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Skin care and hair care is probably one of the endless topics for discussion for all women. And one of the most pleasant and useful procedures - is lying completely relaxed with a clay mask on hair and mud on the body. After all, hair masks and mud are the oldest cosmetic procedures. Different types of clay has long been used for medicinal purposes. It is useful because it is rich in iron, magnesium and aluminum, it is very easy to use, stimulates the skin breathing, invigorates, purifies it and always brings excellent results. And clay is good affects the condition of the hair, which was known in ancient times, when there was beautiful jars with masks. So then it enjoyed great popularity clay hair treatment, of course, is not simple, and the cosmetics, hair cleaning and absorbing dirt.

Useful properties of clay masks for hair

Cosmetic clay hair has the ability to return the hair shine and silkiness, and restore the health of the hair and - thanks contained therein nutrients. Mask of clay can strengthen the hair roots and scalp to remove irritation and get rid of dandruff. The hair becomes stronger, because when such care is stimulated their growth.

Hair mask of clay is rightly called one of the most useful because it not only gently cleanses, nourishes the hair roots and revitalizes the whole, but also gives curls a beautiful natural shine and makes hair more volume. Also clay cosmetic for hair is used for absorbing excess sebum. Clay is used as a separate cosmetic product in combination with various other components.

 Hair Mask with blue clay

All kinds of clay

There are several types of clay: white, red, pink, yellow, green, gray and blue, and all of them are used in cosmetology. Different colors mean clay and various properties. Therefore, there is also clay for hair loss and hair growth, and other useful species. You can make masks and shampoos, make healing solutions for baths and wraps made of clay for hair - reviews say that all these products are made of clay are equally effective.

It must be said that the effect of each will be different types of clay. For example, black is very effective in the fight against excess weight and cellulite, and the green stabilizes the sebaceous glands. But we are interested in the blue, in fact mask it has a mass of useful properties. What? Now we will tell in detail about this.

Blue clay hair is the most healing of all possible kinds. It is best to strengthen the hair follicle, thus becoming effective against hair loss. And prevents hair breakage. Due to the high content of silicon in its structure it can be called and clay for hair growth. If you suffer from dandruff, the mask of blue clay will help you deal with this nuisance. Thus, the need to use blue clay for hair growth, they have brittle and weakened. Also, it will help to successfully combat dandruff and the presence of a strong hair loss: reviews after its use show a strong therapeutic effect of blue clay. Moreover, it deeply cleanses the hair. The reason is that it is optimal for the growth of hair lies in its structure, which includes a set of unique materials: silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium, titanium dioxide.

So, having considered in detail all the advantages, we can safely conclude that the mask of blue clay is an excellent option. Of course, depending upon the particular case of a problem. Blue clay for hair can be purchased at the pharmacy. It cost inexpensive. Masks made of clay for the general strengthening of hair is best done twice a month. And for hair restoration - two or three times a week.

Proper use of blue clay

Now tell how to make a mask of blue clay for hair and how to apply clay to the hair. For preparation, use only fresh solution of clay, because it can not be divorced stored until the next application. Clay powder should be diluted with warm water according to the instructions. Should get a thick consistency like sour cream or a little more liquid. After the clay should be applied to the scalp and hair.

Well, take care, that this liquid clay mask your hair is completely soaked. Top hair should be put on a shower cap (or bag or wrap with cling film) and wrap head with a towel. The mask usually works on hair for twenty minutes or forty. Then the hair should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water and shampoo. At the end of washing to clean hair definitely need to put balm - otherwise, after drying, they will be very hard.

Owners blond hair, if they have used this kind of clay after washing off the mask is recommended to wash your hair with shampoo with a toning agent. It should be diluted in proportion of their two parts to one part shampoo toning agent, because after using the blue color clays blond hair may turn yellow or slightly poseret. A toning agent returns blondes original luster and color of their curls.

 blue clay for hair growth

About clay hair mask

Of course, the theme of masks out of clay for hair inexhaustible. They should be constantly diversify, so as not to diminish their effectiveness. As already mentioned, the most healing since ancient times think blue clay for hair: reviews indicate more about the most popular of the species. So just imagine the most common and effective mask based on blue clay.

