children's summer vacation

Summer - it is the most favorite time of the year almost anyone. And certainly all the kids just love the summer - because at this time they have the longest vacation. However, the summer is very often the subject of additional parenting experiences about how to organize a children's holiday.

Of course, summer is good in itself, but a children's summer vacation - a pledge not only a good school performance, but also the child's health . And, besides, very few people like the idea of ​​the parents to their child for three months was left to himself - after all, no one leave, unfortunately, does not last so long. That is why the question of how to organize summer holidays for children, is always very serious. Some people prefer a joint vacation with children on vacation, some prefer to relax away from children.

The traditional solution to the problem - a trip to a child in health camps. If you decide to go this route, you need to take care of purchasing tickets in advance - in May to buy a ticket is almost impossible. The first thing you should do is determine what kind of camp your child will go to rest. This issue must be approached very carefully, to avoid disappointment and spoiled vacation.

  1. Refer to your health - pediatricians, who oversees child and knows all aspects of his health. The doctor will advise you on what is the most optimal environment for your child. Most often, children are remarkably adapted to the warm climate of the neighboring countries, Montenegro and Bulgaria. Equally good yield can be a ticket to the health camps on the Black Sea coast. If your child is resistant to hot climate, you can consider buying trips to Italy or Greece, which are famous for excellent and high-quality children's leisure.
  2. No less important aspect should be and hobbies of the child. It is unlikely that the young athlete would be in awe of the month - the other held in the children's camp with an intellectual bent. And children with creative temperament happy to spend the summer at camp, where are held various festivals and a great time was given to the creative process. If the child is very small, it is suitable for kindergarten exit type, and if the child is almost an adult, he will certainly appreciate relaxing in youth camps abroad, where the program of summer holiday of children is extensive.
  3. If you decide to send a child to camp, located abroad, you need to really and adequately assess the possibility of the child, such as, for example, knowledge of a foreign language in which to communicate in the chosen camp. Do not rely only on the information that you have - always consult your own child.
  4. And, of course, a very important deciding factor when choosing a camp will be a budget summer holiday. None of the parents will not save on summer vacation child, but sometimes you have to pay the extra money just for the remoteness of the camp. For example, a trip to Greece will be more expensive by about 60% than a ticket to the camp the same level in the same Bulgaria.
  5. If you are the child's parents have a particularly health conditions that require special attention, you have to turn their attention to those child care centers that specialize in working with these children and will be able to provide your child with the necessary medical care. Do not risk the health of your child and buy a ticket for a child suffering from what - from a serious illness in a normal camp. Indeed, in the case of sudden acute illness, in the absence of appropriate medical care can be lost is precious time that is necessary for first aid.
  6. And even if the state of health of the child does not exclude the possibility of finding the child in an ordinary camp, but still has its own characteristics - gastro - intestinal tract, allergic reactions to certain foods or plants - must put notify the medical staff of the camp .
  7. There are also children's camps specialized medical direction - for children with asthma and other lung diseases, diseases of the urinary system, and even for children with behavioral features such as hyperactivity and attention deficit, autism.

It can be a very long time to sort out hundreds of children's camps, but completely useless to spend their time in the shuffle. Almost all children's camps have similar principles of operation of the program and the organization of children's leisure. That is why the attempt of parents to choose the perfect camp for your child is almost doomed to failure. But do not forget that in all the camps are working highly qualified and experienced teachers who are making every effort to ensure that the rest of children was not only fun, but also useful.

So, considering the family budget, to determine the amount you're willing to spend on a holiday in the school holidays and learning preferences of the child, you must make a list of five - six camps most suitable to meet your requirements. After that, try to collect as much information about each camp made up of your list. A lot of information and reviews of parents can be found on the Internet by typing the name of the camp in the search box of any search engine. If you have the chance, do try to visit the camp of your choice, look at the conditions of stay of children to talk with teachers.

