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What is gastritis, probably to explain - even a child knows. But just in case, still recall: acute gastritis - a severe inflammation of the gastric mucosa. And, unfortunately, in recent years more and more doctors say cases of acute gastritis in children. And sometimes parents face with him, even very young children - one or two years old.

Insure against gastritis is very difficult, therefore, for parents is very reasonable to get the most information regarding gastritis. As they say, forewarned is forearmed. After successful treatment of gastritis is necessary as soon as possible to diagnose the disease and to provide the necessary assistance to the child. Although, of course, the treatment of gastritis should be carried out under the strict supervision of medical personnel. For acute gastritis in children is not such a trifle as it may seem at first glance.

The causes of acute gastritis in children

For the development of acute gastritis in children needs a powerful impetus. And so silent can be a variety of factors, because the child's stomach mucosa is very sensitive and very sensitive to any stimuli. The most common acute gastritis is triggered by such factors as:

  • Food poisoning

In that case, if the child has eaten any substandard products that contain toxins, comes the so-called food poisoning. And these toxins trapped in the stomach, provoke a strong inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa.

  • The excessive amount of food.

Most mothers and grandmothers, one of the most important goals in life - to feed their little child. They think that the child is constantly malnourished. And as a result, they are constantly overfed baby. And it is fraught with not only the overweight child. Constant load on the stomach sooner or later lead to the development of acute gastritis. Therefore, in any case, do not force the child to eat if he does not want. Believe me - starvation does not threaten him.

  • Eating is not suitable for his age category

In that case, if your child consistently uses a sharp, spicy, smoked or fatty foods when preparing meals for the child in the same way as for adults. For example, fried - for children, this method of cooking is not suitable. All products must be for a child or cook or bake, or steamed.

  • Poisoning by household cleaning products

Unfortunately, even the most experienced, caring and attentive parents happen "misfire." Very often inquisitive kids enthusiastically mouthing anything that gets their hands on. And under the arm sometimes fall far from harmless substances - such as household chemicals. Naturally, the gastric mucosa and the child is injured severely inflamed.

  • Infectious diseases

In some cases, the cause of acute gastritis, a child may be one or another infectious disease. In this case, the decay products and the life of bacteria have strong irritant effect on the gastric mucosa. As a consequence, it is fast enough inflamed. There is a malfunction in secretory function. Hello, acute gastritis!

  • The impact of pharmaceutical products

In some cases, the cause of acute gastritis may be the use of certain drugs. Regularly working on the gastric mucosa, the drug can cause severe irritation. And sooner or later it will develop inflammation. The same thing can happen with a single receiving a large dose of a drug.

 acute gastritis in children treated

Symptoms of acute gastritis in children, diagnostics

Acute gastritis acute so called because it begins suddenly and proceeds very pronounced. The first symptoms appear after 10 - 12 hours after exposure of a provoking factor. Common symptoms are similar, but still different, depending on what is called acute gastritis.

  • Gastritis caused by acute or fatty foods, or its excess

One of the first symptoms of this type of gastritis is a sense of general malaise - weakness, pain in the muscles. Almost immediately it disappears completely appetite, a feeling of fullness. Although, of course, it may complain about an older child - a baby will behave very restless.

In some cases, the child complains of a feeling of chill, and soon he may have a fever. Although significant numbers until it rises rarely - usually held just above 37 degrees. After a very short time, added to the symptoms of pain - sometimes very, very intense.

After about two or three hours there is acid regurgitation. In severe cases, it may cause vomiting, which always contains the remnants of undigested food. In some cases, you may receive a one-time diarrhea - it is a clear indication that in the inflammatory process involved not only the stomach, but also the small intestine.

The examination of this baby, doctors observed the following phenomena. The skin has a very pale, and sometimes bluish tint. In the language of the child has a thick coating of yellow-white color, with an unpleasant odor. Baby's tummy is swollen - a consequence of the rapidly developing flatulence. On palpation - palpation of the abdomen - to strengthen the child complains of pain. In the case of a particularly strong inflammation possible heart palpitations - tachycardia. Typically, such a process lasts three to five days.

  • Gastritis, triggered by toxins

In the event that was caused by gastritis or any other food poisoning, for it, in addition to all the foregoing symptoms typical higher temperature bodies a- 39 degrees or higher, a strong dehydration, severe vomiting and diarrhea exhausting stop which is very, very complicated. This condition poses a serious threat to the child, because the child's body for dehydration is very dangerous. By the way - in this case, treatment should be aimed at the elimination of dehydration.

