the joy of old age


  • Part with misconceptions and myths!
  • How to feel younger and live a full life?
  • How to remain an active member of society?
  • Must adequately resist changes
  • What do the polls and psychological research?

As people get older, they experience a lot of serious life changes, including retirement, loss of loved ones, physical ailments associated with aging. These changes interfere in their life, causing stress and leading to depression. It does not matter whether such touched us, and we still young and full of energy, thought so our elderly parents. We must do everything possible not to let depression in their everyday life or in the life of our loved ones.

Happy Aging - is much more than the ability to stay physically strong. This preservation of commitment and interest in life. Imagine, and old age can be a joy! Of course, the components of healthy aging can be different for everyone, but common factors are always good emotional state and ability to cope with stress. After all, it is no secret that a positive attitude and inner harmony - the key to a happy existence in any age. Knowing the basic formula of healthy aging, you can help yourself or someone you know to live fully.

Part with misconceptions and myths!

To deal with any change is always difficult, no matter how old you are. For older people, the main problem is the huge number of changes, which are growing like a snowball. This loss of career, health, friends, life partner and even their independence. Naturally, all this is felt heavily. But at any age, it can mitigate the severity of joy losses. To balance the loss of a sense of positive components of life - this is the commandment "formula" happy old age and aging.

What is the happy "autumn of life"? First of all, it is the continuation of the physical and social activity and the ability to adapt to change. Unfortunately, for many people the thought of old age bring anxiety and fear. "How will I take care of myself? What if I lose my spouse? What will happen to me? "- These are the sad thoughts almost always disturb the elderly. However, many of these concerns are related to common misconceptions about aging, which are often too exaggerated or simply untrue. The truth is that you are much stronger and more resilient than you think. Let us try the myths about how feeble old age, to debunk the specific facts - prove that she can be happy.

Old age means poor health, often a disability. It is not necessary. Of course, there are some diseases that are more common in old age. However, old age does not mean that you automatically become decrepit or forced to transfer to the wheelchair. Many older people continue to have excellent health. Preventive measures such as good nutrition, exercise, active lifestyle and stress management, can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and the consequent deterioration in later life.

Memory loss is an inevitable part of aging. Indeed, the age of a certain effect on human brain activity. If you have more than thirty years, you have probably noticed that the memory is not as easy as before. Nevertheless, a significant memory loss is not an inevitable result of aging. Strengthen it can be at any age, and exercises to train the brain is not so complicated. You can enjoy crossword puzzles or puzzles while trying to gradually complicate the task. Every day, do something new, and it does not matter whether you go to the grocery store or a new way to brush your teeth with the other hand. The more you have to strain your brain, the more benefits will get.

You can not teach an old dog new tricks. In one of the most destructive myths about what constitutes old age, it said about the impossibility after a certain age limit to try something unknown, and this leads to a gradual loss of life. Quite the contrary! Psychologists are advised not to perceive old age as a time of recession and retrogression.

Having studied the cognitive abilities of people aged sixty to ninety years, experts have come to the conclusion that they can not only maintain existing skills and knowledge, but also to successfully learn and develop new ones. It turns out that old age does a lot for us old rich experience. It is responsible for the acquisition of new knowledge. Older people are also able to learn something unfamiliar and thrive in unusual conditions, as well as the young. If you believe in yourself, your conviction and firmness prepare fertile ground for positive change in their lives. This is regardless of age!

 the joy of old age

How to feel younger and live a full life?

A key component in the recipe "How to make a happy old age? "- Is the ability to find meaning and joy. As we age, our life is sure to change, and we will lose that still occupy a large part of it. For example, will have to leave favorite work or leave the children far from home. But that does not mean you have to stop their advance. If you still do not know where to start their new "autumn" chapter, try some of the following, for example:

  • think of his longtime hobby, which previously did not have enough time, and be engaged in favorite business seriously;
  • spend more time with their grandchildren or pets, because sincerely and selflessly loving creatures infect you with its energy and joie de vivre;
  • learn something new for yourself, play a musical instrument, foreign language, learn to use the computer;
  • take part in public life: visit the city events, become an active member of the women's council;
  • enter into a club with the same interests;
  • Take a weekend trip to a place where you've never visited;
  • spend more time in nature: take a walk in the park, enjoy the scenic views;
  • join the art: visit a museum, go to a concert or a play.

The possibilities are endless. It is important to choose something that will be for you the most interesting and bring joy. If you find time for spiritual growth in your soul will be no place for the aching emptiness, and hence looms age does not scare her inevitability. Later life can be full of other exciting events, unless you want it.

How to remain an active member of society?

One of the biggest problems in older people is isolation and the loss of communication with the public. When you get older, to maintain relationships with others at the same level even more difficult for those who are still led an active social life. Retirement, death of friends and family - all this narrows the space for dialogue. And the older you get, the more people and the relationships with them, you lose. In this situation, it is important to remain open to new connections. We must make ourselves understand that loneliness and isolation can pose a real threat to your well-being. The good news can be called that there are many ways to maintain an active relationship with the world, in spite of old age.

  1. Maintain constant communication with friends and family. Most spend time with people that you like and that you create for optimism, generously sharing positive. Perhaps such a person will be your neighbor, and it is possible to take a walk in a nearby park. Do not give up the dinner with an old friend to celebrate a common anniversary or go shopping with your children and grandchildren. Even if you are far away from each other, continue to communicate often by phone or e-mail to your relations were still strong.
  2. Make an effort to make new friends. When you lose the usual circle of people, it is important that there were other links to your space for dialogue is not narrowed. Try to make friends with people who are much younger than you. Friend that younger age, will enliven your world and help you to look at life with fresh eyes.
  3. Take the time to communicate with at least one person every day. Phone or e-mail contact can not be a complete substitute for live conversation with people. Regular face-to-face - one of the greatest joys in the elderly that will help protect you from depression and stay positive person, in spite of old age.
  4. Log a support group of sick people. If you or your loved one has been able to adapt their lives to any serious chronic diseases, help advice and example to cope with the problems of other people suffering from this disease.

