Children's dentistry - Children's bite

Nowadays, many parents know firsthand the word "bite", know that it can sometimes be wrong and should be treated. Especially advanced know the word "braces, correction of occlusion, orthodontics." But as a rule, knowledge on this end, but the beginning myths and guesses.

Not everyone knows when you need to visit the orthodontist. Some carried their children immediately after leaving the hospital and show the baby's toothless jaw. Others believe that while not change baby teeth to the orthodontist is not necessary. However, the first preventive visit to the orthodontist should be scheduled at the age of 3-4 years. Previously, it makes no sense, because there is no teeth and it is unclear whether the bite is correct. However, if your child's teeth deteriorate immediately after the eruption, you need to go to the dentist as soon as possible to stop the process.

Baby teeth should not be left untreated, although it would seem, they still fall out. The thing is that if a baby tooth does not heal in time, he will give complications, resulting in damage to the permanent tooth germs. If a baby tooth fall out prematurely, the child may bite pathology, treatment which is expensive and complicated. Abroad, not just treat milk teeth, but sometimes cover their crowns to prevent premature loss of teeth and progression of caries.

Another misconception - at orthodontists treat exclusively braces. However, at an early age can not be treated braces - they simply do not make sense to put any permanent teeth. Therefore, in the dairy bite pathology treated with the help of special devices-plates. In this age are usually treated only serious disease affecting not just individual teeth, and in general, the growth and the formation of the whole jaw, or carried out a variety of preventive procedures, which allow to prepare the jaw and teeth to the subsequent treatment, or conduct self-regulation pathology bite .

Why do teeth grow properly?

There is no doubt that the treatment of baby teeth is extremely necessary, and for the correction of malocclusion need to visit the orthodontist. But who is to blame for the fact that the teeth grow properly?

The reasons that cause the pathology of the bite, very much. This is primarily hereditary causes. Many types of malocclusion (eg "Hapsburg lip" disease of kings) are "family". A common cause of this is the birth trauma. Also on the negative impact bite carious destruction of the milk teeth, and their early removal. There are other, very notable reasons. For example, the habit of thumb sucking or biting the handle can cause the teeth "disperse" in different directions. However, the main task of parents - to show the kid orthodontist, who will be able to find the pathology to identify the cause and then fix the problem of occlusion.

 Children's dentistry - Children's bite

 Hygiene boys

  • Hygiene boys to a year
  • Health preschool children and adolescents
  • Healthy boy

It is believed that the hygiene of girls is much more complicated process than boys hygiene. But as practice shows, inexperienced mothers of boys are more often at an impasse. Very often causes difficulty hygiene newborn boy and crumbs first year of life.

It would seem that could be easier - the genitals crumbs washed with soap and water, and be done with it. But it was not there! If you want the baby was well-groomed, I grow up healthy and did not know the problems, it is important to follow some very important rules. This is what you now know.

Hygiene boys to a year

To start a new mother should clearly understand exactly what it should not do in any case:

  • Do not pull the foreskin!

A newborn boy as an adult male, the penis is covered with skin - including the head. That's just the skin that covers the head is called the foreskin. Adult male foreskin completely mobile and fully bares head. But the boys until three or four years, the foreskin does not move nearly as fits closely to the head of the penis.

And the main mistake most moms - an attempt to push it to wash the boy. Or, better not try to wash under the foreskin using a power shower. So - do it is absolutely forbidden! You can injure the foreskin crumbs or, even worse, provoke a denial of the glans penis. What is fraught with surgery.

  • Do not abuse the soap!

Very often the mother in the fight for the purity, too zealous and namyvayut son's penis with soap and water almost every hour. However, this love of purity may result in irritation of the foreskin, and dryness of the skin. Therefore, use soap only when truly necessary - for example, if the penis stained faeces. In other cases, sufficient pure water. And by the way, wet wipes.

Change diapers? Just wipe the buttocks and genitals wipes crumbs. Of course, you should only use wipes especially those that are designed for babies - they will not keep any perfumes and dyes. So, eliminates the risk of allergic reactions.

  • Do not apply any creams!

In no case do not apply to the penis of a boy no creams and especially powders - processes only the ass and wrinkles. Otherwise, it may begin even irritation and inflammation of the foreskin.

Hygiene boys in the first year of life is no different from the care of the newborn remains.

 Care newborn baby boy

Health preschool children and adolescents

No changes are inherently and hygiene boys - preschoolers, as, indeed, and teenagers - timely and cleaning the clean linen. But, of course, some differences still there. And the difference is ... to yourself!

