• The definition of pregnancy by measuring basal body temperature
  • How do I know pregnancy by their appearance
  • Menoschesis
  • Toxemia - a sign of pregnancy
  • Painful breasts
  • Pain in the ovaries, uterus, genital discharge, frequent urination
  • Changes in libido, psycho-emotional instability

The news of the pregnancy does not leave indifferent any woman. The range of emotions experienced by this news, wide - from the undisguised joy and happiness to fear and despair. In any case, suspecting the chance of pregnancy, you must first make sure it is in fact, and only then draw conclusions and take action as appropriate. Determine the "interesting situation" difficult. The most common, affordable and easy way to check the pregnancy test is considered appropriate.

It can be easily purchased at any pharmacy, and follow uncomplicated rules, learn the result. Tests are sometimes mistaken. The result depends on the level of hormones and the expected duration of pregnancy, as well as the quality of the test itself. To be sure, better to do several such tests to be examined by a gynecologist and do an ultrasound. But how to define pregnancy without the test? Any doctor will tell you that this is unlikely.

Nevertheless, there are several methods identify a home pregnancy.

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The definition of pregnancy by measuring basal body temperature

Consider the most popular method of how to define pregnancy without the test. Basal body temperature - a lower threshold body temperature reached during rest (resting, sleeping). It is measured using a thermometer in several ways: orally, rectally and vaginally (in the rectum). The latter method is the most common. Basal body temperature is an indicator of the level of hormones in the body. It responds to changes throughout the menstrual cycle, ovulation, menstruation and pregnancy.

The normal value of basal body temperature during pregnancy is considered 37, 1-37, 3 ° C. Sometimes it rises to 38 ° C, which often is normal and depends on the properties of the organism. Start measuring basal temperature must be no earlier than 1-2 days before menstruation. Thus, if the indicators are not reduced basal temperature for 18 days, we can conclude that the pregnancy.

In order to correctly measure the basal temperature, it is important to know that during oral measuring mercury thermometer to keep 5 minutes, and vaginal and rectal 3 minutes. The measurement takes place every morning at the same time, immediately after waking up, getting out of bed. Having a chart of temperature, do not rush to conclusions. Know that in the performance of basal body temperature influenced by factors such as illness with fever, alcohol, sexual intercourse before, stress and some medications.

Incidentally, sometimes during pregnancy with observed increase in basal temperature subfebrile temperature (prolonged fever at 37, 0-37, 5 ° C).

 changes in basal body temperature
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How do I know pregnancy by their appearance

If you are considerate person and know their own bodies, then easily understand how to test for pregnancy tips, which gives you your body, especially if the pregnancy is not the intended one.
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One of the most common grounds on which we can determine pregnancy without tests, is to delay menstruation. Menstruation is a sure sign that the female body is ready to conceive. It is an interesting mechanism of menstruation. In a certain period of the menstrual cycle (approximately 14 days) ovulation occurs, resulting in a mature egg is released from the ovary to the uterus and sent. In any part of the way the egg can be fertilized. In this case, the fertilized egg, attached to the wall of the uterus, the fetus is developing.

If fertilization does not occur, after a certain period (10-14 days) will occur as a result of cyclical bleeding rejection endometrial layer. Accordingly, if the bleeding is not regular, it may indicate that a woman is pregnant. In the event of pregnancy a woman's body releases certain hormones, which blocks the ovaries and makes it impossible to stand out a new egg.

Nevertheless, the absence of menstruation is not always indicate pregnancy. The delay may be indicative of ovulatory abnormalities or amenorrhea caused, in turn, inflammatory processes in the female body, and infectious diseases somatornymi, stress, fatigue, hormonal imbalances. Hormonal drugs, the presence of follicular cysts, ovarian cyst or corpus luteum (LYUF syndrome) can also cause a delay in menstruation.

There are cases when, in spite of the pregnancy, menses cease. In fact, such spotting at this time can not be called menstruation. They are the cause of various diseases, disorders of hormonal functions, detachment of the ovum, ectopic or multiple pregnancy.