Payment for vacation

 Program summer camps for children

You need to know some information about payment vouchers for children. Not every average Russian family is able to pay for your child rest, not only abroad, but even children's summer vacation at sea. However, this is not a reason to deprive the child's rest. In that case, if at least one parent working in a public institution, it is not necessary to hurry up and pay for a ticket from the family budget. Social Insurance Fund of Russia annually allocates a strictly fixed amount to pay for children's activities on the provisional application of the enterprise. Even if your business is not a state, take an interest in accounting, how you solved the problem with the organization of children's activities. After all, as soon as any company is registered in the Social Insurance Fund, the company may apply for assistance in co-financing of recreation for children of its employees.

To the parents were able to get financial compensation for the rest of their child, they must write a statement to the head of the enterprise, or in the special commission on social insurance, if available in the enterprise. Of course, the company does not pay the rest of the child abroad, but parents can choose any vacation camp recreational type of school camp day care or health spa, located on the territory of Russia.

In 2011, the Social Insurance Fund pays for the children's activities at the rate of 540 rubles per day per child. If the voucher to your chosen resort is more expensive, you will have to pay the difference yourself. If you choose to relax baby Vacation Camp, Social Insurance Fund will pay only 50% of the tour price. You also can not lose sight of the fact that the Social Security Fund pays the rest only those children who have not reached 16 years of age.

In the same case, if your family falls into the category of low-income families, you can expect to receive discounted tickets with a 100% discount. To do this you need to write an application to the social security authorities of your place of residence. There also should apply in the event that your company you have been denied preferential tickets. Employees of the Social Insurance Fund will explain your rights and tell you how to proceed.

If you want your child took a course of recreational therapy, the optimal rest will be his sanatorium - resort treatment. For trips to the resort you need to get in his district hospital 070u help shape and direction of your local doctor - a pediatrician. Then you need to write an application for a permit, attaching a copy of the certificate and a doctor's referral. Do not forget about the main difference between the camp of the resort - in a camp child to rest only during the school holidays and in the resort - all year round.

Relax with a child abroad

 Children's summer holiday by the sea

If the question of school summer vacation rest more or less clear, then summer vacation with a baby more problematic. Often parents, going on vacation, taking the baby with her. To joint trip abroad did not turn additional problems, parents should consider many things - accommodation in a hotel, meals, acclimatization.

As a rule, almost all foreign resorts' offer travelers absolutely everything you need for a comfortable sharing with children. If you choose the right hotel for you to Buda provides not only a cot and optimized to the needs of the child's body diet, but complete organization of children's leisure activities. Most hotels are happy to provide very substantial discounts on vacation young children that can positively affect the state purse parents. It saved money you can spend on your baby.

Going on vacation abroad, be sure to ask a representative of a travel company, at what age children receive at your chosen hotel. A lot of hotels do not take the kids on vacation, have not reached the age of two. Frankly, in this restriction there is a very high proportion of common sense - children under three years of age are not recommended any national climate change was. All of these subtleties and nuances, you need to check with your tour operator.

Do not forget about these, it would seem at first glance, little things like the presence of fences around beaches, the presence of a children's playground on site, there is a possibility to rent roller skates, bicycles, rubber rings and other devices for the organization of children's activities.

Do not forget about such important things as health insurance for your baby. It is not necessary to hope that your child will not get sick on vacation - young children get sick often, and how the body responds to change climate crumbs - to predict impossible. In addition, children are very mobile and inquisitive, which is why often receive a variety of injuries. And well, if this is a common bruise or scratch. However, the baby may get more serious injury that requires medical intervention. And the treatment of the sick child abroad much more expensive than health insurance.

Also, you must very carefully approach the issue of paperwork to have no problems at customs control at the airport. Before the trip, be sure to check that you have on hand the following documents:

  • International passport. You can order a passport in the name of the crumbs, or employees will enter the child's passport in your passport and pasted back photograph of the child.
  • In that case, if you go with your child to rest in the country with a visa regime, you will need to obtain a visa is not only for themselves but also for the child.
  • And one more, not less important condition - that if a child is traveling with only one parent must have a notarized consent of the other parent. And if the children's rest on a vacation abroad is planned for the older child who rides in a group, it is necessary to obtain the consent of both parents.

In any case, what would you choose, children's leisure in the summer will bring much more benefit than saving the time spent on the playground hot and stuffy city. We wish you and your children only good weather and the most positive impressions.

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