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  • Advantages and disadvantages of the cream for depilation
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Long gone are the days when the excessive vegetation on the body of the woman looked "blind eye": almost every modern woman aspires to have a perfectly smooth, delicate skin. And the way to do it quite a lot: in addition to the usual razor and tweezers, which women have been using for many years in fashion includes such perfect hair removal methods like laser hair removal, photo-epilation. That's only one do not like razors, others are afraid of pain, well, while others simply do not have sufficient funds for a costly trip to the clinic. So try to discover a very different version of the girls, took to waxing and cheap and cheerful. And this way there! Cream for hair removal - it is absolutely painless and effective method of removing excess hair from the body.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cream for depilation

The greatest advantage of the cream for hair removal over other similar means that it acts completely painless. This is a really good way for a few days to forget about such a problem as excessive vegetation on the skin. The active ingredients of the product is dissolved like a hair at the base, then it is easily separated from its roots. Although this cream is practically safe for the skin, and works much better than a razor, but the shortcomings he still is: an increased acid-alkaline balance (PH cream higher than the natural rate of skin almost twice).

But wary of using this product should not be - enough to hold a primary test for individual susceptibility. Apply a small amount to the skin, leave for a few minutes, and then check its condition. Even if you choose the most expensive and popular hair removal cream, not too lazy to carry out sample: remember the intolerance of individual components. You better just get rid of the expensive but dangerous cream, what will heal the consequences of allergic reactions.

Even the most effective depilatory cream is surrounded by some of the rumors, the main of which we are now scatter. First, the perception among many readers that the hair after such depilation are much more rigid and dark false. Growing up, they will be the same as before the hair removal treatments. Just getting used to see her skin smooth for weeks, we sincerely wonder new growing hairs. Even talking about the fact that the effective depilatory cream stimulates hair growth. This is not true, as any depilatory cream enhanced with slow the growth of hair on the body.

The active component of the cream for hair removal is a substance that destroys keratin, "killing" the structure of the hair. Once the substance takes effect, hair curl, remove it will have no difficulty. Incidentally, the same component used in perming. The hair depilatory cream after the procedure will start to grow in due time, but due to the fact that the tips of their thin and soft, a feeling that the skin Gorny. That is why the cream is used, where the razor should not use. For example, a cream for hair removal on the face of a much more gently removes hair without damaging the skin.

 the best cream for hair removal

How to use the cream for hair removal?

For detailed instructions on how to use a cream for hair removal, can be found on the packaging - but for those who have it yet and have never seen, we describe in detail. No matter which tool you've selected for depilation - spray, foam or cream classic, the main thing - it's his uniform distribution on the skin. Use the special spatula or trowel, which are included in the package.

Even the best cream for hair removal are applied by only five to ten minutes (carefully read the instructions). During this time, thioglycolic acid acts on the hair by dissolving it under the skin. How to use a cream for hair removal, the skin is smooth as long as possible? The answer: do not rush! Allow the cream to act better, do not think of your impatience, he starts to work faster. If you have distributed it thoroughly and evenly, do not worry about that somewhere the hair is removed. At the end of the cream simply wash it off with warm water.

The most effective for hair removal cream eliminating the need for repeated treatments of ten to fifteen days, it all depends on the characteristics of the skin. Another significant addition: to enhance hair growth can and hormonal problems. If you notice that the hair grows very fast, the reason for this may not be the cream, and your health problems. If so - better to consult a doctor.

 a depilatory cream is better

Select the manufacturer and its products

In today's market there are so many hair removal creams for different parts of the body that are not difficult and confusing. To facilitate your choice, conduct a brief overview of the most popular to date, brands of creams for hair removal.

  • Cream for hair removal VEET

Cream for depilation Veet Spray is easy to apply evenly, to use it quickly and easily. Remove the cream special spatula. For dry skin treatment time will be from 3 to 6 minutes, and sensitive skin cream for depilation Veet Spray applied for 5-10 minutes. Dosage -150 ml cream, spatula included.

  • Velvet Cream for hair removal

Velvet Cream for hair removal works quite carefully, it can be used in the armpits, in the bikini area and, of course, on your feet. Do not apply this cream for hair removal for more than 4-5 minutes, or else run the risk of burns and irritation. Depilatory cream velvet fairly inexpensive but effective means. You can find it in almost any store.

  • Depilatory cream Eveline

Depilatory cream Eveline acts quickly, the duration of the procedure varies from 3 to 5 minutes. If you use this tool on a regular basis, the skin will look young and well-groomed. The product line has a depilatory cream for deep bikini. This gentle tool that cares for the skin.

  • Cream for hair removal Baptiste

All those who used the cream for depilation Baptiste, celebrate it rather unpleasant smell, reminiscent of an artificially created chocolate, and thick consistency. Apply pretty easy, some are applied directly by hand and not with a spatula, going in the set. Apply it is for 5 minutes, or even less. Cream after depilation Baptiste moisturizes the skin, protecting it from drying out. The effect of using the cream short term, and the new hairs appear within 4 days. This cream is also suitable for hair removal for the bikini area.

  • Cream for hair removal Cliven

Cream for hair removal Cliven enriched with lanolin, sweet almond oil and glycerin. Consistency means quite mild and delicate flavor. We can say that this is the best cream for hair removal for both footwell and for the more sensitive areas of the skin, thanks to its components because it nourishes the skin and makes it velvety. In addition, this cream was all clinical studies.

  • Cream for hair removal Avon

Avon Cream for hair removal is suitable for almost any type of skin, it is very careful work on any site depiliruemoy zone. It can be applied for 10 minutes. This cream is ideal for waxing intimate areas. The only unpleasant moment - its smell (not every owner to cream it is necessary to taste). But after hair grow much more slowly than after the razor.

  • Caramel cream for depilation

Depilatory cream Caramel has adapted composition, which contains shea butter and cocoa butter. This cream can be safely used for depilation of hands, because it is designed for the delicate and sensitive skin. Cream has a nourishing and moisturizing properties, antiseptic effect.

  • Byly cream for depilation

The cream has a fast Byly formula. In its structure contains Tahitian Monoi Oil (collection of tiara flower and coconut oil), which makes the skin smooth and soft. Byly depil has a fresh, pleasant smell, which persists for some time and after use. Included is a spatula, with which the cream is applied and removed.

  • Cream for hair removal Red Line

Cream for hair removal The red line is suitable for almost all of the body except the face was the only area. The procedure lasts about 8-10 minutes. But hairs grow back after him very quickly, the next day.

  • Depilatory cream Sally Hansen

Depilatory cream Sally Hansen is equipped with a brush applicator. The tool is safe and effective in removing excess hair, ideal for sensitive skin in the bikini area. The result is long. In addition, the cream is suitable for the area and the armpits.

We have considered just a few, the most common version of depilatory creams. What will suit you personally - decide. Use cream grown fond, delight yourself and others the smoothness of your skin, but do not forget about the correct use of funds for depilation - so you will avoid many unforeseen troubles and will always be beautiful and healthy.

 How to use the cream for depilation: select, study, causes!

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