the child has bruises under his eyes


  • Genetic factors
  • Fatigue child
  • Poor nutrition
  • Violation of the regime of the day
  • Iron-deficiency anemia
  • Helminthiasis
  • Injuries

Parents and worries cause for alarm is not enough - even the healthy kids act up occasionally get sick. There are all cause for concern? For example, a child bruises under his eyes. A very common complaint - pediatricians encounter it nearly every day. Almost all the parents begin to panic - why bruising under the eyes of the child? And the right of those parents who noticed the bruises on time and go to a doctor - they often indicate health problems among children, sometimes very serious. And if you do not understand why this is happening, there may be serious problems.

This is not surprising, because children's skin is a very good indicator of the general state of the organism. The skin of children is very sensitive to the slightest change in the internal environment of the child. Attentive parents immediately noticed a disturbing signal that their child that something is wrong. And the most striking sign of trouble is a bluish skin under the eyes. In most cases it appears blue because of the thinning of the skin in this area, causing the blood vessels begin to show through. Less common, but still sometimes found bruises under his eyes, which appeared as a result of hemorrhage.

The first thing to do - is to determine the cause of the bruises. Of course, to find their own reasons for these parents do not succeed - you must seek help from the pediatrician. However, to know the basic causes that can lead to the appearance of bruises in children under the eyes, yet all have parents. That's what we tell you and.

Genetic factors

My mother's eyes, my father's nose ... Genetics - terrible force. As they say, the genes will not erase eraser. However, unfortunately, the child receives from parents not only data, but also the predisposition of the body - including the tendency to the appearance of bruises under his eyes. If parents have a thin skin and a closely spaced vessels, then the children can be observed exactly the same picture.

This case does not require any treatment, since it is not evidence of the existence of any disease. However, the child should receive systematic training strengthening therapy, vitamin therapy, observe the correct mode of the day, to eat right. However, like any other child.

Fatigue child

In that case, if the black eyes were school-age children, parents can suggest that the child very much overwork in school. This is not surprising - the modern school curriculum is very different from the one on which we studied. And the ability to wear down and unsettle even the most diligent and hard-working children. Not only that the child is very tired in the classroom and at home time for recreation is very, very small - number of homework is capable of impressing even graduate students, not that poor devil-scholar.

Moreover, even if the child remains a bit of spare time, he spends most of his not to walk and exercise. And watching TV and computer games. As you can imagine, such a rhythm and lifestyle is not strong hardball test for the fragile child's body. First and foremost, this way of life is bound to affect the condition of the baby's skin - it becomes dry, thin, blood vessels begin to show through. First of all it becomes apparent just under the eyes - dark circles appear.

And the first thing to do - is to organize the daily routine of the child. Of course, the release of children from school is impossible. But at least his daily routine and leisure normalize the child's parents quite a force. Strictly follow the homework - after the child make the lessons, take care of his outing. In addition, in any case we can not forget about sports - even an ordinary charge should be an integral part of a child's life.

On weekends, try with your child go for a walk, and ideally take out it somewhere out of town - on the river, in the woods. Play with your child in a variety of outdoor games - certainly with you, he will do it with great pleasure. Similar games to improve blood circulation, actively saturate all tissues with oxygen, nourish them. Pretty soon disappear not only bruises under his eyes, but overall health improved significantly.

 bruising under the eyes of the child

Poor nutrition

Unfortunately, in our time it is very difficult to find a child who eats absolutely correct. And no wonder - harmful products at every step: chewing gum, chips, sodas. And often parents can not monitor this issue - even in the school cafeteria like "goodies" are sold in large quantities.

Even the parents often go on about the baby, buying him the same chips, soft drinks. And in the wake of his mother's laziness go very often - for example, the semi-finished product, instead of a full meal. And fruits and vegetables on our tables do not appear too often, unfortunately. And if there are, it is absolutely not in the form in which they can benefit.

In order to send vegetables to benefit children's body, they must be fresh and thermally processed. Unfortunately, the vegetables very quickly lose their useful properties - even vegetable salads about 20 minutes start to lose vitamins. Incidentally, this is why you need to prepare the salad just before serving.