  • Secondary gastritis

But if gastritis is a concomitant disease to other more serious illnesses, the symptoms will be standard - poor appetite, pain in the stomach. In addition, worsening the main disease. Therefore it is necessary as soon as possible to remove all the stomach pathology.

In order to understand exactly what the child is faced with gastritis, the baby should be examined by a doctor - a gastroenterologist. Or, at least, the doctor - a pediatrician. After all, the symptoms of acute gastritis are very similar to many diseases, is very dangerous not only for the health of the child, but also for his life. For example, you need as quickly as possible to exclude acute appendicitis. Only accurately diagnose the disease, we can choose the right treatment.

Treatment of acute gastritis in children

As a rule, the treatment of acute gastritis in children is carried out in a hospital. In that case, if the doctor suggests to your child hospitalization in any case not allowed to refuse. Children's bodies are very vulnerable and often totally unpredictable - it is impossible to predict how it will react to the treatment prescribed. A hospital medical staff always there and, if necessary, he promptly react to the slightest change in the child's condition and adjust treatment.

Well, in that case, if for any reason you still decided to treat gastritis in the home, you need to follow some specific rules:

  • Visit doctor

In any case, even if you decide to treat gastritis have a child at home, be sure to get a doctor's advice - take your child to the clinic, if his condition allows. If gastritis proceeds very difficult, call a doctor to the house. By the way, in most cases, acute gastritis dictates the conditions - visits to the clinic will not be the best entertainment for your sick child.

  • Complete rest

The first few days, until the symptoms of gastritis persist, the baby should observe strict bed rest. And it is unlikely a sick child wants to frolic - it is better to read the book. In extreme cases, turn the cartoon. While not overdo it - the sick child excessive load in the form of TV quite useless.

  • Strict medical diet

Be sure to consult with your doctor about child nutrition. As a rule, in the first few days, the child is shown a complete famine. Permission is granted to only a warm drink. Many parents are afraid to hear that a couple of days they will have to do without the crumbs of food. But in vain - a sick child and he does not want to eat anything. In the same case, if the child is actively asking to eat, you can offer him chicken broth or liquid boiled porridge of oatmeal or buckwheat.

  • Strict implementation of all doctor's appointments

Since you have decided to treat the child at home, the responsibility entirely rests on your shoulders. Strictly follow the medication and follow all without exception, the recommendations and prescription, even if some of them seem to you quite unnecessary.

 gastritis in children treated

Prevention of acute gastritis in children

Treatment of acute gastritis - employment difficult and requires a lot of effort. It makes more sense to remember the prevention of this disease. It is not too difficult - just follow certain rules that will help reduce the risk of gastritis to a minimum:

  • Quality of food

Be sure to check the quality of the products that your child eats. And strictly follow not only the life of the product, but also for their storage. And not only at home but also in the store. You buy yogurt? Reach out to the refrigerator - it is cool enough? You buy a sausage? Pay attention to the temperature in the refrigerator - usually a thermometer is always in a prominent place.

Try to completely abandon the purchase of food products in natural markets. It is a risk to buy substandard products, which will lead to food poisoning. It is for this same reason it is necessary to give up the baby food in fast food.

  • Age-rate food

In no case do not overfeed the child. Recent studies of pediatricians showed that a child should have as much as he wants. Do not worry - well, starve it a day or two. Then the body will still take its toll and the child begins to eat normally. A forced-feeding can lead not only to the development of gastritis, but also to many other negative consequences. Including the development of sustained hostility to the food - it is seriously and requires long-term treatment. You do not want a future for your child?

  • Proper cooking

We have already mentioned that the food for the child should be prepared in a special way. It is best to boil, bake or cook food for a couple - food prepared in this way is the most gentle for delicate children's stomach. And do not make even a single exception - only one a plate of fried potatoes or a skewer of mouthwatering barbecue can lead to an attack of acute gastritis.

By the way - parents also want to reconsider your diet. It is very difficult to get the child to eat for dinner a useful porridge, if you are going for both cheeks tuck into smoked sausage. So try to give up their habits. Of course, the first time it will be very hard. But it will take a few weeks and you svyknites with a new way of life. Maybe he'll even like it. And women certainly get an extra and very nice bonus - they will get rid of a certain amount of extra padding.

 Acute gastritis in children: causes, symptoms, treatment

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