the child is afraid of doctors

Your child is afraid of doctors? Simple routine inspection visit to the clinic for you turns into a real challenge, not to mention about vaccinations, blood tests and visits to the dentist? The child becomes unmanageable, escapes from his hands, screaming and trying to run away? This picture probably painfully familiar to a huge number of young parents. As to be in a similar situation? Can accept and go to the clinic, as if to prison?

However, this is not a solution - in fact, unfortunately, is not immune from the disease absolutely no one. And there is no guarantee that the crumb does not fall into the hospital. And imagine how stressful it would be for him. It would seem, turns out a real vicious circle, from which there is no exit. However, child psychologists rush to reassure parents - how to resolve this problem do exist.

How to cope with the fear of a child?

Of course, the issue is resolved as if by magic, is unlikely. However, at the request of parents, a certain percentage of patience and endurance to cope with panic child before doctors can still be. Here to tell you more about how to do it yourself:

  • A detailed story

It is very important before you go to the doctor's office, in great detail tell the child that with him there will make. In no case do not lie to your child - for example, do not tell him that the doctor just listen to it, if you know that your child be vaccinated. Otherwise, the next time when you really need only take a certificate, you are unlikely to make a child on their own to go to the office.

  • Do not hide what may be painful

The same applies to the possible pain. It is not necessary to tell the child that he did not even feel the prick - because in fact it is absolutely wrong. As a result, the child may also lose all confidence in you. Have you ever paid attention to the fact that children are often minor injuries such as scratches or cat whipped knees, does not pay much attention?

And in the doctor's office during those or other manipulation of the same crumb desperately crying. No wonder why this happens, because of the intensity of pain about the same? Child psychologists explain this feature so that the child is most afraid of the unknown.

  • Control your words and emotions

Even if a child really be a complicated procedure, or, even worse, surgery, and you really do and very worried, in any case, do not apply the slightest mind. A child in any case should not notice your excitement - otherwise, it will also start to worry and capricious.

  • Do not go into the details of colorful

Despite the fact that the child must be in sufficient detail to talk about what happened to him will happen in the doctor's office, do not go to extremes - the child is not necessarily know exactly how much blood he will take and what will be done with a needle vaccination. After these details only child razvolnuetsya - so do not go into these details, of course, if the child did not take an interest - in this case, tell him in accessible language is still necessary.

  • Plays with the process

If the child's fear of doctors is too strong, child psychologists advise parents before each trip to the doctor with your child to beat this situation. Allow the child to stay not only the patient but also the doctor. Let the kid, of course, with your help, will the blood of a doll or make her a vaccination - so the child will get an idea of ​​what a doctor makes a particular manipulation.

  • Never scare a child doctors

The worst mistake we can possibly prevent - it scares baby doctors. The child must know exactly what the doctors had never hurt him just like that. And all the actions performed by a doctor are necessary to ensure that the child was sick. And if a child is afraid of doctors and does not trust them, the healing process will be quite problematic for the child and for doctors.

  • Promise the child a reward for bravery

Typically, child psychologists extremely recommend that parents try to get the desired behavior of the child with the help of sweets or toys. The only exception - it's like a doctor. The child should know exactly what his courage will be rewarded. It is strong enough incentive.

 if a child is afraid of the dentist

The child is afraid of the dentist

Sometimes the problem is much more narrow specification - the child is afraid of - a certain doctor, a dentist often. In that case, if the child is afraid of the dentist, treatment and even just routine inspection becomes practically impossible. This is not surprising - if, in order to make the shot, you can still keep the baby, then get forced open his mouth just simply unrealistic.

However, tooth decay and leave without treatment in any case can not be - it is not only bad teeth ache, but also increase the risk of the permanent teeth begin to deteriorate very quickly. That is why parents should make every conceivable effort to every child - yet opened his mouth at the dentist chair.

Child psychologists advise parents to carefully approach the selection of children's dentist - first of all it has to appeal to the child's behalf. Be sure to pre-acquaint the child with your doctor and watch their relationship. And the child will be extremely useful to settle in advance - then it will not scare the unfamiliar surroundings. Well, of course, parents need to show the wonders of ingenuity and diplomacy - the child must still open mouth.

And remember that the child is afraid of the doctor is forever - soon your baby will grow up, and no problems with doctor visits you will not be! And you will remember today's fears with a smile.

 The child is afraid of doctors? Turn fear into friendship!