Hair mask of blue clay

For its preparation must take one teaspoon of blue clay, one egg yolk, one teaspoon lemon juice, butter, and also honey. Then you breed blue clay with warm water to a thick cream and add all the remaining ingredients. All is well stirred, apply first to the roots, then spread over the entire length of hair. That is the only correct version of the application.

If you have very dry hair ends, they must be pre-lubricated with any cosmetic oil. When the mask is applied, as usual, cover the head wrap and wrap up warm towel. This mask should be kept on the hair alone, but rather two hours. After this time - rinse with warm water. This recipe can also be used for oily hair - then instead of butter just add one teaspoon of castor.

Regular use of this mask (once or twice a week for one month) promotes good hair growth acceleration. In all clay masks should be further added ingredients such as honey, olive, and burdock oil, lemon juice, vinegar, egg yolk, cream or milk.

About washing hair blue clay

In addition to the use of clay masks a fairly common procedure is to wash her hair, because it is too effective and useful. Incidentally, it has the same therapeutic properties as the mask. Especially if you have not much time, and your hair needs nourishment to regain their strength and shine, then your choice should be in favor of it washing hair clay.

So, how to wash your hair with clay? Here is one of the most effective recipes. For him to mix equal parts water and apple cider vinegar - four tablespoons. You must fill in this solution two to three tablespoons of blue clay and stir the mixture with a wooden spatula until homogenous. When it is necessary to apply it to the hair and massage the scalp with five to ten minutes. And rinse thoroughly with warm water. If you want to become even more hair shiny and soft, then rinse with more water with lemon. After washing your hair clean is best little almond oil to grease.

Clay modeling

Perhaps this is not common knowledge, but there is even a blue clay for hair styling. In another way it is called modeling. You'd be surprised, but yes, this clay is used to create polumonolitnyh pilings. Its production and use is widespread in cosmetology. Modeling clay for hair, as a rule, allows to design hairstyles, highlighting the emphasis on any hair. Moreover, it helps to seal the hair makes them more resilient is the formation volume with plastic fixing.

To use it is necessary to rub in the palms of the optimum amount of blue clay for hair styling. Apply evenly on dry or damp hair and model the folding arms. Typically, such a modeling clay used for cross-styling.

 Blue clay for hair: the beauty of nature

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 both at home to get rid of blackheads


  • Causes of blackheads
  • How to get rid of blackheads at home?
  • How to get rid of blackheads folk remedies?

Black points are common to many people. And age has got nothing to do with it. They are subject to, and young girls and adult women. Of course, they are not to the point of spoiling the look, like, say inflamed pimples, but nothing attractive about it. When we see a man whose face adorns the scattering of acne, immediately comes to mind the idea of ​​untidiness. And then we turn away in disgust, trying not to make eye contact with that person.

Scientific language black dots are called comedones. They are formed because the sebaceous glands are clogged facial sebum, to be exact - its surpluses, and desquamation of the skin and tiny fractions of dust. Because of this, the pores become dark. Comedones chosen the T-zone, as this part of the face is the most oily and problematic.

Causes of blackheads

Before answering the question of how to get rid of blackheads on your face at home, let us look at the reasons for their occurrence. The first and most important - is the wrong skin care, it is poor or inadequately treated. To avoid this, you need to clean your face each morning. A special attention should be paid to the care of the evening. Never go to subside with makeup!

Black spots may appear due to improper or unbalanced diet. Eating fatty foods, sweets, coffee and alcohol provokes the blockage of pores and, as a consequence, the appearance of comedones. On the other hand, consumption of such foods as fish, vegetables and fruit, contributes not only to the proper functioning of the intestines, but also provides the body with vitamins A and E, which is vital for the skin.

A significant role in the occurrence of black dots play changes in the hormonal background, and heredity. Application of poor quality cosmetics or simply unsuitable for your skin type, also contributes to the deterioration.

 how to get rid of blackheads at home

How to get rid of blackheads at home?

