how to accelerate the growth of nails

Any woman faced with such a nuisance as hopelessly spoiled manicure. Nails, who for so long to grow, holilis and cherish suddenly start to exfoliate, weakened and as a result did break. And then comes the most offensive: cut away all the nails flush with the victims "brothers." For such a situation occurs much less frequently on their hands should be taken care of. Today we'll talk about how to accelerate the growth of nails.

What contributes to the growth of nails?

To resolve the issue, what tools to use in the fight against fragility should find out what contributes to the growth of nails:

  1. The beneficial factors affecting the acceleration of nail growth are hormonal changes. These include puberty, menstruatsionny cycle, pregnancy, etc.
  2. Summertime, when the body is saturated with vitamins.
  3. Robot affecting stitching nail, for example, a computer or computer typing.
  4. Regular massage of the fingers, improves blood circulation.

It does not promote the growth of nails disturbed metabolism, cardiovascular disease, age-related disorders.

Accelerating the growth of the nail, in addition, will contribute to proper nutrition. Keep food attended by the following elements:

  • Vitamins A and B contained in the greens, carrots, cabbage, liver, tomatoes and beans sprouted wheat;
  • Calcium contained in milk products;
  • The silicon contained in the bulb onions, seafood and spinach.

Iron products, as well as products, which is composed of iodine and sulfur, high quality supplement daily diet that promotes rapid growth of nails.

How to improve the growth of nails?

The rapid growth of nails - it is not only the merit of nature, it is also your own work. Take some time to your nails, you will help them become stronger and more beautiful. In pharmacies and cosmetic departments selling a variety of means to enhance nail growth. To understand how to accelerate the growth of the nails, let's briefly look at what's inside the nail itself.

The nail is derived from skin cells. Each nail plate corresponds to your nail bed, and thanks to a good blood supply, due to what is happening cell nutrition, nails grow. The average growth is 3 mm per month, a complete upgrade of the nail plate occurs every six months (median).

Let us first consider the traditional remedies for nail growth and the procedures that you can easily hold their own at home.

Folk remedies for nail growth

 folk remedies for nail growth
 It is time to spring-flowering. Nature comes alive, saturated colors and flavors. But it was during this period in our body goes through a process called beriberi. Nails, as well as other bodies are also required nutrients, to allow recovery of wasted power during the winter. Here are some home recipes for nail growth.

  • Tool with black currant. Take one item. spoon of black currant and flour, ½ tablespoons of cream. All components are properly crushed. The resulting cream for nail growth applied to the hands, wear cotton gloves and leave for 2 hours. After the remnants of funds wipe with a cotton pad.
  • Means of lime blossom and chamomile. This home remedy for nail growth consists of 2 tbsp. spoons of crushed chamomile flowers and 2 tbsp. spoons of crushed lime color. More will need 1/3 cup olive oil (can substitute any vegetable). In a water bath warm up the oil in a powdered chamomile and linden, boil the mixture, mixing thoroughly, for 15 minutes. The resulting slurry must be allowed to cool to body temperature. Growth agent applied onto nails 15 minutes under cotton gloves, and then remove wool residues.
  • Means "vegetable". The best remedy for nail growth course should be plant-based. Take 1 tbsp. chopped mint and chamomile flowers, ½ tsp. vegetable oil, 2 tbsp. spoons of wheat flour and 250 ml of water. Pour boiling water chamomile and mint, let it brew for a couple of hours, then strain and, if necessary, further cool. The resulting infusion, add flour, stir constantly while: mush should get a uniform. Only after adjusting means until smooth, add the vegetable oil and stir again carefully. Apply a tool for nail growth for half an hour after the time the remains, remove with a cotton swab.
  • Funds from the dandelion and nettle. Take 1 tbsp. Spoon cottage cheese and chopped leaves of dandelion and nettle. 150 ml of water needed. Chopped herbs pour boiling water and infuse for about 2 hours. After this herbal gruel should be overcome, and add to the cheese means. All components mix thoroughly and apply slurry on the nails. Duration of treatment may vary from 20 to 30 minutes. The residue mixture is removed with cotton wool.

Baths for nail growth

Homemade recipes for nail growth among herbal decoctions are not limited. Very useful and effective are also various baths. Strengthen help nail growth treatments weekly: they will soften rough skin around the nails and normalize blood circulation. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

Essential oils for nail growth is also suitable as a component for baths. Bergamot, cedar, ylang-ylang, myrrh, frankincense, pine, sandalwood and patchouli eliminate brittle nails and stop splitting. Home remedies for nail growth with myrrh oil, lemon eucalyptus, and increase transparency of the nail plate. Well polished oils of lavender, ylang-ylang and bergamot. If you pass any inflammatory processes, use of chamomile oil, rosemary, tea tree and sandalwood.

To prepare the bath for nail growth with essential oils, it is enough to add a few drops of essential oils into the base. As base can be used almond oil, avocado, wheat germ, jojoba oil, and macadamia nuts.

Among other folk remedies for nail growth can be called a bath with mineral water, which will help improve the exfoliating nails, and iodine salt baths to help strengthen nails regain strength and smoothness of the nails will help to give the bath of sea salt and vegetable oil.

