve the same as that of the tycoons, and strive for it. Otherwise restrict the envy of your actions and destroy the joy of life.

  5. The habit of not thinking a lot about the financial problems

    We can be happy only when we are not tormented by constant worry about money. One should not devote all their thoughts, it izgryzaet soul and darkens life. However, you can get rid of the trouble only when there are no significant debts. This means that you need to avoid cost overruns and schedule their costs in the presence of some loans. In addition, it is better not to invest in risky projects, even if they have a chance to bring a good profit. Secure investment and will save your nerves and thoughts released, and the excess will not provoke anxiety.

  6. The optimism and the desire for a full life

    You can not live with only one work. Many workaholics fully devote his time professional activity, not being interested in nothing else. In order to not forget how to have fun from the heart, it is necessary to have some hobbies. Life is colorful and multifaceted, and it is desirable to explore the many manifestations. Dedicated to this free time - a great thing. It allows you to find inner harmony is the perfect breeding ground for the colors of happiness.

Everything that we have just mentioned, can be reduced to a simple formula: "If you want to be rich, if you want to be happy, change your world and give yourself the freedom." Money has a feature attracted to someone who they respect, appreciate and know that they, too, must live, not to die in the egg capsules. People exist only for the sake of their capital, are not able to experience the true excitement of some event.

Money becomes an idol, which manages man crushes on him, oppressing. How to free the man himself did not believe it - a servant of the capital. Capital orders, executions, has compassion, manipulates the thinking and actions. Slaves are never happy. Shackles money should be reset - let wealth serves us, not we it. Man must at least sometimes to be happy. Otherwise, his life, even if it took place amid a fantastic luxury can be considered lived in vain.

 How to become happy and rich: change life for the better!

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