Olive oil for face

Use olive oil as a cosmetic has for several centuries. The miraculous properties of this product allow it to be one of the main components in the cosmetic industry.

Olive oil is not only a raw material in the production for the production of means to care for the body, face and hair, apply it consistently, and those who use cosmetics, prepared with their own hands at home. Experts beauticians believe this use of this natural product is warranted.

The beneficial properties of olive oil

Olive oil is a reason for a person received such popularity as a cosmetic product. It contains a large number of essential skin vitamins like E and A. According to biological studies, vitamin E prolongs the skin youth and elasticity and hydration it provides vitamin E. That is why regular use of olive oil, even in pure form provides the skin with youth, beauty and smooth the delicate structure. The olive oil also has a helpful and monounsaturated fats, which are necessary to maintain the skin in good condition and vitamins - D, K, W.

Olive oil is not applicable to allergenic substances can therefore be used even for sensitive skin. Equally useful would this product and for aging and dry skin. His ability to moisturize the skin and slows down the aging process is required to ensure a positive outcome. In women, the average age is steadily declining production of collagen and elastin by the body, so the olive oil, thanks to its natural elastin easily restore lack of it in the skin. Besides, oil accelerates the regeneration of cells, which causes its rejuvenation.

Moisturizing effect of oil formed due to its ability to retain the required amount of liquid in the cells of the skin without closing the pores, which is important. The use of olive oil can not only prevent wrinkles, but also to smooth fine wrinkles those who have already come.

The use of olive oil to cleanse the skin

Use olive oil for the face can be also as a cleanser, this procedure can be applied in the evening before bedtime or in the morning before applying makeup.

To clean the skin, olive oil should be slightly warm. For this dish with butter you need to put in a bowl or pan of hot water and soak for several minutes. Next, a cotton swab moistened with abundant oil and rubbed on the skin of the face massage lines. If the skin is dry, the evening after such purification is not necessary to remove the remaining oil before going to bed, as it is absorbed per night and further soften and moisturize the skin.

When conducting a cleansing of the skin in the morning, half an hour should be wet face cloth that will remove excess oil; You can instead use cloth to wash with warm water. When using olive oil to cleanse oily skin both morning and evening, ten minutes after the procedure should wash with cool water.

Olive oil could replace milky lotion, as a means for removing makeup from the face.

Olive oil for the skin around the eyes

Unlike many cosmetic products that can not be applied to the delicate and too sensitive skin around the eyes, olive oil, not only will not hurt her, but moisten the complex plots and even smooth out such treacherous "crow's feet". To use olive oil skin care around the eyes should be slightly warmed it and drive into the skin lightly fingertips. Depending on the condition of the skin, the oil can be forty minutes to get wet cloth or leave it on all night.

Face masks with olive oil

  1. The simplest mask - is olive oil, which is applied in the form of a heated with a cotton swab on the face. Leave the oil on the skin should be half an hour. Especially useful is the use of this tool for dry or flaky skin. You can lubricate the scaly patches of skin several times a day in combination skin. Not less than good, such a procedure would give aging skin, which requires intake of elastin to preserve elasticity and hydration to give it a velvety and softness. In addition, it is important, and the ability of olive oil to smooth wrinkles. For normal skin this mask will be an excellent prevention. In this case it is applied 2-3 times a week for half an hour.
  2. Mask of olive oil and flour is perfect for the care of normal and combination skin. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon of flour (you can use rice or oatmeal or ½ tablespoon white cosmetic clay). Mix the flour and butter until smooth and put it on your face for 15-20 minutes. The mask is washed off with water at room temperature.
  3. This mask is suitable for softening and moisturizing dry skin. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil (you can use 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 egg yolk), 1 tablespoon of fat cottage cheese. All ingredients should be carefully grind until smooth and put the mixture on the face. After 20 minutes, to wash off the mask with cold water. For aging skin in a mask, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey.

Mask of olive oil, fruits and vegetables for all skin types

For dry skin will suit the following composition: 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon fresh pulp of vegetables or fruit. For dry skin, you can use vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, zucchini, radishes, sweet peppers. From fruits and berries all favorable influence on dry skin banana, melon, persimmon, apricots, cranberries and black currants.

For combination or normal skin the mask can be left in the same, as well as fruit and berry components suitable citrus (tangerine, orange, grapefruit), kiwi, raspberry, red currant, peach, apple, grape, watermelon, strawberry, rowan.

The beneficial properties of olive oil you can use it on a regular basis as a means for removing makeup as a mask and means for skin care age. Therefore, olive oil for the face always received positive feedback from women who were convinced of its positive effect.