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 diaper dermatitis in children treated

Surely everyone has heard the expression "skin like a baby." And really - the baby's skin is very, very delicate. However, the payment of such tenderness - increased sensitivity of the skin. And the most common type of skin irritation - a diaper dermatitis. Surely, any mother of an infant faced with the problem of diaper dermatitis. It is very important at the first symptoms of the disease as quickly as possible to take the necessary measures to prevent deterioration of the ..

It will be useful this information and those women who are only planning to become a mother. It's no wonder they say that the enemy must know in person - in this case, to win it will be much easier. In this article we will talk about issues such as diaper dermatitis in children, treatment and prevention.

What is nappy rash? Doctors called diaper dermatitis is irritation of the skin in the buttocks and thighs, which is triggered by a variety of aggressive factors - microbial, chemical and physical. Typically, diaper dermatitis occurs in the first few months of life, especially as a result of the children's skin and errors in care.

By the way, doctors - pediatricians notice another interesting feature associated with diaper dermatitis - detoy those who are bottle-fed, it occurs much more frequently than their peers who eat my mother's milk. This phenomenon doctors due to the fact that the artificial feeding enzyme activity is much higher than in natural. Simply put, children - "bottle-" calories much more pungent and strong caustic delicate baby skin than in infants who are breast-fed.

Diaper dermatitis negatively affects both the nervous and on the psycho-physical system - this fact is confirmed not only pediatricians, neurologists and children. Accompanying diaper dermatitis feeling of itching and irritation of the skin provoke the development of the child as a variety of functional disorders of the central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Features of diaper dermatitis

We have already mentioned that the main cause of diaper dermatitis in children is particularly skin. Now let's talk about them in more detail. Features children's skin:

  1. The immaturity of the skin. Every child is born with a relatively immature integuments - some to a greater extent, some in smaller: the epidermis is very thin and easily vulnerable, a connecting member of the dermis not developed fully, and the basement membrane is too fragile.
  2. The moisture content. The younger the child, the smaller the amount of water contained in the cells of his skin. But, as you know, the lack of water causes the cells that are much more fragile and easily injured.
  3. Imperfection of various functions. A young child due to age characteristics very imperfect as the immune function of the skin, and thermoregulatory

It is the totality of all these factors leads to frequent cases of diaper dermatitis in newborn babies and in children of the first year of life.

However, needless to say, for diaper dermatitis has developed, there must be adverse precipitating factors. With such factors in the development of diaper dermatitis in children may include:

  • Fever. Often parents, fearing a possible supercooling of the baby, try to dress him warmly as possible. However, doctors - dermatologists is not recommended to do it as excessive overheating often leads to the development of diaper dermatitis, even in those children who receive proper care.
  • Humidity and friction. With a very high probability for the development of diaper dermatitis results in increased humidity and the constant rubbing of the skin on the cloth diapers. That is why in any case can not leave the baby in a wet diaper, even for a short time. Yes, and it is very important to pay attention to the tissue from which the diapers themselves are made - it should be very soft - rough fabric can injure the delicate baby skin.
  • Exposure of the skin of biological fluids. Often the development of diaper dermatitis causes skin contact with the baby sweat secretions, urine or by the digestive enzymes that are found in the stool of the baby. And the more the permanent contact - the more affects the skin. Although in this case of great importance is the individual characteristics of the child - for some kid quite five minutes, and for someone - for half an hour.
  • Raising the pH level. Often diaper dermatitis develops due to the fact that to a large extent increased the pH level of the skin. And the increase may be the result of his contact with the feces of the child.
  • Pathogenic microflora. In some cases, during the examination of children suffering from diaper dermatitis, doctors detected another cause of the disease - the impact of pathogenic organisms. Although conditional - pathogenic microflora, and a variety of fungal diseases also lead to the development of a child's diaper dermatitis.
  • Diarrhea in the child. Too many mothers of small children, who at least once faced with diarrhea, note that the skin of the child in such cases are much more vulnerable. And most often this phenomenon is observed in cases where the cause of the diarrhea becomes a goiter caused by various reasons.
  • The transition to a new food or introduction of complementary foods. Another outbreak of diaper dermatitis is marked by doctors - pediatricians those children who have switched to a new food - for example, with my mother's milk for infant formula, or simply changed their brand power. And, besides, the development of diaper dermatitis can be triggered by the introduction of the diet of the child's new products. And it happens because of the fact that as a result of changes in diet and baby changing composition of his stool.

According to doctors - pediatricians, about half of all infants are faced with diaper dermatitis regularly for quite a long time. In addition, the observed another trend - the girls suffer from this disease more often than boys.

