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  • An old friend is better than two new ones? Not always!
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One of the main components of the beauty is smooth skin. In the quest for the ideal woman has been trying for many years all available methods of hair removal, ranging from the banal razor and ending so popular today photoepilation. However, unfortunately, it is not always the end result justifies the expectations of women.

In recent years more and more popular acquires sugar hair removal, it also bears the name shugaring (sugaring). The basic principle on which the depilation is made of sugar, the same as that of depilatory wax: removing hair from damage to the integrity of the hair bulb, which considerably slows down the further hair growth. However, over time the hair bulb is restored, so this method of hair removal can not be attributed to drastic measures.

The most important difference from the usual waxing is that instead of wax paste is used shugaring. Sugar paste shugaring - it is nothing like a specially processed sugar for hair removal, which is used as an alternative to the wax.

To be or not to be Shugaring?

Women are very often asked about whether shugaring contraindications. The only obstacle to the fact that the conduct sugar hair removal at home, as well as in showrooms, is the presence of a woman of such diseases as diabetes. Sugar depilation in small quantities through the skin pores into the blood. For the body of a healthy person is not a no-brainer, but for sick people it can turn threatening complication. In addition, if you are planning to spend shugaring at home is very important recipe of the pasta. Citric acid, which in its composition, can cause severe skin irritation - especially in the bikini area.

There are certain limitations under which the sugar hair removal at home is to be delayed for a while:

  1. No need to resort to sugar hair removal, if the day before you were subjected to prolonged exposure to sunlight or visit a solarium. It is also not recommended to do hair removal, and on the eve of a visit to the beach or the solarium.
  2. If you have skin lesions, and should not do hair removal as long as the wound is not healed.

 hair removal sugar

  An old friend is better than two new ones? Not always!

The debate about how best to do hair removal - with the help of shugaring or wax, being the specialists of cosmetology for a long time. As time has shown, using sugar hair removal at home has earned the love of many thousands of women. At the visitors forums, shugaring to try out at home, the most positive reviews. And almost none of them are going to come back to the use of wax depilation.

Waxing sugar paste wax favorably with the method so that it almost never causes allergic irritation. When waxing contrast, allergic reactions are quite common. And this is due to intolerance to some women all bee products. With sugar such problems can not be afraid. After the pass redness caused by mechanical action, which has a mixture of shugaring, the skin will be perfectly smooth and without any signs of redness or else bubbles.

Because hair removal sugar paste does not imply the use of hot material, completely excluded the possibility of thermal burns; In addition, the possibility of expanding the blood vessels also completely ruled out. In ten out of a hundred cases waxing developing such unpleasant complications such as penetration of the extended because the hot wax pores of harmful bacteria that can lead to infection and the appearance of such skin diseases as purulent pyoderma.

Due to the fact that the finished sugar paste epilation needs no heating, there is no expansion of the pores. And thanks to a powerful antibacterial properties, which is sugar for hair removal, the possibility of infection is reduced to absolute zero. That is why the sugar hair removal compares favorably with other methods of removing excess vegetation from the body.

After the sugar hair removal is finished, you can wash off the paste plain warm water without using any additional cosmetics. This is a significant advantage for those women who are prone to the emergence of a variety of allergic reactions. Another important advantage that has shugaring is the fact that this hair removal at home will not cause any difficulties. You will be able to spend it at home when you really need it, not when you will have time to visit the beauty salon.

The big advantage of the sugar hair removal is that it is available for women with absolutely any level of material wealth. Special sugar paste can be purchased at the store, and you can cook it at home. This sugar hair removal is equally effective regardless of whether you have bought pasta or cook it yourself.

 Sugar waxing

Sugar hair removal at home

Unlike many salon treatment, get rid of the hair using ordinary sugar can be at home. After such depilation is very simple and accessible to any woman. If you have firmly decided that the electric epilator or shaver you are no longer satisfied, and the means or natural shyness is not allowed in the cabin, on sale is easy to find all the ingredients for the preparation of sugar paste at home. The recipe for this paste for hair removal is very simple, but the result will depend on exactly how to cook shugaring - you will not see any effect from the use of, or become a happy owner only smooth skin.

The main ingredients of which is based on a recipe - citric acid, 10 spoonfuls of sugar and 100 grams water. Put the ingredients in an enamel pan and melt the sugar syrup to the condition on low heat. In addition, your help can come with success microwave. But do not forget that sugar is melted in a microwave oven is much faster. After that, leave the resulting mass to cool until it thickens. The most important thing - to cook pasta, strictly observing proportions. In some cases, it is permissible without cooking lemon, for example, if you have sensitive skin, and if necessary bikini waxing. Technique of preparation remains the same, only instead of lemon adds a teaspoon of honey.

I know how to cook the sugar for hair removal - half the battle. It is necessary to know exactly what to do with sugar. Bikini Hair Removal sugar carried out as follows. Roll a ball of paste with which, in fact, will be shugaring at home. This gently push the ball to the hair, and then pull sharply against the hair growth. All the other places are treated in the same way, only instead of a ball is necessary to form a strip.

