flat feet in children treated

Flatfoot is an unpleasant companion of a large number of children. Tragically, many parents mistakenly believe that flat feet there is nothing wrong, and accordingly, do not give it the necessary attention. However, this neglect of their health is fraught with extremely various complications and troubles with health. Flat feet in children requires immediate treatment, and here's why.

Long ago scientifically proven fact that it is located at the feet of the huge number of different active points, which directly affect the status and function of internal organs. Simply put, when foot problems a child, and a grown man, too, are risking to buy a whole bunch of various diseases. That is why doctors urge parents to carefully monitor the state of the child's legs. This measure will help maintain the correct posture, beautiful and easy gait. Well, apart from that, it is no less important - healthy joints, muscles and internal organs.

The causes of flat feet

So flat in children. What kind of attack, and how to get rid of it? Doctors call this flatfoot deformity of the foot, which occurs as a result of its flattening. If you look on the side of the way the foot is in a child suffering from flat feet, you can see that it touches the surface of all the points, but not those that are needed. This is where the doctors are talking about, and flat feet.

Parents often ask doctors about where does the flat? Almost always adults believe that the cause of flatfoot is poorly chosen shoes. However, this is not true. Of course, the shoes plays an important role in the formation of the foot, and the wrong choice of its probability of deformation is very, very high. However, in addition there is a considerable amount of shoes a variety of factors that may adversely affect the condition of the feet.

Thus, such factors include: a variety of injuries such as fractures or sprains, weakness of ligaments and muscles - both congenital and acquired, functional disorders of the lower extremities. If we talk about the wrong pick shoes, parents should remember that most of the development of flatfoot provokes narrow shoes or shoes with flat soles too.

However, in some cases, the flat is a congenital disorder of the structure of the foot. Unfortunately, quite often it is a genetic factor causes the birth of a child with flat feet. However, parents need to remember that the diagnosis of "flat" or put a child under the age of five. But if the parents or close relatives, suffer from flat feet, ignoring preventive visits to the doctor - orthopedist for inspection impossible. After all, the sooner will start correctional treatment, the more effective it will be.

 flat feet in children

Who is the doctor - orthopedist?

Who is this doctor orthopedist? Strictly speaking, it is the doctor - a surgeon who specializes in the study and treatment of diseases and disorders, one way or another related to musculo - skeletal system and bone - muscular system. These specialists are in almost every institution, and even more so in children's clinics.

The first time the doctor - orthopedist examines a child in the first week after birth. After that, parents must bring the child to the consultation at least once a year, or if a child has certain problems, as frequently as this would require a doctor.

It orthopedist should observe with the development of bone - muscular system of the child. It was this doctor easily can easily determine the presence of a child developing flat feet, and if necessary, assign corrective therapy.

Flatfoot and its treatment

As mentioned above, in the first five years of life to establish the diagnosis is almost impossible. Doctors explain this by the fact that during this period there is directly the very formation of flatfoot. However, this does not mean that at this time the baby's legs are not in need of special attention from the adults.

It was during this period must be especially careful in the choice of children's shoes, as it was during the formation of a bad foot footwear can greatly disrupt this very process. Special attention needs to be paid attention in the first place the sole of the shoe. It must be made of natural materials. If you try to bend the sole you do not have to meet much resistance. But at the same time it must be easy to take the original shape.

Also, pay attention to the following caveat - the heel of the child should be carefully recorded. In the same case, if the child's heel is hanging freely in footwear, is very high risk of not only flat feet, and toed. In addition, doctors do not recommend highly wear a child older already wearing shoes - it's also an extremely negative impact on the formation of the child's foot.

Also, do not excessively overload the child's physical activity. Needless to say that the movement is badly needed for harmonious development of the child, but many kilometers of walking can greatly hurt his legs. Try to alternate properly load and holidays kid.

Try to get as much as possible crumb went barefoot. And the most useful surface on which doctors recommend walking - it is the grass, gravel, sand, or a rocky surface. Of course, not every kid wants to walk on the stones as the habit sensations can be quite uncomfortable. However, all children love to play with him -poigrayte. Indeed, in a playful way to get the crumbs do what you want easier.

In the same case, if the doctor suspects that in the course of formation, something went wrong and became a flattened arch, it may recommend that parents buy for your child special orthotics. They not only reduce discomfort when walking baby but will adjust the formation of the arch.

Tragically, many parents constantly delaying treatment until later, considering that they may at any time to correct the situation. But, alas, this is not so - firstly, as mentioned above, the flat leads to disruption of the normal functioning of many body systems. And secondly, the later treatment is started flat feet in children, the harder it is to get rid of.

In the treatment of flat feet in children, doctors tend to use physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy. In addition, the doctor must tell parents about the need to further engage with the child at home. And the doctor and will also write out a set of exercises for the prevention and treatment of flatfoot.

