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  • Diet - a panacea?
  • Psychological factors
  • Various endocrine diseases
  • How can we win overweight?
  • Physical exercise

Overweight - the main enemy of the majority of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. And the struggle with the enemy being in a life and death. The course is very heavy artillery, to invent more and more new varieties of strict diets, and sometimes women even resort to plastic surgeons.

And there is this fight any end or edge. And in most cases, alas, victory is far from us. What to do? Is there no way to break this vicious circle, and still achieve his ideal? It turns out there is. So why do it not for everyone? It's very simple - very often women forget the elementary rules, compliance with which will not leave extra kilos slightest chance. What kind of rules, we find out today.

So, one day, standing in front of the mirror again, you realize that jeans that until recently were free not agree on good 5 cm. The disaster, panic! What to do? We know that - that right there, near the mirror, we decide to start a new life. As usual - Monday. But where do we just start? In this case, it is necessary to raise the question - what do we want to achieve in the end? Weigh and assess the situation, choose options: may be sufficient simply podshtukaturit facade, just find a more suitable fasonchik clothes or still required major repairs. On the facade, then, of course, it will be easier ...

But .... hype has taken care to drive our bright minds that are successful only young and slender, and our deepest spiritual qualities not interesting. And, of course, the same advertising made sure to make us believe that being overweight may lose easily for 5-7 days ...

And we, the adults, know perfectly well that miracles do not happen, but all the same is tempting to once again try "to easily remove the fish from the pond." But propyl miracle remedy, yet again we wonder favorite question: "What to eat to lose weight? "Or" How to lose weight after eating at night? ". Unfortunately, though predictably, we come to the disappointing results that being overweight is still here ...

Diet - a panacea?

In war, all means are good - this principle, we arm ourselves. And waive sweet, flour, fat, salt, smoked. By the end of the first day of the diet, we feel mild irritation at everything and everyone. Including on any innocent relatives who shamelessly before our eyes consume sugary and fatty, which for some reason is not going to follow our feat. Even on television advertising, which time and again arise pictures of food, quietly watching we can not.

The second day we meet in the viciously-irritable condition ... Melancholy chew cabbage and carrots gnawed. Day, another ... .In Sunday evening, happily vsparhivaya on the scales, sad to state that obesity is still here. Week torment the hungry rumbling stomach at the wrong time ... and minus 500 grams on the scale ..

Why is this happening? Because your body, falling into hysterics, begins to lay fat stores, even removing them from a totally non-fatty foods. And in the first few weeks of the weight it goes very slowly. A diet to sustain longer term - it is not a simple lack of willpower only a few. Not to mention the fact that such experiments are very dangerous for the health of women.

What to do if the diet - this is not the best solution? One answer - to normalize their eating habits. Moreover, it is best to resort to the help of a professional dietician. After all, do it yourself is not so easy as it might seem at first glance.

Once in the book "On Tasty and Healthy Food" gave examples of professions and their required calorie intake. And this is right - by way of a person's life, his profession and habits and independent body's need for calories. Are you sure you can do this need to calculate?

Another point that must be considered when drawing up the daily diet - it is a person's age. The older the person, the more many of the metabolic processes slow down. This means that less energy is required, and apply to the plate, we continue all the same portions. And it is often even more, because as our stomachs are pretty "broken." All these nuances and take into account the dietitian who will help you to choose the best diet.

 thyroid and weight

Psychological factors

But a correct menu - it's only half the story. The second - no less important half - is the observance of these same rules. And then the woman may face a number of psychological factors that impede the transition to a normal diet. Let's find out, what exactly.

  • We all come from childhood

For many women, seizing stress - habitual action. And to develop the habit of parents, parents who instead of what would calm the child - "plug" his mouth with food. And the best of intentions? From top right? Well, of course, the best from what else! I cry my child? In the candy! Scared to go to the doctor? But then I'll buy you a candy bar.

So uncomplicated way and produced an excellent habit of seizing the negative emotions - anger, anxiety. Why analyze your feelings and emotions as well just open the refrigerator? So we start there, not when really hungry, and when upset or experiencing.

Bored watching TV? Food and immediately come to the rescue. Looking at the monitor or TV screen is it possible to control what we eat and how much? So, the excess weight is guaranteed! I think that a lot of hobbies looking favorite series on TV at the moment do not care, that is, they are important to chew.

  • Alcohol

Such as excessive consumption of food takes place in the use of alcohol, the only difference is that now we do not eat, and a snack. And also, not controlling the process. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that for this reason, has not recovered much, except on public holidays. I doubt whether you drink alcohol on a daily basis.