Make sugar hair removal at home is very simple, and most importantly - you do not need any rare, expensive ingredients. Do not despair if something does not work the first time. A little patience and perseverance - and you are perfectly mastered this technique. Surely the people around you will appreciate your smooth skin.

 Sugar hair removal: cheap and cheerful!

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 Phyto hair removal

Many ladies use different methods of depilation, each of which does not differ painless or convenience. However, among the techniques you can select one that causes women less pain than other methods of hair removal - hair removal Phytopitch. Phyto, used for hair removal, is a unique natural weight of honey, which does not require additional heating. Phyto is very convenient to use.

Phyto hair removal - what is it and what is it?

Phyto hair removal - it is one of the oldest means that women use to remove hair in ancient Egypt. It is a honey composition to which is added an extract of pine resin and walnut, which allows for effective and delicate procedure.

Epilation resin may be carried out on any parts of the skin. The special effect is noticeable after application fitosmoly on sensitive sites - in the "antennae", underarms and bikini area. Note that the "delicious" resin absolutely indispensable for this new-fashioned aesthetic direction as the bikini-design - depilation Phytopitch relished a lot of fashionistas.

  • History of depilation resin - from ancient times to the present day

Even the ancient Egyptians knew the recipe mixture of honey, which is subjected to heat treatment and is converted into a thick and plastic mass. This mass was none other than the resin for hair removal - the recipe of the resin refers to the distant 1070 BC This method is for many centuries used in the Middle East. Modern civilization is taking a growing interest in the assets of natural products for hair removal and gum deserves attention.

Recipes advanced mixes different. If a mixture contains no additives from herbs, it can be called "fitodepilyatsiya", "shugaring" or "biodepilyatsiya." Almost every beauty salon for hair removal produces resin - the recipe of its production with the same everywhere: as a basis for taking the honey, caramel, molasses. It is considered the highest quality resin of honey and cook with bacteriostatic properties. In addition, in the fitosmoly for depilation include turpentine, heal microtrauma and walnut extract that slows hair growth.

Differences between Phytopitch epilation and waxing

 hair removal resin
Resin is a great alternative to wax. Professional beauty attracts its ease of processing tools and skin, as well as ease of use. Perhaps the most important argument, saying that the increasing popularity won the Phyto hair removal - reviews numerous customers showrooms. Everyone who uses a resin celebrate gentle effect on the skin, a long-lasting effect and the absence of irritation after hair removal treatments.

Success epilation resin is primarily dependent on the condition of the skin surrounding the hair follicle. When compressed pores hair removal is painful, most of the hairs may simply break off at the root. These fragments of a few days will begin to grow again.

Phyto hair removal is fundamentally different from the traditional wax. Waxes are water resistant, they can not be wetted with water and require special solvents. When applied to the skin of the wax penetrates the pores and is not absorbed.

Hair removal resin in the home allows you to see how the resin coats each hair, while the horny layer of the skin becomes loose. The longer the resin is on the skin, the better the open mouth of the hair follicles. After epilation Phytopitch are left broken off hairs are removed with a root that has an impact on long-term results: no barbed bristles, soft hairs grow back again.

With regular use Phyto hair removal makes the hair thinner and weaker, and their roots - shallow.

Comparative characteristics of the wax and resin for depilation

 Phyto hair removal reviews

You can look carefully at how to depilation Phyto - video clearly shows that the only piece of resin can be used 10-20 times. If the humidity of the skin or increased, the resin can be blended with a small amount of talc.

At high relative humidity of the skin or can be mixed with a small amount fitosmoly talc. This makes it even more pliable.

  • Phyto hair removal, where to buy?

If you have come to the conclusion that this tool is ideal for you, before you question arises: where to buy resin for hair removal? Phyto, and related accessories in the form of manuals, video tapes, anti-inflammatory gels, stencils for bikini design, rolls for tape and other auxiliary elements for hair removal you can purchase on our website. We hope that you will turn out fine Phyto hair removal - videos will help you avoid common mistakes and get good results.

Phytopitch for handwork

This resin is ideal for removing unwanted hair from small areas of the skin - "whiskers", underarms, bikini area, etc. Hair removal of large surfaces is time-consuming. All work is carried out manually, without using additional heating devices.

For faster epilation resin at home Phytopitch applied with a spatula or a roller from the cassette. This type fitosmoly preheated. First, the resin gently covers the hair and then penetrates the hair follicles. At the end of the procedure Phytopitch removed using fabric strips.
Both types of resins for hair removal are made on the basis of honey.
You can order Phytopitch in any region of Russia. We will send your order COD. We hope that you are on a personal example, ensure high efficiency and ease of use fitosmoly for depilation - feedback from you, we will be happy to see on our site.

 Phyto Hair removal - sweet temptation

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