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  • As attention affects the ability to remember
  • How to improve the ability to concentrate?
  • How to facilitate memorization?
  • Exercises to improve memory

You can be intelligent, well-read and educated man, but it will not do you no good if it became difficult to concentrate and remember. If our mind was something like a computer, we would just put an extra chip to upgrade and enhance our memory. However, the human brain is much more complex all the most modern machines, so this is not so simple. It is about how to improve memory and how to the ripe old age to keep their mind and memory in good shape, we'll talk.

Human memory - both short and long term - needs regular exercise. The only way to make full use of memory, and with it and focus on full power, keep a clear mind to old age. You may ask - why, when we talk about memory, we mention and attention? Note (or concentration) - two brains, which are directly linked. In fact, many memory complaints have nothing to do with a real ability to remember. They are due to the inability to focus on the task. That's why people are actively looking for ways to improve their memory.

As attention affects the ability to remember

Take, for example, such a case. You get out of the supermarket, look at the parking lot - and you can not remember where to put your car! It is likely that when parking, you just do not pay attention to details of the place where the machine is. Your brain is not "registered" any information that later would help you remember where the car should look. The same thing happens when we can not remember where are the glasses of champagne, where we put the money or where are the gloves. Well, how can we not wonder about how to improve memory ?!

Many of our actions are performed automatically, and so the ability to concentrate progressively weakened. In addition, with age, all brain needs more time to process information. Reduced brain and other functions. Especially difficult it becomes to concentrate and ignore distractions. All this does not improve memory. What can we do to improve brain function? How to improve memory and attention in order not to lose the performance for years to come? Perhaps there are some special exercises? Let's look at the order.

 how to improve memory

How to improve the ability to concentrate?

The most reliable way to improve memory will improve a person's ability to concentrate. It is this attention should be focused man trying to understand how to improve your memory. Some special exercises for this does not exist, but we offer a number of very useful recommendations that are sure to be useful.

  • Do focus on the task at hand. Ask more questions to clearly understand all the details;
  • Try to eliminate all distractions. The more complex the task, the more you should focus on;
  • Do not attempt to simultaneously do several important things, it would increase the probability of error. When you try to do several things you will have to divide your attention, so you will not be able to properly focus on each task.
  • Use meditation. Scientific studies have shown that meditation can be a good tool to study the human brain.

How to facilitate memorization?

Once you learn how easy to focus on what is important, we can go further. If you abide by the following recommendations, you will not have time and again wondering how to improve memory. If all the recommendations at once - for you too hard, you can implement them gradually, one by one.

  • Concentrate and focus (see above!) When you need to remember something;
  • Repeat the information you need to remember. Come back to it several times until you are sure that finally remembered;
  • Resorting to associations when trying to remember something. Attempts to give additional meaning information in the future will help facilitate recall, because your brain will have more to search for signals;
  • Spoken out loud what you want to remember. It is possible at this time to include the music - it will create associative array (not for nothing that we more easily remember the words of the song than the same lyrics, but without the music!) And also add effects to your hearing. The more senses involved in the process of remembering, the more there is "tracks" leading our memory to the desired information. For the same reason it is useful to remember the information recorded;
  • Connect the new information to what you already know, whether it is a new material that builds on previous knowledge, or simply address places, which is located on the street where your friends live.
  • For more complex information that you need to learn and remember, to apply the method of studying the basic ideas rather than memorizing individual details.

 improve memory

Exercises to improve memory

You can train your memory, without even noticing it. For example, when you play with the children in a word or while away the evening at crossword puzzles, you also train your brain - all great exercises in which you can improve the situation. By the way, try to learn a poem with the children - the best exercises to train memory of mankind has not invented.

