how to give your child medicine

All parents know that sometimes to get the child to drink this or that medicine is almost impossible, especially if it is bitter. The child may cry, kicking and struggling and losing an hour, will remain in the "winners." And parents will remain in the medicines that they have not been able to get the child to drink. So how to give your child the medicine, so that "the sheep were intact, and the wolves were fed?" Is it impossible?

It appears possible. Experienced parents long ago invented a few trouble-free way of how to give a child medication and to avoid the hassle both for themselves and for the child. Here are these methods.

Several methods - how to give your child medicine

So, we have the original data - your doctor has prescribed a child receiving a particular drug. Our task - to give it to the baby with minimal losses. No matter, whether the child is taking the medicine before, or it is assigned for the first time, be sure to ask your doctor - is it really so necessary? However, in no case do not discuss the matter in the presence of the child - it can quickly catch your vibrations, and as a result, then flatly refuse to accept this pharmacological agents.

Before you give the baby medications, be sure to carefully read the annotation - learn how to contraindications and possible side effects to be alert. Be prepared for the fact that you will have a very detailed, but in language that is understandable to your crumbs, to explain to him why you need a particular drug. All the kids are by nature very curious, so satisfying their curiosity, much more likely to persuade them to drink the medicine.

And remember that from an ordinary receiving medicines can make a real gameplay. A little tense imagination and come up with a story, such as how gremlins - germs hurt the body baby, and good character - the tablet or syrup brave brave fight with them.

Certainly, not all parents once heard that when taking medicines to reduce the possible risk of irritation of the gastric mucosa, they need to drink milk. However, doctors are advised to wash down crumbs all medicines, without exception - and potions, and pills and capsules slightly sweetened drink boiled water, or if the drug is very much bitter, sweet tea.

 how to give your child medicine

Children under three years - the benefit lies

However, as a rule, through peaceful negotiations can negotiate only with the children about three - four years old. Above junior crumbs have to cheat, giving medication cunning.

As a rule, the greatest problem is the pills - a small child simply does not know how to drink. And even if you manage to persuade him to take a pill, a very high risk of manifestation of the gag reflex. That is why doctors recommend that all tablets ground into a fine powder. Make it a snap -for these purposes can be used as a small container, as well as the usual tea spoons. Put in a clean, dry spoon tablet, and the top of the convex part of the second spoon firmly press it down - and the powder is ready.

This drug is most effective to dissolve the powder in your favorite drink baby - with sweet tea, juice or syrup. But use for that purpose or juice, or mineral water, doctors do not recommend for one simple reason - the drug often comes with these liquids in the chemical reaction. And the consequences for the child's body will be unpredictable.

Be sure to thoroughly mix the powder - it should not be at the bottom of a bottle or cup after child dopet liquid. And remember one very common, but unacceptable error many parents - in that case, if the child spit out the liquid, in any case do not add medicine "by eye" - is very high risk of overdose, which is extremely dangerous for the child's body. It is much wiser to wait for the next reception of medicines and ensure that the child drank it all.

The only case where a child can not lie - it's about the flavor syrup or medicine, which dissolve in the liquid is not always possible. Be sure to pre-try it to taste for yourself - you must have an idea of ​​what to tell the child. Believe me, if you tell your child that the medicine is very tasty, but in reality it will be disgusting the taste, it is unlikely the child's trust in you will not suffer.

Syrup currently general situation is quite difficult. On the one hand, the fact that almost all the syrups produced using various sweeteners and flavorings, parents plays only on hand - the child drinks them with pleasure and without any - or moods. On the other hand - in case the child has an allergic reaction occurs, to understand exactly what caused it - the best sweeteners or direct the drug itself, is extremely difficult.

Many parents have resorted to the following trick - powder mixed with condensed milk, jam or other favorite foods crumbs. Many parents believe that the best way how best to give children medicine. And to what extent are right, but you must remember the main thing, "underwater" stone - in the event that the taste of the drug to kill it will be possible and the child replace the forgery, he may have a strong aversion to the product in which you are, and mixed into medicine. Therefore, do not shunt it into the products that are required in the children's diet - in the milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt.

And finally I would like to remind about the need to observe basic safety measures. First, in any case not "shove" in the child's power of medicine. After crying child can choke or drown them. But such cases are, unfortunately, quite common. Therefore, in no case do not repeat this mistake, which can be fatal.

And secondly, remember that even the sweet cure for the child can not take yourself - just under your supervision! It does not matter, will it cough syrup or multivitamin complexes, will take them three years pipsqueak or twelve children - parents in any case should not allow such. Even the drug, of course, must be stored out of reach even for an adult child's place!

 How to give your child medicine?

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 child's birth certificate to obtain

The birth of the baby, of course, brings great joy for new parents and all relatives. However, after the first storm of emotions pass, you must make sure that the baby would become a full-fledged citizen is necessary to deal with the main issues:

  • What is the child's birth certificate?
  • Why do I need a birth certificate to get?
  • What documents are in addition to the birth certificate might need baby?
  • Where can I get a duplicate birth certificate at the loss of the main document?

