circles and groups for children

All the parents, without exception, want to see their children succeed and talented. However, independently develop any - any ability a child has the opportunity not all parents. Of course, you can hire a tutor or private teacher who will focus on your child, giving him his full attention, and most developing his creativity. Option, of course, ideal, but it has two small but noticeable disadvantages:

  • The child will be deprived of the additional communication with peers. A lack of such communication can slow down the formation of interpersonal skills.
  • Private lessons with a personal tutor - a very, very expensive, that can afford not every family.

And here to help moms and dads come all sorts of circles and sections for children. They largely accessible, in addition, the child gets a much-needed him socializing with peers.

Mugs and sections for children can not only develop the hidden potential of the child, but also to organize his spare time.   In addition, children's clubs and circles discipline the child, teach him the process of self-organization. This skill, when the child grows up, he will have an invaluable service.

So, the parents decided it was time for their daze than - or do. And in front of them at once the question arises - what a circle to send their children? Of course, if your child shows remarkable abilities in a particular area, you do not have to think long. You are sure to find children's clubs and clubs that meet your needs. However, if your child has not yet revealed his potential issue in which a circle to send their children, will make you break your head more than one day.

The choices that we offer numerous advertising, able to confuse anyone. However, in no case can not go on about fashion trends.

This article describes the main directions in which the work circles, as well as the basic requirements for the child. But do not forget that the statistics in the material are averaged, so an additional, more detailed information, you need to learn directly in the circle in which you plan to drive your child.

In order to make the right choices, parents need to do a few simple things:

  • Pay attention to the character and temperament of the child - hardly the quiet, shy kid will feel good in the circus studio and perky scrapper who loves to chase a ball for hours - in a chess section.
  • Be sure to talk with the child himself - if the selected circle is like a child, likely to succeed it will have much more than a child who is forced forced into unloved business. After all, you do not want to watch your child serving in the section if the offender in the correctional work?
  • If you are planning to send their children to the sports section, be sure to adequately assess the state of his health. Circle in any case should not cause exacerbation of existing chronic illness in a child.
  • Choosing children's section, be sure to pay attention to its location and time of the start of classes. Decide whether you carry a child in a circle, or he already is independent enough to get himself. Be sure to note the time it takes to the road - the lessons in school and do not have to suffer - for extra lessons.
  • Another important aspect - is the financial side. If your family does not have any financial difficulties, you can omit this step. If you think of the usual average Russian family, you should not overlook this issue. The cost of months of training in children's circle can vary significantly. Also it is necessary to take into account all the necessary attributes for a class.

Sporting clubs

 children's section and mugs

What are circles and sections? Almost all of them are divided into several categories.

If your child is active and lively, loves sports and all that is connected with the sport, you should pay your attention to sports clubs. As a rule, find the sports circle there is no difficulty. These clubs have almost every child care even the smallest town.

However, remember that sports clubs to visit the child should be healthy. Most likely to visit sports clubs you will need to take certificate - permission from your doctor - a pediatrician. Only he is able to adequately assess the pros and cons and make a decision on whether or not the child attend a particular section.

Kids section of swimming

Kids section of swimming suit kids who love the water and can spend hours splashing around in it. As a rule, children's swimming section work even with the young kids at the age of three years. Of course, no one deny that swimming skills are very, very helpful. However, few people think that swimming is also very good for health. It has on the health of the child a lot of positive effects:

  • It is known that as the child grows significantly increase the load on the spine. Already in the first class in 50% of children diagnosed with scoliosis. Swimming also greatly reduces the load on the spine, thus helping the formation of correct posture.
  • In addition, diving to avoid a significant amount of musculoskeletal diseases - musculoskeletal system in the future.
  • Swimming is largely the child develops coordination.
  • Children go swimming, have a high endurance and flexibility.
  • Another important advantage of swimming is that it greatly strengthens the child's immune system.

As a rule, if the parents of some - any way frightened child with water (and such, alas, happens very often), the children are very happy to visit this section of swimming at an early age. Of course, 3 - 4 years to talk about what - or athletic achievements, but the baby is learning to float and to control his body.

Older kids can already try to overcome the short distances on the water by yourself. Not to fear for the safety of children - the kids are in the water in special sleeves, collar, and under the strict supervision of a coach of swimming. In some sections it provided the possibility of finding the parents with their children during training. As a rule, the presence of a number of parents gives the child more self-confidence and helps to overcome its existing concerns.

And when your child reaches 6 - 7 years of age, swimming lessons may well be the beginning of a serious career. It was the age of 6 - 7 years is the best to start vocational training to swimming of children in the sports section. The child is old enough to perceive the words of the coach, to respond appropriately to control yourself and your body, to account for their actions.

The child quickly masters the different styles of swimming and showing their abilities. As a rule, experienced coach, even in a crowd of kids able to observe one - two that show a bit more capacity than other kids. Many Olympic champions began their star way it is in the children's swimming sections.

After the child has started to attend the section swimming, take a look at it. Willingly whether baby goes to school, if all he likes. If all goes well, then you have made the right choice and you do not have to worry about. If you have something embarrassing in a child's behavior, be sure to find out the reason. Maybe your child is afraid of the water? In this case you have to change the sport. If the cause is not in the water, try to find out what is still wrong. Perhaps the child has not developed relationships with peers or a coach? In this case it is necessary to reflect on the transfer of the child in other water section.

But often the reason is not the point. The child simply weary of the need to comply with a very strict discipline of sports. In that case, if you do not plan to raise their child from a professional athlete, you will approach physical training section of the voyage, and not sports. It will allow your child to receive all of the benefits that can give swimming, but will not be strong psycho-physical load. After all, in the end, the decision about how to become or not to become an athlete should only take a child.

