pregnancy test


  • The principle of the pregnancy test
  • What are the pregnancy tests, and how to use them

When a woman wants to get pregnant, she looked forward to a positive outcome, trying as soon as possible to find out whether it was possible in this cycle to get pregnant. By purchasing the test for this purpose, we should not rush to test not to get the wrong answer.

Carefully consider your purchase, check its sensitivity to hCG, rules of use, time of use, when to do a pregnancy test.

For testing at home you need to adhere to regulations, testing has shown that the exact result. The first day of the expected menstrual period if it does not start - a time when the need to do a pregnancy test, to see exactly whether or not the woman is pregnant.

Sometimes test results are false negative or positive data. This happens when a pregnancy test has been delayed or incorrectly spent.

Causes of false negative results:

  • The study was carried out too early, when the levels of hCG in the urine is low;
  • from the strip over the shelf life;
  • a large amount of fluid you drink the night before, to reduce the concentration of hormones in the urine.

Causes of false positive results:

  • hormonal drugs with HCG;
  • the presence of a malignant tumor in the internal genital organs;
  • it took less than three weeks after spontaneous or induced abortion.

 types of pregnancy tests

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The principle of the pregnancy test

Any such test detects the presence of women in the urine of a special hormone HCG. It is human chorionic gonadotropin, which begins to be produced from the beginning of pregnancy, and gradually increase the amount. After attaching to the wall of the ovum in the uterus begins to increase levels of hCG twice every two days to 12 weeks and increasing the maximum. After an abortion or a successful resolution of pregnancy HCG detects its presence in the urine and blood of women within three weeks. This should be considered for women who have come miscarriage, but they hope to save the fetus, or, conversely, are afraid that some of the eggs remain in the uterus.

The time when it is best to test

Time of day when doing a pregnancy test, recommended by the manufacturer. It depends on the type and sensitivity of the test. If you carefully read the instructions that came with the test strips, there is written the time of the. Ink tests marked 10 mIU / ml have a high degree of sensitivity, and time for collection of urine which has no significant difference. After the urine fell on a sensitive part of the strip, the reaction begins, which will result, pregnant women or not.

The day when doing testing

To accurately determine whether a woman is pregnant with the test strips home, need to wait for the first day of the expected menstruation. If the discharge is not started, the first day of delay, you can determine the egg has been fertilized or not.

The sensitivity of the test for the presence of hCG also plays in this process the role. If the counter test strip with a sensitivity of 20-25 MIU / ml, then he can determine the presence of the embryo in the uterus from day delay. More sensitive to 10 mIU / mL, more expensive tests can determine whether a birth, a week after that was going to happen estimated fertilization. If the past week from prospective monthly, which has not started, you can buy any test sensitivity. Its result will be true.

A blood test for hCG a week after the alleged conception for a fee can be made in the antenatal clinic. Testing is carried out in the laboratory IVF clinics, centers for medical diagnostics.

 a blood test for levels of hCG
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What are the pregnancy tests, and how to use them

In pharmacies, you can buy strip tests or test strips. This is one of the most common tests that women are buying when they need to determine whether fertilization.

The strip is lowered to the desired mark in a jar with a morning urine. Hold there for a few seconds, then pulled out and placed on a flat surface. After a while, you can pick up the strip and look at the result. All types of tests the same principle: one bar - no pregnancy, the two strips - it is. If the test showed a negative result does not dispose of the strip in the bucket. Put it up in the evening on a flat surface. Very often, the reaction is slower than the woman wants, or hCG in the urine is not enough. Practice shows that the second strip may appear in a weak form and later. This means that the pregnancy. When to test again in a week strip will be much brighter.

Tablet tests are arranged on the same principle as the test strip. Their difference is that the test strip is contained in a tablet. For the test in mid-morning urine dripping, and after some time, watching the result.

Ink tests are sensitive tests. They are convenient in that they simply substitute under a stream of urine at any time of day or night, expect a little bit and look at the result.

How to choose a pregnancy test

Selection of the test depends on how many days have passed from the alleged conception and personal experiences. Sometimes a woman in a week after conception knows exactly what she is pregnant. Sometimes it does not know about what happened conception until a missed period she did not tell you that some changes occur to her body. If the delay is large, choose a pharmacy some special test does not make sense. Pregnancy show any of them. If you really want to define, but it took a little more than a week, it is necessary to buy a sensitive pregnancy test and satisfy their curiosity. You can refer to the laboratory and tested for HCG, which will be 100% accurate

Ectopic pregnancy and testing

Ectopic pregnancy is also determined by the test strip. If 7-8 weeks after conception, the woman felt pain in his stomach started bleeding, should immediately call an ambulance. Cheerleaders have pain pulling character and spotting a positive result. It should seek to advance the gynecologist to rule out ectopic pregnancy.

