the child's teething

Your baby is already 5 - 6 months? Congratulations, difficult times, characterized by pain in the stomach, is already behind us. However, parents relax unlikely, as the approach of not less difficult stage - the stage of teething. And when the child teething problems is also missing.

Although, of course, 6 months - the term very, very conditional. In fact, the first tooth at the crumbs may appear in three and four months, and sometimes 8 - 10 months or even a year. All these variations are the norm, so parents should not worry. In any case, in order to calm down, parents can always consult a doctor - dentist.

The same is true with respect to the process of teething - it is individual in each case. Reaction to teething babies can be very different - in some cases, the child experiences a mild discomfort in some - a child climbs high body temperature, completely lost your appetite, there is indigestion, may be signs of acute respiratory disease, the child becomes restless, not sleeping and crying. And in some cases, the baby teeth erupt completely painless - the parents accidentally discover already erupted tooth.

By the way, about the late teething. As has already been said - that every child their individual period of teething. But, nevertheless, the majority of parents are starting to panic very much, if at 6 - 7 months of a child's first tooth appeared. There is a huge number of different horror stories about the late teething - supposedly a child, and mental and physical development are also affected, but the teeth will be much weaker and prone to tooth decay than those children whose first teeth erupted in a timely manner.

However, doctors - pediatricians and pediatric dentists are confident that all these allegations are without absolutely no foundation. Moreover - many observations show that at a later age are cut much more easily than in the early years. Even the teeth are exposed to much less tooth decay than those kids who they were cut too early.

Signs of teething

Despite the fact that in most cases all the parents are well known features dentition, in practice when it comes down to, adult lost and are not always aware that occurs. And in some cases, a child's typical teething symptoms is not at all, or they are not expressed explicitly. How do we determine that at this moment the baby teeth erupt? After all, parents are often quite able to alleviate this difficult period for the baby and greatly reduce discomfort in the gums.

Thus, parents may suspect that their baby is teething, if they notice symptoms such as:

  • Increased salivation is observed in approximately 70% of all cases of tooth eruption. Someone salivation stronger, almost continuously, and someone he gain so little that can go unnoticed.
  • Itching gums crumbs. The degree of intensity is also very individual, but with a fraction of observation mom is sure to notice. The child will always pull something in your mouth, maybe even bite or chew on her mother's chest. By the way, if your child tries to bite you, in any case, do not scold him for it - the kid acts exclusively intuitively, without any - any malice.

 when children are teething

What problems can trap?

As a rule, most children are quite simple and easy to carry teething. However, in some cases, the process can proceed quite painful some complications. Parents should be aware of these complications and be ready for them. Otherwise, they will not be able to provide the necessary assistance to the kid. So:

  • Fervescence

When teething babies often raised body temperature. Moreover, it can vary greatly - from low grade to very high (39 - 39, 5). In any case, parents should call the doctor and consult. Prior to joining temperature should churn physician only if it exceeds 5 and 38 degrees. For these purposes can be used for children formulations containing paracetamol.

  • Deterioration of appetite

Due to the deterioration of the general condition when children are teething, the child's appetite can greatly deteriorate, and at times the abyss. If the condition lasts longer than a day, and parents should seek help from a doctor - he will examine the child and establish the exact cause of anorexia.

  • Indigestion

Very often during teething baby begins diarrhea. It is considered that causes diarrhea is teething, but diarrhea is only a consequence of the fact that most of this period, the child drinks a very large amount of fluid, which, in turn, significantly thins the chair.

In addition, during this period the child experiences severe itching to calm a child who pulls in his mouth all that comes under his arm. And these things, unfortunately, often inhabited by a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, which leads to intestinal infections. Therefore, diarrhea occurred in any case inadmissible blamed on teething, because in the absence of appropriate measures can be quickly dehydration and a significant deterioration of the general condition of the child.

  • The appearance of a cold, cough

Sometimes during teething child a cough, runny nose, red throat. Strictly speaking, then the same thing happens - during teething baby's immune system is weakened to a large extent, so the virus is very easy to get into the child's body.

How to help your child at this time?

Of course, in this period, parents can slightly alleviate the condition of your baby. However, keep in mind that all major decisions should be taken only by a doctor. However, to reduce high body temperature or relieve the itching can be quite alone.

In order to relieve the itching gums, their doctors recommend treating specially designed gel. Most often, the Russian pediatricians prefer gels such as Kalgel and Solkoseril. The first drug relieves itching fairly quickly, but its duration is very short - no more than 30 minutes. Solkoseril same acts much longer - about 4 hours. However, the use of drugs can not be too often - a break between the use should be at least three hours.

And, of course, do not forget about such useful items as a special "Cutters" - rubber toys with pimples filled with water. They make it easier to fine condition, especially if the pre-teethers few minutes to take in the freezer.

Of course, in this period, you will be hard enough, but will take a little time and your crumb will give you strong and healthy teeth. And you will be able to competently talk to other young parents how to teething in children.

 What if the child teething?

