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  • Why should you set goals?
  • How to set a goal?
  • How to complete the work to achieve the goal?

Many people live as if floating on the river. As the river would carry them in their waters by all the beauty on the beach, and life carries them in a rapid stream. They work hard, but it seems to never be able to make their work something worthwhile. Why is that? The main reason is that these people do not spend enough time thinking about what they want from life, and not have set ourselves specific objectives.

The result is they get quite natural. After all, how can you go on a long journey, not having even the idea of ​​where to go? Of course not! And we must think about the route and take the card with you. So it is with life. To achieve something, you must first set a goal. And plan what steps to take and how to achieve the goal, which is planned for himself.

Why should you set goals?

Once Mark Twain said, "I could show the world how to get what you want; The problem is that very few people know what they want. " Most people spend more time planning annual vacation than planning their own lives. But goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivation to turn this vision into reality.

The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve, you know where you should focus. The goal gives you a long-term vision and short-term motivation. It focuses you on the purchase of the necessary knowledge, and helps organize your time and resources to achieve the greatest results. Establish an accurate, clearly defined goals, you can see a clear promotion cases where before it seemed impossible. You can increase your confidence, when you are sure in their own abilities and competence to achieve the stated objectives.

Turn your dream into desire, and desire - the target! Dreams come true when we work hard to achieve goals. We enthusiastically tend to work for the achievement of something desired, than to do something out of duty. Do not go with the flow, like most people, and determine the direction of your own life. We will teach you how to achieve any goal.

 how to achieve its goal

How to set a goal?

First you need to learn how to set goals. You can set your goals on several levels:

  • First, create an overall picture of what you want to do with your life, or, say, the next 10 years (long-term goals). Identify large-scale goals you want to achieve.
  • Then break them down into smaller goals that will help you achieve your life goals (short term goals).
  • Finally, when you have formed a plan, begin to work towards achieving these goals. You already know what you need to do during the year, next month, this week, particularly today. So, step by step, week by week, you will begin to move toward the implementation of a long-term plan.

Write down your goals

Before to set long-term goals, answer the questions that will help you clarify the future:

  • How difficult is it for me to achieve these goals?
  • What do I need to achieve them?
  • What steps need to plan?
  • What do I need to learn?
  • Whose help do I need?
  • What emotions I can afford and that should be avoided?
  • What are the motives of my actions?
  • What is my motivation in the future if I have a problem?
  • What will help me deal with problems in the future?

Sort your long-term goals. Make a list, splitting it into three parts:

  1. Goals
  2. Tasks
  3. Actions

And perhaps the most important thing here is the need to write down all your goals on paper. Write down your goals, and then share them with your friends and family - so you visualize your future success, and it will bring you great results. It does not matter how you write; importantly, these records will help you focus on your plans. In addition, the recording, you can add to a more detailed information about the interim, short-term goals. The more information, the more detailed the plan, the more you can achieve.

The statement of your goals on paper will bring you more benefit than if you just keep them in mind. If you just think about your plans, it will mean that you are aiming at a distant dream. And if we were not able to convince you that in order to really achieve the goal, it is necessary to first elaborate on paper, we present a few arguments deployed:

  1. It helps to relieve stress. If you do this, you can better understand what you are targeting and what you want from your life. This will help you to remain calm and to continue to work on.
  2. It helps to analyze the decisions taken. Write your goals, and even better - keeping a diary will help you analyze your actions, as well as problems. This analysis will help you solve these problems much faster.
  3. This will help you discover its hidden possibilities. Entries will help you to free your mind and stop criticizing myself. So you will be able to see all their potential and successfully implement them. In addition, reading the previous entries, you can clearly see that your efforts bring tangible success. You will realize that they can do much more than previously thought possible.
  4. This will help strengthen your subconscious. Your records may be for you a therapeutic agent which will help to strengthen your spirit. After all, you have forged diary is not to whine and complain, and to write down all their thoughts and ideas. Blog will be your motivator; reminding you of your dreams and ideas about your successes, it will show you the way to the realization of a dream. Diary to record your goals and plan of action - a tool with which you will be able to discover their potential.

Some of the steps to success

Setting realistic, but inspiring goals. Set a big goal, which will motivate you to action; but not so large that it will seem to you unattainable. In this case, you do not hesitate and decide to make their first steps.

Brainstorming. Are there other ways to achieve the goal? Write on paper all you come to a head in the first three minutes after the issue. Write everything, even if there is something you will find a complete stupidity. So you can "catch" an interesting idea.