Educate women about early pregnancy gives her the opportunity to plan their future life, to get registered in the antenatal clinic, take all the tests, and to bear a child to become a mother.

 When to do a pregnancy test?

 folic acid


  • When to start taking folic acid?
  • The daily rate and products
  • Contraindications to receive folic acid

Certainly few can boast that consumed with food, in addition to proteins, carbohydrates and fats, they are getting enough vitamins and minerals. Their disadvantage is often the cause of sickness, disease, nervousness, fatigue. Therefore, the stock of useful substances for the organism to constantly replenish.

Especially need to think about health when planning a pregnancy, since there are some vitamins that are essential to the full development of the fetus in the womb. These include a folic acid or vitamin B9. And it will be better if folic acid when planning pregnancy found in the body in the right amounts.

 while taking folic acid
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When to start taking folic acid?

Typically, doctors prescribe vitamin B9, when a woman is determined by the pregnancy. However, after 2-3 weeks after spermatozodov fertilize the egg and the embryo is formed, begins the formation of the child's internal organs, especially the heart. If the expectant mother is not enough folic acid, it can lead to various complications during pregnancy and the occurrence of birth defects in the baby. A sufficient amount of this element reduces the risk of congenital diseases. This is the primary reason to start taking folic acid when planning pregnancy yet.

In addition, during pregnancy the number of functions performed by vitamin B9. This element is involved in the following processes:

  • DNA synthesis
  • the formation of the placenta
  • the formation of the neural tube of the fetus, blood cells
  • strengthening the immune system
  • metabolism.

Low concentration of folic acid during pregnancy can lead to serious consequences. A woman with a strong lack of this vitamin may experience the following symptoms:

  • anemia
  • fainting
  • pale skin
  • irritability
  • loss of appetite
  • severe hair loss
  • diarrhea
  • stomatitis
  • weak immunity.

Time to fill the acid content is essential, as is suffering not only the pregnant woman, and child.

Folic acid deficiency can cause detachment of the placenta, miscarriage or missed abortion.

With regard to the health of the baby, it can be a malfunction of the nervous system and brain, spinal diseases.

Folic acid plays an important role not only for the woman, preparing to become a mother, but also to the future pope. It increases motor activity of male germ cells, respectively, increases the chances of fertilization. Pass the necessary tests, pass medical examination for the 3 months prior to the planned conception. Low levels of vitamin B9 in the body can trigger hormonal drugs, diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract, alcohol abuse.

Thus, planning to become pregnant is the time when you need to start taking folic acid. But the doctor's consultation is required in any case.

 daily rate of folic acid
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The daily rate and products

When planning your food, be aware that there is a norm of vitamin B9, in which the body of a pregnant feels the need every day. According to various reports, it is 400-600 micrograms.

During the 1, 2 and 3 trimesters of pregnancy the gynecologist often prescribe a vitamin complex, which already contains a daily rate of folic acid. And at the planning stage should follow a special diet, eating foods rich in this vitamin. Eat green leafy vegetables and fresh culture, since the heat treatment acid molecules are destroyed and lost utility products. From fruits are rich in folic acid, apricots, avocados, melons, citrus. In addition, pregnancy include in the diet products listed in the table.

Foods rich in folic acid Vitamin B (mg per 100 g product)
Beef liver 240
Pig liver 225
Soybeans 200
Cod liver 110
Parsley 110
Beans 90
Spinach 80
Cabbage lettuce 48
Rye bread 40
Green beans 36
Buckwheat 32
Dill 27
Celery 21
Peas 16
Green onion 14

It is believed that lack of vitamins better than their excess. Indeed, if we exceed the recommended dose of vitamin B9, the accumulation of crystals occurs folacin. Intoxication can lead to side effects:

  • vomiting
  • abdominal distention
  • flatulence
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • sleep disturbance
  • convulsions.

You can own a balanced diet, but the medication can be prescribed only by the doctor. Self-medication is not permitted!

 Consultation with a doctor
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Contraindications to receive folic acid

Speaking of the need for vitamin B9 of the body prior to pregnancy and during this period, we can not say that there are diseases in which folic acid is prohibited. These contraindications include:

  • allergic reactions
  • bronchial asthma
  • oncological diseases
  • renal failure
  • pyelonephritis
  • vitamin B12 deficiency.

If you deliberately came to the conclusion that you want to have kids, be twice as attentive to their health. Treatment of any medication must be administered by a doctor of the results of laboratory tests. The specialist will determine if there is enough only diet or need to take folic acid in the form of medicines.

 What is folic acid?