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 the child is often sick to do

Too many parents are asking the same question: the child is frequently ill, what to do? This is not surprising - because children often get sick almost incessantly - ARI blends in with a sore throat, sore throat - in otitis media, otitis media - in bronchitis and bronchitis - again in the ARD. Parents have a strong feeling that they are running in circles like a squirrel in a cage - pills, potions, compresses, warm ...

Why is this happening? More recently, the people talked about these children, "so he freaks grow." Indeed, fast enough to hurt the child stopped. In our time the picture is somewhat different - now about sickly children say that they have reduced immunity. Immediately following tips to treat these children. But despite the increased treatment often ill child the number of diseases, not only does not decrease, but on the contrary - increases.

So what should parents do - be patient and wait until the problem goes away by itself, or else try to treat it and improve immunity? It is in this issue and we will try to understand this article. Of course, there are plenty of similar materials, so we decided to go not quite standard way, so you'll see a little bit non-standard approach to the problem, from a different angle. After all, a little humor does not hurt never, is not it?

Who is to blame and what to do?

As you know, in Russia there are two issues - who is to blame and what to do? First we need to deal with first. Most often, the parents go to extremes and decide that their child is born with low levels of immunity. And start to blame themselves - poor nutrition, colds during pregnancy, hassle, etc., etc., etc ... However, doctors - immunologists argue that this is not the case - in fact with congenital disorders of immunity in the light there is, fortunately, very small number of children.

And believe me, these kids have much more serious problems than the banal repetitive. The most common colds turns to these kids serious bacterial complications that are virtually untreatable. Thus, we can conclude that the innate immune deficiency is a deadly condition of the child. However, a continuing sore throats and colds it is not related in any way, fortunately.

So what then is the basis of permanent illness of such a huge number of today's children? The doctors - immunologists argue that the blame - that the secondary immune system. From the primary is characterized in that the crumb is born with perfectly normal functioning immune system. Over time, however, the influence of water of different factors or development of the child's immune system is suppressed, or at all stops.

Simply put, the reality is - if the baby would be born healthy, starts to ache constantly, it is a conflict with its environment. Out of this situation can be only two - you can either attempt to reconcile the child with his environment with the help of numerous pharmacological agents, however, without any guarantees for a successful outcome of the event.

And you can go for unconventional ways - to try to change the environment so as to fully meet the demands and needs of your demanding baby. At first glance, this task seems nearly impossible, however, if this is really the case?

How, then, formed the capricious lady - the immune system? Numerous studies have shown that the formation and subsequent functioning of the immune system entirely depends on a wide variety of external influences. All these influences and factors in the aggregate form is what is called the "way of life" - air, water, exercise, rest, food, living conditions. All these little things play a huge role.

Thus, the main truth that you need to understand and recognize those parents who are often ill children - in these diseases do not blame the child. And the phrase "he is really a black sheep" - a very weak excuse for parents. For almost all cases, the child's illness to blame anyone other than the parents themselves. Yes - yes, we adults are to blame for that. What our children are sick!

However, unfortunately, almost none of the parents does not find the courage to openly admit that it was their fault dearly beloved, but often ill child so weak. This is not surprising - after all recognize this fact is to recognize that we have something wrong doing: may not feed, do not dress up, improperly treat.

However, as long as parents do not find the courage and do not recognize this fact, help their child will not be able, none the most competent and qualified doctor, even if he is the most distinguished luminary of science. Do not believe? Judge for yourself. Treat this discussion with a bit of humor, but be careful - you might recognize yourself in some situations.

 sickly children


So, one cold, second, third, bronchitis, otitis media ... My mother was seriously disturbed and begins to rush in search of advice. As a rule, the first course is "heavy artillery" - grandmother. A woman comes for advice, and in response to hear a bunch of claims: dress and you're not the way you want - and the naked neck and a thin jacket. And feed him badly - almost nothing to eat, and what eats - improper quality. And he sleeps you are not on the mattress, and even at night he has a habit of open, what a nightmare!

Well do not worry, grandmother beside her grandmother experienced so smart - they really - it is not unreasonable Dityatki will disappear, and both, as the eldest and youngest. Already a warm scarf we associate, but to roll up to the neck, but a couple of socks - the warm, yes to sew quilt ties.

*** Tsat food pans to cook with shamans, tambourines and dancing baby fed. However, despite all the efforts of the grandmothers, the child continues to be ill. But the grandmothers in the presence of not only a clear conscience, but also a moral right to tell you that you are a bad careless parents smyslyaschie nothing at all in the education of their own children.

Then my mother to ask for help to friends, colleagues and people you know who have children about the same age. As a general rule, in response to the woman often heard mumbling about all of the same weak immunity and vague advice to wait until better times. And when they are, the better times will come, not to say none of them. However, someone will tell the story of how Masha - Lena - Amy child suffered almost continuously.

However, once it someone suggested incredibly, just archive the active supplements, which used the seminal vesicles silver unicorn caught on the slopes of Mount Olympus. And should her child drink only one course as he is not only the adenoids and lymph nodes mysteriously came back to normal, but even the common cold for more than a year, never thought of the baby. Even the famous doctor - a pediatrician was so shocked that he had purchased for his children a couple of packages.