  • Savings products

Another reason is stupid habit learned in my childhood, when my mother or grandmother to say phrases such as "if you do not eat everything put in a dish, you'll be a bad girl." And, so as not to upset his mother, who in support of their words read us good book "About the Society of clean plates" we tried working with a spoon.

But as a child we all run around the building, to climb into other people's gardens, kitchen gardens and energy consumption, we simply huge. But then there is a habit, but on construction sites, we do not run ... On the contrary, we would sit at the computer screen for days. And the habit will not go away. Just put - it is necessary to eat.

  • Motherhood

Next stage! Marries beremeneem ... Pregnancy is held under the slogan unshakeable, that during this period you need to eat for two! Who said that - unknown to anyone, but ... you mean you need. To learn how to give birth to a large baby, you will be told by those who practiced, and we'll see what happens next. And then begins a "malnutrition" the child ... And here it is already clear is clear: "Hello, excess weight." Familiar to many young moms picture, alas. By the way, these causes of excess weight are among the most common.

Various endocrine diseases

Speaking about the causes of obesity, in any case, not to mention about the state of human health - in particular, about the hormones. Overweight may occur if there are any health problems. The most common cause is becoming hormones. Hormones are "naughty" in the event that disrupted thyroid. If the thyroid gland is working intermittently, hormones may deviate significantly from the norm.

And hormones directly affect metabolism, which ultimately depends on the mass of the human body. Therefore, the hormones must be kept under constant review. You have increased the weight for no apparent reason? Consult your doctor, endocrinologist, who will prescribe blood tests for hormones and conduct the necessary examination. In that case, if the reason is precisely the thyroid gland, the doctor will choose the appropriate course of treatment, which will help bring hormones back to normal.

However, not only can affect the thyroid hormones. You may have to undergo more extensive survey, which will help the doctor understand why the hormones do not come back to normal. Such reasons may be different cysts and tumors of the reproductive system. Once the root cause of the disease, will be eliminated, the hormones return to normal. As a rule, modern medicine quickly to cope with similar problems. In short, keep your hormones under strict control.

 weight and hormones

How can we win overweight?

What to do? How to break this vicious circle? We have already mentioned that the dietitian will help you choose the right diet. However, immediately go to him will not be easy, so start small.

  • The most harmful product

First of all, you must completely give up only on those products that you are willing to not consume food the rest of your life. Of course, we are talking about flour, fat, spicy and smoked. Choose the product that will be the easiest way to leave - and do it every month. Just one year virtually all harmful products never appear on your desktop. And for you it will not be a special load.

  • Serving Size

Unfortunately, modern people eat much more than is necessary to maintain a normal life. Try to reduce the amount of food eaten. This is especially true for women in adulthood. If you want to keep in their fifty years the figure that you have been twenty-five years, apply to the plate you have exactly half of one of his "twenty-five" servings.

  • Do not eat just

Stop reading and watching TV when eat. Stop looking for something tasty edibles or just because you now have nothing to do. Stop seizing their emotions. If you're frustrated, upset or just angry at someone - you try to do the cleaning. If you are sitting, do short breaks, just rising from the workplace and walking up to the office. Physical exercises always bring joy and pleasure.

  • Split meals

Do not make big breaks between meals. Remember the great words, "Better fewer, but better." Fractional power will reduce the risk of extra kilos, while will not experience a debilitating hunger. Such food recommended by all dieticians as the most optimal and gentle.

Physical exercise

You can not console ourselves with only those that you eat enough. One diet is not enough. Even if the extra weight disappear, there may be additional problems. For example, sagging skin. It is therefore not recommended to get rid of extra kilograms, not getting exercise.

Therefore, to increase their physical activity is a must. And do not look for absurd excuses and a thousand excuses. Even if you can not afford fitness, swimming pool and so on, to begin with a stop to use the elevator. And try to go to and from work on foot. It is not possible because the work place very far? Then just go at least a couple of stops on foot.

Sitting front of the TV, replace walking outdoors. This will not only reduce the kilos but will also provide you a good mood. Let the weather is not always in tune with your mood, but you remember the classics? "There is no bad weather" - if you have a goal - no rain and snow will not hinder you.

Of course, the instant disappearance of extra padding should be expected. But even if you do not immediately notice the discharge weight, but it will go away slowly, without jumps, without creating additional stress for the body and stress. Be patient and you will certainly succeed.

Remember, you do not just discard the excess weight in order to be beautiful. At that time, when you sit on a diet, when to exhaustion at the gym - going on your life. Therefore, since the fight against extra kilograms and centimeters - sorazmerte their forces, opportunities and try to take up the challenge with a smile and to defend its position with a necessarily a good mood! And remember - to begin to ascertain the cause of excess weight, to avoid the development of health problems.

 Excess weight. What to do?

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