Very often children have flatly refuse such useful, but absolutely tasteless vegetables in their opinion. But in this situation there is a way - prepare food with your child, try to interest him. And the most common vegetables you can cook a very interesting dish. For example, slices of zucchini you'll have a head man of peas - eyes, sweet pepper - the nose and mouth, and al carrots - hair. Surely a child with a great pleasure to eat such a culinary masterpiece.

And in the autumn and spring is recommended to give the child a course of multivitamin supplements. Do not buy the first available in the pharmacy vitamins, even well-publicized. It is much wiser to seek help from your pediatrician, who will pick up the drug in accordance with the individual characteristics of the body of your child.

Violation of the regime of the day

In order for the body to fully functioning in children, need adequate amount of sleep. If for any reason the child does not sleep, the body's compensatory mechanisms begin to dwindle rapidly. And the very first sign of fatigue it will be the appearance of bruises under his eyes.

And these bruises are gone, it is necessary to normalize the child's sleep. Child under 10 years old should sleep at least 9 hours per day. So be sure to watch out for sleep duration - if necessary, put your baby to sleep in the daytime. Note - It is important not only to the duration of sleep, but also its quality. To dream of the child was calm, in any case can not allow any active games before bedtime. Yes, and a computer with a TV before going to bed should be deleted.

Iron-deficiency anemia

This problem, as iron deficiency anemia, is familiar to many parents. First and foremost, the lack of iron radical impact on the baby's skin. In particular, there are the same notorious black eyes. And there are those bruises even before the blood varies greatly. It is therefore necessary to conduct a general analysis of the blood immediately after the bruising under the eyes of the child. This is especially significant for infants - Baby anemia is especially dangerous.

But even if the blood has not revealed decreased hemoglobin, parents still worth some time to be especially careful - perhaps, anemia does occur. It often happens that some time after the onset of the child's own body compensates for the lack of iron from its reserves. And while blood tests will not show pathology. However, it will not last long - at most a few months.

Therefore, immediately after the appearance of bruises under his eyes parents should correct the child's menu. Include the foods that contain large amounts of iron - liver, buckwheat, pomegranate juice, apples. And a month later it is mandatory to repeat the CBC. No harm from such measures the child's body is not even in the case of iron deficiency anemia is not present. But if the cause of the bruises under his eyes became still anemia, timely measures taken to help avoid complications.

 the child has black eyes


In some cases, the cause of the bruises under the eyes of the child becomes a presence in the body of worms. Or, to put it simply, worms. The presence of worms is very negative impact on the health of the child - the baby has to share his food with those parasites that live in his gut. And then a small amount of vitamins and nutrients that are child absorbs very, very bad. In addition, the body of the child is subject to the harmful toxins that are released as a result of vital activity of worms. In this case, in addition to the black eye the child often complains of pain in the navel.

In order to accurately diagnose the disease, the doctor will prescribe a smear on enterobiasis and feces analysis on helminth eggs. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment for the child. As a rule, it is equivalent to twice the adoption of a drug - at the beginning of treatment and on the tenth - fourteenth day. And pay special attention to - the treatment of worms should be carried out for all the family. Also, do not forget about pets - contact your veterinarian. Otherwise unlikely to achieve the desired effect.


In some cases, the child's black eyes are the result of physical impact - either as a result of impact or as a result of the fracture of the nasal bones. In this case, often bilateral bruises, but may be only on one side. In this case, the reason you're blue skin under the eyes becomes bleeding under the skin.

In order to eliminate bruises resulting from physical effects, parents should in the first minutes after the injury to apply ice to the affected area. Suitable any improvised - a pack of ravioli, ice cream. But you never know that there is in the freezer?

After that is necessary to address to the doctor-traumatologist. He will examine your child to make sure that the child did not receive serious injuries. Thereafter prescribe any ointment that accelerate resorption hematoma. Self pick up any medication you should not, because not all drugs are suitable for the treatment of children.

As you can see, the reasons why children may have dark circles under the eyes, quite a lot. Therefore, you should not rely "at random" - do not be lazy and ask for help to the pediatrician. You do not want to risk the most expensive - the health of your child? And ignoring the bruising under the eyes may result in very serious complications. So beware!

 The child has bruises under his eyes. What to do?

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