deficiency disease in the spring of children

Sunrays warm air is already quite spring. It would seem - live and rejoice! However, the tear head from the pillow is becoming heavier and heavier, and forces does not remain almost anything. Sound familiar? Meet - His Majesty beriberi. And, unfortunately, in the spring vitamin deficiency in children - a phenomenon not less common than in adults.

And this case is by no means unacceptable ride without giving the issue of special significance. After all, the child's body is growing rapidly, and therefore the vitamins he needs time. A lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is very negative impact on a child's development and the work of all organs and systems of the organism. It is difficult to predict what the complications for your crumbs can turn beriberi.

Doctors advise parents to immediately sound the alarm in the event that they find the child problems, such as:

  1. Fatigue child. Attentive parents will notice that the child was quickly tired all the time tries to lie down. In older children can start problems with school performance, absent-mindedness, memory impairment.
  2. Sleep disorders. Vitamin deficiency can come back to haunt sleep disorders. Some children may experience increased sleepiness, while others - insomnia.
  3. Problems with gums. Another very significant sign of vitamin deficiency are often bleeding gums. Moreover, in severe cases, blood remains not only on the toothbrush, but even on a soft diet. In this case, parents need as quickly as possible, seek medical help.
  4. Colds. In the event that the child begins to get sick often colds, parents also need to think about the possibility of beriberi. Unfortunately, very often the pain of the child's parents blamed on a weakened immune system. Nobody connects these two concepts - vitamin deficiencies and a weakened immune system - with each other. And a very good reason. By the way - it is the lack of vitamin C leads to a decrease in the immune system.
  5. Some other diseases. In that case, if the body of the child lacking vitamins, may develop cardiovascular system, pancreas, nervous system, conjunctivitis. And to ascertain the cause that triggered the development of these diseases, it is practically impossible. It makes more sense to try to prevent deficiency disease than to treat its consequences.
  6. Light weight and growth of the child. Of course, the natural and hereditary factors play a huge role. But if your child too slowly gaining weight or growing, always think - and whether the crumbs beriberi?

And remember that in the spring of beriberi problem is particularly acute. Therefore, the manifestations can develop very quickly. Take care of the prevention of vitamin deficiency in a timely manner. Moreover, and about the rest of the family is not forgotten.

Vitamin and mineral supplements

Of course, the solution to this problem is, and it's very close. Modern pharmacology offers a variety of the most various vitamin complexes. In fact, vitamin-mineral complexes become available to people relatively recently - about 50 years ago. It is this and operate opponents pharmacological vitamins "because the earlier people lived without vitamins, and nothing! And such words as beriberi, was not in the arsenal of physicians of the time a priori. "

And really - the concept of "vitamin deficiency" was not. But there was such a terrible disease like scurvy. A must-like disease were the strongest fatigue, lethargy, loss of teeth, various massive bleeding, and how sad result - death of a person. But scurvy is nothing else as the last stage of beriberi.

So do not reject the achievements of modern pharmacology. However, at the other extreme fall also not necessary - vitamins are not candy, and eat them uncontrollably in any case impossible. An overdose of vitamins is no less dangerous for the child's body than its lack. All the vitamins and minerals your child should appoint his doctor - a pediatrician who is aware of the state of health of the child and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Proper diet

However, vitamins and minerals - is not the only panacea. It is important to balance the child's diet. In the spring it should be rich in foods that are rich in vitamins and trace elements that are so necessary to the kid. Children dietitians advise to pay special attention to the baby's menu.

Dairy products should be at least 40% of the total diet crumbs. Moreover, all relevant dairy products - milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk, sour cream, yogurt. Of course, you should give preference to products that do not contain artificial colors. The milk contains large amounts of calcium, which helps the absorption of other vitamins.

It is also necessary to ensure that the diet was enough of a baby animal protein. He just needed for the full development of the child and the functioning of his body. But do not forget that all the meat dishes for the child must undergo thorough heat treatment.

 how to prevent the spring beriberi

Cellars nature

Too many parents, fearing the development of the child beriberi, try to buy him as many different fruits and vegetables. Of course, this is very commendable. But to solve the problem of how to prevent the spring vitamin deficiency, in a way unlikely. After a period in the spring of imported fruits and vegetables are left with no vitamins. Therefore, nothing useful, except for fiber, the child receives.