In addition, in recent years more and more doctors - orthopedic prefer to use the technique, which greatly improves blood circulation in the feet, as well as to strengthen their muscles.

Remember that timely treatment is the key to your child's health at the rest of his life!

 Treatment of flat feet in children

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 prevention of dental caries in children

Prevention of tooth decay in children is a very important task for all the parents, without exception. Tragically, in recent years the problem of tooth decay in children is very serious - he found even the youngest children, and have not reached the age of two. In fact, teeth, barely penetrate immediately begin to deteriorate.

And it is often the parents are to blame for the fact that the crumbs begin to develop caries. After all, parents should carefully monitor the condition of the teeth of children and teach them the basics of dental care. And in order to successfully cope with this task, parents should be aware of all the details concerning the childhood caries and its prevention.

Causes of dental caries

Caries - is exactly the same condition as the rest of the illness. And that means, and there is nowhere he would not - we need those or other triggers. And to know these reasons a must, because removing them, you will greatly reduce the risk of tooth decay:

  • The presence of dental patients. In that case, if the mouth is at least one bad tooth, all the rest begin to deteriorate at an alarming rate. Therefore, the child should be regularly examined by a doctor - dentist, and in the presence of carious teeth to treat them immediately to protect adjacent.
  • Plaque and stone. As surprising as it might not seem, but even in children is not something that plaque and tartar even - rather common phenomenon. And yet, and plaque, and even more so tartar are excellent breeding ground for bacteria, which eventually lead to the development of caries.
  • Malnutrition and poor drinking water. As everyone knows, for healthy teeth are essential fluoride, calcium and vitamin D. However, many parents are completely forgotten about this important fact, buying a child a variety of sweets and useful products left without due attention. Be sure to review the diet of your child, discuss it with your doctor - a pediatrician.
  • Violation of the enamel. In that case, if the child is using excessively hot or cold food, especially alternating between them is very high risk of injury microscopic tooth enamel. So do not let the baby drink, such as soup with cold milk. Unfortunately, a similar phenomenon occurs all the time. In addition, the enamel damage are often provoked by mechanical damage, for example, if a child chews nuts. It must also be avoided.
  • Genetic predisposition. Often dentists say that most of caries develops in those children whose parents also have bad teeth. In this case to the attention of the parents of your child's teeth as they deteriorate faster.
  • The general health of the child. In the event that the child's overall health is poor - frequent colds, allergies, chronic tonsillitis, neurological diseases, rickets. All these diseases are often provoke caries - the odds are rising about three times.

Strictly speaking, such diseases as caries, simply do not exist. There carious disease - a pathological condition of the whole organism, which makes itself felt, hitting tooth tissue. This is confirmed not only by observation of dentists, but a number of studies that clearly demonstrate that caries develops under the influence of many secondary factors.

The anatomical features of children's teeth

In children, an additional factor in provoking the development of caries are the anatomical features of the structure of the teeth. Milk teeth, especially the chewy, almost always have a special recess. And in these recesses easily accumulate plaque, which is sure to come into direct contact with bare dentin. Of course, this is the primary cause of tooth decay. On examination, the dentist, this feature is detected immediately.

In addition, in the first few years after milk teeth erupt, their enamel is very, very weak and fragile. Only about two years tooth enamel, due to the gradual saturation of minerals such as fluoride and calcium, and acquires a stronger strength. And during this time period the likelihood of tooth decay, especially in the presence of trigger factors, is very, very high.

In addition, virtually all children milk teeth erupt very crowded - there are practically no tooth gaps. Of course, in such a case it is very, very difficult to properly clean the teeth using a toothbrush. And the remnants of plaque start to provoke the development of caries.

In the same case, if a child has a mouth or another dental devices, for example, to align the dentition, the risk of developing dental caries is increasing rapidly. Even with healthy teeth, not all children are able to properly, carefully look after their teeth. And what can we say about such cases? Parents should closely monitor the dentifrice, in order to thoroughly remove plaque.

 modern methods of prevention of dental caries in children

The process of tooth decay

At the very beginning of its development in the early stages, tooth decay occurs absolutely without any - any signs, and absolutely painless. Child on what does not complain, and the parents do not see any reason for going to the doctor - dentist. However, this harmlessness is very, very deceptive - if the disease does not begin to heal immediately after the start of its development, it will be fast enough progress. The child will begin to appear pain, sometimes so painful that the child can begin to cry inconsolably, stop to sleep at night.

The tooth may be destroyed to such an extent that it would take a very difficult treatment, and sometimes even removal. Agree, not very bright prospects, because even adults visits to the dentist does not relate to a number of diseases favorite. A child is often very difficult to persuade even open his mouth. It may be necessary to resort to dental treatment under general anesthesia.

