whether it is possible for children to watch TV

Child and TV ... TV has long been firmly entrenched in the life of modern man. And, of course, in the life of a child. A child watching television - absolutely commonplace in the modern world. And parents do not always think about whether it is possible for children to watch TV and in what quantities. To answer these questions, we need to know what is the impact of TV on children.

Why are children so fond of the TV? Psychologists explain this by the fact that the screen often distracts the child from the real world. And if, for example, Movies child is fully aware of unreality on the screen at home he gets new information from the TV screen in a completely familiar to him home, but not in the theater. This is what confuses the brain child, forcing to take for the real action is happening on the TV screen. The child is very difficult to self-exclude himself from what was happening on the screen, so that the stunning effect is magnified.

A lot of controversy is the question of "TV and the baby." Many parents believe that the very small kids under a certain age do not perceive what is happening on the screen. In part, this view is correct - the children because of their age are not able to grasp the characteristics of the essence of the action, not only on screen but in real life. However, numerous studies have shown that children are able to have monthly focus on the moving picture of the TV. And these pictures are extremely negative impact on the subconscious crumbs, draining his nervous system.

But getting used to the TV happens very, very quickly. I'm sure all parents have repeatedly noticed how pipsqueak happily began to laugh when he heard the sound of a familiar advertising or music on hold any program. About three - four years old child is able to grasp the meaning of what is happening on the screen, but they are not able to differentiate between fiction, what is happening on the screen and reality. That is why parents must be very scrupulous in choosing programs for viewing child. Avoid any programs containing scenes of violence, cruelty, and terrible scenes that can frighten the child.

While watching cartoons is also necessary to limit. After all, cartoons, in any case, are a strong irritant for the child and his nervous system overload. A further aspect - how much a child can watch television? Child psychologists recommend limiting TV viewing time of about 15 minutes a day for children from three to seven years. Be sure to pay attention to exactly what your child is watching cartoons. It is not necessary to give the baby to watch cartoons, which advocated violence and aggression. After all, this is the age of the child is very strongly expressed the ability to identify itself with cartoon characters and, as a consequence, imitating their behavior.

At about seven years children are able to distinguish the action taking place on screen from real life. At this time, you can slightly expand the range of programs viewed, but not forgetting to ensure that they did not have violent scenes. Time view can also be increased up to about an hour a day.

And only ten years, children acquire the ability to fully perceive and ability to objectively assess the time and space to analyze, discuss and draw conclusions, as well as to distinguish fiction from reality. In this age of the child at the forefront while watching TV exits sense seen, not visual images as before.

Around this age children can themselves choose the TV shows they want to watch. However, in this age, parents must necessarily follow closely the child's choice. After all, at this age he takes consciousness itself, as a person. Soul, formation of self and forming their own opinions. And it makes more sense to at this time in the child's mind is not influenced negative images of television characters are often not positive.

Boys in this period begin to identify yourself with beautiful, strong and courageous heroes who are often far from positive character, and often frankly negative. Girls also often try to resemble television beauties, exhausting themselves diets with very early age.

Also, parents often asked child psychologists question about that, at what age can allow children to watch television on their own, without the presence of adults. Of course, sometimes, if my mother needs a certain amount of free time, it can put a disk with cartoons and a three-year leave to see the crumbs of their own. However, these sessions should not become the rule. The child is first necessary to parents' attention.

Around the age of seven, the child may be allowed to watch TV on their own, provided that you know exactly what programs your child is watching. In general, the joint television viewing is a wonderful pastime and allows parents to direct the development of the child in the required direction.

Parents must agree in advance with your kids about how many times he will watch TV. You can select a certain number of hours per day or week, but the child must know exactly. What is the amount of time he can spend in front of TV. Of course, it does not help to completely prevent the request, "Well, you can even a little - just sit? "But will keep to the whims of a possible minimum.

In order to achieve maximum effect, it is not necessary to focus on the time a child is watching television - will be much more effective if you are together with your child, take some time selection of those programs or cartoons that child will watch next week. Such a measure will allow the child to feel like a full participant in all the events taking place in his family and not be a mere passive observer.

Remember that your agreement with the child need to be reviewed again every week. Besides, how much time the child will watch TV, you need to discuss it, at what time the child will watch TV - whether in the evening, on weekends there days. You can with your child decide whether he would watch television every day, little by little, or else a little longer at the weekend. Even after the child gets older and will choose their own TV shows, parents should monitor what a child looks. And that word of parents should be decisive in choosing the gears to view.

Of course, parents are very hard to constantly monitor the child, especially if he is old enough. In order that the child unquestioningly do what he is told to parents, to the rules it is necessary to begin to teach at an early age. If a child from an early age to know what word the parents - it is the law for him, his parents do not have to apply any sanctions measures. However, in no case should not do not just ban something the child does not motivating the coupling agent. This can cause a reaction of protest in the child. Try to always justify their decisions - this will help the child will accept them.

TV in the children's room

 damage to the computer for children

Too many parents are buying a TV especially for a child's room. However, child psychologists say that children's room - the most inappropriate place for the TV. If the TV is a constant background, it makes it difficult for the child to find a more suitable occupation than watching TV. In the event that the child will have free access to view cartoons and movies, he probably will not want to read books, play what - or educational games, which is essential for harmonious development and self-awareness.

Very often, parents and children are not the same views on what - or transfer. What parents like, may not like the child and vice versa. It is not necessary to use their parental authority and simply prohibit child watching his favorite TV shows, and to impose their point of view. It is much wiser to compromise with your child and see those pitches that he likes, and those who love you.

