the first time to the gynecologist

Your baby has grown yesterday? Along with the transformation of a girl into a woman comes to a number of new concerns. One of these is the first ever visit to the gynecologist. The first visit to the gynecologist often strongly influences the way in the future will develop relationships with female gynecologists. Of course, a lot depends on it from the doctor - a gynecologist, of his relationship to the girl. However, from my mother, and it depends very much - in fact it should properly prepare my daughter and tell her about all the features of the gynecological examination of women.

Very often, the girl or by crook trying to avoid a visit to the gynecologist, arranging with the terrible tantrums. A lot of girls do not want to look around for the first time at the gynecologist online consultation considering more acceptable. As a rule, such a feeling of protest occurs in two cases:

  1. Fear and smuschenieDevushka may refuse to visit a gynecologist if she experiences fear of medical procedures or embarrassment. Mom needs a very detailed description of all the daughters, what will happen to her medical examination by a gynecologist. It is important to bring home to her daughter about what gynecological examinations necessary for the maintenance of women's health, and that all women occasionally visit a gynecologist.
  2. Early onset of sexual activity is another common reason for failure of women to be examined by a gynecologist is a fear that parents will know that she is sexually active. The main mistake many parents - underestimating the age of his daughter. The realities of modern life are such that many adolescents become sexually active early enough - in 15-16 years. And there is nothing you can not do much here. Calmly tell his daughter that you understand it anyway, and not to punish or scold her not going.

And indeed - try to pull myself together and deal with emotions. No shouting and punishment virginity daughter, you will not return. But to spoil relations even very likely. It is better to use the occasion and talk with her daughter about personal safety and means of protection.

This article provides answers to the questions that are most common. And if your relationship with your daughter, for some - any reason not to have a frank talk, you can always give it to check the material from which it is, and to get answers to her questions.

When the inspection is to be the first?

Every mother should closely monitor the development of the girl child and her health. There are certain stages of the normal process of growing up girls:

  • About 8 - 12 years old, the girl appear first minor genital discharge - mother can notice their traces on the underwear daughter.
  • About 9 - 11 years appears ovolosenenie genitals and armpits - 11 - 15 years.
  • The first menstruation is normal there should be between 11 and 15 years.

In the event that the development does not meet the daughter of the age range, or the mother have a concern in the state of her daughter, she must seek help from the child's doctor - a gynecologist.

Ideally, that if a girl is not worried about any problems in the intimate sphere, the first visit to the doctor - a gynecologist occurs in about 18 years, or a few months before planned sexual activity. Recently, however, a tendency, when gynecological examinations are included in the routine clinical examination of high school students in the school. The girl's parents must remember that they have every right to refuse the examination of the gynecologist.

Remember also that if a girl has reached puberty, the days of doctor visits are also important - most expedient to visit the gynecologist a few days after the end of menstruation, a week before its start. Going to the doctor during menstruation unreasonable. Of course, this applies only to routine inspections. In the same case, if a girl have a concern - strong pain, too profuse bleeding or bleeding not related to the menstrual cycle - you need to see a doctor - a gynecologist as soon as possible.

However, there are a number of cases in which an appeal to the gynecologist must be long before the 18 - years old. Examples of these cases include:

  • Early onset of menstruation - before 9 years old, or too late - her absence after 15 years.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle throughout the year.
  • Heavy menstruation or too painful.
  • Unusual vaginal discharge, itching and redness of the genitals.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen.

Selecting a gynecologist

Choose a good gynecologist - this is a very important and responsible task before her mother of the girl. The physician should have several important qualities. In - First, the physician should be experienced and competent. After all, the doctor will evaluate the development of the reproductive function of women, to determine whether she has any - or inflammation of genitals, or as infectious diseases.

In addition, the gynecologist should be prepared to answer all the questions the girls on different types of contraception, to help select suitable just for her if she is already sexually active.

If the girl is still a virgin, the good doctor - a gynecologist is able to tactfully tell about the dangers of early sexual activity without infringing the feelings and dignity of women, and does not give the impression that he reads to her notation - because teenagers are very strong so-called spirit of contradiction.

Strictly speaking, the personal qualities of the doctor depends very much - it should be delicate, in any case should not humiliate the girl in any way it was - neither rude inspection, no sidelong glance or casually dropped word. It is desirable that the doctor was aware of the fact that the girl for the first time at the gynecologist. Mom can talk to your doctor beforehand.

It is not necessary for the first time to choose the daughter of a doctor - a gynecologist men. Even older women are often reluctant to visit the doctor - a man, feeling an overwhelming sense of embarrassment and even shame. And what can we say about the girl - a teenager? By the way - do not forget to tell her daughter that she could at any time abandon the survey at a particular specialist in the office if it is something scared or confused.