From about the third year of life, boys should be taught to wash yourself. If at this age, parents do not invest in the minds of the sons that hygiene boy - an integral part of life, they are at risk of adolescents, which is no representation of hygiene are not.

  • The frequency of cleaning the

Once your boy potty trained, will be enough to wash it once a day - in the evening, in the winter season. In the hot season is just two times a day. Of course, if there was no "accidents" that in two to three years are common and are commonplace.

But teenagers cleaning the morning should be mandatory, as they are typical for wet-dream - involuntary ejaculation during sleep. By the way, about this phenomenon in due time you need to tell the boy that he was not scared.

  • your help

Of course, the first time his son will need your help. And the main your task - to teach the child to do it right. As long as the head of the penis does not open, the baby should just wash the penis with soap and water.

And then, when the foreskin will begin to pull away without problems, show your child how to wash the head. Doing it just needs to be removed accumulates under the foreskin smermu. Otherwise there is a risk of inflammatory processes - particularly in adolescents.

Healthy boy

The boy's parents should closely monitor the condition of the genitals of his son. Of course, much easier with babies - adolescents are not easy prokontroliruesh. But the teenager can be explained by the simple truth, that he had kept his health under control. And be sure to periodically interested in this!

And remember the simple truth! In the event that your son's penis - and it does not matter, it is a newborn, or it is already two to three years - makes you even the slightest concern, need to go to the doctor!

Blushed or worse, swollen foreskin? Swollen skin or head of the penis? Difficult urination? In no case do not change hands - give this matter expert - to the urologist. And let your young gentleman grow healthy and happy! And help him in the correct hygiene of the boy.

 Hygiene boys. Simple rules

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 Hygiene newborn girl

  • Skin care
  • Eyes and ears
  • Care genitals
  • Follow secretions!
  • Beware of irritation
  • Underwear girl
  • The habit - second nature

You have become a happy mom? You have a daughter? Congratulations! But remember that with its birth in your house settled not only unlimited happiness, but also a great responsibility. After all, the girl - the future of a woman, and therefore - and the expectant mother. And her health you need to be approached very seriously.

And as you know, that cleanliness is the key to health. That is why today we will talk about the hygiene of the newborn girl. Caring for a girl very different from the care of the boy, so parents should become familiar with the basic rules. This will avoid serious errors and facilitate the care of your baby.

Skin care

The skin of a newborn girl is very delicate and sensitive, so require special care. In adults, the skin serves several important functions - thermostatic expansion, excretory, protective. Toddlers same skin underdeveloped and cope with its functions may only with proper and timely care.

First, watch the cleanliness of the skin - the first month of the child's need to bathe every day. Of course, if the baby is healthy. If the girl is sick, the issue should be discussed with a dip with your doctor the baby. To wash the skin should only be used specifically designed for newborns detergents - gels, foams, baby soap. Try not to buy detergents containing any additives and flavors - it can trigger the development of an allergic reaction.

After bathing the baby skin must be carefully wet towel, not much rubbing and stretching to avoid accidental injury. Be sure to thoroughly pat all the folds, so they do not remain raw - otherwise it may cause chafing and irritation.

Eyes and ears

Normally, a healthy baby should be no heavy discharge from the eyes and especially from the ears. So - if they were - as soon as possible contact the child's doctor, who will examine the child and, if necessary, prescribe appropriate treatment.

If the child is healthy, no special care of the ears, nose, and eyes do not require. In no case do not lazte cotton buds in ears or nose - you can damage them. Remove only those emissions that surface. The skin around the eye should be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in warm clean boiled water.

 Proper hygiene newborn girl

Care genitals

Genitals baby also require very careful maintenance. After all, the adult female genital mucosa is a powerful protection against various infections. The girl is deprived of such protection, and thus at risk of various inflammatory processes. And as a result - the baby falls ill, and in severe cases, perhaps even merging sexual sponges.

In order to avoid such trouble, parents should carefully monitor the hygiene of the genital crumbs. They must always be dry, clean, girls should not become too cold or hot. Remember that cleaning the girl has specific features:

  • Use for cleaning the only running water!
  • To wash the baby in the direction from the pubis to the pope, but in any case, not vice versa. Otherwise there is the risk of getting E. coli in the reproductive tract of the child.
  • Do not use for cleaning the girls are anything but usual children's soap. And it is only in case of heavy pollution.