Baby diaper dermatitis can be expressed completely on - in different ways. Some children have seen only a slight reddening of the skin, while in others there is a deep lesion very large surface of the skin. Some kids carry diaper dermatitis absolutely calm, showing no signs of anxiety. Other kids may also experience a strong sense of itching as a result they are constantly capricious, worry, bad sleep.

In such a case, the child is constantly striving to scratch the affected area of ​​the skin. A constant scratching greatly increase the likelihood that a diaper dermatitis join the inflammatory process, which developed as a result of secondary infection of the skin.

 diaper dermatitis treatment

Use of diapers

Until recently very actively used reusable diapers. However, in recent years it replaced by disposable diapers, very quickly won the love and popularity among parents, among doctors-pediatricians. And no wonder - despite numerous stories - horror stories of the older generation, disposable diapers have a number of advantages.

Firstly, the use of disposable diapers is much easier life for young parents, as there is no need for a large permanent washable diapers. But you will agree - free time - this is what is lacking any young mother.

Another striking advantage of disposable diapers is the increased mobility of mother and baby - because the mother can no longer worry that her child is in wet diapers. Disposable diapers are indispensable in cases where it is necessary to leave the house - to the clinic, a shop, not to mention trips with your child.

And finally, the use of disposable diapers is almost three times reduces the risk of diaper dermatitis. And no wonder - the moisture instantly absorbed into the diaper. This avoids contacting the skin of the child in the urine. However, from contact with feces, alas, does not protect the disposable diapers.

And, of course, it goes without saying that disposable diapers must be used correctly. Too many parents are trying to save money, save diapers, leaving them on the child as long as they are able to absorb. However, to do so in any case it is impossible, because this use diapers only increase the risk of diaper dermatitis.

You must change diapers about once every two hours. And, of course, the diaper should be changed after each act of defecation baby as stool can quickly trigger the development of diaper dermatitis. Also, do not forget about the existence of a special children's cosmetic products intended for use under the diaper and intended to further protect the delicate skin of baby from diaper dermatitis.

Prevention of diaper dermatitis

In order to prevent the development of diaper dermatitis, you must follow a few simple rules of prevention. These rules include:

  • Skin cleansing

The skin of the child should be kept perfectly clean. For cleaning baby's skin should be used pure water, and cleaning supplies should be made specifically for children - their pH should be neutral. All children's builders completely devoid of alkaline components. However, parents should be prepared for the fact that they will have to tinker with the selection of funds - that is ideal for one child, may lead to allergic reactions in the other.

  • Using the "barrier" of protective equipment

It is an effective measure to prevent the development of diaper dermatitis is to use special protective equipment. Doctors recommend application of the protective cream on the buttocks and inner thighs every time you change the baby diaper. However, many parents are reinsured and prefer to protect the child's skin cream medications that contain in their composition antibiotics or, worse, hormonal components. Such "protection" of the skin can lead to very serious complications.

  • Terms combinations of means for care

There is another very common mistake of many young parents trying to protect the baby's skin as possible, and at the same time they use the cream under a diaper, and powder. However, this combination is a true "explosive mixture" for baby's delicate skin - roll up powder capable of greatly injure the skin of the baby.

Treatment of diaper dermatitis

In order to treat diaper dermatitis, mom will have to exert a lot of effort. However, with proper treatment the disease retreat very soon. The first thing to do, seeing irritation and redness of the skin of the baby - is to seek medical help from a doctor - a pediatrician. This must be done in order to exclude the physician diagnostic errors. In addition, the physician may choose help certain drugs for the treatment of diaper dermatitis. In this case, the treatment of diaper dermatitis will receive the most accurate and complete.

The first and most effective measure that can be taken mother - is an air bath for crumbs. Try as much as possible to spread crumbs without diapers and diaper so that the affected area was the free access of air. Air baths will soon give a significant positive effect, because very effectively dried skin.

Baths with potassium permanganate solution is also extremely useful for diaper dermatitis. However, be careful that the water does not remain undissolved crystals, which can cause burns of the skin of the baby. Himself solution of potassium permanganate should be slightly pink. Do you need baths as often as possible.

Well, of course, in any case we must not forget about the careful observance of rules of personal hygiene. Clean - a measure not only the prevention of diaper dermatitis, and its treatment. Child need to wash away immediately after each bowel movement and urination using a specially designed children's detergents, which have already been mentioned above.

In that case, if you follow all the above rules, the skin of your baby will always delight you with its softness and tenderness!

 Diaper dermatitis in children. Treatment and prevention

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