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Fortunately there is no limit! You have become my mother a nice kid, but still were able in a short time to return to her maiden figure. But what is it? Disgusting whitish streaks that spoil the whole picture. Stretch - stretch marks in a scientific way - could dampen the spirits of anyone. Most often, stretch marks appear in women after childbirth or after dramatic relief of excess weight. Although the causes of stretch marks may be others. For example, puberty, some endocrine diseases or hormone treatment. Because of the tension or under the influence of hormones, the skin loses elasticity and toiling. Then these places scar connective tissue. So there stretching.

Begin to act well in advance

Fight against stretch marks is extremely difficult. Therefore, if you are just getting ready to become a mother or stood on the warpath against excess weight, it is best to take care of to prevent their occurrence. Moreover, there is a whole series of measures for the prevention of stretch marks. Include in your diet foods rich in protein (chicken meat, cheese, fish and seafood). This protein is the building blocks of new cells. It promotes skin renewal, is responsible for its elasticity and firmness. Try to drink plenty of water. The reasons for the loss of elasticity of the skin can be due to dehydration it.

Take a contrast shower during which massage the problem areas. For this purpose very well suited plucking massage. Pinch the skin clockwise until it turns red. This procedure improves blood circulation and increases the elasticity of the skin. Good helpers in the prevention of stretch marks - vegetable oils. They contain large amounts of beneficial nutrients. Perfect flaxseed, almond or olive. After a shower, be sure to lubricate their problem areas. Pregnant women are advised to wear special clothes. Bandages and belts help prevent excessive stretching of the skin. Wearing a bandage is recommended from the 4th month of pregnancy. A postpartum bandage will help to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

 stretch marks on the skin causes

How to get rid of stretch marks

If stretch marks still appear, then start a fight with them as early as possible. Unfortunately, to get rid of stretch marks will only surgically. But to make them almost invisible and can be less radical ways. For example, using proven and totally harmless folk remedies. Let's look at two of the most popular ones.

  1. Cream mumiё.Rastvorite 1 gram mummy 80 grams of your cream. Rub the cream into problem areas daily. Shilajit promotes healing and restoration of the skin.
  2. Mask with aloe. To make the stretch marks on the breasts less noticeable, prepare a special mask. Mix half a cup of aloe juice with the same amount of olive oil. Add 5 drops of vitamin A and E. This mask should be applied to the chest twice daily, leaving 10-15 minutes and then washed off with warm water.
  • Other effective means to deal with stretch marks - cosmetic body wrap with algae. This procedure is particularly effective for controlling the fresh stretch marks. It improves skin tone and help to rejuvenate cells.
  • Another popular method of dealing with stretch marks - mesotherapy. During this procedure, using the microinjection is injected under the skin of therapeutic drugs. The drug cocktail is injected directly into the problem area. This method will help to smooth skin imperfections and increase its elasticity. Thanks mesotherapy stretch will be less noticeable.
  • Another modern and very effective procedure that will help you in the fight against stretch marks - is microdermabrasion. In fact - it grinding using fine particles of aluminum. After a few sessions, the skin is completely updated. Stretch marks are aligned and become virtually invisible.

 stretch marks treatment

Heavy artillery

From a medical point of view, striae are absolutely harmless. But from an aesthetic - they can be a real problem. If you want to completely get rid of stretch marks, it is necessary to pay attention to more radical methods. However, no matter what reasons led to the appearance of stretch marks, prior to use of a method, you must always consult with a specialist. Only a doctor will choose the most safe and effective method of getting rid of stretch marks, which is right for you.

One way - laser peels. The procedure requires some training. Two months before the start to peel rubbed into the skin vitamin cream. The session is performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure, striae are burned with a laser. Thereafter, the skin cells are beginning to recover. Stretching after laser peel or completely disappear or become inconspicuous.

No less effective method - chemical peels. During the procedure, the skin is applied to a set of different acids, which completely or partially removes the damaged stratum corneum. Thanks to this, begins the active synthesis of collagen and the skin visibly rejuvenated. The procedure is very painful and is performed under local anesthesia.