Children hockey section

Children hockey clubs are very popular for decades. Thousands of boys dream of themselves as great hockey players. If you are considering children's hockey clubs, you might want to learn about some of the features of the sport. Hockey advisable leads boys 5 - 6 years. However, there is one condition - the child should begin to skate, since the age of three. And keep in mind that conventional skates are very different from hockey.

As a rule, classes in children's hockey sections begin in late August - early September. The hockey school academic year lasts just as in ordinary - from September to May. And in the summer, most students spend in school hockey specialized sports camps. This is necessary to ensure that over the summer the baby has not lost the skills and physical fitness.
As a rule, classes at hockey schools are free of charge or for a totally symbolic money. However, parents should not forget the fact that the purchase of hockey equipment will fall on their shoulders. So, get ready for what you will need to purchase their own expense:

  • Shields
  • Hockey pants
  • Gloves
  • Pullover
  • Bibs
  • Uppers
  • Elbow
  • Helmet
  • Boots with skates

On average equipment of good quality, be prepared to spend at least 15 000. In addition to equipment, you and the child is likely to have to undergo a medical examination confirming that the child's condition allows him to engage in hockey. I would also like to remind parents that the child's choice must be conscious and absolutely voluntary. Otherwise, no progress will not achieve the boy.

Kids section on basketball

Children's section in basketball exist in virtually all sports organizations and even ordinary schools. Children's section in basketball are the boys of school age in high demand. Some children go to training just for the company with their peers or to what - something to occupy their time.

However, some children belong to classes of basketball very seriously and are making significant progress, playing for the youth teams. In addition, some children tall basketball lessons can get rid of some complexes and raise self-esteem.

As a rule, any basketball children's section is set almost year-round. But in some sports schools, where classes are conducted on a fairly serious level, the group recruited at certain times. If your choice - it's a basketball children's section, to find out in advance when dialing groups.

Circle dances for children

Too many parents prefer a circle dance for children. Circle dances for children can be a wonderful choice not only for girls but also for boys. Dancing child will need his age exercise, learn to control your body, it will give grace and plastic movements.

As a rule, find the circle dance is a snap. Almost all secondary schools and local cultural centers have their own dance clubs. However, the level of training in such circles is poor.

If you want your child engaged in dancing professionally, you should pay attention to the private dance clubs. There's your child will engage in professional teachers, and the number of children in paid groups usually does not exceed 5 - 6 people. However, be prepared for the fact that the payment of such dance studios may be several times higher.

You also need to decide on the way in which it views dances will engage your child. It is much wiser to ask his opinion on the matter. Nowadays identify several major dance styles:

  • Ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing pairs are dancing, going strictly on the floor, in a special dance shoes. Similar dances are folk roots.
  • Latin American dances. These dances in a separate group, but, strictly speaking, they also belong to the ballroom.
  • Folk dances. These dances belong to the category of folklore.
  • Dancesport.
  • Pop dance.

Whatever kind of dancing your child is not chosen, be prepared for the fact that the costumes and shoes you'll also have to buy their own.

Intellectual circles

 circle dances for children

Earlier we talked about the most popular sports clubs. However, not all children are different attraction to the sport and active lifestyle in general. Many children prefer intelligent load. And, of course, such a babe, forcibly delivered into the sports clubs, classes will not bring nothing but negative emotions.

Children with this way of thinking and temperament optimally suited intellectual circles. Listed below are the main ones.

Circle Drawing for children

Circle Drawing for kids - the optimal choice of parents whose kids are showing interest in drawing. Drawing helps the harmonious development of the child's personality, reveals the potential of the child. In addition, numerous studies have confirmed an interesting fact - children engaged in drawing much more emotionally stable, and virtually are not subjected to stress.

Typically, there are a variety of age groups. Some clubs begin their studies with the small children from one year. These kids often paint finger paints. As the child grows the complexity of the pictures.

If in the process of learning in a child drawing show up certain abilities, when the child reaches seven years of age, parents can send him to study at the art school.

Math clubs for children

In many schools there are mathematical circles for children. In these circles the teachers in their free time engaged in lessons with the children, have the ability to mathematical calculations.

However, parents in any case should not compel the child to attend math circles for children against the wishes of the child. If parents or teachers will use mathematical circles as an additional elective, they risk instill enduring dislike all accurate computational sciences.

Technical groups for children

Technical groups for children are also in high demand among the boys. These clubs are often also at secondary schools. If the school in which your child is enrolled, like circles there, try to find in the city station of young technicians.

There's your child is sure to find something for everyone. Someone will take care simulation, someone - radio activity. Typically, these clubs are free of charge. In some cases, parents may be asked to buy something from the materials needed for the creativity of children.

Circle Knitting for children

If you are the proud parents of a pretty girl who is interested in crafts, you should pay attention to the knitting circle for children. Find a circle it is also not very difficult - they are in secondary schools, and cultural centers and child development centers.

Circle knitting for children will help your daughter to buy a very useful skill, which is sure to come in handy in her later life. Creating a beautiful exclusive things with their hands, your beauty will always be in the spotlight. As a rule, training in this circle is absolutely free. The only thing that you will need to spend money to buy it, crocheting and thread.

Literary circles for children

If your child can sit all day and night for the books, and maybe try to write their own poetry or prose, literary circles for children - this is exactly what you need. The literary circle your child will find like-minded people with whom he will discuss the inspiration Read product.

Literary circles for children, as a rule, conduct classes with children of the program, which is significantly different from the school. Your inquisitive son or daughter would be much more interesting than the usual lesson of literature.

Oh and if you notice your baby desire to create their own literary masterpieces, such efforts should be encouraged.