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  • Stimulation of ovulation: indications
  • How to stimulate ovulation: medical method
  • Preparing to stimulate ovulation
  • Stimulation of ovulation using Clomid
  • Stimulation of ovulation: folk remedies
  • Stimulation of ovulation using vitamin therapy
  • Stimulation of ovulation at home

For many families, the inability to conceive a baby is a real tragedy.

That just is not ready to take the couple to their family was happy replenishment! Often when a woman can not get pregnant, you need the stimulation of ovulation. Today there are many different methods that are used in this case.
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Stimulation of ovulation: indications

There are situations when ovulation in women of childbearing age are very rare or do not occur. Without ovulation, pregnancy is not possible. Therefore, as soon as a gynecologist diagnoses the patient this problem, it is required to appoint her to the stimulation of ovulation. Thanks to this procedure thousands of women who could not get pregnant, become happy mother.

If couples throughout the year and no longer turns to conceive a child, subject to regular unprotected sex, it is the indication for ovarian stimulation. If the age of the spouse is more than 35 years, this period is reduced to six months if the couple is trying to conceive a child, and after six months, the result does not come, it is also an occasion to address to the gynecologist. If the cause is not male infertility, it is usually the problem lies in the absence of ovulation.

It is important that before you will be assigned to the stimulation of ovulation, were examined both spouses. This will, on the one hand, eliminate the cause of male infertility as the inability to conceive a child, and on the other - will help further the most competent doctor make a treatment program.

Stimulation is not appointed and if the reason lies in the lack of ovulation deviation of the thyroid hormone, prolactin and male hormones. As long as the indicators are not brought back to normal, no procedure to stimulate ovulation will not result.

In addition, it is important to consider the fact that if a woman has blocked tubes, after stimulation of ovulation may occur ectopic pregnancy, so before you start this event, you must carry out a laparoscopy to rule out obstruction.

Methods stimulate ovulation quite a lot, so every woman can opt for the one that suits her or even like it more intuitive. But the final choice of method, always leave for the doctor as only he knows how to stimulate the maturation of eggs in your case, to get a positive result from the procedure as quickly as possible.

 indications to stimulate ovulation
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How to stimulate ovulation: medical method

As we have noted, the first thing both spouses undergo a medical examination. This is to ensure that the doctor was able to make the most well-protocol procedure. To do this you need to know quite a number of options, among them - the age and individual characteristics of the spouses. To do this, you must pass tests, undergo various examinations to the specific schedule, and so on. D. That is, the stimulation of ovulation - the procedure is quite time-consuming in terms of preparation for it. Based on analyzes, surveys and so on. D. The doctor will be able to predict the further development of the egg, as well as appoint an adequate regimen of drugs.

Most widely Clomid. The classical scheme of taking this drug is as follows: it is administered from 5 to 9 days of the menstrual cycle. In some cases, carried out additional stimulation using Puregona then prescribe Clomid from 3 to 7 day cycle.

And throughout this period regularly monitor the process of maturation of the follicle using ultrasound. When the follicle reaches 17-18 mm Pregnil appoint a woman and 24-36 hours ovulation. Medical evidence shows that this method helps to conceive the first time 15% of couples. However, it should take into account factors such as the woman's age, cause and duration of infertility.
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Preparing to stimulate ovulation

Before the start of the event to stimulate, you must undergo a medical examination. The doctor is required to direct you to surrender the following analyzes:

  • syphilis;
  • HIV;
  • hepatitis B and C;
  • Smear;
  • smear on onkotsitologiyu;
  • crops to identify Candida, Chlamydia, ureaplasma, trichomonas, mycoplasma, gardnerelly;
  • patency of the fallopian tubes;
  • a blood test for the presence of immunity to rubella.

In addition, you will need to be examined by a physician and get his opinion on what you are capable of carrying a pregnancy. There is a question of fact, if you have any contraindications, such as excess weight, or lack of it, chronic diseases, and so on. D.

As we have seen, it is very important to assess the patency of the fallopian tubes, it is here, and fertilization occurs. For such an assessment is usually used the following methods:

  • laparoscopy;
  • Transvaginal gidrolaparoskopiya;
  • metrosalpingography.

The method by which will be assessed tubal patency, selects the attending physician who will rely on the testimony of previous analyzes.

Also, the woman sent for examination of the ovaries to identify possible contraindications to stimulate ovulation.

The study concludes that a doctor on the need (or lack thereof) of estrogen therapy or immediate stimulation of the scheme and the dosage required for effectiveness of the designated events.

 pharmacological stimulation
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Stimulation of ovulation using Clomid

As already mentioned, the best proven itself a drug Clomid. Acceptance of his starts on the 5th day of the menstrual cycle and continued to the 9th day inclusive. When to start the stimulation and how much it will last depends on the condition of the uterus and ovaries of the patient. To determine these parameters, important individual approach to each patient. A few days after the start of stimulation performed the first ultrasound, which subsequently will be held every 2-3 days. US carried out to until they reach the size of the follicles of 20-25 mm. To prevent the regression of follicles and eliminate the possibility of the formation of follicular cysts, it is important to appoint an injection of hCG. Done at this stage, this provokes prick "start" ovulation.