The most crucial method of getting rid of stretch marks - abdominoplasty. During surgery, the surgeon will cut just stretch the skin. The procedure will eliminate stretch marks completely. But do not forget that any surgery - is a serious interference in the body, which can lead to various complications. To resort to a surgical operation should only when other methods are not helped. Fight stretch marks important patience and faith in their own strength. After all, you were able to give the world a new life. We found the strength to bring the figure in order. So is such a small trouble as stretching, can spoil your mood? Never!

 Stretch marks on the skin - the causes of and ways to combat

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 puberty boys

Yesterday your child was little, helpless and amusing. But time is running very, very quickly - the first smile, first word, first step and hiking in the garden. After quite a bit of time - first class, the top five the first two. And recently you have noticed that your child some strange changes. What it is? Do not be afraid of the changes taking place - most likely, your child gradually entered puberty. To help your child get through this difficult period in his life, parents should have an accurate idea of ​​what is puberty and how it should proceed normally.

Remember that puberty boys and girls are absolutely different . Puberty for boys and girls begins at a different time flows differently and perceived by children as completely differently. For example, early puberty in girls - a phenomenon quite common, whereas boys more characteristic of delayed puberty. However, precocious puberty girls should not be cause for panic among parents.

And boys and girls puberty takes about five years. As mentioned above, the timing of the onset of puberty is very individual and can vary greatly in one direction or the other. If parents report significant variations, it makes sense to consult a pediatrician. The physician is able to most accurately assess the state of the physical development of the child, and, if necessary, he will send the child to additional tests that will help reliably identify the reasons for the deviation from the norm.

However, serious problems of hormonal nature and are extremely rare. Almost always the cause of the deviation is a hereditary trait. If at least one parent had at the time were also deviations in either direction, it is a 50% increase in the risk of such abnormalities in children. This is especially true growth of the child - if both parents are short, do not expect intense growth spurt in adolescents.

Modern medicine has established the framework within which must fit the beginning of puberty, boys and girls. Early puberty in girls starts at 8 years old, boys - 10 years old, the deadline for the start of puberty for girls - 12 years and for boys - 14 years. If parents are experiencing any - any doubts, they should consult a pediatrician or an endocrinologist. In no case did not express their concerns or doubts about the presence of a child - is able to inflict a fairly strong psychological trauma, which then you have to fight for a long time. Remember that the teen psyche is very, very vulnerable.

Puberty in girls

 puberty girls

Before talking about the period of puberty in girls, it should be understood that generally implies a concept of "puberty." Puberty is nothing else but a period of very rapid growth of the child, which lasts for about two years that precede the onset of puberty girls. Onset of puberty in girls is considered the beginning of the first menstrual period.

As has been mentioned above, it is impossible to pinpoint the age at which begins puberty in girls. The average age of onset of puberty - about 11 years, respectively, the first menstrual cycle occurs in about two years, ie 13 years. However, recently there has been a tendency for the early puberty is becoming more frequent and begins around the age of 9 years. In some cases, especially if puberty was late mother, the girl, it can begin at 13 years, respectively first period - 15 years. Occasionally there are cases when puberty starts at 7 or 15 years, but this phenomenon is pathological and in need of medical correction. In that case, if the precocious puberty girls worried parents, they should consult a doctor.

If the deviation is not so dramatic, they should not scare parents. The most common deviations from the mean static figures do not signal any - any failures in the hormonal background of the child and malfunctions hormonal glands, and just talk about the child's genetic predisposition. If you do not remember the beginning of their puberty, talk to your parents - they certainly can dispel all your doubts. In no case do not give the child any hormonal therapy, unless they are assigned by the attending physician - it can cause irreparable harm to the child's health and even, in the future, lead to infertility girls.

