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Features of modern life is that many children early enough to have to stay home alone. But this is not always so easy to do. Sometimes the child is afraid to stay at home, and sometimes the mother is afraid of nothing less, and even bigger than the baby. And really - if the child alone at home, the rules of conduct should be marked very strictly. After all, safety is paramount.

Many parents argue very rapidly, from what the age of the child can be left home alone. Clear answer to this question is almost impossible. Someone without any problems for a long time leaves a two-year baby, and who's the child of eight can not be left unattended even for a minute.

Moreover, in some countries, leaving a child home alone can lead to the withdrawal of a baby from a family of social welfare authorities. For example, in most European countries is impossible to leave a child home alone until until he was twelve years old, and in some states in America - to fourteen years. Of course, it is certain extremes, and the laws of the Russian Federation do not say anything about this, but if someone - either relatives or neighbors will carry to the guardianship, that a small child is often left alone at home, problems avoided will be difficult .

Child psychologists say that the optimal age at which a child can already start to leave a house - it is five years. Around this age children are already well aware that a "no" and understand why you can not do one or the other. Moreover, in this age, the child becomes able to fully realize all the things that you explain it to perform all your instructions, use the phone.

However, most say that the age of five - about the landmark. A lot depends on the individual characteristics of each individual child - the nature, the skills of his temperament. Caring and attentive parents will be able to determine this time. But, of course, do not leave the house one child under five years old, no matter how independent he did not seem - impressions can be deceptive, and the child - lost in any - any emergency situation.

Thus, for example, certainly all adults have heard of such tragic cases where children have died because they could not make the right decision, for example, during a fire, rather than leave the premises, were killed in a closet or under the bed, out of -this then simply suffocate.

Psychologists offer parents a kind of a psychological test that will help determine the degree of readiness of the child to be alone at home. Each positive response - plus ten per cent in favor of the independence of the child:

  1. Can children play independently for longer than two hours without interruption.
  2. Your child is not afraid of closed spaces and dark rooms?
  3. The child understands the meaning of the word "no" and the consequences that may be.
  4. Your child is able to confidently use the phone and know how to call you?
  5. The child already has his duties and faithfully carry them out?
  6. The child adheres to a certain daily routine on their own?
  7. A child knows when and how to call the fire department, ambulance and police?
  8. The child can seek help from the neighbors?
  9. The child understands what he has to sometimes stay home alone?
  10. The child himself is willing to, or, at least, does not protest against this?

 child home alone

How to prepare a child?

So, in your opinion, the child is ready to to stay home alone? But do not do this spontaneously, do not prepare your child for this beforehand. And be prepared for the fact that this training will take a lot of time. But do not worry - remember that such a large-scale training will be only the first time, and when the child gets used to stay alone at home, it becomes a matter of course.

First and most importantly, what should take care of the parents - is a complete safety of the child. Unfortunately, many parents are too much trust in your child, in the mistaken belief that he was old enough to realize all the danger he may face, and do not touch those things that can be dangerous - knives, scissors, matches, and the like.

Of course, parents must explain to the child what is dangerous or that thing. Show your child that a knife, scissors or a needle can cause pain - gently prick the baby, that he felt it myself. Show that gas, matches and lighters could cause fires and burns, tell me what medicines and household chemicals can cause severe poisoning and disease.

Moreover, one can find in the Internet the appropriate video clips, which will be a vivid illustration to your story about the danger. Although, of course, is to carefully select the video - do not injure the weak psyche of the child excessively bloody frames. Always make sure that the child is well understood you - let it all will speak out loud, and preferably more than one or two times. And then repeat it on a regular basis with your baby.

But that's not all. You have spent time and effort, make sure that your child has learned very well that in any case it is not necessary to approach dangerous subjects? He knows what it all could turn? Great, you're all right! And now ... collect all the items that may be for the child at the slightest danger, and securely hide them. As they say, better safe than sorry - do not tempt a child, no matter how independent and competent he was not.

Moreover - must think and make a list of what could be a danger to the child. Electric - like most ordinary household objects. However, if a child wants a cup of tea in your absence, and will not keep a kettle in the hands, burns can be dangerous. Therefore, remove the kettle away and buy a thermos in which you will be able to keep the baby warm water the right temperature.

Your child is going to want to watch TV - make sure it is in good condition and the wiring is not short-circuit in your absence, and your child does not enter to see what there is happened. By the way, on the wiring and electricity in general - before you leave the child alone, you should make sure that the short circuits is excluded completely. Also, never leave a running appliances such as a washing machine or a bread machine.

In addition, it is desirable no urgent need to leave a child home alone in the evening when it is dark outside. Unfortunately, the outage at night in the cities phenomenon is quite common. And almost every child in the house at this moment one can get very scared. Even an adult can be in the first seconds at ease.

However, if you have a really good reason to leave a child home alone, and not just a campaign visit, be sure to provide for this possibility. Allow your child the opportunity of an alternative light source. However, needless to say, it should not be a candle, a flashlight. Get in the store easy to use, but powerful flashlight and regularly check its performance.

However, be prepared for the fact that in such a situation when he comes home, you will find your child somewhere under the covers, and the order frightened. And there is no guarantee that after this incident you have to visit a child psychologist to deal with children's fears. Therefore, yet try not to leave a child alone in the evening and night, even sleeping - he can wake up.

  • Sleeping baby

By the way, even if the child home alone is without - any problems, it is still in no case should not leave the house at the time when the baby sleeps, even if the bedtime you warned him about his retirement. Child asleep can forget about it and be afraid not to find anyone in the house of the adults.

  • Lesson for the child

In no case should not leave a child home alone, not inventing it on - really interesting to do. You can buy a CD with the kid cartoon or a movie, which he had long wanted a new coloring with crayons or puzzle. The main thing that a child had something to do in the absence of adults. After all, if your child is bored, he can start to look for what to do. And there's no guarantee that he will find a suitable and not nabezobraznichaet or, even worse, hurt yourself.

  • Telephone and doorbells

Particular attention should be paid to the phone calls. Child psychologists highly recommend parents before going to disconnect your home phone and your child buy a mobile. They explain his advice is simple - is undesirable that the child came to the home phone when he is alone at home. And in the same cell he can call only you. If there is no such possibility, and teach the child the fact that he never informed on the phone that he was home alone. It is much wiser to be, if he answers that his mother is now busy and will call back later.

And do not forget to call as often as possible to the child. At first, try to call your child at every opportunity, but at least four times per hour. Tell your child about what you are doing at the moment, tell me what really miss and try to get home as quickly as possible.

Strictly forbidden to the child not only to open the door, but the general approach it. Tell him that everyone without exception, family members have the keys. And remember the most important thing - if the child is afraid to stay alone at home, so he is not yet ready for it.

 The child home alone

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