how to learn to think positively


  • Why learn positive thinking?
  • What is positive thinking?
  • How to find a source of positive thinking?
  • How to learn positive thinking

Our daily life is full of events that have a positive or negative response in our minds and in varying degrees of changing our inner world. Over time, the accumulated experience allows many people to learn how to react to events (especially in stressful situations) so as to extract from them the greatest benefit and suffer the smallest losses. Since people react, which is called optimistic. What distinguishes an optimist? First of all, he knows how to think positively. That is positive thinking helps these people find a way out of the impasse seems to be the situation.

Why learn positive thinking?

Our life goes on for the program, which makes our brains. That is, we consciously change the reality in which we live. Every day we are building your life by asking mental program. The more positive promises, the more often occur in the life of a good event. But the sense of insecurity and anxiety arises in us because we allow negative thoughts about themselves and their lives. Sometimes negativity is so strong that it can completely block the ability of people to see the way out of a difficult situation.

Maybe things are not going as we would like. But if you only worry and expect the worst, it only confuse you and you will never find a solution. Should I be concerned if the problem is solved? And what will change from your concern if you really can not solve the problem? It is better to keep your nerves and change mechanisms of thought, escape from the trap of negative reactions.

 how to learn to think positively

What is positive thinking?

What meaning should be invested in the concept of positive thinking? This way of thinking does not mean that you are a utknetes ostrich head in the sand and ignore trouble. The ability to think positively will just help you to examine these troubles in terms of their productive solutions.

Positive thinking can be developed, if only to want. When you learn to think positively, you will receive the key to changing your life for the better. Positive thinking people are making progress in difficult situations, have greater physical and intellectual capacity to withstand stressful situations. In general, they are more able to achieve good results than other people in similar circumstances. In addition, the cheerful people recover faster than others if they have suffered from a serious illness or accident. Interestingly, even accidents with positive people much less likely to happen! It seems that the ability to think positively develops them immune to trouble.

How to find a source of positive thinking?

Man is designed so that constantly chasing unstoppable flow of time. That is why we want all happened quickly. Similarly, we are trying to pave the shortcuts to success and happiness. Unfortunately, few are willing to spend the time and effort to develop the necessary skills and get all the benefits of positive thinking.

Our desire for instant success is so great that we are not able to give an objective assessment of what is going on positively, and only snatch scraps holistic picture. Guided by the principles of visualization of pleasant things for yourself, dream, we imagine. And then we see that nothing remains the same in our lives, and sometimes fall into even greater pessimism.

Visualization - an important component of positive thinking, but one it is totally inadequate. In order to begin to think positively, you have to change a lot in himself and in his outlook on life. We got you out of bed in the morning, went out - and start to look for an opportunity to succeed. Do not wait for luck will fall on your head, and look for it themselves in ordinary daily life. Try:

  • be open for good luck;
  • have the courage to act in order to achieve success;
  • make great efforts to ensure that change and become successful and positive person;
  • act to make a reality of their desires despite all the setbacks.

Sir Winston Churchill said: "Success comes when we suffer defeat after defeat without losing enthusiasm." Here is the formula of positivity: enthusiasm, plus action equals success!

In other words, if you really want to learn to use positive thinking, tune in to a regular job on himself. Strive for happiness and success, of course, important. But fast is not always good. Let your steps towards this goal will be slowly, but firmly and confidently. And believe me, the result will justify the funds that have been spent on his achievement!

 how to think positively

How to learn positive thinking

It's easy to keep a positive frame of mind when things go well. It is much harder to think positively in the midst of problems, difficulties and obstacles when failures are black stripe. At such moments it takes more effort, attention and patience, more faith in its future success. If you learn to always think positively, if you can withstand the pressure of stress and tension, then you will be much easier to find the best plan of action when things are hard.

To learn how to give up negative thoughts, you have to motivate yourself in a positive mental attitude. Here are some rules to help you learn how to think positively.

Conscious motivation to positive thinking

Consciously motivated in a positive emotional and psychological perception of herself, other people and different situations. Always praise and encourage yourself when you manage to succeed. Avoid negative internal dialogue. It's just a waste of time and energy, which ultimately does not change anything.

Taboo disappointment

Do not allow yourself to fall into disappointment if any difficulties and obstacles which prevent you to reach goals, but rather think about how you can get around the obstacle, or go the other way. Rejects all attempts to master the negative thoughts you: try to replace them with positive or enjoy something so that distract you from the depressing thoughts;

From positive communication - to positive thoughts

Do not let what they say around you, bad influence on your thinking and mood. More often communicate with people who bring something of value to your life experience. Try to avoid contact with those who kill your energy and enthusiasm. Most say something good about yourself and others. Do others compliments whenever feel that they deserve it.

Believe in yourself

Always keep the faith in their capabilities and skills. Start doing something new, or something old in a new way to do: Try to start with a small - go to the new cafe, change the style of clothing, see for yourself the new movie genre or find a new hobby. Read about people who overcame difficulties and achieved great success in their lives. An example of these people will give you the incentive to think positively.


Set a specific goal, even if it would seem that for the moment it is impossible to achieve. Develop a plan to achieve the objectives and work on its implementation, if every day to do something that little bit closer to the cherished goal you then pretty soon will notice the results of your efforts. Try to achieve the full implementation of each of the goal, no matter how small it may be, you will become a confident person with good self-esteem and positive thinking.

The belief in the materiality of thought

Every day I think about what else you need to do to work on them. Look for yourself, or invent new ways to learn how to think positively in various, sometimes even the most unexpected situations. Be careful not to let the negative mental images in your mind: you have to understand that not everyone in our environment has to joyful emotions, but it does not have a negative impact on your thinking.

Positive in Negative

Operate on the principle: if I can not change the situation, then I'll change my attitude. Analyze their behavior and attitude to different events: if you find that still follow the habits and attitudes from which want to get rid of, try to start working on yourself in this regard. We must get rid of such a pattern of behavior that does not bring you any good, and does not develop in the right direction.

Following these rules consistently and steadily, you can change your attitude to the world, changing your inner world. You will learn how to maintain and develop a positive mental attitude. Replacing the negative positive, you are surprised to find that life as a wise man Skilef argued, does not consist of events, and of our relationship to the events.

 How to learn to think positively, overcoming difficulties

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