So what are the signs of puberty in girls? The following are the main stages of puberty, typical for girls. At the age of 7 - 8 years old little girl grew by about 7 centimeters per year, and by 9 increase in growth was only about two centimeters, as if nature slow down the process of growth. The same thing will happen during the tenth year of life - an increase in growth will not exceed 1 - 3 centimeters. But for 11 years of his life there is a powerful growth leap - over the next two years, increase in growth for the year will be an average of about 10 years, and rapidly begins to increase, and its weight - instead of the usual 2 kilograms per year increase will be about 6 kilogram year. But apparently it will not be noticeable, moreover, that the girl would be just a "brutal" appetite because the body needs a lot of nutrients for such a rapid jump in growth.

In the body of the girls begin to occur a significant change. At the very beginning of puberty marks the beginning of breast enlargement taking place as follows: the first is slightly increased areola and nipple, slightly bulging forward, and only then begins to mutate itself breast cancer. In the first year after the beginning of puberty, the mammary gland is a cone, but about a year before the first menstrual cycle, it takes a more rounded, the usual form.

Immediately after starting the growth of the breast, and hair growth begins in the armpits and in the perineal region. Starts modification figure, which is becoming more feminine shape: the girl gradually begin to expand the hips, waist outlines. Furthermore, in this period, radically changing the structure of the skin and hair, under the influence of certain hormones, which will be discussed later.

In about 13 years, the girl comes first menstruation. Keep in mind that the establishment of the menstrual cycle - the process is very long and may take a long time - up to one year. While the menstrual cycle is not set, menstruation can be extremely irregular. This is absolutely normal and should not cause parents have no fear. With the onset of the first menstrual cycle, growth of girls is considerably slowed down, it will add to the growth of not more than 5 centimeters.

In menstruating girl's mother should pay special attention. No matter how much the girl started her menstrual cycle - at age 11 or 15, this event always causes her stress. And imagine how much more severe stress will have one girl who knows absolutely nothing about what happens to her body? The girl may fall into panic and did not even tell my mother what was happening to her.

That is why the mother is simply obliged to timely, before the onset of menstruation, the girl psychologically prepare for the upcoming physiological changes in her body, teach the use of hygiene items and the rules of conduct during menstruation. Of course, the girl can find out all about it from other sources, such as friends. But in this case, do not be surprised if the news of their first menstruation daughter will go not to you, but to a friend. In no case is inadmissible too rapidly react to the news of the attack, the girl menstruation and it is not necessary to notify publicly about relatives and friends - it can be very confusing girl.

It was during a sharp rise in the growth there is the same, familiar to almost all people, "awkwardness" girl - teenager. The girl's parents do not have to worry about it - such a disproportionate body is absolutely normal and is not any pathology. This period of "ugly duckling" will end very, very soon, your little princess will be a real beauty. Be sure to talk about it with the girl, it is necessary to explain what is causing this change, and how soon it will end.

And the reason for these modifications is absolutely simple: during puberty girls skeleton grows more intense, but uneven. All the bones are growing with a completely different speed, it is not synchronized - especially bones stretched feet and hands, followed by the bones of the hands and face of the skull. And only in the last stretches the torso. This explains the fact that the girl - a teenager is often too long hands and feet may be slightly elongated face. In addition, the rate of muscle growth is often much slower than girls bone growth, whereby movement teenager are often awkward and angular.

Typically, signs of puberty in girls pronounced, so if there is premature puberty in girls may be psychological problems. Girl will certainly feel embarrassed by the changes taking place with her if her peers - classmates they have not yet begun. If your daughter this question is quite painful, you need to speak with the teacher of a girl who will check that the school girl did not become the subject of ridicule.

And to you and his daughter would do well to turn to a child psychologist, who most tactfully and with the knowledge of the child and adolescent mental explain to the girl that all changes to it, it is absolutely normal and natural.

But mostly what the girl will perceive the changes taking place in her body, depending on how close and good relationship with her mother. Make sure as much as possible, and often communicate with his daughter, and answer to all, even if you seem stupid questions. Believe me, it will be compensated, because if your daughter will trust you, you will be much easier to go through her adolescence.