To begin with let's deal with the question - where to get the child's birth certificate and what is this document?

The birth certificate is issued based on the Federal Law of 11.15.1997, the (edited 05-04-2010) "On Acts of Civil Status", adopted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation 22 October 1997.

Before the birth certificate produced in small booklets today - this is a common page in A4 format, equipped with water marks, has the series and number. Filling a birth certificate can be carried out, both written and machines (computers, typewriters) method. If the document is filled manually, the text must be written in blue or black paste (ink) and clearly readable.

If you use the machine set, the dye should be only black (according to Russian legislation) and to ensure color reproduction throughout the life of the document. When you come to receive a birth certificate should be paid to the above-mentioned points increased attention.

State birth certificate is necessary to obtain in the first two months of the birth of the baby, as at the expiry of the law comes into force on the violation of registration rules. Licenses and registration of newborn children engaged body of civil status (REGISTRAR'S OFFICE). The birth certificate should be signed by the head of the body with the full name (name).

Registration is carried out at the place of residence of the parents. The surname of the child are entered by the name of one of the parents (by agreement of parents). Name your baby, is also given by mutual agreement of mum and dad. And on behalf of the father, the child is given a patronymic. A single mother, has the discretion to choose a middle name for the baby. Nationality of the child shall be entered at the request of parents. When making citizenship a newborn on the back of the certificate is stamped on belonging to a particular state.

We turn to the question - how to get a birth certificate?

In order to obtain a birth certificate, you need to write and submit an application to the registrar. This should be done within the first month of the birth of the baby.

The application must be attached:

  • a certificate from the medical institution where the delivery took place, confirming the occurrence of the child;
  • parents' passports (the mother alone to attach your passport only);
  • documents proving paternity (not medical) certificate of marriage, a court decision, etc .;
  • receipt of payment of the tax (if establish paternity).

If the parents are legally married, the application can supply any of them. In this case, the information about the father is discharged from the marriage certificate and of the mother of a medical certificate shall be entered on the birth of a child.

If the parents are not officially married, then come to the registrar for the application they need two. In the case where the presence of one of the parents can not be for a good reason (business trip, illness), the second parent must submit a statement from the absent notarized seal.

If the mother is not in status with his father, she will be given a birth certificate, in which the baby is her name and patronymic of the one that defined the mother. At the request of the mother, the mark of the father, can not be made if, of course, there was a court decision, according to which an employee is required to enter the registrar data of the second parent. Mom, is not a citizen of Russia and unmarried, to obtain a birth certificate must be presented characterizing her marital status.

In the case where neither parent can not come to the registry office, the application for registration of birth may be submitted by an authorized employee of a medical institution (maternity hospital) or a close relative of one of the parents, which in itself must have an identity document and a notarized power of attorney from parents newborn.

What other documents are necessary to the kid?

After the child's birth certificate got the baby must be registered in the city. To do this, parents need to apply to the portion of the passport for registration of citizens at their place of residence and submit the following documents:

  • child's birth certificate and its copy in two copies;
  • parents' passports and photocopies;
  • marriage certificate and its photocopy.

In the case where the parents are registered at different addresses, the newborn is registered at the place of residence of one of them. This should provide additional documents:

  • a certificate of registration of the other parent;
  • written consent of the father or mother for the issue of registration of the child.

Typically, the process of registration in the community takes two weeks, after which you receive a certificate of registration of the child and can make its nationality.

For liner that a child is a citizen of the Russian Federation, parents need to come to the passport and visa service ATS (ATC) at his residence with the following documents:

  • child's birth certificate and its copy in two copies;
  • parents' passports and photocopies;
  • marriage certificate and its photocopy;
  • a certificate of registration of the child.

If parents are divorced, instead of the marriage certificate should be attached:

  • a certificate from the registry office, where it is stated that the earlier marriage was registered;
  • divorce certificate and its photocopy.

If the mother is remarried and changed her last name, you must also attach evidence of the new marriage. Single mothers if the father of the child is recorded on the birth certificate of her instruction, should submit a certificate from the registry office. In case of death of one parent, you must submit the death certificate and a photocopy.

Upon receipt of the above documents, care should be taken about one very important document - a medical insurance policy.

Medical insurance policy is necessary to issue, within three months from the date of birth of the baby, after this period the company insurers may refuse free registration. The first step should be to contact the regional children's clinic and clarify where the policy issue, since not all firms have the state accreditation and deal with this issue.

To obtain medical insurance policy will need the following documents:

  • birth certificate;
  • certificate of registration of the baby;
  • parent's passport, which has registered a newborn.

Photocopies are not required. Police make out for about two months, but at the same time issued a certificate certified by the seal, on which you can apply to the medical institution to receive free services.

How to obtain a duplicate of the birth certificate? To obtain a duplicate of the birth certificate must contact the registry office and write a statement to the department that issued the original. In the case of being in another city, you can use the services of a notary's office, which will make a request to the registrar.

 Birth certificate and the first documents on the child

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