The easiest way to get rid of the scourge - steaming face and hand squeezing comedones. But he has a lot of disadvantages. First and foremost - the possibility of making any kind of infection during the procedure. This, in turn, may cause the appearance of even greater amounts of blackheads and pimples. Besides, if you start an infection, do not turn in time to help, you might even blood poisoning. Another negative - pairs can be very dry up the skin.

Also, this procedure is contraindicated in those with dilated blood vessels on the face. Despite the fears, dangers and prevent many of the girls have successfully practiced this method, and then tell her friends about her experience: "Look, I got rid of blackheads conventional extrusion, why do not you try? "However, these tips can lead to a disastrous outcome. The skin at all different, which came one person may not work for another brand. Before starting the procedure, should take into account the possible consequences.

If you are not frightened by the possibility of infection, and you're going to follow the example of friends - be sure to read the recommendations listed below.

  • For steaming the face using special steam bath. Their principle is simple - the capacity of (the pelvis, pot) filled with boiling water, it is added infusions of herbal decoctions, such as chamomile and linden. No harm in boiling water and teaspoon of salt;
  • Face clean and lean over the steam. It is not necessary to show heroism and to bend very low to the boiling water - you can get burned. Steaming should be done for 10-12 minutes;
  • Then get rid of the points themselves;
  • Remember - your fingers and nails need to be in perfect condition, completely cleaned and disinfected. Better yet, use a sterile napkin;
  • When squeezing blackheads special enthusiasm is not required. As a rule, through enlarged pores comedones come with a minimum pressing;
  • After steam baths need to narrow pores. Apply the mask with a tightening effect for 15-20 minutes. This may be a clay mask or a composition based on egg white and lemon juice. You can also wipe the face with ice cubes;
  • And completes the procedure moisturizer. Such cleaning in any case can not spend every day! Once a week would be sufficient.

If you suddenly notice a strong reddening after extrusion, which does not pass a long time, be sure to consult your doctor! Time to be helping to avoid negative consequences.

 how to get rid of blackheads

How to get rid of blackheads folk remedies?

To clean the face, there are many resources. Many of them advertise on television, but with such enthusiasm that did not believe the assurances of a beautiful girl - "You get rid of the black spots in one day! " - almost impossible. But do not put too much trust advertising. For the most part - it is just a commercial gimmick. In fact, to find a really active agent, will take enough time.

Many people forget that the question of how to get rid of blackheads at home, can answer folk medicine. The recipes based on natural ingredients, have significant advantages. Firstly, they are cheap. Secondly, they do not harm the health of the skin. And thirdly, a lot of them, so you can easily select the recipe that is suitable for you. Let's look at the most popular mask of black dots, which you can prepare yourself.

  • It is necessary to mix one egg white with a tablespoon of sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. A portion of the mask put on the face and wait for the complete drying. Then we put the rest of the mask and intensive slapping palms and fingertips all over the face. Procedure should be followed for as long as hands are no longer stick to the skin. Rinse with cool water and apply moisturizer. If you have dry skin, the mask is applied only on the nose, forehead and chin;
  • For this mask, you will need one egg white, two teaspoons of lemon juice and two teaspoons of juice from aloe leaves. Ingredients beat with a mixer and the resulting half masks apply to the desired areas of the face. After drying, apply the rest of your composition and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cool water;
  • You will need one tablespoon of crushed flake rolled oats, they add a pinch of soda or 3-4 drops of boric acid. The resulting mass is diluted with yogurt to make a thick paste. The mask is applied to the problem areas of the skin and leave for 15-20 minutes, then roll it with your fingertips and wash with cool water;
  • How to get rid of blackheads on your nose? It will help you mask out of clay. Ingredients: white cosmetic clay and water. Spread the clay with water (to give a thick, viscous mass), and the resulting put the mask on your face for 10-15 minutes. Then wash with cool water.

Home makeup can work wonders! This is proven not only by people constantly to her favor. Doctors also often recommend it to resort to the help of traditional medicine. Of course, their advice does not apply to serious diseases. But to get rid of acne and blackheads at home. ... Why not try it? Yes, it may take more than one day before you will achieve the result. But the fact that you will surely achieve it, there is no doubt!

 As at home to get rid of blackheads: a few simple recipes

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