how to lose weight easily


  • "Bezdietnye" methods of weight loss
  • It is easy to lose weight through diet

Most of the girls losing weight seems painful process that requires sacrifice and constant, constant control diet. You also want to get rid of the extra kilos, but are afraid of boring exercise and a constant feeling of hunger? Then you'll be interested to know how to lose weight easily and quickly at home.

"Bezdietnye" methods of weight loss

  • Preparations blockers calories

Today in pharmacies sell drugs, offering quick and easy to lose weight, only drinking some pills before each meal. If you carefully read into the instruction, it turns out that they do not block the calories, and some groups of digestive enzymes. In fact, the blocker prevents the absorption of carbohydrate calories / fat occurring in the upper intestine. What, in fact, due to the only side effect of such drugs - problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Do not worry, gastritis and ulcers you will not lie in wait.

Just food that has not had time to "dissolve" in the stomach by the action of the blocker, into the intestine in the "undigested" form. Because of this, you may receive a feeling of heaviness, bloating and flatulence. Medical research the effectiveness of these drugs produce dramatic results: The test is in no way restrict your diet, lose weight steadily for two or three kilos a week. If you're willing to put up with flatulence in order to achieve this goal, a blocker of calories - what you need!

  • Eat to live and not vice versa

Eat only when you feel that hungry. If you are used to and there is often a lot, reduce portions in half, increasing the frequency of consumption of food. Carefully chew every morsel of food, savoring your favorite salad or dessert cheese. Do not "jam" stress chocolate and cakes. If you liked and threw hand and runs to the fridge, find yourself an interesting hobby, but do not eat everything.

  • Talking plate

The miracle of art, which appeared recently in the sale, will help you to motivate yourself. To plate connected sensors, which measure the weight of the food, the frequency of contact with a spoon / fork and regular meals. If you are ready to eat eggs at 8 pm, a plate chastise you for that power so late is not good for your figure. You're used to big portions? Then the plate will interrupt you during dinner sarcastic remarks on the topic of overeating.

  • Lock the refrigerator door

If you still can not get rid of the habit of always something to chew on, buy a "smart" lock on the fridge. He unlocks the door of the refrigerator only when you answer 10 difficult questions, to cope with which not everyone can scholar. We'll have to ask for the help of relatives or climb to the network to access the desired sausage or chicken salad. Rather, for a sandwich you will not want to spend half an hour of their time on such a "quiz." Developers lock on it and hoped - but when you want a complete dinner or lunch, you are not too lazy to find answers to questions of the electronic scoreboard.

  • Say "no" to fast food

You like potato wedges, burgers, store dumplings and cold Coke? Then do not be surprised that constantly gaining weight. Not only that, fast foods and semi-finished products high in calories - they retain water in the body and "loose" lipid metabolism. Even if with the favorite Chicken roll you eat healthy vegetable salad, all calories are "stay" on your thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Eat right - replace a handful of dried fruit cheeseburger and glass of cola - orange or apple fresh juice.

  • Breakfast - the most important meal

Office workers are often forced to give up a full dinner. However, if you ignore even breakfast, can not lose weight quickly. Scientists have proved that the human stomach, "will receive less" the right amount of calories during the morning and evening meals, evening "require" double the daily rate. A few hours after dinner, go to sleep, lack of exercise will provide you with the extra weight. Skip the dinner is better, but not breakfast. Start your morning with a portion of muesli, buckwheat or rye breads - energy for the whole day!

  • How to lose weight easily? Engage in physical activity, gladdening not only the body but also the soul!

Fitness sometimes brings more impressive results than a strict diet. Exercise strengthens the immune system, burn existing fat deposits. Exercise at least 3 times a week for 1, 5-2 hours. Do not do the exercises "through force" - get this type of load that you are interested in so that you will be happy to attend. Water aerobics, cardio striptease, yoga, belly dance - choose what your taste.