However, psychological problems may be associated not only with precocious puberty girls and late. If a girl sees to it 13 -1 4 years with her is almost no change, and all her friends and classmates have changed dramatically and grown, it is uncomfortable and starts to worry, as the girl herself is still just in the very slow stage, age, and that precedes the onset of puberty. Of course, the girl, in comparison with their peers, feels very uncomfortable, she can develop a strong inferiority complex, because it feels worse than all the other girls.

This situation can also help only constant communication with his daughter, which is necessary to explain and remind again and again that what is happening there is nothing wrong and that puberty is inevitable. Mom can cite the example of himself, even if the reality will have a little spice. In severe cases, if the mother can not cope on their own, and sees that her daughter does not go to the contact, and closed in on itself, it is advisable to consult a child psychologist. In no case can not ignore this problem, because such trauma is very strong, and inferiority complex may poison the existence of a girl all her life.

The sexual development of girls may have different variations and are not always only age .  In some cases, the appearance of hair varies considerably its sequence .  As a rule, first there is the growth of breast and registration, then there pubic hair, and only in the last instance the hair appear in the armpits .  However, sometimes the hair armpits appear first, while the other attributes of puberty still not visible .  And sometimes in the first place there are hairs on the genitals, which is the first sign of puberty, after which there are all the rest .  In addition, doctors have noticed an interesting pattern - the sooner the girl has begun puberty, the faster it flows, and, accordingly, rather than later - the longer the process of sexual maturation .  For example, girls whose puberty started at age 9, it lasts no more than one and a half years, while if the beginning was the girl in 14 years - it will take about two and a half years .

Puberty in boys

 early puberty in girls

Puberty in boys and lasts for several years. It can be divided into several stages. Despite the fact that the erection of the penis, the boy observed immediately after birth, grudnichkovom and early childhood child completely asexual and Chubby boy has only a mechanical nature arise, as it has for a absolutely no sexual motivated.

Active puberty in boys, usually begins around the age of 11 years of life, which is actively flowing throughout adolescence (13 to 18). In adolescence, there is a rapid sexual maturation. Having passed all the stages of puberty in boys, it ends at the age of 18 - 19 years before puberty begins. Stages of puberty, boys are at that age, which is called pubertal (the word comes from the Latin. Words «pubertas», which means puberty). It was during this period the boy begin to appear secondary sexual characteristics and reproductive organs are formed and begin full work gonads.

Age of puberty in boys starts at about 10 - 11 years. During this period, there is an intensive growth boy jump, and to 13 - 14 years is the formation of bone is male pattern. However, the full process of growth and change in shape takes only 20 - 22 years, not before.

Very many parents concerned about the issue depends on whether the age of puberty in boys and, when it is completed. In fact, when completed puberty, it depends on many factors such as:

  • The general health of the child. In that case, if there are - or chronic illness, or there was a serious injury or surgery, it is possible delayed puberty in boys.
  • The important role played by the nature of how the nervous and endocrine systems. Failures in their work also often lead to the fact that there is a delayed puberty in boys.
  • Constitutional particular phenotype sometimes also lead to the fact that there is a delay in sexual development in boys.

However, delayed puberty in boys, usually do not cause serious reasons. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that the onset of puberty in boys is as individual as the girls. In some cases, there is early puberty in boys, in other cases, by contrast, later. Early puberty in boys more often it is caused by a genetic predisposition - if his father started puberty early, the likelihood that his son it will proceed likewise, is approximately 80%.

Precocious puberty in boys is very rarely caused by some - a disease of the hormonal system, but if puberty started before 10 years, parents, for your own peace of mind should turn to the pediatrician, who assess the condition of the child, if necessary, forward it to the appropriate experts who will conduct the necessary examination. Avoid visiting the doctor is not necessary, because, very rarely, but still precocious puberty in boys may indicate the presence of tumor in the brain.

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