And by the way, the last package of the miracle - means the most wonderful - incredible way to have overlooked some Marya Mikhailovna. However, if you want to get it, you need to run to her with all haste - because silver unicorns season started mating season, and so the admission of a new party can be expected not earlier than in five years - six.

And parents are throwing away this means losing on track shoes. Have time to buy - their conscience is clean, because they are wonderful parents, who for his precious treasure no money do not mind, though a star from the sky, if necessary, we'll get. Well, if not a star, then a piece of the meteorite's for sure! But colds going? Well done, the child has such a weak immune system.

Further, when the "bad advice" exhausted parents finally - after "mature" and decide to see a doctor. And not to a local pediatrician who is absolutely clueless and did not want to work, and to a serious doctor in an expensive private medical centers. It does not matter that on the wall of the office with expensive interior is not always possible to find at least a medical degree, indicating that he graduated from medical school. After all, no one would pay money to bad doctors. A weighty argument, is not it?

And start complaints ... "Oh, Doctor! We are for the year 22 times ill with acute respiratory infections, and 33 - a sore throat! We ate three kilograms of vitamins, two kilograms of antibiotics and expectorants medicine drank a pound. Help us, Doctor! After all, our pediatrician Oksana frivolous and completely illiterate doctor! The only advice we hear from her - a hardening of the child. But how it can be tempered, because his immune system is absolutely not perform its functions! Save us, doctor, probably because the child is sick some unknown terrible disease.

As a rule, the parents continue to hear a proposal to examine the child from head to toe - in the presence of worms, bacteria and viruses, to determine the current state of the immune system. Notice, for a very substantial sum of money.

And as a result of this examination the doctor finds a beautiful bouquet: in the gut - sticks staphylococcus in the blood - titres lamblia, cytomegalovirus, herpes and other "charms". And the results of blood tests by the method of wearing the extremely clever title "immunogram", and does clearly demonstrates that there are serious problems.

On the one hand parents are terribly scared - well, still, the poor little child! On the other hand, as it were blasphemous it may sound, the parents sigh with relief - it's not our fault! We are all so good and positive, do all that depends on us. Oh, poor, our Lena - Light - Peter - Michael, how to attack the kid came over - and viruses and bacteria, and even staph ... Well, that's okay, because the "smart" the doctor has prescribed us a lot of wide variety of expensive drugs that are sure relieve crumbs from all this shit.

Then there is almost proud to demonstrate the results of these analyzes. And the first who will show these analyzes - a grandmother. They, perhaps, even words such clever as immunogram and cytomegalovirus, not heard. But even if you cease to criticize - it's not that you're bad parents, and that the child's immune system does a lousy.

And then these analyzes will certainly be shown the very same Oksana V. - absolutely irrational and illiterate pediatrician. Now she too is aware of the exact depth of his delusion. And we are fine - we did not listen to her, and they were right, do not expose your child to the dangers and temper, because he has a terrible immunogram.

But what is strange - Oksana refuses to admit that she is wrong! Moreover - horror of horrors - it states that no inhabitant of the city, in the blood has no antibodies to cytomegalovirus, herpes and giardia. And, she said, Staphylococcus aureus - is a natural inhabitant of the intestine. She still refuses to treat crumbs, and continues to insist on tempering procedures. Obviously, she does not like us, and she is trying to make us understand that we are bad parents.

 often ill child

How to break the vicious circle?

Of course, very few people want to admit the fact that the child is frequently ill as such because of their parents. But almost all of these cases it is right that the most "illiterate" pediatrician Oksana. It is unlikely that a huge number of different pharmacological drugs you will be able to cope with regularly occurring colds.

So go the other way and allow the immune system of the child alone. Try to get rid of the negative factors from the external environment - and the immune system will immediately take care of itself. To do this, first of all change the way of life - this measure will greatly enhance the chances of the child to strengthen immunity.

And you should not go to extremes, and dipped the child in an ice hole. Such drastic measures at all to anything. Try a more sparing methods:

  • Air. Pay attention to the air in your home. It should be cool, clean and wet - a humidifier will be very helpful. And try to get in the air there was no pungent smells - air fresheners, paint or perfume.
  • Sleeping child. Please note that the child was sleeping in a cool room. Sleep child must last at least 10 hours per day. Do not make the child sleep during the day more than three - five years, unless, of course, he does not express a desire. Make sure that the duration of daytime sleep was not more than one and a half hours.
  • Feeding a child. Pay special attention to the child's diet - ideally, discuss it with your doctor - a pediatrician. And remember one thing - in any case, never force a child to have forcibly - only if he asks.
  • The presence of liquid. Pay attention to the fact whether the child has permanent access to liquid, so that he could remove the thirst. And note - it must be a fruit tea, non-carbonated drinking water, but in any case no sugary drinks.
  • Clothing child. Do not get too much "coddle" baby - too warm clothing will not do any good, more harm. After all, perspiring child more likely to get sick. It is not necessary to dress the baby warmer than wearing yourself.

Believe me, these simple techniques is very effective. They check on the huge number of parents - even the sickly children rather quickly forget about most of all diseases.

 Frequently ill child, or how not to treat children

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