In addition, you can do some simple exercises to improve memory:

  • Make a list of some (such as a shopping list for tomorrow), and try to remember it. About an hour later, try to play it. Then, check the list of previously written. When succeed, make a long list - it will enable the greatest mental stimulation;
  • Try to make all the calculations in his mind, without using paper or a calculator;
  • After returning home from some place new, try to map the memory area or room in which you have visited. Repeat this each time you visit a new place. After the sixth-seventh of exercise you will do it automatically, without even being aware of this.
  • Learn a foreign language. It is very well stimulate the brain;
  • Carried away cooking. During cooking, widely used multiple senses - smell, touch, sight and taste - that activate different parts of the brain.
  • Most engage fingers. Get some new skill that involves fine motor skills of hands, such as knitting, painting, assembling puzzles, and the like.
  • You can ask family to help you. Make cards with numbers - from one to ten. Let you show the cards in random order, and then you'll have to play them. Do not smile - despite the fact that this mission at a kindergarten, a very small number of adults deal with it. After ten cards with no problems, can complicate the task of adding new ones. And if you refer to this exercise, the whole family, it can be a very enjoyable pastime!

You are free to come up with a method to improve memory, which in this case will be to your liking. The main thing - to do this you must not occasionally, but regularly. And then a clear and strong the memory will stay with you until a ripe old age!

 How to improve memory and attention?

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 how to overcome the fear of failure

Fear of failure haunts some people, blinding them not giving to take any measures to succeed. One can not master a foreign language, because hesitates to pronounce the word aloud, while the others practiced in pronunciation. The other is afraid to invite someone to a meeting in advance for fear of rejection. The third does not dare to accept the proposal to change jobs, and continues to work for meager wages. How to overcome fear of failure for such people? Gloomy thoughts and emotions of a possible failure, occurring even before we started to do something, stop us from trying to act. Such inaction itself can lead to failure, because it does not give us achieve success.

What is failure? It is unlikely that a failure can be called a mistake, we can prevent. Mistakes are inevitable, and there are no errors that could not be corrected. Just them we must honestly recognize and correct time. The attempt to bring us the experience, using which we can get a good result. Some people think that the confident and successful people never suffer any losses. It is not true. Successful people make mistakes, too, but they are not afraid to go on using the failed attempt as a lesson. They see the loss as a part of life, and know from experience - the more the fear of possible failure, the more likely that it will happen.

How to get rid of fear?

Pursued by fear of failure of people do not know how to confront his phobia. We are ready to suggest how to deal with their fear of failure. The first work on yourself - you need to get rid of self-doubt. If possible, speak with a specialist who can help you cope with your depression and increased anxiety.

Always tune in to the action. At least, if you try to do something, at least you'll know for sure that you are not idle. In any, even an unsuccessful attempt to have a great advantage - you can learn from their mistakes. You do not think that you can live life without making any mistakes? If your first attempt is unsuccessful, then you at least will know what happened. If you decide to make a second attempt, it will already know what to do to increase your chances of success.

If you have to do something very important and you're afraid to fail - there is a very good way to get rid of the fear of failure important matter. Develop for yourself a backup plan in case if the first attempt is unsuccessful. If you can not achieve a positive result from the first time, you'll know how you proceed. Such a plan prepared in advance will reduce stress; You can easily make a decision and act deliberately. Fear of failure is evaporated without a trace, when you believe in what you are doing.

'Build' faith in their luck literally brick by brick. Having decided to do something, the night before, try to visualize a successful outcome. Do this just before bedtime. Close your eyes and imagine that you have already started to commit conceived. Whatever you do - you do quietly and confidently. Imagine the joy and pride in themselves that experience when succeed. You are sure to succeed, even if you have to make several attempts! Upon successful completion of this case is your self-confidence will increase many times. Immerse themselves in positive emotions, stay in that condition a few minutes, and then try to sleep. Your subconscious mind will remember this emotional state, and will strive to recreate it again, setting you up for success and suppressing the fear of failure.

Change your attitude to the loss. The rule is - the loss is not a tragedy, but an opportunity to gain new experience. Just think about what you did wrong, so that next time to avoid such errors.

Never avoid doing things that cause you concern. Once you overcome the panic starts - start doing deep breaths. Deep breathing will relax you and distract from panic thoughts. You will be surprised to find that your fears are greatly exaggerated. And if you really can not bring himself this time, be sure to try and try again the next time to see it through.

If you have taken the steps did not work, the fear of failure is not to retreat in a hurry - do not despair. You just need some more time to change their attitude towards a possible failure. The main thing - to believe that you can overcome yourself. Continue to work on yourself, and good luck will smile to you!

 How to overcome the fear of failure

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