 Olive oil for your face. Its properties and applications

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 how to remove stretch marks at home


  • Remove stretch marks with the help of massage
  • Aromatic oils in the fight against stretch marks
  • Proper nutrition - it helps in getting rid of stretch marks on the body

If someone believes that the stretch marks appear only nulliparous women and those who threw a lot of weight dramatically - they are wrong. After stretching - a microtrauma of the skin, and they can occur in very young age. They are not insured by women suffering from hormonal disruptions in the body, they can get the girl, who began to grow actively. In short, everything that affects the sharp increase in the body, leading to the risk of stretch marks.

Of course, there are many useful procedures in beauty salons aimed at something to get rid of stretch marks on the skin. However, not every woman can afford to go to a professional cosmetologist: someone is no time, someone has no money. And because more and more members of the fairer sex are wondering how to remove stretch marks at home. And I want to do it quickly.

Remove stretch marks with the help of massage

To deal with stretch marks at home, of course, possible. And if not quite beat them, or at least make it practically invisible is quite real. Although perhaps not as fast as we would like. And one of the most effective means - it is a massage. With the help of massage can even inveterate stretch if not completely eliminate, or at least reduced.

Massage the abdomen is performed in a circular motion clockwise. It is possible to use a special massage cream libo cream against stretch marks, bought in a pharmacy. Although many (for example, the famous actress Sophie Marceau) prefer to rub into the skin of ordinary olive oil. There are many vitamins - A, D and E, as well as a large amount of wetting agent. Buy virgin oil and use it to massage the body.

If extensions are located at the waist, you need to massage the smooth movements, from the bottom up. Buttocks best to rub in a circular motion, and thigh - along the lines of tribes from the area and panties. You can use ordinary cotton mitten. Do not be lazy and do massage every day, at least 1, 5-2 months. Make sure that all movements were strong, but smooth enough. Try not to make sudden movements, so as not to stretch the skin - otherwise you can get totally opposite results.

Even while taking a shower do not forget about the fight against stretch marks: direct water jet on the problem areas, repeating the massage movements. When finished bathing, how to rub the body with a towel hard to enhance the blood circulation in the body. After the massage, apply to the skin problem areas any greasy moisturizer. Do not be lazy - and thought about how to remove stretch marks in the home for a long time will leave you. Quickly achieve this is unlikely, but just in two or three months it will be possible to admire the results.

 how to remove stretch marks

Aromatic oils in the fight against stretch marks

Use the oil can not only for massage; they themselves may well improve the condition of your skin. It is with the help of aromatic oils rid of stretch marks women from the most ancient times. The most popular of these oils - is almond oil and wheat germ. We present you a few tips on how to remove stretch marks in the home with the help of oils:
  1. Lotion "Carrot" homemade. For him, you will need 1 carrot, water and almond oil. So, wipe the carrots on a fine grater, put in a bowl and cover with water so that it covers the ground. After 15 minutes the carrots squeeze through cheesecloth. Add the juice of many drops of almond oil to make a thick creamy mass. Apply this lotion before going to sleep on the problem areas.
  2. For the next ointment, mix 2 drops of mandarin oil, 2 drops of neroli oil, 2 drops of lavender oil, 50ml of oil from wheat germ. Such a composition is very good even to get rid of old stretch marks, you can make them virtually invisible on the body.
  3. Another great help of stretching a mixture of olive oil and the oil solution of vitamin E. In one teaspoon of oil to add 650 mg of vitamin. If you want to make a whole bottle of the mixture, then you have to calculate the amount of vitamin E based on the volume of packaging.

Before you begin using aromatic oils to combat stretch marks, be sure to consult with your doctor: some people allergic to them, and during pregnancy, many aromatic oils are contraindicated.

 how to remove stretch marks on the body

Proper nutrition - it helps in getting rid of stretch marks on the body

Whatever method you struggling with stretch marks, good nutrition - it is one of the whales, which keeps skin health. Think about it: if you are sick, the doctor prescribes you a comprehensive treatment. So it is with stretch marks - use several methods, not forgetting about a balanced diet. After all, in addition to healthy looking skin that you gain with a healthy diet, you actually reduce the risk of weight gain, and hence the possibility of new stretch marks. Without proper nutrition remove stretch marks in the home you are unlikely.

What does it take to skin had a healthy, well-groomed? Hydration and vitamins. Therefore, do not neglect the food containing nutrients. Eat more fruits and vegetables, dairy products. Do not forget about the need to at least twice a year - spring and fall - to take multivitamin complexes. It is best to ask a doctor for help - he will choose exactly the products to suit you, with all the features of your health and body.

Drink eight to ten glasses of fluid a day. This amount includes water, coffee, tea, soups. Here are just here to refer alcohol should not be - it dehydrates the body.

Ways of how to remove stretch marks on the body a lot. But they all require patience and self-discipline. It does not matter if all your friends assert that it is impossible to defeat the stretch: a rolling stone gathers no moss. Take on arming some of our tips and soon you will be able to be proud of their smooth, beautiful skin. And girlfriends help remove stretch marks at home.

 How to remove stretch marks on the body?

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