Must adequately resist changes

Age and old age lead the times of joy and stress. But the realities of modern life do not indulge even the young and the strong spirit of the people. Therefore, approaching old age suggests that it is important now to improve their resistance to stress and learn how to find healthy ways to solve problems. This will help you worthy to join the mature period of life, and you can be among the many people who are approaching "autumn of life" smile sunny days and give real "Indian Summer."

Be thankful for each new day. Learn to be happy to meet the sunrises and sunsets accompany without sadness. Clearly, the longer we live, the more we lose. But the more we lose, the more precious it becomes life! When you stop taking it as a matter of course, then you learn to appreciate it even more, and enjoy what you have.

Allow yourself to express strong feelings. When you happen to overcome difficult moments and strong emotions, you may see fit to keep them inside. Many people think that a surge of feelings, tears - for the weak people. However carefully hidden experiences can lead to severe depression. Do not keep feelings to yourself, get an opportunity to express them. This can be done, such as a reprimand to a close friend or write in a personal diary.

Accept what you can not change, and try to look at it from a different angle. Many things in life are beyond our control. Instead they focus, Focus on the things you subservient. And the trouble should be taken with dignity and a sense of humor. This principle can be used to meet the impending old age without fear and depression.

Look for the good in the bad. As the saying goes, "what does not kill you makes you stronger." When faced with serious problems, try to look at them as an opportunity for personal growth. If your own actions brought you to the problem, reflect on them and learn from their mistakes, because the age and old age can not be a hindrance to objective and true conclusions.

Do not hide from challenges. Position ostrich anyone yet, and I never rescued. Of course, if the problem seems too large, it is sometimes easier to "hide it under the rug." But this neglect does not give you the possibility to get rid of it, it just allows you to be born by your anxiety and stress. But old age - not the best time to do this. Just repeatedly make one small step to resolve the issue. And let gradually, but you can go a long way to strengthen their own confidence and to realize that you are not powerless.

 old age and aging

What do the polls and psychological research?

Since old age - an essential stage in the life of each person, the interest in how happy she might be worried about the society for a long time. Therefore, it is understandable why sociologists, psychologists and gerontologists lot of time and give the answer to this burning question. And what conclusions they have reached. Undoubtedly, happy old age - is not a myth but a reality. But they talk about their feelings the people who have managed to keep a craving for renewal habitual views and interests, and are willing to rethink the previous experience, adapting it to the new realities.

All the old men, certainly nostalgic for the irretrievably lost youth. But some of them are pointless grieve about it, while others carefully turning the pages of his memory, remove the joyous moments and happy experiences, giving inspiration and joy. It is easier and safer to refer to his old age, those of us who lead an active life in the present and does not abandon plans for the near future.

Thus, the elderly are able to find harmony within ourselves and then form the main basis, allowing them to grow old happily. It consists in the true wisdom that comes only with age and allows us to treat the contemplative life, philosophically perceiving the idea that life is not eternal.

There is no doubt of great importance in making their own old age and the right attitude to have, and it is what type of personality belongs to the people. Melancholic tend to see the tragedy of old age, crosses all life plans. People phlegmatic warehouse, perhaps will not see in the coming age cause for anguish, because they are accustomed to perceive what is happening in their usual manner, that is, quietly and without much emotion.

Choleric, always giving vent to his violent feelings may look extreme and fight with the whole world because of the fact that transport them suddenly gave way to the words: "Grandma, sit down! You also probably difficult to stand? "Sanguine, that is to be expected, retirement due to age generally perceive enthusiastically. No wonder, because it will save them from the tedious need every day to go to work, when there are many other interesting things, you can, for example, to read a new detective novel or embroidered panels.

That is why for some, old age, death of loved ones, feeling of physical weakness or inattention on the part of relatives can be a cause for depression, and even neurosis. A stronger person possessing the vital resistance, able to adequately assess the validity and skillfully adapt to it, do not lose their self-esteem and philosophical look at what change they can not afford.

Many scientists are concerned by the fact that a good physical shape, a favorable family background, and a comfortable life does not guarantee man the opportunity to quietly take his own aging. It often happens that the absence of most of these factors did not prevent the elderly to live in harmony with his advanced age. What is the secret of these have, in their own happy, old man?

Experts have found an answer to this difficult question. In addition to general psycho, successful adaptation to the "autumn of life" it depends on how throughout the years formed a man under the influence of any circumstances develop his character that became the basis of his spiritual values ​​and internal settings. Researchers concluded that creative types, who do not see my life without your favorite things, it is easier to adapt to old age.

We are not talking only about the artists, actors and writers. No, the same teachers may well be called creative people, if you are passionate about their profession and retirement continue to try favorite thing, doing, for example, private lessons, or take an active part in the life of their own grandchildren, developing and nurturing them. As a result, older people with a lifestyle maintain mental sharpness and emotional quality that allows them to quietly accept their age.

Agree, successful and took place in the professional life of a person who has experience of saturated and vivid experiences, poor health and other problems associated with aging, to accept constructive, understanding and patience. But the loser, who often blame their troubles all around, except for itself, with age becomes surly grouch, capable of destroying a lot of blood relatives. Therefore, for happiness in old age should be able to realize himself in his younger years.

I must say that with the onset of old age people often fall into two extremes. In the first case, an aging man tries in every way to deny what is happening. It can be expressed in increased sexual activity or intense activity in the household, clothing style and tastes.