After that, be sure to discuss what you like and do not like a child, and vice versa. Perhaps after watching TV you will be able to convince the child, and maybe you do change your mind.

Not less questions parents causes and advertising, which in large quantities on television. The most relevant issue in this respect to the smallest children. Already yearling crumbs recognize sounds great favorite of advertising, as well as the logos of goods. However, the appointment of commercials children are able to perceive only about the age of seven.

When it comes to little kids, the problem with advertising solved very easily - just change the channel or turn off the TV. But with older children a bit more complicated. Parents should be sure to talk to children, explaining to them the purpose of advertising. This will help prevent tantrums in the store when the baby will require buy any - any item in the store, which he had previously seen in commercials on TV.

Very often, parents, supervising the children did not see the adult movies and programs containing scenes of violence and cruelty, calmly include newscasts, not paying attention to the presence in the child's room. However, adults often forget that the realities of life, displayed in a news release, are often much worse and more violent than the scene of the bloodiest insurgent.

Try to avoid watching television information children under 8 - 9 years. Young children are very hard to perceive other people's feelings and pain, quickly and fully by projecting all the trouble for themselves and their families. It is not necessary to subject them to unnecessary psychological burden. If after all this happened, the child saw a scene that contains violence or any - or catastrophe, hug crumbs, gently reassure him. This will create the illusion of a child feel safe and protected. But the most important thing you need for psychological calm your baby.

However, in no case do not gloss over the fact that the child has seen on the screen, and do not try to simply translate the subject. This will only aggravate the psychological state of the child and strengthen his anxiety. Always Speak seen explaining to a child strange moments. Be sure to place emphasis on the fact that for the salvation of people are making every effort, and people do not throw even the most dangerous situation.

And the last thing that should be mentioned when speaking of the influence of TV, it is erotic scenes. Of course, talking about sex and violence do not go - parents need to completely eliminate all the films and programs, which may include such scenes. However, frequently, and in films intended for family viewing, there are erotic scenes easy. As a rule, little kids do not pay any attention to such scenes. But if they see the older children, they may have questions. You should not shy away from them - such scenes can be a wonderful occasion to talk with your child about sexuality and gender relations.

The child and the computer

 the impact on the child's computer

Next, at least a strong wave of parents problem - the impact on the child's computer. The computer today is in almost every home, children and familiarity with the computer starts at the very tender age. Often, already a three-year pipsqueak deftly managed with a computer mouse. And whether it is safe for children? Harmful if the computer for children?

As many studies show, even for a short time spent at the computer, gives a significant burden on the child's mind, and his visual system. A similar phenomenon is observed in 78% of all children, while a six-hour school day is the same fatigue is just 43% of children. However, if the fatigue that has arisen as a result of school, the child will notice immediately, the fatigue caused by the misuse of a computer, almost always goes unnoticed.

The child, fascinated by the internet or computer games, is in a state of high excitement. And it is this emotional arousal and does not allow them time to notice the supposed onset fatigue, and work with your computer continues. As a result, fatigue accumulates, like a snowball, gradually bringing the child to complete nervous exhaustion.

And if you sit at the computer absolutely small children, about the dangers of uncontrolled access to the computer does not even have to say. Often, when parents are busy, the child spends on the computer screen almost the entire day. In the evening my mother wonder why a child becomes so excited, nervous and unmanageable. The child can not fall asleep for a long time, and falling asleep, waking up constantly, or even just to scream in his sleep. Parents get nervous, to buy children's anti-anxiety drugs. Once they will try all measures parents to consult a doctor. And imagine what the parents' surprise when they find out from the doctor that the culprit is a harmless looking computer.

However, fortunately, in recent years more and more parents and more I began to excite the question, "computer and children's health." Harm computer for children often either overlooked, or else greatly exaggerated. In the first place there is the question of electric radiation from the computer. Measurements of radiation levels show that the X-ray emission from modern computers do not exceed the allowable values ​​are safe for health. The same is true of electromagnetic radiation. However, if you are the owner of the last-generation computer, you should keep in mind that these figures are the side and the rear side of the screen slightly above the normal values.

Terms of workplace equipment

In addition, when deciding whether to be a computer in a child's room, remember that the computer is capable of running at significantly change the characteristics of the air. Hours after the temperature rises to a PC 6 - 7 degrees and the humidity, on the contrary, it is reduced by 35 - 40%. Also in the room is significantly increased carbon dioxide content - approximately 30%. Strongly ionized air, it increases the number of positive ions that most adversely affect the performance and health of the child. Deposited on the dust particles, the ions get into the child's airway that. In turn, often leads to a sore throat, cough occurrence and tear.

When you purchase a good modern computer all these negative symptoms are reduced at times, but some - what problems still remain. Parents need to remember a few simple rules that will help prevent a lot of complications:

  • When choosing a location for the computer to make sure that he was standing or in a corner or a rear wall facing the wall surface.
  • In the room where the computer is, you must conduct a thorough daily wet cleaning. Not recommended in the room to lay carpet.
  • Prior to the session with a computer, as well as after it is necessary to wipe the screen of special cloth to remove dust.
  • As often as possible ventilate the room where the computer is running.
  • Also, in any case we must not forget the need to humidify the air in the room where the computer is running. You can hang wet towels, but they need to be constantly changing. Perhaps an aquarium in the room would be the best solution.

The impact on the health of the child's computer

But that's not all the complications that may arise as a result of the abuse of work at the computer. The children have been affected to a much greater extent than adults. The explanation of this fact is quite simple.

Child 6 - 7 years is a thriving organism. Bone-forming system, including the carpal bones are growing rapidly, and long work with a mouse can be harmful.