Thus, to determine the delay menstruation pregnancy can be provided that the menstrual cycle is regular, and the woman's body is completely healthy. In any case, if you conclude that the delay is due to your pregnancy, you should consult a doctor, blood test and undergo an ultrasound examination to rule out ectopic pregnancy and determine the exact date. This is best done 2-3 weeks after the delay. By this time, the uterus will increase so much that the findings were more accurate.

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Toxemia - a sign of pregnancy

Check for possible pregnancy toxicosis. This phenomenon feared all women. This is understandable: the regular nausea and sometimes vomiting in the morning and after eating, excessive salivation, aversion of certain odors can not be called pleasant. However, the appearance of these symptoms can be a certain degree of confidence that you are pregnant. Toxemia of pregnancy usually appear 2-3 weeks after implantation of the ovum. Causes toxicity are still unknown. There are many theories on the subject. Today recognized as the theory of abuse of neural regulation of visceral brain. The predominance of the process of excitation of the braking process leads to the activation of all centers of the brain, including the vomiting.

Another cause of the toxicity - hormone. A large concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin in the female body during early pregnancy often leads to hormonal disruption and the emergence of toxicity. But do not forget that nausea and vomiting may indicate poisoning of differential pressure and other health problems.

 breast pain
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Painful breasts

Mammary glands are very sensitive to any changes in hormonal levels of the female organism. Increasing the female hormone estrogen in the blood during menstruation, menopause, and, of course, during pregnancy. So, blurred aching pain in the chest, no doubt, are a symptom of fertilization and are particularly pronounced if the first pregnancy. From the outset, women's breasts begin to prepare for breastfeeding.

At this time, it receives a large amount of blood, gradually expanded milk ducts, veins appear more clearly, a feeling of heaviness. Pigmented and nipples are very sensitive. Sometimes even in the early stages with slight pressure from the nipple appears colostrum. All changes in the breast during pregnancy are a kind of full development of breast lobules and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

On this pregnancy symptom is pain and breast tenderness should rely, if at the moment of conception, the woman does not suffer from diseases of the breast. So, if uneven sharp pain in one breast are marked in a particular area, it is a reason to see a doctor. Perhaps the pain is not a sign of pregnancy.

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Pain in the ovaries, uterus, genital discharge, frequent urination

Learn about pregnancy can be a pain in the area of ​​the uterus and ovaries, which resembles pain before menstruation. If the bleeding does not start - it should think about a possible pregnancy. Gynecologists say that in the event of pregnancy ovarian function switched off, and therefore they can not get sick. Thus, the pain in the uterus and ovaries are possible at an early stage of pregnancy, if it occurred on a background of inflammation. If pregnancy occurs all diseases are aggravated sexual organs. This symptom is an indisputable reason to see a doctor.

Typically, the transparent allocation and odorless observed during ovulation. In the early stages of pregnancy a high concentration in the body of the female hormone progesterone leads to the formation of a thick, viscous, opaque secretions. This phenomenon is considered normal. Spin form a kind of tube in the area of ​​the entrance to the cervix, preventing the embryo from infections. Medicine explains such neobilnye short separation by implantation of the ovum. If you notice a kind of cheesy discharge, yellowish odorous, frothy, gray or greenish, bloody from light pink to brown - immediately contact the medical facility. This is a sure sign of fungal, inflammatory, infectious and pathological diseases of the genital organs.

If you notice that began to urinate more frequently, and the amount of fluid intake has not increased - is another sign by which we can determine pregnancy. This is due to the weakening of the sphincter of the bladder, and the cause is still the same hormones. This inconvenience will have experience throughout pregnancy. However, if the frequent urination and painful sensations, a burning sensation - instead gynecologist will have to visit a urologist. Most likely, your discomfort associated with diseases of the bladder.

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Changes in libido, psycho-emotional instability

Increased or decreased libido - a consequence of hormonal effects on the nervous system of women, often accompanied by pregnancy, since the early deadlines. Physical changes such as increased sensitivity of nipples and soreness in the uterus and ovaries, also affect the libido of a pregnant woman.

If you mark causeless irritability, crying, drowsiness and other "women's things" - the more likely you are pregnant. During this period, the body tells the woman that he did not have enough for the normal development of the fetus. So, if you are longing for sour - a lack of vitamin C, it would be desirable dairy - need calcium, but if the crazy smell of gasoline - you are anemic.

 How do you know about pregnancy without tests