daily routine in kindergarten

"How's my son or daughter? Do not hurt the child in kindergarten? What if a child is crying in kindergarten, calling for mom? ". Such thoughts, in spite of the terrible time, come to mind all the parents, without exception, at least periodically during the workday. And these fears are completely normal and natural - after all want for your child only the best. And giving his crumbs into the care of even the best teachers, parents lose the most important thing for them - the ability to control a child's life, even if only at a time when the baby is in kindergarten.

Most often, these concerns arise precisely from the lack of knowledge of what the child is busy at the time, when he's in the garden. Of course, it goes without saying that, in general, a daily routine in kindergarten know any father and mother. However, what is happening with their child at every stage, know not all. This is what will be discussed in today's article.

"Early in the morning, at dawn"

We hear the sound of the alarm and unobtrusive reluctantly opens his eyes. And educators at this time already on the way to and from work. No buses are late, the car broke down, storms, tornadoes, tornadoes, ice and other most unimaginable natural disasters can not be a reason for the delay in the work of the teacher. Doors swing open groups must meet their babies at exactly 7.00.

The main flow of the arrival of kids begins at 7:30 and continues until about 8 am. As a rule, not the kids get up every morning fresh and in a good mood. Some of them do not get enough sleep, and so naughty, someone does not want to part with his mother. So often in the morning in groups of kindergartens, especially the younger ones in the morning is a deafening roar, as is often the child goes to kindergarten reluctantly. And the task of the educator is not so simple - to soothe roaring heels - the other kids. Usually, it takes so much time. Deprived of its most important audience - mom or dad, kids quickly stop bawling. And by the time when the Pope comes out of the garden, and with trembling hands, he pulls out a lighter, or a mother discreetly wipes away a tear, pipsqueak already thinking forgets that recently roared.

"One, two, three Charging is on! "

Also, every morning the teacher spends with the kids charging. Charging is an absolute necessity for the child's body. For children older groups charge is needed to maintain the vitality and the youngest crumbs charge - a great tool to learn how to coordinate their movements. However, as you can imagine, charging for school and gymnastics for kids - they are two completely different things.

This banal phrase, as "your feet shoulder-width apart," the children do not understand, and therefore simply ignore. Morning also charge for kids is more like a real theatrical production, where the role of the director assigned to the educator. Explain to the child what he is required to do at one time or another, it is possible only by means of association of a number - Bunny jump, duck walk, crawling bugs. As a rule, morning exercise is performed under the musical accompaniment, which is very popular with the children and turns charging into a fascinating effect. By the way, very often adaptation of the child in kindergarten runs more smoothly precisely because of morning exercises.

Breakfast in kindergarten

During breakfast and frequent embarrassments and conflicts. Very often children eat breakfast at home and come to kindergarten already full. Of course, in such a case, the child does not want to eat breakfast, and the teacher will insist that the baby still ate. In order to avoid such misunderstandings in the event that your child prefers to eat breakfast at home, you must first negotiate the issue with the teachers.

Equally common situation is the reverse - the child for any reason is late for breakfast and stay hungry. Of course, this is not at all kindergartens, but only those in which the kitchen is given a certain number of portions, according to the available number of children. But in any case, knowing that you're with the baby late breakfast in kindergarten, pre-call educators and warned him about this, so that your child left breakfast and he did not stay hungry until dinner. Phones teachers should be available to all parents, without exception.

Self catering children in kindergarten also requires special attention and a responsible approach. Until recently, all the worries associated with the process of feeding, lay entirely on the shoulders of the teacher assistants, or, quite simply, nurses. Recently, however, a matter of nutrition of children does not only assistant educator, but also the teacher. The nurse brings food to the group, and the teacher distributes it among kids. The two of them watching the way kids eat, and if necessary, help the kids. After breakfast, the teacher works with children and an assistant tutor cleaned after breakfast.

 baby crying in kindergarten

"Scientists - the light"

As is known, the problem of kindergarten is not only to child care and feeding, but also classes for children whose purpose - all-round development of both physical and mental abilities of children. Of course, most of the work with children carried out by specialists - speech pathologists, psychologists and speech therapists. However, the teacher has also invested a considerable amount of work and soul into the development of our children, despite the fact that we, the parents, are accustomed to. What is the responsibility of the teacher enters a mechanical process of caring for a child: to wear, bring a walk to strip, feed, put to bed.