Yes, and general health of the child can greatly worsen. And this is understandable - the teeth affected by caries, is a powerful source of chronic infection in the child's body. And because of these existing foci of infection in the child often develops a number of various diseases - diseases of ENT - organs, digestive tract, and many other diseases. Doctors - Pediatricians say that very often painful to hurt the children stopped after the mouth put in order by eliminating caries.

  "Bottle" tooth decay

Speaking of caries, we can not ignore such a phenomenon that doctors - dentists has been called "bottle" tooth decay. Numerous studies by doctors - pediatricians and pediatric dentists, officially confirmed the fact that for too long feeding baby bottle - more than one year - often leads to the fact that the child very early caries develops. And tooth decay is very, very sharp. The appearance of the teeth of such children is very specific. The first to suffer from the upper front teeth - they are affected by caries. After that caries extend to the upper and lower molars and lower incisors often remain intact.

From the conversation of the doctor - dentist with parents usually turns total for all children detail - a child over one year of age were placed to sleep, after giving him a bottle with some - or carbohydrate-containing beverages, such as milk. The child falls asleep, and milk continues to be on the top Zubkov crumbs. But carbohydrates - this is an excellent breeding ground for pathogens, which provoke the development of caries.

And, in addition, the sleeping child in times reduced the intensity of salivation, which means that the drink for a long time will be in contact with the tooth enamel, which is an additional factor in provoking the development of caries. This is especially true of milk - both maternal and cow. They contain a large amount of lactose which provokes very rapidly decay, especially if milk hold in the oral cavity for a very long time.

In order to prevent the development of "bottle" tooth decay at such a young age, parents must regularly bring the child to the dentist for checkups. That is why doctors - pediatricians insist that the first routine inspection dentist produced per year, and then - every six months. These measures will help to detect caries at the very beginning of development, which will greatly facilitate its treatment.

 prevention of dental caries in children

Treatment of dental caries in children

Unfortunately, not always even the most carefully follow preventive measures can save the child from the development of caries. So, it should be as soon as possible to begin treatment of the teeth, to prevent its spread scale. But here it is very important to complete the treatment.

The first thing you need to do - is to sanitize the mouth of a child or, more simply, to cure all carious tooth surfaces. Parents should be very careful approach to the issue of choosing a dentist for your child. Not only that, the physician must be qualified to save all baby teeth, he must have at least a basic knowledge of child psychology.

This is to ensure that the doctor was able to establish emotional contact with his young patient. Otherwise, each visit to the doctor - dentist and dental treatment will become a real torture for all concerned - for the child to the doctor - dentist for parents. And it is from these very first dental visits depends on how the relationship will develop further with the child in such a difficult doctor.

The second step is to review the treatment of caries child's diet. Firstly, all the products that contain too many carbohydrates (usually candy), it is necessary to give the baby in limited quantities, making sure that the baby after eating at least rinse your mouth.

As mentioned above, a very negative effect on the condition of the teeth has an incorrect diet, which lacks calcium and fluoride. Of course, diet is necessary to review, but if the child is faced with caries, simple food do not succeed. Therefore, in this period, doctors - dentists recommend giving your child a special vitamin - mineral complexes, which contain large amounts of calcium and phosphorus.

Modern pharmacology offers parents a huge amount of a variety of drugs, but do not buy their own. And so it makes more sense to choose the most suitable for your child is a vitamin - mineral complex to help a doctor - a pediatrician or a doctor - dentist. Do not forget about vitamins C and D.

In severe cases, the doctor - dentist can prescribe fluoride intake child. These drugs and actually have a surprisingly positive effect on the condition of the tooth enamel. However, in any case, unacceptable independent use of this group of drugs - in young children may accumulation of excess fluoride in the body. Therefore, fluoride treatment is possible only under strict medical supervision.

To summarize, I would like once again to repeat the basics on which the prevention of dental caries in children:

  • Regular visits to the pediatrician - a dentist. And the first visit should be one year old baby, then - every six months. This measure will allow observe caries at the earliest stages of its development.
  • The general health of the child. Remember that the weak and sickly children with low immunity are much more likely to experience caries carious teeth.
  • Careful dental hygiene. Remember that cleaning the teeth from plaque is one of the most important measures to prevent the development of caries. Parents often ask about when it comes time to start brushing your child's teeth? Doctors - Dentists argue that this should be done immediately after the child's first teeth erupt.
  • Vitamin - mineral complexes, which have on tooth enamel strengthening influence.

Tragically, many parents often make the same very common mistake - do not drive the child to the dentist at all, of course, if the baby does not complain of pain. Such neglect of his, they explain that the baby teeth are still very soon will fall, and therefore useless to torment the child's dental treatment.

However, doctors - dentists warn parents - because of existing in the mouth of carious primary teeth entails the defeat and re-erupting permanent. This means that the child will catch dental problems on the rest of his life. But modern methods of prevention of dental caries in children with a very high degree of probability can avoid all these problems.

 Prevention of dental caries in children

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