Needless to say that little girls should be private soap, sponge and towel for swimming. In no case do not use while bathing the child's personal hygiene items! Even if you are perfectly healthy, things are on your mass of bacteria and other microorganisms. Your immune system copes well with them, and sometimes do not pay attention. A deficient immune system of the baby like that can not afford and can get sick daughter.

Remember that washing away must be carried out after each act of defecation - because if the stool will fall on the mucous membranes of the genitals, there is a high risk of inflammation - vulvovaginal. In addition, the girl needed to wash away every night and every morning - it should be a self-evident part of life. Do not forget to cleaning the daughter wash your hands - with soap and water!

Follow secretions!

Somehow, there is a perception that young girls normally there should be no discharge from the vagina. And it is quite natural that scared, seeing these secretions. But in fact, vaginal discharge - the norm for the female body at any age and is not afraid of this.

Moreover - in the first few weeks after birth, the girl may even be bloody vaginal discharge, menstrual-like. This phenomenon is absolutely normal and is due to the fact that the baby through the placenta gets a huge amount of female hormones. Of course, say this pediatrician is necessary, but in most cases no need to worry just yet. The main thing to baby - it's hygiene.

But after discharge from the vagina not stop. They are very scarce and are white - mucus epithelium cells of the vagina and certain microorganisms. Normally, selection is not delivered any inconvenience baby - no redness or itching. Otherwise likely occur inflammation. Or just simply girl hygiene is poor. Alas, this occurs very frequently.

But even if the girl hygiene observed impeccably mother can notice in the furrows between the large and small labia whitish plaque that is not removed after cleaning the. It also should not scare parents this raid - not thrush! It's just the secret of glands of the labia minora, which is necessary to protect the genitals crumbs. Some mothers try to periodically remove the deposits with a cotton swab. However, it is not necessary to do this - you can accidentally injure the delicate mucous membranes of the labia crumbs.

Beware of irritation

As if not carefully watched over the purity of the parents genitals daughter, to avoid diaper rash is not always possible. It is unpleasant, but not terrible - most importantly, time to take the necessary measures. Very often, parents can hear the Council of the baby diaper rash undermine soap or a solution of potassium permanganate. However, to do that in any case it is impossible to not dry up the skin and mucous membranes!

It is best to use a decoction of pharmacy chamomile, sage and calendula. Prepare a broth is very simple - fill five tablespoons of any of the above herbs a glass of water, bring to a boil, leave for an hour, and then how to strain. Moisten the swab in the broth, rub the skin under the knee baby and leave for 15 minutes. Then inspect the treated area, as well as analyze the behavior of crumbs in this time period. If my daughter did not show signs of anxiety, and skin redness and no rash, so she did not have an allergic reaction to herbs - you can do the bath.

Pour in the broth of herbs in five liters of warm water, place the child's genitals in the bath, for 20 minutes. Then wipe the skin with a sterile cotton pad girly and let dosohnut air. Trays should be done at least three times a day, as long as irritation and diaper rash does not disappear completely.

We have already mentioned that the undesirable use soap every time podmyvanii, as it is very dry skin. Ideally with soap needed to wash away the girl only after she pokakala. In all other cases, normal water would be sufficient. By the way, about the water. The water should be flowing, but ideally it should be boiled. Cool water, pour it into a jug and podmoyte crumbs. Boil the water should be at least the first month of life.

 Useful hygiene newborn girl

Underwear girl

Underwear your little lady also requires attention. However, to date the only underwear newborn crumbs often are disposable diapers. However, doctors do not really approve of this approach - they are recommended to wear diapers only when necessary. And all the rest of the crumb should be in diapers or sliders - whichever you prefer.

Baby clothes should be washed separately from the rest, using the special children powders, as well as carefully vypolaskivaya. At least the first month of carefully iron the linens on both sides.

Of course, children's underwear must be made exclusively from natural materials - synthetic fibers do not absorb excretion, interfere with the normal process of thermoregulation, contribute to the development of irritation and sometimes even inflammation.

The habit - second nature

Of course, the newborn crumb is hardly something to understand, but to teach the crumbs to the daily hygiene is necessary since birth. Health should be a girl for something natural and self-evident - as hand washing, brushing teeth, food, water, air. So, for the girl hygiene procedures should not cause unpleasant associations - water and air temperature should be comfortable, your movement must not cause discomfort crumbs. Affectionately talk with crumbs during the hygiene procedures.

Remember that your little girl is like a delicate and sensitive flower. Take care of it, and at the first sign of problems seek medical advice immediately - ideally, to the children's gynecologist. But in a pinch, you can refer to the pediatrician.

 Hygiene newborn girl. Note to parents!

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