What exactly will be in the classroom to engage our children depends on their age and abilities. Most of the activities or otherwise willfully communicate with the teachers or other natural phenomena. Many parents are surprised by this fact, and sometimes even frankly outraged, they say, why all the talk and activities in kindergarten are reduced to banal natural history. But do not forget that children Sadowski age is still very small, and because of their age can not perceive complex information, unsupported by any examples. And the world around us - the best way to understand this or that phenomenon. For examples could not be more evident.

On Educational activities children engage in drawing, modeling, applique. These classes are held not just. For example, drawing not only develops creativity in kids, but also teach him to distinguish and remember the names of colors in the process of drawing the child learns how to hold pencils and brushes. Molded from clay and very positive impact on a child's development, especially fine motor skills. But, as is known, from the fine motor skills it depends on how well the child utters certain sounds, as the development of the speech as a whole.

Or, for example, application. It would seem, plain paper, but a space for a child's imagination she leaves! For example, the usual three circles of different sizes, of which you must be folded and glued on cardboard snowman. Before the eyes of a child must be in the sample, but the task itself would be best to give the during winter. As a result, the most simple application gets almost global significance, especially for younger pupils rude. After all, it turns out, you can make snow balls, and from the balls, in turn, these snowmen, such as, what the children saw in the cartoons. Thus, the child develops as imaginative and logical thinking.

One, two, three, four, five - go for a walk bunnies

As a rule, after developing employment, if weather conditions allow, the teachers dress children and remove them for a walk. Long walks depends on how much lasting developmental activities for children. More often than younger groups out for a walk at 10 am, and older - at 10.30. Most kindergartens walks end at about 12.00.

Despite the fact that there are established health rules concerning walks children in kindergarten, all decisions on whether children stay outdoors educators take place. For example, if the outside air temperature is above the minimum possible 10 degrees, but the rain poured down and the wind tore from the hands of umbrellas, no one will lead the kids for a walk. After all, the main goal of walking - this improvement the child's body, and a walk in bad weather no good can not bring. Hardening of children in kindergarten is not a walk in the rain. But in the summer, on the contrary, even some classes teachers are willing to spend it to the street, to the street children We spent an extra hour. But you can draw on the pavement, is not it?

Dress for a walk

Kohl already were talking about walking, it is impossible not to talk about such an important and delicate matter as the process of dressing the child before the walk. In the summer of this problem, in principle, does not exist - just pereobut kids. But in winter, the process is transformed into an art. Especially when going for a walk kids toddlers. For example, if the senior groups children dress almost completely independently, and teachers rarely help to cope with unruly buttons or zippers. But in the younger groups, teachers have to wear kids that says "completely."

As a rule, in the early stage of changing all the kids take off shorts, pants, dresses and tunics in which the crumbs go in a group. After that, the kids with the help of a nanny and educator wear warm jackets, sweaters and pants, which can not do without during the cold season. Then crumbs puts on extra warm socks and boots and jackets and unitard. After that, the crumbs are put on hats, and gloves, and, finally, the last solemn moment - baby scarf tied around his neck and the teacher makes sure that the waist of the crumbs of his ears and neck safely hidden from frost. Of course, in order, as quickly as possible to put all children and prevent them from perspiration, is actively involved in the process of not only the teacher, but also a nanny. And so the teacher herself, as a rule, put on running through the corridors.

