determination of early pregnancy


  • When it is worth considering?
  • What are the tests and how they work?
  • How to make accurate test?
  • Traditional methods and signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy in any woman's life is very serious and exciting time. But in the early stages of its early symptoms can be deceptive and misleading in vain. It is understood that the girl would like to know in advance, without waiting for the delay menstruation, conception occurred or not. Currently, it is possible not to torture himself guesses and recognize early pregnancy.

A positive pregnancy test can dispel all doubts, as the modern tests promise 99% accuracy before the delay.

This application instructions must be observed in the definition, otherwise the test can show both false-positive and false-negative results, or nothing at all to show. Very often, for a couple of weeks before the expected date of commencement of menstruation and a woman does not know about his interesting position, because any signs will only be indirect.
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When it is worth considering?

So, for whatever circumstantial evidence as possible to guess about her pregnancy in early pregnancy. Firstly, there is swelling and discomfort in the mammary glands. In the very first days after fertilization, the breasts may become slightly swollen, painful to the touch and increase in size. Although similar symptoms often occur in the premenstrual period and signaled the imminent onset of critical days.

Secondly, the basal temperature rises to 37-37, 2 degrees. This is due to a high content in the body of the hormone progesterone. Increased levels of this hormone begins at ovulation, and if fertilization has not occurred, the temperature in the anus is normalized to the usual 36, 7 degrees.

Third, a woman can begin toxicosis, which first manifests itself in the form of aversion to any odors, changes in taste. A little later, a woman begins to pursue nausea, often provoke vomiting, fatigue and weakness.

In pregnancy, the amount of discharge from the vagina increases if they are not justified by any ailment.

And, of course, do not forget about such features as feminine intuition. Quite often before a woman starts a delay monthly suspect a possible pregnancy, and her suspicions are unfounded.

The first clear sign of the ensuing pregnancy is delayed menstrual cycle. Although in this case the cycle should be regular. After all, lead to its failure can be any disease, inflammation, stress, or cancel the reception of drugs and other factors.

So, properly conducted tests to determine early pregnancy will help to know the exact outcome.

 types of pregnancy tests
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What are the tests and how they work?

The fertilized egg in the very first days begins to secrete a special hormone hCG - human chorionic gonadotropin. This protein is immediately enters the blood and urine. In the absence of pregnancy its level in the body close to zero. If hCG is still present, it is regarded as a clear sign of the presence of pregnancy. With further development of the embryo of the future human chorionic gonadotropin figure will only increase. The effect of all the tests based on a chemical reaction test, impregnated with a reagent that reacts to hCG and manifests itself in the form of strips, advantages, emoticons, etc.

Modern pregnancy tests can be divided into the following groups:

  • jet tests;
  • Tablet tests;
  • test strips;
  • electronic tests.

Ink tests have fairly high price range. They are strip on which a layer of blue particles. Due to these particles, test accuracy is much higher than for other types of tests. In use it is quite easy and simple as it does not require any additional containers to collect urine. It is enough to bring the test under a stream of urine and after one to two minutes is sufficient to obtain a reliable result. Ink tests are the most sensitive of his generation. They show an accurate result even before the date of the alleged delay of the menstrual cycle. While other groups cheaper tests show correct result only after the first day of a missed period.

Tablet tests are in the middle price range. They are more expensive test strips, but cheaper jet tests. By way of application, they are also different. This test has two windows. In one window it is necessary to drip a few drops of urine using the enclosed pipette. And in another window 'estimated result.

The test strips are the most popular and cheapest option of independent testing for pregnancy. They are a strip of paper dipped in a container of urine and 5-10 minutes by the number of strips manifested evaluate the results. But if used improperly, these strips can be obtained as a false positive, false-negative results, and do not get any result. This can occur if the strip is overdone in liquid or lowered not vertically but obliquely.

Electronic tests recently appeared on the market and has not yet gained such popularity as their earlier counterparts. And although they are ten times more expensive than conventional tests, they literally work miracles, because not only accurately report the ensuing pregnancy, but about another show, what is the duration in weeks if the pregnancy is really there. Once these tests are good, that they do not have any results unsaid, that is, such a test can not happen.

The answer is always an unequivocal yes-no plus or minus. The principle of operation of the electronic test is the same as everyone, namely within the absorbent strip is responsive to the level of hCG in the urine. The electronic monitor is activated when it gets liquid. Interestingly, some of these types of tests reusable and can show the favorable days for conception with a negative test. They can even be connected to a computer and track ovulation.

 the use of pregnancy tests
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How to make accurate test?

To test did not disappoint and showed the true result, you must follow certain rules.

  1. If you fully comply with all the instructions and follow the instructions, the accuracy of the results will be quite high.
  2. Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date, and the tightness of the package. The truth of the delayed test decreases significantly.
  3. The higher the sensitivity of the test, so it is more accurate. This option is always indicated on the package. Ink test is the most sensitive. They show the true results within a few days after conception. While the levels of hCG in the body is still quite low.
  4. On the eve of the test should not drink plenty of fluids, because it reduces the concentration of a large amount of hCG in the body, and the result may not be possible.

It should be remembered that the protein appears in the urine hCG women only 7-10 days after the attachment of the embryo to the uterus. Therefore it is always necessary to wait at least a few days after intercourse, causing doubt.

Do not trust online pregnancy test. Such tests can offer to bring a finger to a screen, and it will change color when the presence or absence of pregnancy, or to answer a short questionnaire. It is just a hoax, and in some cases even fraud. Therefore, you should never send text messages to confirm any data.

In order to dispel any doubt, it is better to use just a few kinds of tests at intervals of a few days. The test is best done in the morning, that's when the level of hCG in the urine is highest.

It should be remembered that even weakly manifested second strip is a positive result, even with an ectopic pregnancy, and should not be put off a visit to the gynecologist.

The doctor will make a pelvic exam, in which determine the color, shape and size of the uterus. During pregnancy the uterus increases in size, rounded and takes a pinkish color.

Later, he will direct the ultrasound and ask for a blood test for human chorionic gonadotropin. After this question has not exactly left.

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Traditional methods and signs of pregnancy

Women are in the majority are impatient nature, so they tried for a long time even in the early stages to learn about the presence or absence of pregnancy, carrying out various procedures. Most of them can be considered absurd, but some so-called "Grandma's methods" quite even work, it is verified by many generations of women.

For example, earlier assessed colored urine. It is more concentrated and has a dark yellow color in a pregnant woman.

Another woman to collect urine and dripped into it a drop of iodine. If the drop spreads, then there is no pregnancy. If it remains on the surface - the lady in the state.

A piece of paper impregnated with urine and dripped onto a drop of iodine. It is believed that a pregnant woman will get a drop of purple color, otherwise the iodine turns blue.

Pour into a container of urine a little soda. If she immediately settles on the bottom, then there is no pregnancy, if the urine starts to bubble, then the answer is yes.

There is a method based on the fact that in the urine of pregnant women contains enough protein. Thus, the urine was heated in a pot and boiled under poured into a glass container. If a precipitate in the form of white flakes, then became pregnant.

The two glasses of water fell two bulbs. One noted the pregnancy, there is no other. In a glass bulb will grow up to 4 cm, so is the result.

Fish in all its forms, dreamed up in a dream - an interesting position.

Whatever method or test a girl or take advantage of it sooner or later finds out the correct result, dispel their doubts. Most importantly, this particular result was needed and most welcome in her life.

 How to recognize a pregnancy