Requests the Council. No one can tell you exactly what you need to do to reach their goal, but one of the best sources for the guide to action may be advice of more experienced people. Just do not make the common mistake - learn from the experience of others, but do not imitate them!

Learn from the mistakes. It would be right if we were taught in school how to learn from mistakes, rather than avoid them. In pursuit of the aim of error is very predictable. They are important because they will correct you and will ultimately lead to success.

Creating checkpoints. In order to control themselves and make their progress more tangible, you must create for themselves the control points. For example, if you want to buy a car next year, it should be written for myself that in three months you have to earn a certain amount, even after three months, you should have been so many, and so on. Coming to the specific date and checking their actual results with planned earlier, you can be sure that you are on the right track.

Believe in yourself. Very often it happens that the relatives do not share your enthusiasm, and even begin to criticize your "Napoleonic" plans. Do not pay attention to it, be focused on your dreams; believe in yourself, even when you do not believe in the other!

 get there

How to complete the work to achieve the goal?

First of all, congratulate yourself a job well done. It does not matter how big or small your goal; achieving it is a step in the right direction for success in your life. Reward yourself for your efforts, pampering yourself with something pleasant (of course, this may not be a big piece of chocolate cake if your goal was to lose weight!) Reward for success in achieving the initial goal will help you with the motivation on the way to your main goal. Do not stop there - set new goals! You have achieved complete success and came to the ultimate goal? Then go back to the beginning of the list and develop for themselves a new target. You've already seen in their abilities; so believe in what they will last for a few more grand plans!

First Blog Entry

Make today its first entry in the diary dedicated to setting and achieving your goals! Before you set a goal, write down ten "commandments" that will always remind you how to achieve any goal:

  1. Clarity of purpose. To dream become a goal, it should be given. Very fun to dream of wealth, but of you it is required courage and hard choices to decide exactly how much money you want and how you are going to earn.
  2. Burn for a ship. Once your goal is to become clear to you, emotionally, tune only on her achievement. You have to come can only be victory for itself other way is not allowed.
  3. Tell about your goals. Once you have identified your goal and tuned to achieve it, start talking about it. Scoring goals makes them for you emotionally colored and more real. Your family and friends will help you and support along the way. Some may start to criticize your dreams; Try no longer talk to them about your goals.
  4. Record goal! This is a major and one of the oldest, simplest and most powerful techniques for achieving any goal. Describe exactly what you want to do; describe and record the details of deadlines.
  5. To make a plan. Make a "map" your way to the goal, and be sure to include the date of each milestone of your way.
  6. Formulate the problem in every day. Every morning, put itself the task of the coming day and record it in your diary. You can write a brief statement of the problem on a small sheet or notebook to record the whole day was in front of your eyes. Do not wear the same with a diary or a complete plan for several years ahead! Your dream is worth it to spend a moment of time and write a list of activities for the day. This will help you focus your attention on the priority actions. Do this every morning!
  7. Every day, do something that will bring the dream. "Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Your goal would be closer if every day to do at least a little effort to achieve it. To write a novel, write a chapter this week. To open a business in a few months, now read the newspaper with the right information. To create a large and happy family, let today embrace yourself to the guy. To become the best distributor of the year, to make the first phone call right now.
  8. Use a permanent approval. What do you think - an athlete who set the record, I thought: "I hope I'll do it" ?! Sure, he thought otherwise: "I'll do it! "Just to think you are. Every day, tell yourself exactly what you want to hear - "I'll do it! ".
  9. Often, to review its objectives. Never be afraid to revise your goals, estimate, still they absolutely your concern. If your values ​​have changed accordingly and change your goals. Be honest with yourself. If your goals are still fit your interests - aspire to it with all my heart!
  10. To celebrate the completion of each stage. Each tick on your calendar to be celebrated! Treat yourself to a gift, tell your friends about it, you can even throw a party! Each successful step towards your target should be fixed in your diary and rewarded. If the time comes when you will not despair or doubt, the memories of your former triumphs quickly get you back on the right path. Ask any marathon runner - he will tell you what notes to overcome yourself every kilometer on the way to the finish line. Rejoice and each milestone you on your way to victory!

Setting goals - is a lifelong process. Your goals may change along the way, but eventually you have to come to the most important of them. As you become more experienced and will know exactly how to achieve this goal, you will feel much more confident and be able to set more complex tasks. Develop your expertise and good and bad, and become better than you have been so far!

 How to achieve the goals and realize the dream

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