On a walk around children is only one adult - teacher. But assistant tutor at the time tidies the room, where the kids - there is dry cleaning, ventilated area, removes the places toys to children for the arrival everything was in order. Such measures help to create favorable for children's health sanitary conditions.

After a walk with his teacher assistant helping children to undress. While kids under the supervision of educators wash their hands and sit in their seats at the table, assistant educator brings food to the group. At about 12.00 to 13.00 in the garden lunchtime. Eating lunch lasts much longer time than during breakfast. The menu includes first course, and the second and third.

During lunch and anything can happen - some kids love soup, while others, on the contrary, can not stand him, someone loves burgers, but someone - mashed potatoes. Some kids eat everything on their own, they suggested, while others refuse to pick up a spoon and they have to feed the nurse and educator. Some crumbs completely reject certain types of foods, such as salads with beets or cabbage. As a rule, the teacher does not make the crumbs have the products that he categorically denies, because it violates the rights of the child in kindergarten. However, the part of parents is much wiser to pre-warn the teacher about the products that the child categorically rejects it or they are contraindicated for health reasons.

However, there are many gifted teachers who, even hated salad becomes the most favorite dish. As is known, the best way to persuade a child to do something - it's a game. It is in the form of a game it is best to feed small nehochuhu.

 child goes to kindergarten

"Someone slept on my bed? "

After lunch it's time for lunch sleep, as the children's body needs proper rest. So, lunch is over, pens cleaned and it was time to go to bed. In the older groups the children alone undress and put my clothes on the chair. But in the younger groups to the issue, everything is a bit more complicated - the kids still do not know how to undress yourself, and even more so to put your clothes. To teach a child self-help skills, to try to account for all - and teachers, and the nurse, and the very crumbs.

After all the dust settles, the teacher will cover children with blankets and begin lulling crumbs. One kindergarten teacher read or tell stories, others sing lullaby. As a rule, very quickly get tired and the kids fall asleep strong healthy sleep. But, of course, there are those crumbs that in any unwilling to sleep during nap time, especially in the older groups.

These kids are extremely reluctant to put to bed, long steep, distracted by conversations with educators, thus disturbing other sleeping baby. Typically, these kids are finally asleep, too, but a little later than the rest of the kids. As a result, by the time you need to wake up the crumb does not have time to sleep and eventually naughty.

In such cases, parents themselves are often to blame, that the weekend did not adhere to the usual mode of the day for the child. As a result, the weekend ended, the child went to kindergarten, and his schedule is constantly lost and has trouble falling asleep in kindergarten.

Sleep tired kids

While the kids quiet - a peaceful sleep, the caregiver comes quite "hot" it is time - work with papers and documents. After all, of what the teacher is engaged with the kids, you must inform the head of the kindergarten, and always in writing. Each charge, each class must be described in full detail - in fact the work of the teacher at any time can check Methodist. And so the question of how health of children in the kindergarten is on the strict control of the doctors, who also want to get a report.

After waking up

Children's sleep lasts up to three hours of the day. By this time some children wake up on their own and other crumbs educator has to wake up. Babe is necessary to help get dressed, and girls need more and brush to make it look neat.

Once the children are put in order, they can expect afternoon tea. As a rule, in the afternoon some kids offered - a tasty and healthy product. For example, an apple, an orange or cookies and milk. After the kids will eat, they are taken to break new forces induced during the quiet hours of the order in toys.

Usually, at the beginning of each school year, parents talk about what will function in the garden mugs. After snack kids engaged in those sections that are selected for them by their parents. Those kids who are not engaged in anything further, continue to play in groups, under the strict supervision of tutors, because the safety of the children in the kindergarten is of paramount importance.

After dinner, it's time to 17.00, after which, on the condition that the weather permits, all malyshnya goes for a walk. At this time, from about 17.30 to 18.30 parents begin to pick up the crumbs of their home. The next day a weekday Sadovsky finished. And do not forget to talk to your baby - in fact a kindergarten child's eyes may look quite different.

 The daily routine in kindergarten

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