pig disease

Pig disease. Certainly, about this disease with the funny name they know everything. Few, however, clearly imagines the process flow of the disease, as well as all the consequences that may entail pig. Let's try to learn more about this disease and how to reduce the likelihood of developing these complications to a minimum.

And we start our story that the pig - this is the name used in the common parlance. The official medicine it is called "mumps". This disease is contagious nature of origin and is characterized by severe lesions of salivary parotid glands. Because of this defeat, the patient's face swells, resembling a snout little animals, in whose honor this disease and was popularly known as "pig."

The course and symptoms

As with any infectious disease, mumps has its incubation period. As a rule, it is an average of twenty-one days. However, very often, but still there are cases of atypical disease - in these cases, the incubation period is very short and lasts no more than one - two days. Remember that a sick person, usually a child, all this time, the incubation period is very dangerous to others as a source of infection.

The disease is fairly typical, and has a clearly defined and easily recognizable symptoms. These include:

  • The deterioration of general well-being

As with any disease, the condition of a sick child when the disease is very deteriorating - it may start acting up all the time sleeping or, conversely, to be extremely excited. Parents should not leave this state without due consideration to the child.

  • Fervescence

As a rule, immediately after the incubation period ends, a sick baby fever. Most often it is in the range 38 - 39 degrees, but in severe cases may increase in body temperature to 40 degrees.

  • Swelling of the glands

About the second day after the fever sick child may begin to complain about the pain appeared in dimples behind the ears and neck. Usually, pain appears first on one side only, and then - on the other. About a day in the same sequence will and swelling of glands.

At the touch of these swellings are doughy consistency on palpation (palpation) is very painful - as a rule, rarely gives the child quietly feel the prostate gland. In addition, the observed pain and swallowing, chewing and even just opening his mouth. All of this brings a lot of discomfort ill child. Another hallmark of the fact that the child is ill with mumps is very specific skin tumors in the area - she flushed, very smooth and shiny.

Swelling gradually increases in size over about five days. As a result, the whole swollen cheek, or even both. And only after that the tumor begins to subside. However, please note - it will disappear completely, not earlier than the tenth day of the disease. At about the same time the child's normal body temperature, improves overall health.

As mentioned above - the disease may in some cases lead to a number of specific complications. Mumps is a disease: the effects can be such as inflammatory processes affecting the meninges, the gray matter of the brain, the pathological lesions of the middle ear. Boys complications can affect the reproductive system.

 pig disease

Treatment and care

But do not panic - in fact almost all cases, complications arise as a result of improper care of the sick child. That is why doctors constantly remind parents of the need to carefully follow all the recommendations for child care, sick pig. These recommendations are simple:

  • Private room for a sick child

Ideally, the sick child must provide a separate room, especially if a family has more children. The disease is highly contagious. That's why a sick child should have separate utensils and towels, and other hygiene items. Although, in principle, they should be and have a healthy baby.

  • Bed rest

A child at the first sign of the disease should immediately go to bed. And he remained there should be up to full recovery. Of course, many children is very difficult to keep in bed - sometimes almost impossible. However, parents will have to make every conceivable, and sometimes unimaginable efforts. This is especially true of boys. Otherwise, the likelihood of complications is very high.

  • Call your doctor for a sick child - pediatrician

Even if you are confident that your child is ill with mumps, still call the house doctor. Only a doctor can establish exactly this pig, or the inflammation of the lymph nodes. This requires a serious inflammation of the treatment with antibacterial drugs. If the disease does not recognize the time, you may lose precious time.

Treatment of pigs

Generally, treatment typically occurs in a child home. However, in severe cases, the child has to be hospitalized for treatment in the infectious department of the hospital. This happens very rarely, so if you really doctor insists on hospitalization to deny in any case impossible - hence the disease really took a severe form of the flow.

There is no specific treatment for the disease is not required. You can take only those measures that are aimed at facilitating the patient's general condition of the child. These measures include:

  • Bandages and compresses the throat

In order to remove the pain of the baby, the neck can put a bandage gauze and bandages, or tie a warm scarf. You can also make a warm oil compress. To do this, heat a few tablespoons of any vegetable oil, soak it in gauze. Carefully Make sure that the cloth was not too hot - otherwise you risk to burn the baby's skin

  • Gargling

Let the baby as often as possible gargling with warm soda solution - a glass of water, take one teaspoon. If the child is too young, give him as much as possible of the warm drink.

As a rule, these measures is enough for the child to successfully recovered.

 Children's Disease: mumps

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 How to save a child from obesity

The issue of overweight in children is not only the aesthetic manifestations, but also entails a car problems in his personal life - the feeling of "alien" to the physical discomfort. Faced with being overweight as a child, a child in a group automatically falls into the category of "others", which leads to the formation of complexes in adolescence. And as if parents do not teach their baby's appearance - it is not important, you must remember that the peers are more important today foreign collective identity, not a beautiful inner world of another.

The main catch

That is why it is so important to save a child from obesity at an age when he quietly tolerate any changes in your life .  The same rule applies to the power supply system toddler .  At the age of 4-10 years, even a child can safely tolerate change your diet, unlike the teenage sharply from mom started getting a bunch of dill instead of the usual servings of fried potatoes .  In this aspect, this age period of the child is "absorption" habits and family culture, including eating habits .  It is now laid the nature of feeding behavior, so carefully copied in consequence of the baby in adult life .  As a result of malnutrition and child's family, in particular, is the excess of body weight in adulthood .  Often, this figure reaches 30% - the horrific data for the country, which is not the mother of Mc'Donaldsá .  Therefore, to save the child should be with the formation of a habit to eat and a sense of "purity product" .  Only in this case, the child will be able to lose weight and subsequently to block the emergence of the wrong foods in his diet .

Difficult teenagers

A bit more complicated is the case with teenagers, have clearly owning the list of its "priority" products, which usually includes Coca-Cola, an incredible amount of snacks, Nutella, and others. This is the last chance of the parents affect his authoritative changing diet teenager. Otherwise, in a few years, you can get a notorious, neladyaschuyu with the team for a Woman or embittered the whole world youth. How can this be avoided? The first change in the attitude toward food.

Let lose weight online

Naturally, without changing the power supply system of a teenager, you can not be the right way to lose weight. Assistant at this stage can serve as an online course slimming VivaFigura (vivafigura.com) - an innovative product to see the country's doctors, therapists and nutritionists. This system - it's a great chance to "reach out" to the child, because most of the time, he still holds on the network. VivaFigura takes into account the energy needs of the growing organism, offering a completely new system of power, based on the lights o account. Light is fulfilling its direct function - shows metabolic value of a product.

The method by which weight loss occurs, inherent in this system, is the essence of decades of experience of physicians participating in the creation of this course. This is a real chance to save her child is now the consequences of excess weight in the future as the health of the child - that's no reason for doubt.

 How to save a child from obesity

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