And here is the time to remember that nature can offer us. Often people's ways of how to prevent the spring vitamin deficiency in children is much better than imported fruits, and the most expensive multivitamin complexes.

  • All kinds of dried fruit

All dried fruits are rich in vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6. And also mineral elements enough - this sodium, and phosphorus, and magnesium, and calcium, and iron. Dried sweet enough, so they are like almost all children without exception. It is unlikely that you have a problem with how to get a child to eat dried fruits.

By the way, pay special attention to themselves dried fruits. On sale you can find two kinds of dried fruits - dried manufacturing process and in the home. Of course, the latter are much more expensive, but the vitamins in them much more. So try to buy them is, unless, of course, your budget allows. After all, the child's health - this is clearly not the point, on which stands to save the family budget.

The child can eat dried fruits just like that, but it makes more sense to make him a vitamin mixture. Preparing it in the following way: Take equal parts of prunes, raisins, dried apricots and figs. Pass it through a meat grinder, add the same equal parts of honey and lemon. The mixture is mixed thoroughly and place in a glass container to be stored in the refrigerator.

In case the child is prone to frequent colds, to get vitamin mixture can be added or one of the leaves of aloe or aloe extract one vial. The mixture can give the child a spoon and can be spread on bread or biscuits - the effect is the same. On the day of the child should eat vitamin mixture at the rate of one teaspoon per ten kilogram.

  • Raw beet and seaweed

Almost invaluable source of iodine for the baby can become seaweed and raw beets. Of course, these products have a very distinctive taste, and make a small child to eat like a salad can be a difficult task. However, you can still try. Yes, and for older children, this option may not be optimal.

  • Celery root

Celery - even an indispensable tool in the fight against the parents beriberi. It contains a huge amount of potassium and iron. In addition, it has another nice feature - a pleasant taste. Despite the fact that most kids do not like any seasoning, celery dishes always enjoy them in high demand.

And in turn, you can let everything - celery, minced, celery juice. You can add the celery in the first and second courses the children's menu in unlimited quantities. In this situation, fear is not an overabundance of vitamins - all the excess leave the body baby without any negative consequences.

  • Rosehip

Rosehip is called "storehouse" of vitamins is no accident - it contains vitamins such as P, K, E, B2, and C. In addition, large quantities of wild rose contain essential oils, citric and malic acid, and carotene. And, of course, the wild rose contains a huge amount of irreplaceable vitamin C - 30 times more than the lemon.

Of course, in springtime fresh rosehips not find, but almost any pharmacy you can buy dried fruits. You can brew as a tea rose hips, and you can cook from his concoctions - and your child will surely get all the necessary vitamins to him. If you brew rose hip tea as a simple, easy to chop it and put it in a teapot, like ordinary tea leaves.

If you decide to prepare a decoction, it also did not take long. Place in an enamel bowl 5 tablespoons of dried rose hips, fill it with one liter of water and bring to a boil. Then reduce the fire, cover the pan with a lid and simmer for 30 minutes. Given that the decoction prepared for the child, be sure to add 5 tablespoons of sugar.

In that case, if the broth hips for older children, sugar can be replaced with honey. Of course, if the child has no allergies to honey. Ready broth wrap a towel and leave to infuse for a few hours. Then strain the broth using a gauze cloth.

  • Rowan

Also, in any case we should not forget about such a useful berry as Rowan. In principle, the dried fruits of mountain ash are found in drugstores, but it is not so simple. Therefore, on the workpiece should think Rowan in winter. Dried it is very easy - just expand the fruits of mountain ash on a flat surface in a dry and dark place. About a week rowan berries dry.

In the rowan berries contain a huge amount of carotene - more than in carrots. And B vitamins there are very, very much. From Rowan also qualify as teas and herbal teas. The recipe is the same as the broth hips. But note - Rowan broth can be prepared only for children older than seven years. In addition, it is not necessary to give the broth rowan children suffering from diseases of any gastrointestinal tract.

However, remember that you should not take multivitamin complexes and vitamin infusions simultaneously, without the consent and approval of a physician. Otherwise, the possible oversupply of certain vitamins. Good luck and enjoy the spring!

 How to prevent vitamin deficiency in the spring of children?

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