  • Massage, cosmetic wraps and hot tubs for weight loss

Good results give cosmetic treatments for the body, which can be carried out not only in the cabin, but at home too. To throw a few extra pounds can help turpentine baths. Buy at the pharmacy turpentine and take baths with the addition of the emulsion 2-3 times a week. It activates zhiroszhigatelny process strengthens the buttocks and helps to cope with stretch marks. Add the water 150-200 ml. white or yellow turpentine and sit in the bath for at least 30 minutes. Each time increase the temperature of the water by 3-4 degrees, and so up to 45 ° C. White emulsion turpentine accelerates blood flow and helps to eliminate toxins through the skin. Yellow - helps to relieve muscle tension and stimulates enhanced cell regeneration.

Solve the problem of excess weight can also be through the honey massage. Heat 200 grams. crystallized honey, add 10-15 drops of essential oil of rosemary, Sicilian orange or ylang-ylang, mix thoroughly. Take a shower, treat skin peeling and proceed directly to the massage itself. Apply honey on the skin in small portions, intensely rub, pat and pinch it. A few minutes later the mass of honey will turn gray and begin to slide into the gray balls. After finishing the procedure, treat the body hard sponge.

With the fat deposits in the thighs and buttocks "Spread" wraps. Prepare food cellophane film and thermal shorts. Mix 3 tablespoons cocoa butter, 1 cup of orange juice, 150 gr. liquid honey and 1 tablespoon tincture of red peppers. Spread the mixture over the hips and buttocks of a thin layer of film and turn around. Wear shorts and 30 minutes actively move - jump to the rope, run on a track or just responsible for cleaning the apartment. Wash any part of the shower, use a salt scrub homemade. To do this, mix 100 gr. sea ​​salt with 2 tablespoons lime essential oil, 3 tablespoons cold cream.

 how easy it is to lose weight

It is easy to lose weight through diet

  • Shangri-La Diet

Such a diet like any person - there is absolutely everything that you only want to. Sweet desserts, fatty meats, salads with mayonnaise and fried potatoes - eat what you want and still intensively grow thin! The main rule - drink before each meal or a glass of sweetened water 3 tablespoons quality olive oil. Sugar and vegetable fats contribute to a more rapid saturation - a portion that you eat will be half the size of normal.

  • Monodiets

Select the product that you will eat for the next week. Kefir, buckwheat, oatmeal, fresh apples, or cheese - you decide. Every day you have selected the product as many times and in such amounts that would be required for complete saturation. You can drink green tea, mineral water without gas or stewed fruit without sugar.

  • "Vegan" or macrobiotic diet

It is easy to lose weight if you - a staunch vegetarian? Just a little bit by changing the habitual diet, you disappeared for a week from 3-4 extra kilos. The diet is based on the daily eating sprouted grains of wheat. Eating a handful of this miracle product for breakfast, you will remember about food only in the evening. In addition, eat fresh vegetable salads, fruit and cereal porridges.

  • Soup Diet

How to lose weight easily by eating only one soup? Ideal - no side effects and rapid achievement of the desired result. The diet lasts for at least 28-30 days. The food is permitted to use only vegetable soups, mineral water and juices. Vegetables greatly reduce the level of glucose in the blood, "interrupting" the most appetite for flour, fat and sweets. Cook soups can be on the water or broth made from chicken breast. You can lose weight on a soup of celery, onions, cabbage and tomato. To prepare 4 servings, enough for consumption for one day, take 300 grams. cabbage leaves, 1 liter. water or low-fat chicken broth. Add the grated tomato, previously scalded with boiling water and peeled. Chopped leaves, tomato and broth mass must be boiled for 2-3 minutes. Do not forget to add salt and favorite spices.

  • "Coal" diet

Choose this diet if you have the opportunity to be home for the next two weeks. The list of products approved for human consumption, as well as activated charcoal tablets themselves reinforce the activity of the intestine, so the most severe side effect is diarrhea. The number of tablets necessary for the daily administration, is calculated based on your weight. Calculation is simple: for every 10 kg. "Assumed" 1 tablet of coal. On the first day tablet use, along with cheese, the second - with apples, the third - with boiled beets. Whatever diet or weight loss method you choose, clear move to the target in the form of the coveted mark on the scale. Otherwise you'll have to start all over again.

 How to lose weight easily and quickly at home

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