Support Group

Talk with her daughter - she wants to go to the doctor - a gynecologist, or you'd better go with her. And the trip to the doctor, with her daughter - a teenager does not mean that the office you also go together. Usually, waiting in line for the psyche of the girl - a teenager is much more severe than the visit to the doctor.

Perhaps your daughter refuses to support you. Do not be offended by it, and even more so to insist on a joint campaign. You can quarrel with her daughter, and trip to the doctor will become a real test of the strength of the nervous system - both yours and the daughter's. This tension and negativity associated with the campaign to the gynecologist, the girl will remain for life, although over time it can completely forget about the cause of these emotions caused.

Maybe for a girl - teen will be much easier to go to the doctor with an adult sister or girlfriend? Leave the right choice for her. Believe me, the girl will appreciate granted her the right to choose, and, ultimately, will be grateful to you for respecting her choice.

But in the case when it comes to the little girl under 12 - the age of gynecological examination should be performed only in the presence of the mother. After all, the girl is still too small to adequately respond to the medical manipulation and the more detailed answers to all the questions of the doctor - a gynecologist. A question for the first time, as a rule, it happens quite a lot.

 the first time at the gynecologist

What to expect from the first visit to the gynecologist?

In that case, if a girl comes gynecologist prepared properly, it will feel much more confident. Of course, not every mother remembers what it was - the first visit to a female doctor. That this will be explained in detail below:

  • Gynecologic kit

Advance purchase and give to a daughter of gynecological disposable set. These kits are sold in any drugstore. Otherwise, she runs the risk of last-minute desperate search for this collection, or just lie on the bare chair. Tragically, the financing of public health centers is such that even gynecologists disposable gloves have not always. If the examination of the girl will be in private clinics, this problem is irrelevant.

  • Clean socks

Do not forget about such details as clean socks. What they needed to talk, probably does not make sense - it's so obvious.

  • clothing

Make sure that the girl wore an appropriate comfortable clothing. The best option would be free skirt, which is quite easy to pick up. At the same time, the girl will not have to be embarrassed because of the fact that it will be forced to go through the doctor's office naked underneath. You should not wear pants, because their long enough to shoot.

  • Personal care

Too many women, going to an appointment with a gynecologist, too addicted to personal hygiene. Of course, this is very important - a girl must be washed away thoroughly and put on clean clothes. However, in any case inadmissible douche or use special means for intimate hygiene. During any visit to a gynecologist is required to take a smear for analysis. And douching and means of hygiene can greatly distort the true results.

  • Going to the toilet

Tell her of the need to go to the toilet before you go to the doctor's office. In the event that the bladder and intestines filled women during inspection it can experience a lot of discomfort. Yes, and the inspection is largely difficult and takes much longer.

  • Menstruation

Any doctor - a gynecologist will ask the girl that when she had a last menstrual period. And she should be called not only a month, but the exact number when her last menstrual period began. By the way speaking, the mother should show the girl how you want to keep a special calendar that marked the critical days. For girls - teenagers, this information is especially relevant, as their menstrual cycle, as a rule, extremely irregular.

What happens at a reception at the gynecologist?

So, how to be prepared for a hike girl to a doctor, you know. Now it's time to talk about what happens during the actual visit. With this information, and knowing what she expected, she will feel less fear.

At the beginning of the reception the doctor to ask in detail about the girl when she had a last menstrual period, she is sexually active, whether it has any - any complaints. Explain to her daughter that all questions should be answered to her doctor very frankly - the doctor does not give estimates of moral qualities of his patients, he take care of their health, no more. She may ask the doctor any your question, without fear that the physician deems it bad, "spoiled" or stupid.

The next stage of gynecological examination includes examination of the breasts. The doctor felt the girl's breasts to find out. No Does it have any - any new growths or seals. Many doctors - gynecologists girl explains how she can check their own breasts. This skill is very valuable because the breast often occurs in very young girls 14 - 16 years.

After that the doctor will examine on a gynecological chair. If a girl is not sexually active, a doctor at first produce an external examination of the genital organs, to find out if there are any - any pathologies of their development. This is followed by the turn of inspection with the help of mirrors. Do not be scared of this survey, as it does not damage the hymen.

Some prefer to do without gynecological examination mirrors. They carry out inspections through the anus girl - introduced to finger and overtures ovaries and uterus, eliminating the tumor. This procedure is completely painless, except that a little bit unpleasant.

In that case, if the woman is already sexually active, always will be a so-called two-handed examination. In the girl's vagina, the doctor inserts two fingers with the other hand carefully feels his stomach. This is necessary for the examination of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Some doctors prefer an alternative to a similar examination - ultrasound.

Of course, the first time to go to the gynecologist scared any girl. However, my mother and she should not panic, as it fears will certainly be passed daughter. And although it can not be called pleasant, totally painless examination and only takes a few minutes. And even more can not ignore the need to visit a doctor this - a woman's health is very unpredictable. And much more time to notice the problem than to deal with its consequences.

 First time to the gynecologist? This is not fair!

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