Usually after 24-36 hours after the injection process begins ovulation. This is confirmed by examination with ultrasound. After that, the patient appointed utrozhestan or injections of progesterone to further support the corpus luteum of the ovary. According to numerous reviews of patients, such therapy on the first attempt results in the conception.

When assigning treatment to stimulate ovulation doctor must take into account the male factor. In this case we are talking about the timing and frequency of sexual intercourse and inseminations during stimulation. If a man is a good semen analysis, the sexual acts after the injection of hCG should be daily or every other day, and continue at this pace until the end of ovulation and corpus luteum formation.

If the selected therapy does not bring the desired effect (ovulation does not occur or is not observed follicular growth), after the third course of Clomid is necessary to revise the methods of treatment and further examine the patient.

It is important to know that Clomid therapy should not exceed 6 consecutive courses. According medication abuse can lead to depletion of the ovaries, which can cause early menopause, which poses a great threat to the possibility of conceiving a child.

 stimulation of vitamins
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Stimulation of ovulation: folk remedies

If you are a supporter of traditional medicine, the procedure of the appointment of ovulation stimulation you can discuss with your doctor the possibility of using folk remedies, good many of them are those that are effective in addressing this problem. But remember that a doctor must know about your plans for treatment. If you want to use traditional methods, you must inform the doctor about his plans, so as not to harm their health and get the desired result.

Now even many doctors do not mind that women use more natural and natural remedies in the treatment of various diseases of the sexual sphere. The most effective, and in the treatment of various gynecological diseases, showed the following herbs: upland uterus, red brush and sage. These plants are considered to be traditionally feminine, it is intended for the treatment of diseases affecting women.

Borovoy of the uterus - a great help to stimulate ovulation and help a woman become pregnant. It is rich in progesterone, which is just and necessary to ensure that the fertilized egg is infiltrated into the cavity of the uterus and died. Take it should be in the second half of the menstrual cycle. It is very important to calculate the day when ovulation should occur, which dramatically increase the chances to conceive.

Effective and sage tea, which promotes the maturation of oocytes. It should be taken in the first half of the menstrual cycle 1 tbsp. l. 1 Art. boiling water 3-4 times a day.

Very tasty and healthy decoction of rose petals. According to traditional medicine, if a man and a woman before going to bed drink 1 hr. Liter. this broth, they will be able to conceive a child. The fact that the petals contain a large amount of vitamin E, which beneficially affects the ability of conception. Thus women should brew the petals of pink and white roses, and men - dark pink and red. Preparing the broth is very simple: take 1 tbsp. l. petals, pour 200 ml of boiling water and insist on a water bath for 15 minutes.

Good results are obtained and mummies in conjunction with different juices: carrot, sea buckthorn. Mummy to be mixed with juice in a ratio of 1:20 and take the mixture in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.
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Stimulation of ovulation using vitamin therapy

It is important that a woman's body has not been a lack of vitamins. To do this, it is important to ensure women a healthy diet, which is saturated to the body with all essential trace elements. Often, however, it is difficult to make your own diet so as to cover the daily need absolutely all trace elements. Therefore, to help modern man to come to different vitamin complexes. A woman who wants to become pregnant, should know what vitamins needed her body first.

First place in this list is folic acid. It is so important that the lack of it can develop intrauterine fetal abnormalities. Next, you must provide the body with the necessary potassium iodide. It is sufficient to regularly consume iodized salt.

By choosing vitamin complexes, pay attention to those who are pregnant and lactating mothers - this is just what you need.

With regard to diet, then eat foods that stimulate ovulation: fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs. If you are not a vegetarian, lean fish - preferably boiled, steamed. Try not to abuse black tea and coffee. Of course, forget about bad habits. Directly it does not affect ovulation, but reduces the immunity of the body, which in turn can become a stumbling block in your way to a dream to have a baby.

 results of ovarian stimulation

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Stimulation of ovulation at home

It should immediately be noted that the experiment with stimulation is not necessary. That is not necessary to independently appoint a drugs or drinking herbal infusions. At best, it just came to nothing lead. However, at home you can use the method of aromatherapy. It can act as an aid.

So good in question ovulation stimulation essential oils of herbs such as anise, cypress, basil, sage. You can add no more than 3-5 drops of an oil bath, pre place them in honey or milk. Good use of essential oils of lavender and rose geranium - they are well stabilize hormones and calm. By the way, it is considered a feminine lavender essential oil. It has beneficial effects on the nervous system, relaxes and soothes.

You can create a diet that will help stimulate: quail eggs, cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, flax, pumpkin or sesame seeds. These products will bring your body only benefit.

The important point, and mental attitude. Try not to be nervous, do not strain at the fact that the pregnancy does not occur. It is not easy, but excessive anxiety, exposure to stress, suspense - but when? - Be profitable. Relax, tune in to the fact that everything will be fine, trust your doctor - and long-awaited pregnancy is not long to wait.

All other methods of ovulation induction should be conducted only under the strict supervision of a specialist, as only he knows how to stimulate ovulation. Otherwise you may cause irreparable damage to your body up to the rupture of the ovary.

 Stimulation of egg maturation - a chance to become a happy mother