  • Baths with sea salt. To improve the growth of nails will help 20 minute bath with the following ingredients: 1 tbsp. spoonful of sea salt and 250 ml of warm water. May wish to add any of the above essential oils drip a few drops of oil on the salt, and then this salt is dissolved in water.
  • The soap tray. Another bath for the growth of the nails and softening rough skin remind you of the procedure to be done in salons to manicure. Need 1 tbsp. teaspoon salt, 1 cup of warm water, liquid soap or shower gel. First dissolved in water or soap gel and then add salt. Duration of the procedure is about 20 minutes.
  • The oil bath. Olive oil is used for the growth of the nails in hot form, need ½ cup cold-pressed oil. The right will warm up the oil for nail growth in a water bath. Rub it well and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • Vitamin tub. Folk remedy for nail growth, which is also "fatten" your nails with vitamin A, consists of a ¼ cup of vegetable oil, 5 drops of vitamin A and 3 drops of tincture of iodine. All components are mixed well and applied to the nails at 15 minutes.
  • Lemon bath. Another good remedy for nail growth - a lemon juice. Take any vegetable oil, pre-heating it in a water bath, add a few drops of lemon juice. Procedure duration -15 minutes.
  • Salt baths for nail growth. How to strengthen the growth of nails with just two components, which are on hand at each hostess? Very simple. Take 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and table salt. Preheat oil in a water bath and mix with salt, put on your hands for 20 minutes, then put on cotton gloves and stay in them for a further 3 hours. After the procedure, wash your hands with warm water.
  • Mineral bath. Baths for the rapid growth of nails may be prepared from fresh cabbage, tea leaves and mineral water. Take 2 tbsp. spoon strong tea leaves and ½ cup of fresh cabbage juice and mineral water. All components mix well and use this tool for the rapid growth of nails for 15 minutes.
  • Grapefruit bath. Tray for quick nail growth and strengthening them can be prepared from a small grapefruit, which should be mixed with ¼ cup of glycerin and the same amount of a solution of ammonia. Crushed pulp of the fruit is filled with ammonia, add to the glycerin and mix. The procedure for nail growth last 15 minutes at the end wash your hands.

Cream for nail growth

Traditional recipes for nail growth easily made at home. This applies not only baths and various concoctions, and creams. Buying a product at the store, you can not be sure that all its components will be helpful, and in specialized departments such means is not cheap. Producing cream at home, you already rely solely on himself and on himself, as you know, do not save.

  • Glycerine cream. Needed 1 hour. Spoon glycerol and 2 tsp. Wines (all red) Vitamins: K - 15 drops, E (oil solution) - 10 drops, salicylic acid (2% solution) - 5 drops. Mix salicylic acid and glycerol, then add vitamins and red wine. Mix the resulting composition. This tool is used as a mask for the rapid growth of nails. Apply it for three hours.
  • Vitamin Cream. Cream for nail growth can be prepared on the basis of Article 1. spoon any child cream. It is necessary to add oil solutions (15 drops of each): vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E. All components are thoroughly pounded until smooth. Apply it should be similar to the previous facility - for 3 hours.
  • Cream of chamomile and sea buckthorn. Another cream which is used as a mask for the rapid growth of nails, manufactured from 2 tbsp. spoons of crushed (or minced), chamomile flowers and 70 g of sea buckthorn oil. Boil chamomile and butter for 15 minutes, take off as soon as the mixture from the heat, stir it thoroughly. In this procedure for nail growth takes three hours, after which you can remove excess cream with a cotton swab.
  • The cream of aloe and chamomile. Means to enhance nail growth is prepared on the basis of a nourishing cream, it will need 1 tbsp. spoon. The prepared base is added 1 tbsp. spoonful of aloe juice and 2 tbsp. chopped chamomile. Lubricate the nail plate and relax for 3 hours. It is also a kind of mask for nail growth.

Shop tools for nail growth

For those who are easier to buy a ready-made tool and not waste time on its manufacture, we will do a brief overview of some of these funds for rapid growth of nails.

  • Nail Growth Booster from the company Oriflame. The manufacturer promises to answer the question: how to improve nail growth via product offerings within one week of use. As part of the present: pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), which supports the water balance of the nail, vitamins C and E, which resist delamination, wheat amino acids and calcium, which will contribute to strengthening, improvement and growth. This means for enhancing the growth of the nails applied to the nail plate and cuticle. If the nail is covered with a layer of varnish, it continues to apply only to the cuticle.
  • The French manufacturer, the company offers Aurelia to enhance nail growth are a number of specially designed tools, which include mineral complexes. The developers took into account the characteristics of the nail plate, as contained in the product: to strengthen - calcium, for plastichnosti- silicon to maintain the natural structure - phosphorus and sodium. The course of treatment - 21 days, applied means during this period must be changed every 3 days. It can be used as a nail varnish for growth because it is colorless, or as a base for other translucent.
  • Brand Concept Light Neilsen is a means aimed at strengthening the nail growth and recovery. Product «Nail Builder» really meets the famed German quality and refers to the professional line of cosmetics for pedicure and manicure. Nail growth stimulator is plant-based. However, due to the bitter taste, those who are accustomed to nail biting, very quickly get rid of this bad habit. Should be applied regularly and daily at bedtime when the same effect is achieved, during the time used as prophylaxis. There are cases that the nail plate is colored in a yellow color: this is due to the presence of natural extracts.
  • Sophin-European brand, which is a line of professional cosmetics. Nail rapid growth of nails Nail Hardener contains keratin, so that is a restoration of the structure of the nail plate and stimulate its growth.
  • Clever enamel for nail growth, and various means to restore, strengthen and even nail treatment - are products containing vitamins A, B5, silk proteins and collagen. The tool helps to restore the natural elasticity and strength of the nail plate. Wellness course is designed for 4 weeks. Clever enamel accelerate nail growth and will maintain their healthy condition.

Naturally, this is not the whole list of options on how to increase the growth of nails. In beauty salons masters undoubtedly prompt and secrets that have not been reviewed by the same client. But you can do the procedure for nail growth complex: use nail nail growth, apply masks and baths, follow the diet. Whichever way to care for your hands you choose, in any case, it will allow your nails to stay longer beautiful.

 How to accelerate the growth of nails: solving the problem effectively

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